Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 199 It Isn“t so Simple as You Though
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 199 It Isn“t so Simple as You Though

When the sunshine was on Xia Yu's face the next day, she stretched out and then sat up on the bed while rubbing her eyes. Her head really hurt. The clothes weren't changed yesterday. It seemed they left directly after she was thrown on the bed by them.

She put on the slippers and took a shower in the bathroom. After she felt much soberer, she came out and happened to meet Shen Qiang walking out of the bedroom with a yawn. Having seen Xia Yu, he said, "Good morning, sister!"

"Good morning. Where's your second brother? Hasn't he got up yet?" Xia Yu looked around the house but didn't find Shen Yan. Possibly he was as drunk as them yesterday, so he hadn't got up yet.

"I'm going to his room to have a look." Shen Qiang walked to his room and stood at the door.

Now all the forces were having an eye on them. They couldn't allow these forces to get the goods on them at this time. Shen Qiang knocked on the door several times and pushed it directly when there was no response.

Nobody? In the study? He then opened the door of the study, but the room was still empty. "Probably he has gone."

"Then we also need to hurry up!" Xia Yu quickly changed her shoes and held the handbag.

It wasn't time for work yet. Usually, Shen Yan would have some urgent issues to deal with if he left so early, so they couldn't delay.

Both of them soon went to the company in high spirits. Sure enough, Shen Yan wasn't there.

Usually, when this situation occurred, Xia Yu and Liu Sijie would deal with affairs in the company in place of Shen Yan. Xia Yu soon went to Liu Sijie's office and properly arranged the whole day's work after discussion.

In the meantime, Shen Yan was sitting in Sheng Da's office. Shen Mo ignored him and was still working as usual!

"Brother, anyway we're fighting for the company, and for Shen Family. You needn't go too far in terms of something. What do you think?" Shen Yan had to speak first when he was completely ignored.

"Uh-huh!" Shen Mo finally responded, but still continued the work without even lifting his head.

"Chen Wenxuan is a rogue. Such a guy..."

However, Shen Mo turned around and glared at Shen Yan seriously before Shen Yan finished his words. "Who is Chen Wenxuan? I don't know him. You can leave now if you don't have any serious problems."

It seemed he was unwilling to talk with me. Since Shen Yan knew well about his eldest brother's nature, he stood up and left directly instead of wasting time here.

Now that he refused to talk, other methods had to be used.

Hearing the door slam, Shen Mo threw the pen in his hand on the desk and curled his lip with a sneer.

This was what you guys deserved. He always kept in mind how much he had sacrificed these years. Yet when he was almost getting the position of President, Shen Yan suddenly showed up to compete with him.

That guy was always on the tiles and fooling around when he was working hard. How come such a guy was so confident to compete with him? The ridiculous thing was that woman, Xia Yu, even had a hand in it. Did she really regard herself as a big shot if she wasn't taught a lesson?

"Xiang Hui, you can tell Zhang Hanyu now. Ask him to talk with Xia Yu." Shen Mo picked up the phone, feeling angry with Xia Yu's ignorance. Teaching her a lesson was a must, but Shen Mo also had to consider Zhang Hanyu's feelings.

Although Zhang Hanyu didn't say a word about the thing last time, he always felt he owed Xia Yu in his heart. If the knot in his mind wasn't untied, Shen Mo was afraid Zhang Hanyu wouldn't put his heart and soul into serving him. In this way, he could only let Zhang Hanyu do Xia Yu a favor and cut her some slack.

"As long as Xia Yu leaves Tengfei, what she did then can be forgiven and forgotten, right?" Xiang Hui confirmed with Shen Mo.

"Uh-huh!" Shen Mo finished the talk and hung up the phone.

This was the first time that Shen Mo had been so merciful instead of ruining one completely. Realizing it was such a great favor, Zhang Hanyu was quite grateful and went to find Xia Yu right away, asking her to leave Shen Yan as soon as possible.

The coffee had been cold for a long time, but nobody even took a sip.

"Thanks so much for your kindness, President Zhang, but I have to seek justice for myself now that the gossip that Chen Wenxuan is suing me has been spread all over the city." This was Xia Yu's limit. She wouldn't let it go without revealing the truth.

Why was the girl so stubborn? Wasn't she smart enough to realize Chen Wenxuan was a cat's-paw?

Holding his temper, Zhang Hanyu was persuading her by her side, "Xia Yu, after all, you were in a relationship before. Even if Chen Wenxuan was once a money-grubber, his family is unlucky enough, and he is now willing to accept my mediation. Why don't you let it go?"

"No. In this way, the truth will be covered up. Won't Xia Yu really become an indirect murderer?" Wanru came to pull Xia Yu up so that they could stand side by side. "Xia Yu, see Chen Family in court. Let the law to prove your innocence."

Why did she break in? Zhang Hanyu also stood up, "Wanru, could you stop making trouble? Such an affair isn't so simple as you thought. Xia Yu can't win the lawsuit against Chen Family."

"Why not? I believe the law is fair.” Wanru stared at Zhang Hanyu with a sneer. Not having seen him for a few months, He was still so gloomy as usual. It seemed that the saying "birds of a feather flock together" was correct. It would be strange for him to be positive when he stayed with the cheerless Shen Mo all the time.

"Wanru! What is law? Law is just a tool to punish people. You don't understand it, so please stay out of it, OK?” Zhang Hanyu's tone was a bit helpless. He was unable to explain it clearly to this naive woman.

"Mr. Zhang, you're wrong. It's a tool to punish the bad." Wanru looked Zhang Hanyu in the eye, stressing her words, "Those who're self-righteous and always trying to overrule the law are sure to come to no good.”

"Naive, Wanru, you're still so naive." Zhang Hanyu had nothing to say to this woman, so he turned to Xia Yu, "Believe me, reconciling with Chen Wenxuan is the most beneficial choice to you, because it won't take long before Yang Ke'er replaces you to work in Tengfei. Shen Yan will then completely abandon you. Compared with this situation, it's better to leave early so you won't be so embarrassed.”

"Xia Yu, Young Master Yan wants to fire you. Why?" Wanru stared at Xia Yu in shock. How could it end up this way? Wasn't Shen Yan always into Xia Yu and protecting her well?

"Shen Yan poached Xia Yu to deal with Young Master Mo. To be honest, she was a cat's-paw. What's Xia Yu's value for him now? Now that she isn't valuable anymore, but has caused a lot of trouble instead. What's the point do you think of continuing to stay with Xia Yu for him? Don't forget how he treated his former secretary, Fang Yuan.” Zhang Hanyu had to finish all the necessary words before Wanru took Xia Yu away, because it was related to Xia Yu's future.

"Am I, Shen Yan, such scum in your eyes, President Zhang?" Shen Yan came with a smile and stood in front of Zhang Hanyu. "Exactly, Xia Yu was poached by me. Tell me, will I let her go so easily when I once made such a great effort to poach her?"

"Do you think your past behaviors of abandoning those once used by you weren't enough, Young Master Yan?" Zhang Hanyu satirized.

Shen Yan still kept the smile, "I agree with what you said, President Zhang. I'm truly such a guy, but now the problem is Xia Yu is still of great value for me. Why will I let her go?"

"You..." The talk couldn't go on when Shen Yan arrived, hence Zhang Hanyu had to leave. Of course, he was unwilling to give up and still told Xia Yu before he left, "Think over my words."

"Don't mind him!" Wanru gave Zhang Hanyu's back a dirty look. Why didn't she find this man so ill-natured?

Xia Yu smiled and asked, "How come you're here?"

"I came here with Dr. Zhou. Originally we were to visit a patient together, but when I saw you coming in with Zhang Hanyu, I couldn't trust him so I followed you." Ever since Zhang Hanyu saved Zeng Mina's blushes through the words disobeying his own will, he has been a hypocrite to the letter in Wanru's heart.

He must be up to no good if he found Xia Yu at this time, so she asked Zhou Yan to visit the patient alone, and came here to find out the truth herself. As a result, she caught Zhang Hanyu persuading Xia Yu to leave Tengfei on the spot.

"Good job, Wanru! Zhou Yan is now taking you for the house call. I think it won't be long before there's one more psychiatrist in S City.” Xia Yu was truly glad to see Wanru's changes.

"Not at all. I'm just in the basic period now, and still far from becoming a psychiatrist." Wanru truly intended to develop this career, so she had been working hard to learn from Zhou Yan. She already stayed here for a while, and possibly Zhou Yan would come out soon, hence she said, "I still have something to do so I have to leave now. Come over and have a chat when you're available."

"Uh-huh, OK!" Xia Yu didn't persuade her to stay, after all, it was her working time now.

They went out of the cafeteria together. After saying goodbye to Wanru at the door, Xia Yu asked Shen Yan, "What did you come to me for?"

Shen Yan said, "It's the issue about Chen Wenxuan? Now that he has chosen to see you in court, I have to wipe out the supporting factors at his back, so the environment of your lawsuit can be fair, right?"

Wasn't Shen Mo the supporting factor? Zhang Hanyu's words were so clear just now, "Shen Yan, can you stay out of this? I don't hope you suffer from my personal affairs.”

"If it's so simple for me to suffer from troubles, will I survive until now? Take it easy. It isn't a big deal. Come with me to see someone, then you'll realize it.” Shen Yan opened the car door with great confidence and motioned Xia Yu to the car by shaking his head.

It wasn't until Xia Yu arrived that she found the one she was to meet was Lv Wushuang.

Having seen Shen Yan, Lv Wushuang was somewhat embarrassed and appeared overcautious. "Young Master Yan, I'm really sorry for the past things. My family was poor. My mom was in bad condition and unable to do heavy work. The whole family was supported by my dad's work. I also have a younger brother, and I'm four years older than him. The son preference was common in my hometown. My parents didn't want me to go to university. They just wanted to save money for my brother. Then he could go to a good university and get married later. I went all out to get admitted to the best university in the province. I swore to them they only needed to pay the tuition for my first year, and I would never ask a penny from home in the following years. When I earned enough money in the future, I would support my brother's schooling. I would also buy a house for him to let him marry a wife if I was able to do so..."

“During the four years in university, my working time was as long as my studying time. I could sleep for five to six hours a day, and I could only sleep for four hours on weekends. I was thinking that I had to make money, and I had to be successful. Otherwise, not only myself but also my whole family would be screwed. When I was back home during the summer holiday in my second year, my parents insisted on introducing a boyfriend to me, and I had no idea who persuaded them. They said that man's family was doing a coal business and quite rich. They sent my photo to the man, and he was very satisfied. He said as long as I agreed to drop out of school and go back home to marry him, he would give my family betrothal gifts worthy of two million yuan at once..."

Speaking of this, a ridiculous and funny expression showed on Lv Wushuang's red face.


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