Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 192 Was He That Deceived Idiot?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 192 Was He That Deceived Idiot?

However, it's strange that Xia Yu did not lose sleep that night. So many things had happened during the day, but she was still able to sleep soundly at night. It was amazing. She even suspected that it's because she had a talk with Zhou Yan in the afternoon.

Because Xia Yu had slept all night soundly, she was in good spirit when she got up the next day. However, her stomach was a little uncomfortable, probably because she had nothing but half a pound of chestnuts yesterday.

The chestnuts were not easy to digest. Since her stomach was not in a good state, she shouldn't have eaten too many chestnuts.

Before leaving, she took medicine and bought breakfast at the entrance of the community. The breakfast was corn porridge, which was light and suitable for a patient. After paying the money, she heard a car honking behind her.

"Miss Xia?"

Turning around, she saw a man stretch out his head of the black Mercedes-Benz business vehicle' window. He looked familiar.

"I am the driver of President Zhang. He told me to pick you up."

She remembered it. He was called Old Yao.

Xia Yu nodded and greeted him. Then, she took her breakfast and got in the car. Old Yao turned to give a glance at her.

"Miss Xia hasn't had breakfast yet?"

"Yes. It's for a friend's mother." Xia Yu looked out of the window, "She lives in a hotel. I'm sorry to trouble you."

"Ah? Your friend let an old madam stay alone in a hotel? "Xia Yu turned around and glanced at Old Yao, who knew that he had asked too many questions, and quickly changed the topic, "Please lead the way. We will go for her now."

When Xia Yu entered, Xie Gendi was already dressed. A grey canvas duffel bag was placed beside the bed.

"I've already prepared everything. Should we go straight to the hospital now?" Xie Gendi asked.

Xia Yu looked at the duffel bag, which was full and bulging, and the zipper would be broken at any time. She walked over and opened the bag. The bag was filled with the hotel amenities, including towels, slippers, toothpaste, toothbrushes, a toilet set, and even two glasses and a few clothes-racks inside.

"Wait for your daughter. I think she'll be here soon. Why do you bring these things?"

Xie Gendi curled her lips. When she heard the word 'daughter', she looked a little repulsed, but she did not say anything. She only answered Xia Yu's question, "I'll bring them to the hospital so that I don't need to buy them again."

"..." Xia Yu didn't know what to say. Long ago, she had already realized that there was something wrong with the mother and daughter. It was just inconvenient to ask.

Seeing that she did not say anything, Xie Gendi immediately asked: "Can't I take these stuffs? However, we paid the room, so it should be fine to take them away, right? "

"If you think it's necessary, you'll take them. Why hasn't your daughter arrived yet?" Xia Yu was too lazy to explain and only asked about Jiang Yayan.

"She … I don't know. Didn't she say that she found a deceived idiot to treat my illness?" Xie Gendi glanced at Xia Yu again. She was very young. Did she have any money? Could it be that that woman fooled her and intentionally lied to her? "What a black-hearted woman. She harmed my son to such an extent. Does she want to escape now?"

Xie Gendi was suddenly angry. She dropped the bag and was about to find Jiang Yayan.

Her son? Xia Yu frowned.

Old Yao's eyebrows were knitted tightly together. What kind of person was this?

Before Xia Yu could say anything, somebody knocked on the door, and then the door opened from the outside, "Miss Xia's also here? Is everything packed? Then let's go!"

"What took you so long?" Xie Gendi asked with some dissatisfaction.

"Is it easy for me to take care of a child alone? I had to settle my son first. "

"You can bring him to the hospital. I haven't seen my grandson for a long time. Would you die if you let him accompany me a little bit?" As Xie Gendi said this, she glared hatefully at Jiang Yayan.

"There are germs in the hospital, so it's not appropriate for a child to go there." Jiang Yayan said as she walked towards Xie Gendi's luggage and took out all the stuff out, leaving only the clothes and shoes that Xie Gendi had brought.

"Let's go!" She was the first one to walk out of the room. Xie Gendi was dazed for a moment as she looked at the pile of things taken out from her bag. Her heart ached, but she still walked over and stuffed a few packs of toothbrushes and soap into her bag before leaving the room.

Jiang Yayan was already checking out at the front desk. When Xie Gendi came down, she was paying. Helplessly watching a stack of red bills be paid, Xie Gendi couldn't help but ask, "I live here for only a few days, yet it costs so much money. Why is it so expensive? If I knew earlier, I wouldn't have stayed here. Don't you have a house here?!"

Jiang Yayan did not answer her. After paying, she took the duffel bag and walked out, while Xie Gendi followed her embarrassedly.

Old Yao's car was parked in front of the hotel. When he saw Xia Yu and the others, he immediately went up to welcome them.

"Give the bag to me!" He took the luggage from Jiang Yayan's hand and then saw Xie Gendi behind her.

What she wore was neither fish nor fowl. Although there was no hole in her clothes, she looked rustic, and it seemed that she came from a mountain village.

"This is..."

"My mom."

Old Yao never thought that Jiang Yayan's mother would look like this. It was a little hard to accept, so he felt unnatural when he greeted her.

"Nice, nice to meet you, auntie."

Xie Gendi had never received such treatment before. She nodded and did not know how to answer him. Old Yao had already rushed over to open the car door.

Xia Yu sat in the front seat. Jiang Yayan then got to the car and ignored Xie Gendi.

Xie Gendi dumbfoundedly nodded her head a few times to Old Yao, who was holding onto the door of the car, before she gingerly climbed onto the car. The business vehicle was tall. When she tried to get into the car, she even pulled on the armrest before she climbed onto it.

Old Yao closed the door and got to the driver's seat, starting the car. Xie Gendi sat in the car, looking around and touching around. Especially the screen on the back of the front seat, it was the first time she saw it, and she felt it's very uncommon.

Jiang Yayan looked out of the window. Her expression was aloof, and she did not have any conversation with Xie Gendi.

After Xie Gendi's curiosity passed, she lightly patted on Jiang Yayan's arm.

"Hey, he is the deceived idiot, right?"


"Is this car his as well? It looks high-level. Is he wealthy?"


"What does he do? Is he married? Oh well, what's your relationship with him? "

Jiang Yayan was annoyed by her questions. "Can't you just shut your mouth!"

"You haven't answered me yet."

"Whatever relationship you think we have, then we do!" Jiang Yayan suddenly said. Xie Gendi was choked by her words.

Xie Gendi glared at Jiang Yayan and took out the porridge that Xia Yu had bought for her. She turned her head to eat her porridge. After that, they did not say anything else. The car finally stopped in front of the First People's Hospital.

The First People's Hospital was one of the best hospitals in S City. The lobby looked grand with intelligent guidance screens everywhere. Beneath their feet was shining marbles. In the hospital, specialized nurses were receiving them warmly.

"Madame Jiang, Mr. Zhang has made all the arrangements. Please come in."

Jiang Yayan walked in front, and Xia Yu followed the nurse inside. Xie Gendi followed along and said as they walked, "This hospital is good. The decorations are beautiful, and the people are kind. It's much better than the hospital you brought me to do examinations last time."


Walking through the hall, they came to a passage with tempered glass at the top and various clinics around it.

The nurse led them through the passage and into a relatively remote building at the back.

Xie Gendi followed behind Xia Yu and looked around.

"Where are you taking us? Why doesn't it look like a place for doing the treatment?"

Jiang Yayan remained silent and followed the nurse into the elevator. The elevator stopped at the top floor. It was a corridor in front of them that was covered with carpets, and all sorts of paintings were on the walls. Finally, they stopped at the door with the words "Director's Office" written on it.

The nurse knocked.

"Director Wu, they are here."

There were four people in the office, two seniors as well as Zhang Peng and his friend.

Hearing the door opening, Zhang Peng was the first to look over. Seeing Jiang Yayan and Xie Gendi, he immediately revealed an expression of disbelief, but it only lasted for a few seconds, and then he slapped his leg.

"Holy shit!" His friend, who was sitting right next to him at that time, gave him a contemptuous frown. "Hey, you asked me to find a hospital and arrange an expert. You took so many efforts just for this woman?"


"Answer me. What on earth do you want …" Before he finished speaking, Zhang Peng had already walked to the side.

"Let me introduce them!" He walked to the front of Jiang Yayan, "This is Director Wu, and this is Professor Zhou from the Digestive Department of the Municipal Cancer Hospital."

When Xia Yu heard those words, a strange smile appeared on her face. This was how society worked. What was difficult for you to accomplish might be done just in the blink of an eye for some other people.

Last night, she had searched on Professor Zhou and asked some people for help, but she could not even get any contact information about him.

However, now, after one night, this highly respected professor of Digestive Department and oncology was standing right in front of her.

"Director Wu, Professor Zhou, I am Jiang Yayan." At this time, Jiang Yayan greeted them one by one, and explained the situation of Xie Gendi to them, then she took out the report and gave it to Professor Zhou.

Professor Zhou put on his glasses and read the report carefully.

"How about this? Go and do the ultrasound check first. Director Wu will arrange for the report to be released in the afternoon. After that, I will come up with a treatment plan based on the patient's condition. Your family members can then consider it." Professor Zhou said simply and did not say much more.

Jiang Yayan also agreed to this arrangement.

The spectating Director Wu smiled as he said, "Then, Old Zhou, should we arrange for the patient to be hospitalized first?"

"All right. Let her be hospitalized for now. We can only confirm our diagnosis after we get the report!"

Director Wu made a phone call to the Inpatient Department to arrange for the check and the ward. The group of people walked out of the office. Just as they arrived at the elevator, it opened, and a person came out.

"Professor Zhou, there is a patient who needs you to take a look." The person was a very young doctor after he finished speaking, he stood at the door, waiting for Professor Zhou.

"Ok then."

Professor Zhou did not delay and left with the young doctor.

The metropolitan hospitals were clearly much better than the ones in Xie Gendi's hometown. There was a single room with an independent living room and washroom, which were at least a hundred square meters.

Xie Gendi was completely shocked by the scene. After entering, she looked around and found that the ward was well equipped with television, sofa, etc. "Oh my god, why does it look so much better than the hotel I stayed in these days?"

Jiang Yayan did not say anything. All these arrangements were made by Zhang Peng, and she was very clear about the price she had to pay.

However, wasn't all of this supposed to be arranged by Shen Yan? However, he only sent a secretary here to supervise. Furthermore, the woman called Yang Ke'er even slapped her yesterday. Thinking about how Xie Gendi treated her, she almost wanted to bite her tongue.


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