Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 194 Is She Going to Be a Matchmaker?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 194 Is She Going to Be a Matchmaker?

"What do you mean?" Shen Yan could not bear any longer. Apparently, they were saying that it was Xia Yu's responsibility. How could it be possible? It had nothing to do with Xia Yu.

"Young Master Yan, I know that your Shen Family is extraordinary, but when it comes to my father, I will not make any concession." Seeing that it was Shen Yan, Chen Wenxuan was startled at first, then he said stiffly.

Bao Na cheered at the side, "Wen Xuan, don't be afraid. Even if we go bankrupt this time, I will support you to the end!"

Chen Wenxuan nodded. They could not eat here anymore. He pulled Bao Na's hand and turned to leave, not even glancing at Xia Yu.

"Just ignore them. They're strange people." Shen Yan and Xia Yu finished their lunch. After Shen Yan paid the bill, they left together.

Late in the afternoon, Xia Yu went to the hospital again.

Zhou Yan was there, too. He saw Xia Yu and smiled, "Miss Xia, why are you here?"

Xie Gendi said from the side, "She is Yayan's friend. Do you know her?"

With another man visiting her, Xie Gendi's heart was filled with mixed emotions. She only wanted to clarify the relationship between them.

Zhou Yan replied with a smile, "She is my …" Initially, he wanted to say Xia Yu was his patient, but he felt it was unnecessary to explain the situation to an old madam. So, in the end, he only said: "She's my friend!"

Professor Zhou just happened to come in to examine Xie Gendi. He heard Zhou Yan's words and laughed out loud, "So Miss Xia is Ah Yan's friend."

Xia Yu laughed.

Zhou Yan seemed to see through her doubt, and smiled as he introduced, "This is my grandfather!"

Zhou Yan came to pick up his grandfather for a meal. Even though they lived in the same city, they didn't have much time to stay together, so Zhou Yan would regularly accompany his grandfather.

After arriving, he found out that Xie Gendi was his grandfather's patient, and Jiang Yayan was his patient. He came to see the patient as a courtesy.

Not long after that, Zhou Yan left with Professor Zhou.

But Xie Gendi's face did not look good. Although Jiang Yayan was busy doing her work, her eyes kept scanning the room.

The facilities of the large city were much better than those of the small towns. Besides, the sickroom was arranged by Zhang Peng. The unit, which had a separate sitting room and bathroom, measured 100 square meters.

"Miss Xia, I have to go and take care of Jiangjiang. Will you please get something to eat for my mother?" Jiang Yayan had a cold expression on her face as she finished her work. She left as soon as she finished speaking, not even looking at Xie Gendi.

"Eh, OK!" Xia Yu realized that Jiangjiang was a child, and it was dangerous to leave him alone at home. Anyway, it was not a big deal to buy something food.

Xia Yu ate near the hospital, bought some take-out food, and returned to the sickroom. She heard voices coming from inside when she reached the door.

"Auntie, this is the online TV channel. It might be different from the one you watched in the hotel before."

"What is online TV?"

"It's a TV connected to the internet. You can choose whatever program you like and stop whenever you want to. Furthermore, there won't be any advertisements in the middle of the show." Zhou Yan's voice was warm, magnetic, and easy to recognize.

After he finished his meal with his grandfather, they came back. Coincidentally, he saw Xie Gendi in the corridor, and she invited him to the sickroom enthusiastically.

Zhou Yan did not reject her, so when Xia Yu walked in, she saw him taking off his shoes and sitting beside Xie Gendi. There was a 52-inch LCD screen at the head of the bed, and Zhou Yan was holding the remote control to show Xie Gendi how to choose the program.

The scene was unbelievable.

Xia Yu walked in, "Doctor Zhou, why are you here?"

Zhou Yan turned his head and looked at Xia Yu, "My grandfather and I had lunch near the hospital, and I sent him back to visit the auntie by the way."

Xie Gendi seemed to be very familiar with Zhou Yan and said from the side, "Little Zhou is so nice. He taught me how to use these things and bought fruits for me. I appreciate him very much."

Xia Yu saw a few fruit boxes stacked in the corner. She smiled and put the lunch boxes onto the table.

"Would you like some fruit? I'll wash them for you. "

"Don't thank me. I was just passing by. Besides, auntie is now my grandfather's patient. This can be considered fate." Zhou Yan smiled warmly, and then suggested, "Fruits are good for health. Miss Xia, please wash them."

Zhou Yan said as he got off the bed, put on his shoes, and went over to bring the lunch boxes over, "You bought food for auntie?"

Xia Yu froze before nodding her head.

"Auntie, enjoy it before it gets cold." He put down the bed board and opened the lunch boxes one by one. Xie Gendi seemed to have a perfect impression of him.

"Little Zhou, I'll do it myself."

"OK. Shall I set it on the opera channel you watched just now?"

"OK. That’s great!"

After all, Zhou Yan was a psychologist. Xia Yu felt it was incredible that Zhou Yan could satisfy Xie Gendi. It seemed natural for him to take care of her, and they seemed to have known each other for a long time. And after that, when Xie Gendi sat on the bed and ate. She seemed to be very interested in Zhou Yan and asked him a whole car of questions as she was eating.

Xie Gendi said, "Little Zhou is a local, right?"

"Yes, I was born and raised here in S city."

"How old are you?"


Xie Gendi said. "You're about Yayan's age. Are you dating someone?"

"Is she going to be a matchmaker?" Xia Yu watched in a daze as she forgot to wash the fruit.

"No, I don't have a girlfriend."

Xie Gendi, "Ah, you're so outstanding. Why don't you have a girlfriend? Are you too picky?"

Xia Yu: "..."

Zhou Yan said, "No, I'm just busy with my work. I had been in Japan before, and returned two years ago."

"Japan? what were you doing there?"

" I worked there."

"What kind of work? I just heard Miss Xia call you Doctor Zhou. You're also a doctor like your grandfather, right? It's a good profession. Doctors are rich and honorable. "

Xia Yu didn't want to listen anymore. She picked up the fruit and walked out.

Xie Gendi still kept talking inside: "Oh, Little Zhou, do you live alone? Did you buy a house? How many people are there in your family? Do you have any brothers or sisters? "

It looked like she was checking his residence cards, and she almost asked Zhou Yan about his salary.

Zhou Yan couldn't stand it, and Xia Yu wanted to laugh.

"The food is getting cold." Zhou Yan reminded Xie Gendi to eat.

Xie Gendi knew what he meant. She smiled and stopped talking.

It was almost 18:00. Zhou Yan looked at his watch and stood up from the sofa.

"I have a training session later. I must go. I'll come some other time." Zhou Yan said with a gentle tone.

"Is Doctor Zhou leaving?" Xia Yu came in after washing the fruit. She really wanted to laugh when she saw Zhou Yan.

Zhou Yan also knew what Xia Yu meant. He could not help laughing, "Yeah, I have a training session later."

Xie Gendi, who was eating on the bed, told Xia Yu, "Miss Xia, please send Little Zhou out for me!"

Xia Yu suppressed her laughter, glanced at Zhou Yan, and smiled as she replied, "OK!"

Zhou Yan said: "You don't have to send me. Stay here with her." Then, he turned around to say goodbye to Xie Gendi, "Auntie, I'll come to see you again when I'm free!"

Xie Gendi was overjoyed. "Alright, I'll wait for you. You can come anytime." After saying that, she moved closer to Xia Yu and pulled her sleeves, "Send Little Zhou!"

Xia Yu could only take her bag and followed Zhou Yan out. Hardly had they got into the elevator did Xia Yu burst into laughter, "The old granny was really interesting."

Initially, Xia Yu wanted to say that she liked him and tried to take him as the son-in-law, but considering that she was not very close with Zhou Yan, she changed her words.

Zhou Yan was a little embarrassed and smiled gently: "The granny is too passionate, but all parents are like that. They always nag and want to know everything about their children." Zhou Yan laughed bitterly, "That's why I feel that it's good. Maybe it's because I've lost my parents since I was a child."

Xia Yu was startled. The elevator happened to reach the ground floor, and Zhou Yan went out first. When he turned his head, he saw Xia Yu looking at him in shock.

He laughed again, "What's wrong? Are you surprised or sympathetic? "

She shook her head and walked out of the elevator.

Zhou Yan lowered his head and put his hands in his pockets: "My parents died when I was three years old. It was a car accident. They died on the spot. I grew up with my grandfather, but my grandfather was always busy at that time."

"Did you spend your childhood alone?"

"It could not be said that. There's a servant at home."

Xia Yu never thought that Zhou Yan would have such a background. Since his parents died early, he was brought up without affection, but he had developed such a good temper and courtesy. Everything he said and did showed good parenting and discipline.

Xia Yu sent Zhou Yan to the car park, waved goodbye and watched Zhou Yan's car leaving. She had barely turned around and stepped out when Zhou Yan's car came back. He rolled down the window, "Miss Xia …"

Turning her head, Xia Yu saw Zhou Yan stretching his head out of the window, "I've read the newspaper. I believe that matter has nothing to do with you. Don't worry."

Zhou Yan was talking about the case of Chen Wenxuan's father. The reason why Xia Yu said that was because that Chen Wenxuan had already announced to the media that he would investigate Xia Yu's legal responsibility.

They used to be lovers, but now they were going to court. Xia Yu's mood could not be good. But now, she thoroughly knew what kind of person Chen Wenxuan was, so she didn't feel too sad about it.

"Thank you, Doctor Zhou!" Xia Yu thanked him sincerely because she could tell that Zhou Yan believed in her genuinely.

"Let's make friends. Don't call me Doctor Zhou, just Zhou Yan!" Zhou Yan frowned, not satisfied with the way Xia Yu called him.

"Zhou Yan!" Xia Yu laughed and looked at Zhou Yan. It would be nice to have a psychiatrist as a friend. He's a great guy to talk to, wasn't he? The scene in the sickroom appeared in her mind once again.


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