Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 197 Come When You Are Free
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 197 Come When You Are Free

Next day, no sooner did Xia Yu start her work without tidying up her office table, a court summon was put on it. However, Xia Yu just put it into the draw after a short glance at it.

Cheng Wenxuan decided to issue a lawsuit to her at last and this was always a proper and fair way as Xia Yu considered.

“Xia Yu. Chen Wenxuan is such an asshole. We will be your witness and your strong backbone at any time.” Fang Feifei came and said with indignation.

Once Bao Na worked in the company, she always found fault with Xia Yu while Xia Yu often made concessions as she could. It was unexpected to know that they could bite the hand that feeds them. Why could they be so ruthless to their classmate?

Maybe they were born without the conscience.

“Thank you and I will let you know if I need.” Now that things had come to such a situation, Xia Yu had nothing to do but to face it.

As soon as other colleagues came in to comfort Xia Yu, the phone rang. Xia Yu was unwilling to pick it up because it was from Bao Na. However, Bao Na seemed to be very patient and the phone rang without a break. It seemed that she would not stop until Xia Yu answered it.

Cai Yanyan took the mobile phone from the hand of Xia Yu and says, “Bao Na, you are the biggest bitch I have ever seen and you will receive the punishment of God. Be ready to be killed by the lighting one day and born a son with no asshole!”

Bao Na didn’t care to be insulted but she couldn’t bear that her unborn son was cursed with such vicious words. Thus, Bao Na started to shout abuse.

“It’s you, Cai Yanyan, who will give birth to a son without asshole and every one of your family has no asshole. Don’t you think you should be the one to be blamed? Do not forget you have ever spoken ill of Xia Yu and you are such an apple-polish because you know you can’t win her now.”

Cai Yanyan couldn’t bear the shrill voice of Bao Na, so she had to put the phone away from her ear. “Bao Na, justice naturally lies in everyone’s mind and I warn you that do little evil as you can, otherwise you are doomed to be punished.”

Xia Yu clearly knew the temper of Bao Na that as long as she engaged in a quarrel, she would stick to it for the whole day without feeling tired. After all, she was a loafer and this was just like a matter of killing time.

However, not everyone was as leisure as her because they had to go to work.

Xia Yu got the phone back from Cai Yanyan and hung up without hesitation. “Don’t bother. She is just a shrew. I’m OK. You can go on your duty.”

It was really upset to be involved in such a matter especially when we were on duty hours. That was right to come back to work. Everyone got back to seat while Xia Yu seemed to be in a daze before the office table.

It was impossible to be immune from this matter because she was a human with mind and emotion. She was definitely conducting a well-doing but she had offended her superior and even received a lawsuit from her ex-boyfriend.

What a troublesome matter it was!

In the following days, there were always waves in Xia Yu’s mind as she felt that some troubles would come until she was informed on the newspaper that Chen’s father was going to be buried.

These days, everything came into peace without any news reporting Xia Yu and related matters under the intervention of Shen Yan.

But anyhow, Chen’s father had a traffic crash in front of her and then committed suicide.

Although she bore no responsibility legally, she had received so much kindness from him and she must see him off for the last time.

The funeral was simple with no more relatives and friends, besides Chen Wenxuan and Bao Na.

When this ceremony started, they stood aside silently without shedding a drop of tears. At this time, Bao Na got impatient and urged to leave here on and on which seemed to bring more torment after she spent one more second.

Chen Wenxuan remained to be silent with his face tightened, showing no facial expression.

They rushed to bury the old man without informing Chen’s mother, a woman who was still alive and had accompanied his father for decades.

Xia Yu sighed with emotion when she imagined the despair of Chen’s mother that her son didn’t inform her of this farewell after getting to know the death of him.

She had been staying in the corner instead of coming up to find trouble until they left.

It seemed that Xia Yu’s head was totally blank when thinking of the facial expression of Chen Wenxuan and Bao Na, and also of the life of the poor woman.

Maybe it was because she didn’t see it by herself that she couldn’t feel the sorrow thus having any stimulation to wail and whine.

Or otherwise, she had no idea about how to express herself with what kind of emotion.

It was drizzling outside and the rain was like a layer of delicate white sugar when falling on people’s head.

Xia Yu felt somewhat a slight chill and shrank her shoulder naturally. At this moment, she found that Shen Yan covered his coat on her.

She was wrapped by the coat which was warmed by Shen Yan’s temperature.

She heard the murmuring of him. “It’s rainy now. You need to go back or you would catch a cold.”

She was clear about Shen Yan’s goodwill while she still wanted to stay here for longer.

At first, Chen’s father was going to attend Chen’s wedding but now it turned out to be a farewell.

Actually, happiness always lies in people’s imagination because reality is always cruel.

With his brows knitting, Shen Yan looked at her and lapped her into his arms and murmurs, “It’s better to leave and you can come again if you are free in the future.”

“When?” Xia Yu said tentatively.

“When it is not raining.” Shen Yan answered.

“Alright.” She said with a low voice and was lead to leave here step by step by Shen Yan.

Shen Yan’s car was parking on the foot of the maintain, a long distance from the grave of his father. The rain became heavier when they got there.

The raindrops were pounding the window, forming a string of water strips coming down from it.

“I feel so apologetic for you to pick me up in person.” Xia Yu’s words were not out of polite but out of the movement because she did know how busy he was and he could spare time to care about her.

“You seems to regard me as an outsider with those words?” Shen Yan was driving a car with his eyes staring ahead. It was also a rainy day when Xia Yu came to work in Tengfei company. Cheated by Zeng Mina to reach the mountain, she was like a drowned rat under the rain. A few months pass away in a wink. “How time flies that autumn comes so fast.”

“Yes, so fast!” Xia Yu said after Shen Yan. When Xia Yu started her career in Tengfei, she had a bad impression on Shen Yan and always expected she could be fired by him.

Only in this way could she avoid the slavery and threat of him.

At that time, Shen Yan played a negative role in her mind so she hated him from the bottom of her heart.

Only a few months later, from hating him to accepting him and then to cooperation with him intimately, Xia Yu couldn’t believe that she could have such a huge change.

“You don’t need to worry about the case of Chen Wenxuan. At least I will be on your side.” These days, Shen Yan was finding an opportunity to discuss it with Xia Yu. It was obvious that there was someone who guided Chen Wenxuan to accuse her while the original target of this matter was Chen himself.

Now that Chen was the main target, there was no reason to regard Xia Yu as a scapegoat.

“It’s OK. Chen Wenxuan will not put this lawsuit into reality.” Xia Yu was filled with confidence to believe that Chen just wanted to create the disturbance because she had called the police at once in this accident and the driver had borne the mistake with the monitor as the evidence.

“This matter will not come to an end with the settling of his case. Don’t you think this is a target-oriented issue?” The eyes of Shen Yan were full of coldness.

“What they have done is just to force me to quit. Everything can be settled easily if it goes as they expected.” Xia Yu was very positive to consider that she was willing to quit this job if she couldn’t put herself into it.

In any case, Shen Yan had already kept his feet here while receiving the support from Yang Ke’er. It was time for her to leave.

“Xia Yu. It is unexpected to hear this from you. Are you the girl who has been fearless and stronger when encountering stronger enemy?” Shen Yan was awkward to hear this so he braked suddenly and parked his car in the middle of the road.

“Hey, why you stop here?” Although there was little traffic on the road due to the rain and the lonely location, it was after all a highway and we couldn’t violate the traffic rules.

“Don’t interrupt me and answer me honestly. Did Yang Ke’er contact you?” Shen Yan looked back at Xia Yu with such serious eyes she never saw.

“Yes, she did, but it is not like what you think. She came to me for something about Jiang Yayan.” Xia Yu didn’t mention that Yang would like to apply for their company. She couldn’t enter the company sooner or later once the idea occurred that was helpful to Shen Yan.

“She is still used to meddling.” Shen Yan seemed to be much more relaxed but still be somewhat uncomfortable. “I don’t care who comes to you, be they Yang Ke’er or Zhang Hanyu. You can’t leave unless you leave with me.”

Did that mean I would be with him for the whole life? Why could he be so selfish because I didn’t belong to him?

Well, Xia Yu didn’t blurt this out because she was indeed sacrificing herself to pay her debt.

However, as a shrewd businessman, he should know that her quit was good for him. How could he fail to weigh the gains and loss at this critical moment?

“I suggest that you must make serious consideration.” Xia Yu reminded him kindly.

“It doesn't need to be considered and I won’t let Yang Ke’er enter the company anyhow, neither you can leave.” Shen Yan said firmly and turned to drive the car continuously.

How can you have the right to decide it by yourself? Remember that it was your mother who begged her to enter the company by every means.

Time would prove so there was no need to contend with him. She could afford to wait.

He drove directly to the villa and both of them were drenched. They all came to their own bedrooms as soon as entering the house. They needed to take a bath.

But Sheng Qiang said fussily, “What happens to you? Don’t you think you should take an umbrella while walking together in the rain?”

It was Zeng Mina who would like to walk in the rain. Xia Yu glanced at Shen Qiang with contempt for many times, “You are really good at imagination. Do you think we are too boring to do this?”

“I don’t think it’s boring. How romantic it is!” Shen Yan forced himself to imagine that scene with eyes closed and it was really somehow romantic. “No wonder my second elder brother like walking in the rain so much.”

Shen Yan, who didn't care about the words of Shen Qiang, halting after hearing this. “ Why do you say that? When did I do that? Am I a man with nothing to do but to do that?”

Three questions were thrown to Shen Qiang to dullness and he became aware that he had said something wrong after a long time.


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