Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 196: Even Yang Master Yan Can Not Protect You This Time
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 196: Even Yang Master Yan Can Not Protect You This Time

"We can't control the thoughts of Young Master Mo, but Jiang Yayan is a mother. For the sake of her son's prospect, I do believe she will leave herself an alternative. Maybe we can take that up."

Although Shen Yan did not talk about anything about Jiang with her, Xia Yu could obviously feel her inner conflict through their contact these days.

Otherwise, she would not suffer from mental illness.

"Xia, you want to persuade Jiang to turn against Brother Shen Mo? Unlikely!” Yang Ke‘er shook her head, "You may not know Brother Shen Mo well. He must do it with all preparation."

"You mean it won't work?" Xia Yu stirred the coffee in the cup and continued, "How do you know it without a try?"

"This is why you come here?" Yang looked at Xia seriously. No wonder Second Aunt always praised her for her loyalty. Shen Yan was so lucky to own her help, and Liu Sijie's.

"Or else?” Xia laughed with ease-was this young lady thinking that she was ready to flatter Jiang?

Yang Ke’er then laughed, too. Xia did not concern about Zeng Mina, let alone Jiang Yayan.

Yang realized that she thought too much. Then she began to care about Xia, "Xia, what happened to Chen Wenxuan?"

"Don't mention him." Xia was unwilling to hear the name of the person who even utilized his father's death.

"I heard that Bao Na had a good relationship with Zeng Mina. You must be careful." Yang had specially inquired about Chen Wenxuan’s father’s affairs. It had nothing to do with Xia Yu. It was really dubious that they made such a big deal.

Xia nodded, "They must be up to something. But I fear nothing with a clean conscience."

"But the corporate image will be affected if things continue fermenting like this." Xia Yu was now the capable assistant of Shen Yan, so what Yang really cared about was that Shen would be affected if Chen went on.

"Now you are back, so I can resign. No big deal." Xia said with an easy grin. Chen was aiming at her ostensibly, but his true purpose was really obvious.

As he dared to be against Shen Yan, there must be someone backing him up as Xia knew about him.

The labyrinthine situation of Shen Family and the entanglements of Shen Yan almost fagged her out. She wanted to quit now.

"You can't think so." Yang looked at Xia in surprise out of her surprising words.

Xia just got promoted recently, so she couldn’t be willing to leave at this juncture.

Yang's eyes betrayed her well-dissimulated thoughts. Xia Yu just laughed it off.

After all, Yang just wanted to be with the man she loved, which was really understandable. Xia said, "It is not up to me now. I have to hedge my bets since things have come to such a pass. Don't you think so?"

"Xia, I admit I really want to work with Brother Yan, but I do not mean to take your place. He can just arrange a random job for me." This was truly what she thought. After all, Xia was really competent in her work. And she had learned that there were only two persons who were both capable and faithful in Tengfei-Xia Yu and Liu Sijie.

And Shen Qiang could be counted barely, so she really wanted to help him.

"Just talk directly to Shen Yan if you really want a job in Tengfei." Xia knew what Yang thought, but she also knew what Shen Yan thought. Thus she did not dare to promise a job for Yang curtly.

"Isn't it the same to talk to you?" She would not come to talk with Xia if she could handle Shen.

“You are not anybody else. You'd better talk to Shen yourself." Xia Yu smiled. Shen would kill her absolutely if she promised Yang.

"Okay." Yang stopped the topic. She could ask Great Aunt and Second Uncle for help if no way worked.

Then Xia took leave of Yang as it wasn’t early now.

Yang acquiesced in her leave as she had got what she wanted. Yang offered to send her back, but Xia Yu refused and Yang did not insist then.

Yang walked aside after Xia's leave, and Zeng Mina appeared in front of her soon. Zeng asked playfully, “Beaten?”

Glancing around Yang's body, Zeng opened her mouth with deep sympathy, "She endears herself to Shen Yan painstakingly, so how can she let you step in now?"

"I am sorry you guess wrong this time. She even proposes to quit." Yang looked at Zeng complacently. Xia Yu was not a difficult person at all as people said.

Zeng was surprised to hear that. Maybe Xia meant to hide herself as she had been borne down heavily by Chen Wenxuan and Bao Na. It was really a good thing for Yang.

But it was a good deal over all, as there would be one less person to oppose Shen Mo if she really quit.

It was really a big bargain for Yang that she would be the Second Young Mistress of Shen Family if Xia left. Thinking about it, Zeng still felt bad.

However, Yang didn’t intend to end it. She added deliberately beside her, "Zeng, I have never thought that we can be family."

Zeng Mina was absolutely furious, but she could do nothing except watching her retreating into the distance.

It took a long time for her to cool down a little. Then she called up Xia Yu, "I have never thought that you are such a gutless coward. Even Yang can scare you like this? Come on, be the one just like before! Or you dare not now?"

Though inexplicable, Xia could still understand what she meant. Looking back, Xia could see Zeng’s stamping with fury and the triumphant back of Yang.

Xia deemed that Shen Yan would have a colorful life in the future. She put the phone to her ear and said with a chuckle, "I can find no reason to fall out with her. Not like you, we are rivals in work."

"How can't you find a reason? You are rivals too! In love! She is coveting your man! Don't tell me you want to opt out!" Zeng was so wrought-up that she clamored loudly regardless of everything.

The voice was so loud that Yang, who had just left, heard it. Rivals in love? This woman was on the phone with Xia? Yang couldn’t move anymore as if her feet were nailed up to the earth. Actually, she really wanted to know how Xia would answer.

"First of all, Shen Yan is not my man. Maybe you think we are in love, but I can tell you very responsibly that we do not fall in love. You may not believe it, okay. Even if we are in love, he is still free. If he is sweet on Yang then, it only shows that he prefers Yang in his heart. I have no reason to blame them or drive myself crazy." Xia reeled a long speech off.

Everyone had a different attitude towards love. Some could pester others for a long time, but Xia believed that true love must withstand the test of time. True love is never alterable.

Zeng put down the phone blankly, and apparently, she was digesting Xia's words. How could she be so detached?

Yang was really curious about their conversation which made Zeng look like this. But it was obviously inappropriate to ask Zeng at this time. And if she asked Xia she was telling her that she went here just to defeat Zeng.

Then everybody would consider that Xia was forced into resigning by her! She was afraid that Shen Yan and even Great Aunt would get angry.

Considering it, Yang hastened to leave.

Xia stood by the roadside, putting the phone into the bag and waiting for a taxi. Then a brand new Alto pulled up in front of her, and two acquaintances got out of the car.

They were Chen Wenxuan and Bao Na.

Taking Chen's arm, Bao came to Xia face to face, “I imagine you never expect it's us. You can ask Shen Yan or Third Young Master to smash the car again, if you have the ability to do so!”

It was a waste of time to talk to these idiots. Xia walked a few steps away and tries to keep away from them.

"Why don't you talk? I guess Shen Yan has no time to care about you?" Bao was not willing to let her go so easily. And soon she stepped in front of her, barring her way.

"You are so annoying." Xia said with a frown. Her future father-in-law just died. How could she start to show off so quickly?

Two days ago, Chen refused to pay for the medical expenses of his father and imputed it to her. Xia couldn’t figure out why he could be so cold-blooded? Her eyes looked right at Chen, piercing and cool.

Chen avoided her eyes at first out of his compunction, but he stared back soon under the incitement of Bao, "Xia, you know what? We prosecute you not because we don't have money, but you owe my family."

Owe them? Kidding? Words failed Xia. The old saying 'Shameless people are invincible' really makes some sense. It was fine. She would wait for this lawsuit always.

"Wait for the subpoena!" After that, Xia turned back and hailed a taxi, but it did not stop.

"Hey, you seem well-prepared? You think everything will be fine with Shen Yan's support?" Bao sneered at Xia, "I am sorry to tell you that this time nobody can protect you, even Shen."

Xia remained quiet, just taking them as air.

These two people had already been obliterated from her memory.

At long last, a taxi stopped. Xia walked towards it.

"It seems that you are not so precious to Shen. You have been with him for such a long time and he does not even buy a car for you? Poor girl!” Bao said such words when Xia hopped the car.

Xia had already got on the car when hearing it. The car had already started, and she had no intention to hit back as it was really a waste of time. The car kept going on.


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