Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 193 Hiding from the Reporters?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 193 Hiding from the Reporters?

She put Xie Gendi’s luggage on the ground and took out the clothes into the cupboard.

"The report will be out at 14: 00. I'll buy lunch for you at first."

"You tricked my son into prison, while you are quite free and unrestrained here, with your paramours here and there." Xie Gendi looked at Jiang Yayan coldly, with disdain on her face.

When her son brought this woman home, she had felt that she was an unruly woman, but her son refused to listen and ruined his career because of her.

Now she had the disease. Although no one told her what disease it was, it was serious. She had no hope in her bitter life. She only wanted to see her son would be released from prison, and her grandson would be living with them before she died.

However, what she hoped would probably not come true. Her son had told this wicked woman many times before she finally accepted to take her here and help treat her disease. Even so, she wouldn't allow her to live in her house and contact her grandson.

"You should know why your son is in prison now. Don't talk so harshly. I took you here because of the relationship we used to have. If you truly know what is good for Jiangjiang, you should shut your mouth. Otherwise, not only me, even your son will not forgive you. "Jiang Yayan had been enduring her too much for the past few days. Now she finally could not take it anymore since Xie Gendi kept on talking these things.

"Are you warning me? Fine, now I'm the meat on the chopping block. You call the shots. When my son is released from prison, I will settle all the things with you." Xie Gendi was very resentful, but she could not do anything to her.

Coming out from the hospital, Xia Yu took Old Yao's car, "Master Yao, President Zhang must have something to tell me since he called you over."

"President Zhang's worried about you. What happened to Chen Wenxuan's father was an accident. Don't think too much." Old Yao did not know the details. He just read the news reports on the internet and magazines.

He did not have much contact with Xia Yu in the past, but recently, Xia Yu managed to accomplish a few great jobs, and even Shen Mo had shown respect for her. Old Yao would naturally admire her.

"Uncle Chen's death is indeed regretful, but I truly have no regrets in my heart." When Chen Wenxuan was mentioned, Xia Yu felt sad. They had been lovers for five years. Xia Yu never did something sorry for him, but unexpectedly, he treated her like that.

"Since it has happened, you should learn to forget. President Zhang said that you could ask him for help if you had any difficulties." Old Yao came over to deliver Zhang Hanyu's message. Zhang Hanyu was sorry about that matter. He only wanted to have a chance to make it up to Xia Yu.

"Thanks to President Zhang's concern. If necessary, I will contact him." Xia Yu knew what Zhang Hanyu meant, and did not want to disappoint him.

"Fine, all right. That old madam is indeed Jiang Yayan's mother? They were not like mother and daughter. Where does that old madam come from? Does the information say that her parents were dead?" Old Yao had been puzzled for a long time.

The information?

"Jiang Yayan and Young Master Yan's affair becomes such a mess. How could Shen Family not investigate? I have seen her information before." Old Yao saw through Xia Yu's doubt.

Xia Yu laughed and said, "Who knows? In short, it's troublesome."

Xia Yu looked at her phone, expressionlessly. Jiang Yayan's secrets were probably more than that.

She returned to the company. When the front desk clerk saw her, she was startled. After such a big matter, how could she still have the mood to work? "Xia Yu, the President asked you to rest!"

As she spoke, the front desk clerk kept winking at her.

"No, I'm well rested." Xia Yu ignored her winking and walked up. No matter what she might face, she would face it calmly.

Looking at Xia Yu's back, the front desk clerk shook her head.

Bao Na was there with a group of reporters. Wasn't she making trouble for herself if she went there?

"Xia Yu is really unlucky. Why does she encounter this matter?"

"Yes, she is. She tries to save someone out of kindness, and she pays the medical fees, but she actually ends in a situation like this."

"Chen Wenxuan is really trash. How was he not afraid of being punished by heaven?”

Her colleagues were all discussing behind her. No matter how terrible the reports said about Xia Yu, they would not believe it all. Xia Yu and Bao Na had been working in the Tengfei for so long, they knew them well. Even if they did not have eyes, they still had ears.

It was that Bao Na thought that Xia Yu had something to do with Chen Wenxuan, but Xia Yu had always been avoiding them. Now their family was caught in trouble, and they wanted to transfer the trouble to Xia Yu.

Just as Xia Yu walked into the President's official zone, she saw a group of reporters surrounded Shen Yan. Bao Na was shouting in agitation and asking Shen Yan to let Xia Yu out.

"That vicious woman pushed down my father-in-law and made my father-in-law in hospital. He then committed suicide after suffering from illness and pain. She was the killer."

"Young Master Yan, may I ask if Miss Xia is here? Can we interview her now? "

"Young Master Yan, is Miss Xia hiding from us?"

"I did nothing wrong. Why should I hide?" Xia Yu walked over and stood in the middle of them, "Everyone, this is a law-ruled society, so everything should follow the law."

"Miss Xia, Miss Bao said that you were unwilling to break with Chen Wenxuan, so you revenged on his father and killed him. Is that true?" Seeing Xia Yu coming over, the reporters surrounded her.

"Everyone, even if I'm not willing to break up, why not come to the one who broke up with me? Why did I come to an innocent person?" Xia Yu shot a glance at the furious Bao Na and calmly replied.

"Can you beat Chen Wenxuan? You could not beat him, so you took revenge on his father. You wicked woman. You have no humanity! "Bao Na almost pointed to Xia Yu's nose.

"Bao Na, are you insane? He would rather fight against me than take me as his girlfriend. Why should I still cling to him?" Xia Yu was also speechless. At this moment she really suspected that Bao Na's brain had something wrong.

The reporters couldn't help laughing when they heard Xia Yu's words. Xia Yu was a high-level and beautiful office lady with a high salary, while Chen Wenxuan was only an ordinary employee in the company. There was no reason for her to be crazy about him to such a degree.

"Xia Yu, I know that you're eloquent, but you forced Chen Wenxuan's father to die, and it is an indisputable fact." Bao Na was embarrassed and angry. She covered her stomach with one hand and pointed at Xia Yu with the other.

Xia Yu looked at Bao Na with sympathy: "Bao Na, you are pregnant now, so don't be agitated. It is not like that you have a loud voice, so you are reasonable. Call the police to handle it. I think this is the fairest way."

"Right, Call the police. Do you think I'm afraid?" Hearing the words "call the police", Bao Na's anger weakened, but she still did not give up, "Right now, Chen Wenxuan's father is still at the hospital's morgue. Tell me what you will do with it."

He was injured because of Xia Yu and then died because of this. So she should do something for it.

"Bao Na, you are the fiancee of Chen Wenxuan. How can you talk to someone unrelated to handle the funeral affairs of his father?" Shen Yan had already endured for a long time. However, Bao Na brought up such an unreasonable demand. He could not bear it anymore.

"Young Master Yan, I know that you have a good relationship with her, but you can't protect her with no reason. Chen Wenxuan's father was dead because of Xia Yu, so she should give him a reasonable compensation!" In front of Shen Yan, Bao Na did not dare to play any more tricks, but she was also unwilling to accept it.

"This has nothing to do with the relationship. If you think Xia Yu should compensate, you can resort to the judicial process. However, you will also have to take responsibility for messing around in our company." Shen Yan's face went sullen. His company wasn't a vegetable garden where she could do anything she wanted.

Shen Yan had already shown his attitude. Bao Na knew that if she continued to cause troubles, she would not end up well, so she could only glare ruthlessly at Xia Yu and left with extreme indignation.

The reporters had originally wanted to interview Shen Yan, but seeing his sullen expression, they all went away.

"This is ridiculous!" After Bao Na left with the reporters, the secretaries came over to comfort Xia Yu.

"I've long wanted to ignore her." Xia Yu compelled herself to say a few words to them, then returned to her office.

Just as she was about to close the door, Shen Yan followed in, "Are you worried about the matter about Chen Wenxuan's father? I don't think you need to feel guilty. "

It was obvious that Shen Yan understood Xia Yu well. Although Xia Yu dissed Bad Na just now, Chen's family did have members be dead. Xia Yu was a compassionate lady. Although Chen Wenxuan treated her badly, Chen's father treated her well.

"I'm not feeling guilty. I just feel that uncle Chen shouldn't have taken this way." Even now, Xia Yu still did not know why he committed suicide. When he had the accident, he had overcome many difficulties to get over it. Why did he kill himself when he almost recovered?

There were too many things that shouldn't have happened in this world, but since it had already happened, there was nothing she could do.

Shen Yan did not continue this topic. He did not want to make Xia Yu feel troubled, "It's late. Why not go to eat together? Now that you come to work, I'd like to discuss a case with you. "

"En, all right!" Xia Yu rubbed her face with her hands, "Jiang Yayan's mother is planned to undergo surgery. Don't worry. Zhang Peng has found a doctor for her."

Shen Yan did not speak. He did not want to know anything about that woman.

Xia Yu also followed him out. The two of them found a relatively elegant western restaurant and casually ordered some food.

"Our company is caught in troubles again and again. I think we should suspend the auditions." As Shen Yan ate, he talked to Xia Yu.

"We've already invested much money. It'll be a big loss if we stop it now. Probably we should change the form so that we can reduce the cost and keep the propaganda working. How do you think about it?" Xia Yu was in charge of this matter. How could she not know it?

Several first-line actors had said to her that they recently were busy with actives, so they asked to withdraw from the auditions. Xia Yu tried to persuade them to stay, but from their tones, it seemed that they did not want to change their minds.

"It is a solution." Shen Yan expressed his agreement. He was also unwilling to give up. In this way, the problem was solved, and there was no need to be embarrassed by the few actors' withdrawal.

As the two of them were talking, Bao Na and Chen Wenxuan walked in. They might not have seen Xia Yu and Shen Yan. Bao Na lectured Chen Wenxuan as she walked with him. "I've said that Xia Yu is a ruthless woman, and you just don't believe me. Do you believe now?"

"Forget it. Don't talk about her anymore." Chen Wenxuan was very annoyed. His father came here alive and lost his life in a short time. How could he explain to his mother?

"You think I want to talk about her? Chen Wenxuan, let me tell you. Now that your father's gone, who will your mother live on in the future? If you are soft-hearted and don't let her compensate, then you take care of your mother! "No matter how Bao Na thought about it, she was still unconvinced. Why was Xia Yu still so calm even now?


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