Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 195 You“d Better Shut up
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 195 You“d Better Shut up

After Zhou Yan left, Xia Yu went back to the ward. Xie Gendi had finished her lunch and was eating an apple. Seeing Xia Yu coming in, she waved to her, "Come here. I have something to ask you."

Xia Yu walked a few steps and sat on the chair opposite Xie Gendi, "Auntie, what do you want to know?"

Xie Gendi looked at Xia Yu for a while and asked, "Is that man familiar with Jiang Yayan?"

"They are somewhat familiar. He's Yayan's attending physician." Xia Yu frowned her eyebrows. Why did she call her daughter in such a way? They didn't seem like mother and daughter.

"I think she's quite healthy. Why would she need an attending doctor? She probably thought he was handsome and made an excuse to see him." Xie Gendi talked extremely rude.

Xia Yu could not answer this question. She picked up the apple she had just washed and passed it to her, "Auntie, eat an apple."

Xie Gendi put the apple to the side. She couldn't eat another one now. "Xia Yu, I know you and Jiang Yayan are friends. You should persuade her. Her child is not young, and she should pay attention to her private life. I have been here for only a few days, and have seen young masters or doctors were surrounding her. If she doesn't know what's a shame, she should consider my grandson's feelings."

"Auntie, I think you misunderstood her. She called the doctors over to treat you." It was Jiang Yayan's private life. Even if they were friends, she couldn't say anything.

"Xia Yu, did I misunderstand her? Why did the man who came yesterday look at her in such an unusual way? It's not me, the mother, who should blame her. She should know how to behave herself. Can I rest assured that Jiangjiang stays with her?" Xie Gendi sighed and said.

"Will it be better if Jiang Jiang stays with you? Don't forget that you can't even protect yourself. " Jiang Yayan came back after settling Jiangjiang down, and she heard Xie Gendi scolding her at the door.

Was it easy for a woman to live here with a child? Even if she couldn't understand her, she should make allowances for her difficulties. But she was always picking on her fault.

"I know you don't like my nagging. But if you listen to me, you will know that I'm for your good. If you don't listen to me, just ignore my words." Seeing Jiang Yayan coming in, Xie Gendi stopped talking.

Jiang Yayan did not look at her. She turned to Xia Yu and said, "Sorry to trouble you, Miss Xia. I'll send you out."

"Goodbye, Auntie. I'll come and see you tomorrow." Xia Yu said as she walked out.

"You're so nice. Be careful on the road." When Xie Gendi said that, she glanced at Jiang Yayan. Seeing her did not say anything, she turned to watch TV.

"Miss Xia, my mother is a countrywoman, and she is long-winded. Don't keep it in mind." Jiang Yayan was a little embarrassed.

Xia Yu laughed, "The elders are all likes that. She didn't talk too much to me."

Jiang Yayan understood that it was not her mother didn't talk too much, but Xia Yu would like to give Jiang Yayan face.

Xia Yu was different from other secretaries. Usually, a secretary always pried into other one’s privacy, but Xia Yu was not interested in what she should not know.

This kind of person wouldn't reveal your secret, which was great. But on the other hand, you can never touch her bottom line. Otherwise, she would not let you go smoothly.

"Anyway, I'm sorry to trouble you. I hope you can tell Young Master Yan about my mother's medical expenses. She will have surgery in the next two days." The surgery needed a lot of money. Jiang Yayan would never let Shen Yan go.

"Miss Jiang, I'll tell him that. But you should think it over." Did she take Xie Gendi as her mother? Xia Yu doubted that, and Zhou Yan should have doubts too.

Shen Yan was a famous smiling tiger. Was Jiang Yayan going to threaten him? How dare she?

Jiang Yayan understood what Xia Yu meant, but she could turn to no one else. She pondered for a moment and said, "I am not his legal wife. It is unreasonable for him to pay for my mother's medical bills. But Jiangjiang is still young, and I don't have a job. If he marries another woman in the future, he will no longer pay for the living expenses of Jiangjiang. I should have my back up."

Xia Yu had seen Yang ke'er scolding Jiang Yayan. Shen Qiang said Yang ke'er was no less unruly than Zeng Mina. If Shen Yan married Ke'er, he would stop paying the living expenses to Jiang Yayan.

"It's indeed a problem. If you know what's good for Jiangjiang, then why not find a job? If you have a job, you have a place of spiritual sustenance." Jiang Yayan had a mental disease. It was not good for Jiangjiang to live with her.

However, Wan Ru's mental status was much better after she got a job. Xia Yu believed the same approach would ease Jiang Yayan's condition.

"I have considered this issue. But I haven't worked for many years, so I'm not confident." Jiang Yayan was moved when she saw Wan Ru change a lot after getting divorced with Zhang Hanyu.

Therefore, she did not say no to Xia Yu's suggestion.

Xia Yu laughed and said, "I'm just giving you a suggestion. It is up to you. You are so smart that I believe you will make the best choice."

"Thank you, Miss Xia. I will consider it seriously." Jiang Yayan stood at the door of the elevator and watched Xia Yu entering. When the elevator was about to close, she added, "If you were not Shen Yan's secretary, I think we can be good friends." However, the door closed, so Xia Yu couldn't hear that.

When Jiang Yayan returned, Xie Gendi had finished the apple and was sitting on the bed picking her teeth. When she saw Jiang Yayan coming in, she immediately showed a mocking expression, "If you are afraid that I get information from your friends, just separate us."

"I don't want to argue with you, but I warn you not to speak carelessly. Otherwise, not only me but also your son, your grandson and you will suffer a lot." When Xia Yu was absent, Jiang Yayan's words were rather rude as well.

Was it easy for her to live in fear all these years? This old woman didn't understand her at all. But she still had to care about her.

This was a standard version of the farmer and the snake.

"My son got into trouble because of you. You are too greedy. Don't think I'll thank you for helping me. I will never thank you. You owe me, and you owe my son." Xie Gendi suddenly became agitated and jumped down from the bed. Without even wearing the slippers, she rushed in front of Jiang Yayan, intending to give her two slaps. But after thinking over, she pointed at her nose and scolded her.

Jiang Yayan impatiently fended off her finger, "I warn you! Don't touch me! If you want to live a few more days, then shut up your mouth."

Xie Gendi never thought that Jiang Yayan would say such words, and for a moment, she didn't know what to say. She stared at Jiang Yayan for more than a minute without saying anything.

Xia Yu left the elevator and walked out, but unexpectedly, she met Yang ke'er at the entrance.

"Ke'er, are you here to visit a patient?" Yang ke'er's face was glowing red and looked vigorous. She did not seem to be sick, so Xia Yu asked.

Yang ke'er walked to Xia Yu and stood in front of her, "No, I was looking for you. Can I have a word with you?"

Yang ke'er had a stern look on her face. Xia Yu knew that she couldn't reject her, "Alright, let's go to the coffee shop over there."

Yang Ke'er accepted her suggestion. The moment they entered the coffee shop, Yang ke'er immediately asked for a private room. It seemed like she really had something important to tell Xia Yu.

A waiter brought in some coffee and two plates of snacks and left. Xia Yu stirred the coffee in front of her and did not say a word. Since Yang ke'er invited her here and she was the listener, Yang ke'er should be the one who spoke.

Yang ke'er did not remain silent for long. After drinking a mouthful of coffee, she said: "Did Brother Yan ask you to come here?"

Sure enough, she was asking about Jiang Yayan. Xia Yu raised her head, glanced at Yang ke'er, and replied. "I can say yes. And I can say no. Now is the critical moment for your Brother Yan, so you should avoid something if you can. "

Shen Mo had been making trouble for Young Master Yan, and Jiang Yayan was his biggest weakness. If he could not handle these things well, they would knock him down.

"I understand what you mean. Xia Yu, Second Aunt has always been picky, and she treated you as her family. So I'm telling you the truth. The reason why Brother Yan didn't make many achievements was Jiang Yayan. " Yang ke'er was agitated when she mentioned the name, and her hand trembled as she held the coffee spoon.

Looking at her expression, Xia Yu know Yang Ke'er must have confronted with Jiang Yayan many times, and she didn't get any advantage. Xia Yu thought for a moment and decided to say something.

But Yang ke'er continued before Xia Yu spoke, "It was not that Jiang Yayan had sex with Brother Yan after they got drunk in the bar that night. She had a plan for that. Or perhaps, she was sent by Brother Shen Mo to frame Brother Yan. "

"Sent by Young Master Mo?" Xia Yu subconsciously repeated. In that case, Young Master Mo had taken precautions against Shen Yan for a long time.

"Yes, Jiang Yayan is brother Shen Mo's woman. At that time, Brother Shen Mo just wanted her to take nude photos of him, but she was pregnant. Brother Shen Mo felt that it would be an excellent way to control Brother Yan, so he ordered Jiang Yayan to give birth to the child. All these years, as long as Brother Yan made achievements at work, Brother Shen Mo sent Jiang Yayan to cause trouble. "Yang Ke'er said indignantly. In her heart, Brother Yan was the most talented one.

Unfortunately, Shen Yan's big brother wasn't kind. He bullied him everywhere, making Shen Yan have no choice but to conceal his talent. Fortunately, his grandmother knew all these things. She didn't want her grandson's ability to be buried quickly, so she stood up to support him.

However, it was easier said than done. There was only one President, and both Shen Mo and Shen Yan wanted to obtain it. How could Shen Mo allow Shen Yan to succeed?

He would use Jiang Yayan to strike Shen Yan again and force Shen Yan to give in.


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