Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 191 This is What He Owes Me
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 191 This is What He Owes Me

When Xia Yu returned home after eating dinner, both Shen Yan and Shen Qiang had not returned yet. She was sitting alone on the sofa, watching television. It was a TV series of imperial harem story, but she didn’t pay attention, all she could think of was Chen Wenxuan's words.

Human life was fragile. A person could disappear just like that.

Shen Qiang opened the door and entered. Xia Yu looked at him and turned her head back.

"Did you cry?" Shen Qiang asked. Xia Yu seemed to have many things in her mind Recently.

Xia Yu wiped her tears with a tissue immediately, "No, I feel pity for the TV characters. That girl was set up by someone, why didn't the emperor come to save her?"

Xia Yu glanced at the screen. The heroine was being tortured. The maids and eunuchs by her side were all wailing loudly. She turned down the volume of the TV with the remote control.

"Sis, when did you become so sentimental?" Shen Qiang sat down beside her, "Did my second brother bully you?"

"I did not." Xia Yu directly turned off the TV. She was not in the mood of watching TV.

"It's impossible. My second brother may be cocky in front of other women, but in front of you, he's just a punching bag." Shen Qiang looked at Xia Yu, no matter how he looked at her, he felt that something was wrong.

"How could you say that? It sounds like I bullied him. " Xia Yu shook her head. Only Young Master Yan could be the bully.

"But there must be a reason." Shen Qiang was worried. Xia Yu would also be in a lousy mood occasionally, but after chatting with others for a while, she would suddenly feel refreshed. Today, there was something different.

"There are two bad things. Don't ask, because I don't want to tell." Xia Yu heaved a sigh, and Chen Wenxuan's angry voice sounded in her mind again.

"Then, what can I help?" Shen Qiang did not force her to tell.

"There is something you can help me with. Pay attention to the people who are approaching your second brother. I think he will be in trouble recently." She had to put aside the matter of Chen Family. Xia Yu was worried that Jiang Yayan would ask Shen Yan for money. After all, a surgery of cancer wasn’t cheap.

Money was just a small matter, but the critical thing was that Shen Yan was at a crucial point in his career. If this matter could not be adequately handled, it might have a bad influence on him.

So she was worrying for the second brother, it seemed that Shen Qiang was overthinking. Shen Qiang was relieved to see that Xia Yu was fine. He chatted with her for a while longer before the two went back to their rooms to rest.

The next day, Jiang Yayan proactively contacted Xia Yu, asking Xia Yu to meet her at the coffee shop. She spoke frankly,” I know you are always busy, so I will not beat around the bush. My mother is sick, and she came to me. With the little alimony he gives, my life with Jiangjiang is already very tight, and I don't have much free money to treat her. Go tell him to give me more money.”

What Jiang Yayan said was completely within Xia Yu's expectations. However, no matter how wealthy the Shen Family was, there should be a reason for them to give the money, "Madame Jiang, I'm afraid that's not easy to say. Moreover, you know there's no marriage. "

"But if it weren't because of him, I would be married now!" Jiang Yayan became angry, "My mother is from the countryside, do you know how much she has suffered because of this? Her illness was all because of the anxiety."

"Madame Jiang, getting agitated is not helping. I will pass your message, but you know that the Shen Family is a big family, and there are some things that I don't need to explain to you." Xia Yu did not want to be overly entangled with this matter.

Jiang Yayan didn't have enough money to treat her mother's illness? For Xia Yu, the answer was no. Shen Yan would give Jiang Yayan at least five hundred thousand yuan every month, no matter how they spent, they wouldn’t spend all the money.

However, since the old lady was sick, Xia Yu could not say it heartlessly, "How about this, I will accompany you to see her."

"It's good for you to understand the situation. Otherwise, people would say that I am blackmailing him." Jiang Yayan said as she stood up.

Xia Yu followed her. She thought that Jiang Yanya would arrange her mother to stay at home. Who would have known that she let her mother stay in a hotel?

It looked like the relationship between the mother and daughter wasn't that good. Xia Yu could faintly feel it in her heart, and she quickly confirmed it. When the two of them entered the hotel room, the old woman was sitting on the bed.

When they came in, they did not greet each other.

Jiang Yayan turned around and looked at the table. There were a few take-out boxes, but the food inside was almost untouched at all. She went over and threw all of them into the trash can.

Xie Gendi quickly shouted, "Why are you throwing them away?"

"They’re already cold."

"It's fine. They’re still edible." Xie Gendi quickly got off the bed and rummaged through the trash can, and took out a box of dumplings with the lid still intact.

"This can be my breakfast tomorrow morning."

Hearing their conversation, Xia Yu thought of the father of Chen Wenxuan, who had jumped off a building. She suddenly felt suffocated.

The poor people were always shabby. The poorness was in every single movement and expression. Xia Yu could genuinely feel the nervousness and carefulness of Xie Gendi. She believed that her life wasn't so good.

Jiang Yayan did not stop Xie Gendi from taking the dumplings out of the trash can. Only people who had been through poverty could understand how scary poverty was.

"I'll come to bring you to the hospital tomorrow morning at ten o'clock. You should prepare yourself in advance."

Xie Gendi stopped rummaging through the trash can.

"Was the medical report out?"

Jiang Yayan did not answer.

Xie Gendi held onto the table and wiped her eyes. Her eyes were red, and when she wiped them with her hand, they were increasingly red and swollen.

"It was not good?"


"What's the situation then? There should be an answer? "

Jiang Yayan pinched her fingers, "Nothing has been confirmed, so I don't know anything yet. We'll see after we go to the hospital tomorrow." She was a little impatient, or perhaps, she did not know how to face Xie Gendi.

Xie Gendi opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but no words came out. She wiped her tears while no one was looking. She thought that no one had seen it, but Xia Yu saw it all.

"That's it. I'll go back first. You pack your things when you get up tomorrow." Jiang Yayan walked to the door, and she seemed to be unwilling to stay there for even a second longer.

"Auntie, have some rest." When Xia Yu passed by Xie Gendi, she took the box of dumplings and held it in her hands, "You should not eat this, buy some fresh ones tomorrow."

She carried the box of cold dumplings out of the hotel and tossed it into the trash can. “You need to be patient to the patient.”

"Are you talking to me?" Jiang Yayan turned her head and looked at Xia Yu, "Maybe you will think I am too cold, but I am a woman, with children, and I still have to take care of the elderly. I am also human, and I will get upset. Have you thought about it yet?”

She took a few deep breaths and suppressed her anger. She didn't want to lose her temper!

"I'm not accusing you." Xia Yu sighed, "All right, I take back what I said."

"I also know that you are doing this for my good. I will pay attention to it." Maybe Jiang Yayan had also noticed that her attitude was not good. This was a matter of her family, after all, it had nothing to do with Xia Yu.

"Then I'll be going." Xia Yu nodded.

"Remember to tell him." Jiang Yayan told her again.

Xia Yu did not say anything. She was already thumbing a cab.

"Jiang Yayan, do you still have a sense of shame? You want to ask my Brother Yan for money again?" Just as Xia Yu was about to get into the cab, Yang Ke'er rushed out.

Shen Qiang swore that Xia Yu had nothing to do with Shen Yan, but Yang Ke'er was not a fool, how could she be relieved so easily. In the past two days, she had been following Xia Yu. Although she didn't find evidence that they were having an affair, she saw Jiang Yayan blackmailing Shen Yan again.

This shameless woman, Shen Yan was truly unlucky to get involved with her.

"This is what he owes me. He must give." Jiang Yayan was furious from being scolded by Yang Ke'er. This damn rich girl, Shen Yan didn’t like her at all, what qualification did she have to act arrogantly in front of her?

"What did he owe you? You shameless woman." Yang Ke'er pointed at Jiang Yayan's nose and cursed.

Xia Yu paused for a while and decided to leave. If they wanted to fight, then let them enjoy.

The taxi driver sent Xia Yu to a place near the company. There seemed to be a traffic jam. If Xia Yu might get off the taxi and walk over, it might be faster than going by taxi.

Therefore, she decisively got out of the car. There was a stall selling fried chestnuts with sugar, so she walked over.

"Give me a half kilogram of chestnuts."

"All right!"

The owner skillfully put some chestnuts into a paper bag. Xia Yu looked at it.

"Sorry, I think it's better for me to buy only half of these!"

She couldn't eat them all by herself. If they got cold, they wouldn't taste good anymore.

Xia Yu carried a small bag of fried chestnuts and walked towards the intersection. This time, she became smarter and ate as she walked. When she reached the entrance of the company, there was only a smaller half left. Before she could even enter the door, she received a call from Shen Qiang, "Sis, if it’s possible, ask for a few days leave."

Xia Yu was startled, "Why?"

"Bao Na is making a ruckus in the company. You'd better stay at home." Shen Qiang kept his voice low, as though he was afraid that others would hear.

"All right then!" Xia Yu thought that it was better to avoid Bao Na. Even though she felt no shame, a member of the Chen family was dead after all. If they were in a bad mood and wanted to vent it out, she didn’t need to face them.

"Call me if you need anything." Shen Qiang said on the phone.

"Don't worry about me, just do your job!"

Xia Yu hung up the phone and checked some news on the internet, and then she saw the news of Chen Wenxuan’s father jumping off the building.

He jumped down from the roof of the Inpatient Department of the hospital. At that time, there were many reporters and released the news. With Bao Na's big mouth, Xia Yu was involved in the accident, and now it’s spreading on the internet.

Bao Na had created the image of Xia Yu as an evil witch, saying that she did not care about the fact that Bao Na was pregnant. In order to be with Chen Wenxuan, she sowed discord in front of his father. His father was not fooled, so she pushed him down, so he was hit by a car.

Later, when Chen Wenxuan asked Xia Yu for the medical fees, not only didn’t she give him, she even scolded him. Chen's father didn't want to encumber his son, so he jumped off the building.

Once the news was reported, the internet quickly broke out in a flurry of curses. Many people thought that she was such an unforgivable person and despised her. Very quickly, some of Xia Yu's basic information was revealed by the netizens, and those angry netizens made comments below the articles.

Seeing those comments of the netizens, Xia Yu felt helpless. Angry of the people was so easy to stir up. These stupid and indignant people, they always judged or understood things from the angle of a critic, they easily felt pity for people, easily hated, and easily moved by others or themselves.

Xia Yu exhaled, raised her head, and looked at the sky, slightly tapped her forehead with her fingers. Then she turned her head and waved to a taxi.


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