Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 200 Two Billion Is Worth Thinking Abou
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 200 Two Billion Is Worth Thinking Abou

Lv Wushuang had been beaten up by her parents out of her refusal at that time. Since then, she bore all the living expenses of her family and the medical expenses of her mother. She had no alternative but to cooperate with Shen Mo.

"Sit down, and let's talk while eating." Shen Yan had figured out everything since he called Lv Wushuang here.

After they sat down, Xia Yu Yu asked when seeing a vacant seat, "Is anybody else coming over?"

"Your cousin. She really worries about you." Shen Yan said. Those days Wu Shiyu called Shen Mo a lot, but he just wouldn’t let go, so then she had no choice but to ask Shen Yan for help.

Shen Yan would help her even if she didn't ask him as he himself was the cause of this thing. It could be an explanation for her to call her here today.

The door of the private room was open. They had to wait for Wu Shiyu as she had not come yet.

However, they saw Shen Mo and a group of clients passing by the door first before Wu Shiyu's appearance. Seeing them sitting together, Shen Mo's color changed. He could realize Shen Yan's obvious intention, who showed up in Sheng Da in the morning and stayed with Lv Wushuang then.

Fine. It seemed that his younger brother was ready to fight against him for Xia Yu. Good. But he was afraid that this poor boy couldn't afford it! Shen Mo glanced over his face out of the corner of his eye, frostily.

Shen Yan caught his passing eyes and then smiled faintly. He was just the passive side as everything was started by his elder brother.

Shen Mo did not stop and walked past them. The small episode just passed soon. After a while, Wu Shiyu came over. Shen greeted her and then said, "I guess you cannot speak out freely as I'm here. So I'll go first."

Lv Wushuang was really uneasy with his presence. Since the purpose was achieved, it was not necessary for him to stay as the only male. Shen Yan booked the food and paid for it, then left.

Lv Wushuang felt much more comfortable as Shen Yan left. She took Xia Yu's hand and said, "I really want to thank you for last time.” "That's ok. Have you found a job now?" Xia Yu knew that her acts were understandable, but she also knew that it wasn't a good choice for Lv Wushuang to back to Tengfei. Even Shen Yan could not control the situation completely so far. So it must be suicide for her to return.

"Actually not." An ordinary job could not feed a whole family while a good job was difficult to get.

"How about being my assistant?" Wu Shiyu said. Her assistant had just left so she was looking for a new one. In addition, Lv Wushuang really helped Xia Yu this time.

"May I?" Lv Wushuang pointed at her own nose.

It might be toilsome to be her assistant. However, it must be well-paid, and that was enough.

"Of course,! It's a deal if you agree." Wu Shiyu said with a smile.

"Of course I agree! Thank you!" Lv Wushuang dreamed of having a job and throwing herself into it right now so how could she oppose it! And she was so grateful to Wu Shiyu as she solved her difficulty.

"Congratulations to you two!" Xia Yu took the beer in front of them. It was really a win-win deal which found a job for one and found an assistant for the other.

Lv Wushuang and Wu Shiyu drank three more cans of beer after their first, but there was no sign of drunkenness. Xia Yu had drunk too much last night so she did not join their drinking competition.

Drinkers talk a lot always, especially three girls of similar age.

They kept talking and somehow turned the topic to their love life. Xia Yu remembered that Lv Wushuang had just said her parents introduced her to a rich second generation who she refused then. But Xia Yu was curious about whether they met each other. She asked. "Lv Wushuang, have you met him?" Lv Wushuang said with a smile out of her enthusiasm about it: "Yeah. My family insisted."

"Does he look handsome?" Xia Yu took a piece of spicy potato chips into her mouth. She was very interested in this experience of Lv Wushuang which sounded incredible but really attractive inexplicably.

Lv Wushuang was in good humor with her new work, so she said half in jest. "Don't mention that. His family is really doing coal business. No wonder that I have ever misunderstood that he must be an African because of his black skin."

Her words amused Xia Yu and Wu Shiyu, and the latter almost choked as she was eating food. Lv Wushuang sat in the middle of them. She turned to Wu Shiyu, patting her on the back.

Xia Yu said, "Go on! Leave her alone. She will be fine."

Nothing was important then in front of gossip, even the life of ladybros. Lv Wushuang laughed and continued: "I was less than 20 in sophomore year and he was 32 that time. When we met, he said that his parents urged him to get married soon, and he had to have a child immediately after marriage. And he hinted obviously that he must have a son and it was fine if the first child was a girl. His family could afford several after all. As for the bride price, they would not mistreat me. Besides the two million they said before, he would present me a convertible after our marriage if I was willing to drop out and marry him, as I was pleasing to his eye.” Wu Shiyu's face choked to red. The man was too impatient. Consider about kids at the first meeting? She coughed and asked, "How does he look?" Lv Wushuang shook her head, "Not good. He is shorter than I except his black skin."

Xia Yu felt a bit uncomfortable as the guy did not deserve Lv Wushuang at all: "What is your parents thinking about? I would not exchange the girl just for two million if I had such a meek and excellent daughter, and not for even twenty million or two hundred million." Wu Shiyu's eyes crossed Lv Wushuang and turned to Xia Yu: "If two billion?" Xia Yu immediately turned the topic, "Two billion is worth thinking about."

They laughed for a while for the joke. However, Xia Yu and Wu Shiyu were both not feeling well for Lv Wushuang's experience. There were still benighted parents who preferred boys to girls and had the heart to sell their daughters in such a modern age.

However, it seemed that Lv Wushuang had become accustomed to it as she grew up in such a family and education. She blushed and said with hazy eyes in a drunken voice: "My parents are too afraid of poverty which they suffer from all the time. Anyway, I will marry someone sooner or later. So it's fine to exchange myself for some money to pay the bride price for my brother in the future when I'm still worth it."

She continued: "I had some relationships in the past few years actually. I knew the rich guys just coveted my body and dated me just for fun. So I just wanted to find a steady one to establish a family together. I have had a boyfriend and we kept a relationship for more than a year. I liked him very much and he was really a good guy. However, we were forced to break up after my parents knew about his destitution, unless he could pay me two million... Oh, I think it still rankles my parents that I refuse the coal second generation."

Lv Wushuang was laughing when talking about this, but her eyes were brimming over with tears. Xia Yu could see that the behavior of her parents also rankled with her.

It could break people's heart when money overrided love. Xia Yu just kept silent, watching the beer in front of her.

While Wu Shiyu was ready to get to the bottom of it, "So you two really broke up?" Wu Shiyu was born in a well-off family. It was not very affluent but she wanted for nothing in her life. Her parents loved her very much, too. She did not get a fixation with emotional cleanliness like Xia Yu, but she still regarded feelings as important in life, which was really uncommon in the disorderly environment of the entertainment industry. Wu Shiyu certainly hoped that they could have a good result as they really loved each other.

Lv Wushuang sighed in her heart, smiling slightly, and said: "We broke up. My dad found him, not letting me know it. He told him directly that just prepare two million if he wanted to marry me."

Wu Shiyu couldn't help but frown: "Shit! Your family is still living in a feudal society?" "Sister, you are swearing!" Xia Yu pointed at her and said. She knew her cousin who only swore when she was really irritated. Wu Shiyu subconsciously covered her mouth. "Did I? I'm sure I didn't. It must be you."

"It's ok even if you did. There are no reporters and no fans here, and only sisters." Xia Yu smiled. Her cousin was too vigilant.

Lv Wushuang kept silent and just laughed, which made the two people around her feel really distressed.

Wu Shiyu realized she was too cautious like Xia Yu said. Seeing the expression of Lv Wushuang, she couldn't help but say: "I'd like to scold him if he were not your father. Asshole!"

Xia Yu was also uncomfortable seeing Lv Wushuang force a smile. She opened a can of beer and handed it to her. Lv Wushuang reached out for it and said: "Forget it. It's gone. Hope lies in tomorrow, so let's cheer for tomorrow!"

"Say well! Hope lies in tomorrow. For tomorrow, cheers!" Wu Shiyu held it up, "I do first for worship!" Lv Wushuang got tipsy after several cans, and Wu Shiyu just felt a little dizzy as her huge capacity for liquor. Xia Yu drowned her sorrow as she encountered so many bad things in one day! Although she was always optimistic, she couldn't be totally insouciant.

They clinked glasses, arched their necks in unison, and then poured the beer down.

Wu Shiyu finished first, and Xia Yu the second. Lv Wushuang drank slowly and spent more than one minute on it. After she finished, at last, she lowered her chin and belched lightly, "Xia Yu, what happened to you and Chen Wenxuan?" Lv Wushuang was really shocked when receiving Shen Yan's phone today. How could Xia Yu encounter such a person?

"Don't mention him." Xia Yu could only blame her own blindness before to like such a rat.

He could prosecute her when she was homeless out of him. Xia Yu couldn't imagine how ruthless he was.

Lv Wushuang had seen him several times when he was together with Bao Na, who was really nothing except for his good looking.

It was excusable that Xia Yu was fond of him before as she was young and naive at that time. However, Lv Wushuang could not understand why Bao Na, as their classmate, could be attracted by such a person and even became such a person then, without any clear consciousness. "Ok, don't mention him!" Lv Wushuang turned to Wu Shiyu and asked: "What's my work next as I'm your assistant now?"

Wu Shiyu had intended to tell her after a while, and since she asked, it was better to tell her soon.

Wu Shiyu smiled with inexplicable excitement and eager eyes: "I promised Li Yan to accompany him to Europe for a business trip."


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