Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 201 How can you just have one relationship!
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 201 How can you just have one relationship!

Xia Yu could not help but frown when hearing it. She hoped that her cousin could get over the hurt Shen Mo gave her and Li Yan was indeed a good guy. However, they had known each other just for a short time. Looking up at Wu Shiyu, Xia Yu said: "Have you decided? Don't you think it's too fast?"

Wu Shiyu turned the beer can in her hand and said: "I decided to go there just after listening to your words that day. If we liked someone, we had to make a decision quickly so that we wouldn't miss the opportunity."

Xia Yu rolled her eyes since she said so many words but her cousin only remembered this sentence. "So other words were really a waste of time."

Lv Wushuang sat in the middle, listening to their conversation with confusion. She finally looked at Wu Shiyu and asked: "Who is Li Yan?"

"The protagonist of the Golden Jade Room." Wu Shiyu explained to Lv Wushuang proudly. It reminded Xia Yu of the parents who praised their children in front of others. The pride from the inside could permeate through the skin and even the clothes.

Xia Yu thought that this girl was really in love. No wonder that she sent Li Yan to her the last time when she asked her to find a dancing partner for her.

Well, Xia Yu really wished them a good start for true love. She raised her beer can to Wu Shiyu.

Lv Wushuang knew many stars because she had ever worked in the President's Secretariat in Tengfei. Li Yan was really an international superstar. The two were a perfect match for each other. She excitedly took Wu Shiyu's hand and said, "I support you. If you like him, you must not miss him."

Wu Shiyu nodded and answered seriously: "Sure. I will not let the man go who makes me lose sleep."

Feeling the harmony between them, Xia Yu felt that they would have great cooperation. But it was hard to say what was gonna happen between Li Yan and Wu Shiyu. Glancing at her happy cousin, she said inexplicably: "You'd better figure out whether he is a pie from the heaven or a discus.”

Xia Yu regretted it after saying. Wasn't she throwing cold water on her?

Fortunately, Wu Shiyu didn't mind it at all as she was completely immersed in her own happiness. "Even if he is a discus, I'm willing, too. Haven't you heard of the saying that the discus can be ground into a needle?”

Xia Yu laughed and said: "Grinding the discus into a needle, then what's the discus used for?"

"I am just taking an example." Wu Shiyu gave a rolling-eye to Xia Yu and continued, "In fact, Young Master Yan is really a good man. Have you ever considered dating him?"

Just listening to the ‘click’ sound after her words, Lv Wushuang opened a can of beer again. She said to the two people: "Come on, take one, and wish a good start and end between Xia Yu and Young Master Yan!"

Xia Yu smiled and said: "Well, girl, you are really a winebag. But there won't be a start or end between us. You guys think too much!"

"Hard mouth! Won't be a start or end? Come on, we are not fools!" Wu Shiyu didn't believe her words at all obviously as Shen Yan worried about Xia Yu so much when anything happened to her.

"That is right, Xia Yu, and even your colleagues think you two will be a match finally. Fighting!" Lv Wushuang was afraid she would be drunk before drinking, however, she would open her heart after drinking.

Rumors were really influential. Xia Yu stopped this topic as they wouldn't believe her anyway. Xia Yu also opened another can, and they cheered again.

After drinking, Lv Wushuang turned her head to the right. She looked at Xia Yu and asked: "There must be many boys chasing you before. You are so excellent. Have many times have you been in love so far?"

Xia Yu looked the same, but her eyes were in a daze because of the wine. She winked slightly and said after a few seconds: "Once."

"Once?" Lv Wushuang was surprising to hear that. Just one time with Chen Wenxuan? It's really unexpected to her: "Why just once?"

Xia Yu smiled and asked: "How many times you think there should be?"

Lv Wushuang answered bluntly: "According to your face, at least three times I think."

Xia Yu smiled joyfully and said: "I'm such a flighty woman in your eyes?”

There was no relationship between pursuing love and fickleness. Lv Wushaung said with a smile: "I've been in love twice though I have little chance and time. How can you just date one man so far?"

Xia Yu was not willing to mention Chen Wenxuan, but the atmosphere was right at the moment and Lv Wushuang was watching her eagerly. She didn't mean to make herself histrionic, so she took a breath and said calmly: "I was in a relationship for five years."

"Five years!" That man was really heartless to treat a girl being with him for five years like this. Finally, Lv Wushuang failed to suppress herself out of her curiosity and she looked at Xia Yu and said: "You broke up because of Bao Na?"

After hesitating for a long while, Xia Yu whispered: "I thought so originally. But I discovered that I was wrong later. We were from a totally different world, which ordained that we could not be together for a long time."

Wu Shiyu misunderstood so she comforted Xia: "Don't be sad. Parents care about us inevitably and they hope we can find someone honest and reliable so that we can live a good life in the future. And it turns out that your parents are right."

"Yeah, I was really rebellious at that time. I always felt that my parents were too nagging. I didn't think about the context of the whole thing. Fortunately, Bao Na appeared, and I was relieved." Xia Yu knew that her cousin misunderstood what she meant but she did not explain.

She must admit that she herself and Chen Wenxuan made a mistake together.

They did not speak anymore then, and the topic ended.

Each of them drank almost ten cans of beer in the next hour. Lv Wushuang ran to the bathroom to throw up and people could hear the violent barfing even through two doors. Xia Yu and Wu Shiyu also ran to the restroom several times. They got a dry throat since they spoke too much. And so they continued drinking after that.

Shen Mo stopped his footsteps when he came out from the private room, seeing Wu Shiyu drank like that. As he knew, she rarely drank. It seemed that she really cared about her baby cousin.

"This way, please." A person like a president said to Shen Mo.

Shen Mo smiled and responded: "Please, president Zhang!"

He didn't look to their side anymore and went straight out of the restaurant.

The three ladies also drank and ate enough. Then they stood up unstably and walked out, holding each other's arms.

"We can't drive because we drank. Wait, I'll call my assistant to come to drive." Wu Shiyu said with a beer hiccup.

"I'm here! But I drank, too." Lv Wushuang said.

"Oh! I forgot that you were my assistant now!" Wu Shiyu realized it then. They all laughed and continued walking to the door.

It was better to call a designated driver since they all took a horn.

Shen Yan just arrived when they reached the door. He leaned against the car and looked at the three groggy women and smiled. How much did they drink?

Wu Shiyu could see clearly still though she was drunk and she saw Shen Yan at first sight when he arrived. She gave a push to Xia Yu. "You two must have something. He is almost your special driver."

"Maybe he just passes here." Xia Yu said lightly. These rich children usually couldn't decide their marriage and finally, they would marry a cooperative partner for interests.

She didn't want to be related to this kind of people.

Wu Shiyu just ignored her stubbornness and held Lv Wushaung's arms, walking to Shen Yan, "Young Master Yan, we are really sorry to bother you."

Then she pulled Lv Wushuang and got into the car with no embarrassment, sitting on the backseat.

Xia Yu thought they were really bad friends to leave her alone.

Xia Yu walked two steps forward and her knees felt like jelly suddenly. Shen Yan promptly stepped forward to support her body so that she would not have a fall. Xia Yu then clung to his body.

"Silly girl, knowing that you’re easy to get drunk but still drink much!" Shen Yan took her up and placed her in the car.

"I am so happy today, so I drink a little more." Xia Yu gesticulated and said.

Just a little more? Shen Yan didn't dispute it with her then. He fastened her seat belt and drove the car away.

Xiang Hui gave a call to Shen Mo shortly after they left: "Master, Young Master Yan took them away."

Damn. This damn boy was really ready to be against him. Well, wait and see then. Shen Mo threw the phone aside in fury and took off his tie.

"Call Zhang Hanyu and ask him to come over."

Zhang Hanyu appeared in the office of Shen Mo in 20 minutes. "Master, it seems that Xia Yu and Chen Wenxuan will fight to the end in court."

Zhang Hanyu had prepared to persuade Xia Yu into stopping it again. However, he was called here before his plan. Thus he had to report the situation of his meeting with Xia Yu.

"It seems that this woman is dying to stand by Shen Yan. So don't blame me for my rudeness then." Shen Mo picked up the phone and was going to call somebody. This little girl was really not smart enough to oppose him.

"Calm down, master!" Zhang Hanyu hurriedly stopped it. "We still need to consider with Young Master Yan involved."

Shen Yan meant to threaten them as he invited Lv Wushaung to the place where Shen Mo met his guests. As long as Chen Wenxuan dared to talk nonsense, so did Lv Wushung.

"You think I will be afraid of him?" Shen Mo got irritated as Shen Yan dared to threaten him which meant a direct provocation just for XiaYu.

"This is not a problem of fear but a problem of profit. What will the Old Madame think if she knows it? We must consider the influence of it to us." In fact, Zhang Hanyu meant to say that the spy incident had fermented once, so the Old Madame should be furious if Lv Wushuang interfered in it.

It would affect Shen Mo's imagine in Old Madame's mind, which was not worth the candle!

"So we just let them off?" Shen Mo had thought about the consequences before, but he just couldn't convince himself to let it go. Everything was not going well recently. "Chen Wenxuan is really useless. He cannot handle even a woman."

In the end, Shen Mo imputed the fault to Chen Wenxuan.

Actually, it was blackmail and the object of it was Xia Yu who was protected by Shen Yan, which was beyond Chen's ability. However, Zhang Hanyu didn't dare to point out it and shut up.


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