Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 190 Making More Friends
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 190 Making More Friends

"You think my grandmother will interfere with my marriage?" Shen Yan knew Xia Yu well, and he immediately understood the meaning of her words.

Xia Yu laughed bitterly in her heart. She wanted Shen Yan to understand what she meant. Now he understood, but she felt uncomfortable. This man was way too smart, and it wasn't good to have someone like him by her side.

"I don't mean that she will interfere, but that she will be happier if you and Yang Ke’er get together."

"Not really!" Shen Yan laughed again, "If you were to say what kind of girlfriend of mine my grandmother would like, Yang ke'er would not be her ideal choice."

These words caused Xia Yu to be stunned. If it was not Yang ke'er, so Zeng Mina? Xia Yu could tell that the Old Madame was not satisfied, could it be that this fellow had other women?

Oh my god, Xia Yu gasped.

After that, Xia Yu did not speak anymore. Shen Yan parked his car in front of a 24hr specialty store and bought a pair of shoes for her to wear. They matched the style of the restaurant that he was bringing Xia Yu to.

They arrived at a restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere soon. Probably due to Shen Yan's frequent visits, the waiter enthusiastically invited them in.

Although it was not the peak hours, Xia Yu still met two people she was familiar with. Zhou Yan and Wanru.

Seeing Xia Yu and Shen Yan, they stood up, "Doctor Zhou has a patient to meet. I came over with him and ate something."

Wanru explained. Ever since she recovered, she had been working as an assistant in Zhou Yan's clinic. Now that she looked much more energetic, it seemed that human needed to do something after all.

After they finished their greetings, Xia Yu asked Zhou Yan, "Do people like this come to see you frequently?"

Zhou Yan smiled and said, "Yes, such as depression patients. However, if someone can come to me, it means that they are not in an awful situation. The people who hide everything in their hearts are in the worst situation, their satisfaction and misery become heavier. Like I said before, sometimes, their decisions are made within a second.”

Xia Yu felt he was talking about someone close to him, and they seemed to be familiar with that person, "Is it…"

Glancing at Shen Yan, Xia Yu did not continue asking.


"It's nothing!" Xia Yu thought that it would be better not to ask.

Zhou Yan smiled; his expression became calm again.

Zhou Yan looked at Xia Yu, and her expression was much better than the last time he saw her. Seems like she had successfully adjusted herself.

"You look pretty good, contact me anytime." Zhou Yan said due to his professional habit.

"Thank you!" Xia Yu said.

"Doctor Zhou is nice, and I used to trouble him a lot." Previously, she was unable to sleep at night and called Zhou Yan. He accompanied and chatted with her for a few hours. Now, she was continuing to trouble him.

Xia Yu smiled and said, "I will, Wanru. You are different now than before. It seems that people need to make more friends."

Wu Shiyu always said these words to Xia Yu, now she gave them to Wanru.

"You are right. I have been in S City for several years. Without friends like you and Doctor Zhou, I would not even know how to get along." Wanru was truly moved. Especially Xia Yu, even Wanru misunderstood her before, she still accompanied her and comforted her.

It might be the friendship that people used to talk about, “We are almost finishing our meal, we will let you guys alone. Xia Yu, come to see me tomorrow. I have something to tell you."

"OK!" Xia Yu answered, then they left.

"Wanru is better now. It seems like divorce may not be a bad thing for everyone. At least for Wanru, it’s a good thing." Shen Yan had also noticed the change of Wanru. After they left, he gave his opinion.

"Yeah, there's much pressure when she was with President Zhang." When she thought of how Wanru had been suspicious in all these years, and Zhang Hanyu had no choice but to flee, Xia Yu sighed with emotion.

"So, it is challenging for people to find someone whom we love and can share the same thoughts in our lives. If you meet that person, do not miss it. Otherwise, you will regret for the rest of your life." At this moment, the waiter brought their dishes over.

Shen Yan had already eaten, so to accompany Xia Yu, he poured himself a cup of red wine.

Xia Yu thought about Shen Yan's words, and picked up her knife and fork.

In the next afternoon, Xia Yu went to Zhou Yan's clinic. Wanru did not take the initiative to ask anyone out, so it must be something important.

When she arrived, Wanru did tell Xia Yu something about Jiang Yayan, “I didn't want to talk too much previously, but seeing that you and Young Master Yan are so close, I think I need to remind you with something.”

Wanru looked at Xia Yu and said, "You know Jiang Yayan is our patient. Although her condition is not very serious, she comes here once a week. Two days ago, I saw her accompanying a woman in her fifties on the street. Jiangjiang called her Grandma, and the three of them went to the hospital. "

She might not be Jiang Yayan's mother, maybe the mother of Jiangjiang's father? That's not right either, shouldn't she be the Second Madame? Xia Yu frowned.

"Look at how careful Jiang Yayan was with her, but that woman who was called 'Grandmother' by Jiangjiang was not very enthusiastic to her, but she was still very nice to Jiangjiang." Wanru was with Zhang Hanyu for many years after all, so she was sensitive enough.

Xia Yu nodded. There had been too many things recently, and Jiang Yayan was very quiet as well. If it were not because of the living expenses, Xia Yu would forget her.

However, what Wanru said made Xia Yu think of something else. She felt that it was necessary to pay attention to it and memorized it in her heart.

Walking out of the clinic, it was dusk. The sunlight was shining down from the clouds at the mouth of the alleyway. The moss on the wall seemed to be dyed with a layer of golden light.

Xia Yu felt that this was indeed a mysterious place, as though no matter how much haze there was, it would be dispelled. She felt her mood was lightened, and her empty body seemed to be infused with some power.

After Xia Yu left, Wanru had sat on the same chair that she sat on. The cup of water in front of her had already turned cold, Xia Yu had not drunk it at all.

A few meters away, on a cabinet by the wall, there was an orchid. The flowers were blooming, and the leaves were verdant. Wanru walked over and removed the plant from the cabinet and relocated it to the shelf nearby, and there was a drawing of calligraphy above the shelf, it looked powerful.

Wanru stood in front of that drawing of calligraphy for a while until the phone in her pocket rang.


"Hey, it's me. Did she go to see you?"

"Yea, I told her about that."


The other side hung up after saying that word. Wanru put down her phone.

After Xia Yu left Zhou Yan's clinic, she went to the hospital. Wanru asked her out to tell that thing. She needed to check it out.

She found out. The woman that Jiang Yayen brought was called Xie Gendi. She did two examinations. There were no exact results, only a bunch of terms written on it. After getting the results of the examination, Xia Yu went to another hospital to consult.

She took the report to the Outpatient Service and asked a younger doctor about it. Although she looked young, her attitude was good. She read through the reports several times and pushed her glasses on her nose.

"Are you the patient?"


"Then, who is she?"

"My mother." Xia Yu thought for a second before saying.

The doctor made an "Oh" sound and pushed her glasses again.

"Then prepare yourself. The result doesn't look too good. It's stomach cancer. However, how serious is the situation is based on the result of an abdominal ultrasound. As for the treatment plan …" The female doctor looked at Xia Yu, "The treatment plan needs to be determined after the ultrasound is done, and you also need to determine whether or not cancer has spread, and …" The doctor looked at it again. "And you also need to consider the patient's age and physical condition. Your mother, right? How old is she?"


"She is not old at all. How about this, you come back tomorrow to make an appointment for an ultrasound examination. Then, you can try to think of a way to make an appointment with our authoritative professor, Zhou Yi."

"Zhou Yi?"

"Yes, he's the best doctor in our department. He has much experience in treating stomach tumors, but he's retired and hasn't been feeling very well for the past few years, so it's hard to get on his list."

The young female doctor was very cordial.

After Xia Yu finished her inquiry, she took the report and walked out of the hospital. It had already turned completely dark, the wind was stronger, the temperature was lower, and she held Xie Gendi's report in her hand.

It was getting late, and she was too lazy to go back and cook. She just ordered a bowl of noodles near the hospital, opposite the small noodle shop was the hospital. On the roof, there were a few big red words. In the inpatient building, there were many lights. Behind each light, there were people, and those people who lived there were not in good conditions. Some were waiting for surgery, some had just undergone surgery, and there were repeated chemotherapy and treatment. Life was like a war, and no one could relax for a moment, they had to do their best.

Xia Yu held her head with her hands and gently rubbed her temples. Her phone rang, and there was the word "Chen" displayed on the screen. She stared at it for a long time before answering.

The noodles were somewhat hot, and she was almost mute.


"Are you satisfied? You don't have to pay since he had jumped off the building." The man's voice was as cold as the wind of the winter night.

"What did you say?" The chopsticks in Xia Yu's hand dropped onto the ground, and the white smoke blurred her vision.

The words “People's Hospital” across the street seemed to turn into a pool of red blood. She rubbed the corners of her eyes.

"If you hadn't repudiated the debt, would he have to do this? Xia Yu, I hate you, I never thought you were such a heartless woman." Chen Wenxuan's voice in the phone was choked with sobs, and it was unknown if it was due to sadness or anger.

Xia Yu's head buzzed, she did not hear what Chen Wenxuan shouted afterward, her thoughts were stopped by these words: he had jumped off the building.

The poor old man came to attend his son's wedding, and something like that happened.

If one were to say that it had nothing to do with Xia Yu, she was truly unable to convince herself. It was just like what Chen Wenxuan said. He was injured while he was trying to find Xia Yu.

As for why he killed himself, he couldn't bear to see his son carry all the debts for him. What a poor old man.

After hanging up the phone, Xia Yu sat there in a daze for a long time. When she regained her sense, the noodles had already been cold. She took the chopsticks with a poker face and turned around to finish the cold noodles.


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