Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 198 Elusive Situation in Shen Family
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 198 Elusive Situation in Shen Family

"I'm wrong. It's me who like walking in the rain, not my second brother." Shen Qiang explained in a hurry while Xia Yu burst into laughter by the seriousness of him.

"Don't laugh at me, my sister. I have already admitted my mistake." Shen Qiang stroked his hair by his hand and said: "I will pay for the meal today. Is that OK? It's raining heavily outside and you are not supposed to go out because you just get wet in the rain. Why not order a takeout? It seems to be a good idea."

As soon as Shen Qiang made the decision and raised his head, they had already come to their own room with the ignorance of him.

Actually, Xia Yu had heard his words and came out to the living room. She didn't know how many takeouts he had ordered but just heard the doorbell for more than five times.

The dishes included stewed goose in an iron pot and stewed Chinese sauerkraut and sweet potato vermicelli in the northeast of China, spiced chicken and mapo beancurd, as well as different kinds of skewers in South Korea, gimbaps and traditional cold noodles.

What was more, as soon as Xia Yu opened the door, a courier was holding a takeout box, which was as big as a washbasin, and said with either the rain or the sweat on his face, "This is your spicy hot pot."

Xia Yu was so embarrassed when she saw the obvious doubts in his eyes and seemed to say: Why not spare some time to go to the hot-pot restaurant? Too lazy you are.

Soon, dishes occupied the whole dining table.

Holding a pair of chopsticks and a bowl of spicy hot pot, Xia Yu was eating while staring at the big hot pot.

"Can we finish so much of this?" It's a waste of food. "It's better to ask Liu Sijie back to join us."

At this moment, Shen Yan was coming downstairs. On hearing the words of Xia Yu, he looked at the takeouts and said, "Unfortunately, he is doing his own business."

Xia Yu said, "We have to waste it now."

Shen Qiang said casually, "Aren't you afraid that he has nothing to eat?"

Chewing a half of gimbaps in her mouth, Xia Yu said unclearly, "I don't want to waste food."

Shen Qiang smiled and responded, "It's better to put the rest into refrigerator. We can heat it for tomorrow's meal." He thought for a while and said, "You'd better not. Actually, I think the spicy chicken and mapo beancurd made by my elder sister taste better than Jiangchuan dishes for they are not real Jiangchuan cuisine."

As Shen Qiang speaking, Xia Yu was enjoying the spicy chicken nuggets. On hearing this, Xia Yu said with her eyebrows raised, "Really? For me, they are delicious."

Shen Yan was holding a beef skewer in his left hand and sauerkraut with vermicelli by chopsticks in his right hand, "I agree that Xia Yu does better."

On the reminder of Shen Qiang, Shen Yan found that it had been a few days that he didn't taste the dishes by Xia Yu. He inevitably missed it but was ashamed of asking.

"My elder sister is a good-tempered person with such a graceful figure and pretty face. It would be a great blessing from previous generations to marry her." Shen Qiang was praising Xia Yu aside.

She did cook well but did that mean she was good-tempered? Shen Yan didn't agree with this. Shen Yan looked at Xia Yu by raising his head only to find that she was holding a kidney. She thought Shen Yan wanted to get it, so she gave a sign by raising her chin and asked, "You want this?"

Shen Yan was amazed at first and nodded quickly. Xia Yu then gave him two strings of pig kidneys.

"Look! How considerable my elder sister is!" Shen Qiang gave an eye sign to his second brother to seize this opportunity or he would regret.

Shen Yan just ignored the sign and continued to eat by himself.

Was there honey on this boy's mouth? Why could his words be so sweet? Xia Yu was somewhat shy by his words and smiled, "How can I be so good as you said? Actually, I admire both of you for your directness in speaking and braveness in action which I can't do."

Shen Qiang said, "Sometimes, outspokenness is not a good business especially in company. More words mean more mistakes, and even if you pretend to be mute, there is still someone who may treat you as an eyesore for any reason."

Shen Yan was deeply touched by these words and said significantly, "Luckily, Xia Yu is by my side or I will be cleared from the company quickly."

Apparently, the second son in Shen family was admirable. But for real, it was filled with traps. Frankly speaking, could he be the situation controller so quickly if he didn't employ Xia Yu to the company incidentally?

Therefore, he directly rejected the idea without thinking when his mother obliquely talked about the enter of Yang Ke'er. He clearly knew that what his mother had done was good for him.

It was really helpful of Yang Ke'er's joining in the company for himself because as the niece of Yang Weiye, she could do half the work with double results. However, the drawbacks became obvious. By this way, Zeng Mina could enter Sheng Da naturally for Sheng Yan was unwilling to accept Zeng Family as a member of Shen Group so quickly.

Second Madame knew that Shen Yan's words did make sense and Yang Ke'er was more qualified than Xia Yu to work as the chief secretary. However, she didn't know the idea of old Madame, so she threw the problem to Shen Yan.

However, it was impossible for him to replace Xia Yu by Yang Ke'er.

Shen Yan was deeply struck by this matter because he was afraid of being involved in troubles by others. Although it was only a few months to cooperate with him, Xia Yu was the witness of his hardships. "I would rather put everything on the table. Taking the two newcomers of the sales department as examples, it's wise for them to be outspoken and they could also be friends in the future. However, it would be so scared of those who are unwilling to express themselves. You cannot know he or she is an ally or an enemy."

"Yes. Those who just step out of the campus are simpler." Shen Yan sighed with emotion, "Stop talking about this. It's too serious."

He thought of Shen Mo who could not be understood by others in his youth. He always kept a low profile and even couldn't be noticed by others. Besides, he was so approachable that the two brothers often followed him.

He was also a good brother who cared about them in all respects. Under this deep family affection, the two brothers tended to ignore something more important while their brother was preferred by their grandma gradually and got the guidance from her.

At that time, Shen Yan was not convinced, because it seemed like a miracle at first sight. But in fact, each of them would have the reason for its inevitable success. The elder brother was definitely not a fish in this pond.

Actually, he had planned for himself for a long time. Even though he was still young at that time, he had set the goal for himself, that is, to be the president of Shen Group.

However, Shen Yan, two years younger than Shen Mo, was just busy having fun. The prosperity of the family, as well as the position as a president, had nothing to do with him.

Latterly, Shen Mo became the trusted person of his grandma so quickly for he had grasped the temper of her. Compared with Shen Mo when it came to calculation, Shen Yan had to admit defeat.

Had he already failed at the starting line?

Now that Shen Yan was unwilling to talk about this, they’d better change the topic. Indeed, this topic would break the good atmosphere. Thereupon, the three were eating while chatting with each other. Shen Qiang picked the green beer can and said ardently, "Come on! Cheers!"

Xia Yu picked up the beer can and toasted with him. Shen Yan also picked it up and said while looking at them, "All of them?"

Both of them nodded, "Beer cannot make you drunk. Even so, it doesn't matter because you are at your home now."

After talking, the two people were already ready to drink by raising their heads and hands. On the delicate and white necks, there was something moving up and down regularly in their throats. For a while, the beer cans went empty when they put them down.

Shen Yan was dumbfounded to see this. Did they usually drink like that?

Shen Qiang was unhappy for Shen Yan didn't drink with them and urged with his eyebrows frowned, "Be a man. You will finish it easily at the moment when your head moves up and down."

By hearing this, Shen Yan felt that it was like being beheaded when the head raised and dropped.

Shen Qiang forced Shen Yan to drink and Xia Yu was enjoying the pig kidneys, which brought Shen Yan to the time in Dong Family. He remembered his dislike and despise to see her eating the pig kidneys.

What did he say at that time? He was so foolish to ask her to eat the bath chap and said that one could mend the part by what one ate. No, it was tantamount to insult the innocent pig by saying that he was like it. He must have eaten too much fox meat and snake galls to become such a deceitful and sinister person.

After chewing and swallowing the pig kidney in her mouth, Xia Yu tended to abuse him at the thought of that. Then, she abused him for thousands of times in her mind and found the vent to what she dared not to speak.

It was so weird that both of them were from the same kinship, but Shen Qiang was so tame while Shen Yan was so captious.

Suddenly, Xia Yu came up with the two pig kidneys she gave to Shen Yan. He accepted that but Xia Yu really wanted to know whether he would eat them. Thus, she couldn't help raising her head to look at him.

Shen Yan was watching her coincidently while she bit a piece of spicy hot in a hurry and said casually, "It would be better with rice."

Shen Qiang said, "Yes, there is. Knowing that you cannot live without rice, I had bought a box of rice specially for you."

Xia Yu was really upset these days. With a blue mood and due to the attendance of an awkward funeral not long ago, she turned the sorrow into appetite. So, she ate the barbecue and rice in veggies soup while having the hot pot.

They were eating, drinking and talking about everything in the world. Xia Yu was not good at drinking at all and started to speak her mind after drinking the third can of beer. "Actually, it is my greatest pleasure to work with you. In this way, I can be truly myself."

"You think my second brother is a good superior too, don't you, sister? Do you remember the words you said to me on the day when we ate together for the first time? You said that the reason why you'd like to work with the second brother rather than the eldest brother was that you feel at ease with him. Shen Qiang seemed to be drunk after gulping more beer and babbled.

"Yes, cool. It's totally right." She was so drunk to find there were two Shen Yans here when she shook the beer can in her hand.

"Then, why do you want to leave the company?" Only Shen Yan kept a sober mind at this time.

"I mean there is no never-ending feast, and we should always be ready to separate once we cooperate." Xia Yu didn't want to leave the company personally, which was like a shame to her. However, she couldn't get him into more troubles at this moment for there was no more time for him.

Now, she understood why Fang Yuan left here resolutely without a single call after that. The situation in Shen Family was too elusive like bottomless water that once you got involved in this, you couldn't avoid being troubled or even getting drowned in the water.

"It will be a long time to say goodbye. Just enjoy the food now." Shen Yan served the food for each of them with chopsticks.

"Yes, it's not the time to say goodbye. Just keep drinking!" Shen Qiang raised the beer can and finally managed to swallow the beer into his stomach after shaking it before his eyes.

At this moment, Xia Yu was too drunk with her head sticking on the desk.

Shame on her! She was too weak to get drunk by such a little bit of beer. Shen Yan shook his head and stared at the two pig kidneys. They really tasted good? It was the favorite food of both Xiao Qiang and Xia Yu.

Shen Yan picked one up and hesitated to put it in his mouth because it lost the appetite with that appearance.


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