Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 202 Justice Inhabits People“s Hearts
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 202 Justice Inhabits People“s Hearts

Shen Mo thought it was so much for what had happened to Xia Yu but it would do little good to Chen Wenxuan. He begged Xiang Hui to let him meet with Shen Mo and promised that he would complete the mission for Shen Mo because no one knew better about Xia Yu than him.

Coerced reversely by Shen Yan, Shen Mo had anger in his heart but nowhere to vent. But for Zhang Hanyu involved, Shen Mo would not make a compromise so easily. Now that Chen Wenxuan wanted it, Shen Mo had no reason to turn him down.

However, he made it clear at first that it would be rewardable if he made it, or else he would be the one to blame and he could not resent anyone.

Shen Mo was way more generous with this deal while Chen Wenxuan was in great need of money. So Chen took it without hesitation.

Shen Mo stared at Chen in a daze for a while. He often heard Shen Qiang, in front of elders, scolding Chen for his lack of sympathy. But now Shen Mo felt that he was even callous for he used his father's death to scheme against his ex-girlfriend without any guilt. He must be the kind of "bastard", as Shen Qiang's pet phrase.

Shen Mo despised such a person. He might as well take advantage of Chen this time, but he was reluctant to have more interactions with him. Shen Mo then glanced at Xiang Hui. Xiang Hui took Shen Mo's hint immediately. He asked Chen Wenxuan out and gave him a down payment. The rest would be assured when it's done.

Chen Wenxuan cashed the check as soon as he got it. Shen Mo was so generous that if Chen Wenxuan could get this big amount of money, at last, he would be able to make his plan come true.

He determined to make Xia Yu realize that he was worthy of her love because he was talented, rather than useless.

But Chen Wenxuan seemed to forget that it was he that dumped Xia Yu when he heard that she lost her job. Anyway, Chen Wenxuan's mind was occupied with money now. He couldn't remember any other things.

Having remitted the money to his own account, Chen Wenxuan set off for the journalist who was his acquaintance. If what Bao Na did before was regarded as mischief, then what Chen did now was turmoil.

In no time, there was a blast of boycott against Xia Yu on the Internet and magazines.

Xia Yu remained unruffled and took it calmly while Shen Qiang couldn't bear it any longer. Accompanied by his bodyguards, he intended to beat Chen Wenxuan to death. Thankfully, he was stopped by Shen Yan in time.

"Let me tell you. That woman is by no means good. Otherwise, why should other man keep tangling her up even if she is to get married, let alone, they have broken up?" First Madame said gleefully.

Since a girl named Xia Yu came into her life, First Madame had not felt as satisfactory as before. Now she was content that someone revenged on Xia Yu for her.

"He is insane and greedy of money. Aunt, I promise, if I find out the person who incited Chen Wenxuan against my sister, I swear in my name that I will make him live in misery in his entire life." Shen Qiang looked at Shen Mo, who was sitting beside and eating with calm. What about his haughty with decency? Eaten by a donkey? How dare he devise such a scheme!

"Xiao Qiang, watch your manners." Shen Yang plucked at Shen Qiang's sleeve.

But Shen Qiang didn't take her suggestion. He stared at Shen Mo unyieldingly, "Mom, please don't stop me. I will find the truth."

"Xiao Qiang, you mean, it is one of our family members who incited Chen Wenxuan. If you have any clue, just tell granny. If not, it is no different from making trouble out of nothing." Xiao Qiang was apparently aimed at Shen Mo and he was crystal clear about that.

Before long Shen Mo was as brilliant and excellent as an idol in Shen Qiang's heart. He was as much as Shen Mo's little tail, following his suit. But now he should be at odds with his own brother only for a woman of no kinship with him.

That woman did have some skill, for she tempted him into suspecting his own brother though they didn't know each other for long enough.

"It is beyond doubt that it was someone in our family who plotted it. Whether or not there is any evidence is of no importance. It is just an excuse for punishment. I'm not a judge of our family court but I have high regard for facts. Even if I have no evidence on hand, we will not be fooled. Justice inhabits people's hearts." Shen Qiang retorted in no time, looking into his brother's eyes straightly without a sign of backing down.

"Xiao Qiang!" Shen Yang emphasized her tone. What a precious chance that we all get together. Can't we just sit down and enjoy dinner?

"Shen Yang, let him say. He needs to vent." Qi Guogang, sitting next to Shen Yang, caressed her hand resting on the table. Young people were fond of making friends and it was their nature to be impulsive.

Shen Yang sighed and stepped back. Indeed, she also thought this farce had gone far too much.

"Mother, behold Qi and Shen..." First Madame's face was white as a sheet. She was angry with this couple about coddling their child.

"This time I agree with Xiao Qiang." Granny lifted her head and glanced at them, "I reserve my opinion because I believe Xia Yu."

Believe Xia Yu? Old Madame didn't say much but her words astonished Shen Mo. How could granny say that she believed Xia Yu? He learnt that granny had never been alone with Xia Yu, nor had paid any special attention to her. How could?

Sitting and watching beside, Yang Ke'er's hand was trembling distinctively for a second. She had already known that Chen Wenxuan was incited by someone. She even pretended to inform and comfort Xia Yu.

That girl was the apple of Brother Yan's eye. It did no harm to her for Brother Shen Mo finding fault with Xia. So Yang Ke'er was standing by all the time.

But now Great Aunt said that she believed Xia Yu. So Yang decided to show her sympathy for Xia Yu.

Yang Ke'er planned to drop by in the afternoon and she could also observe Tengfei's attitude towards this farce.

Rumored by the media, Xia Yu was in no good mood but she didn't reveal much of her emotions, doing her job as usual. At the moment she was handing over an important document to Shen Yan.

"Xia Yu, just say it out if you are not happy. There's no outsider." Xia Yu was so calm that Shen Yan was somehow in panic. He was reminded by Zhou Yan that being too sensible to put everything in one's heart does no good to him or her.

So many things had happened to Xia Yu and him for the past few months. He was afraid that there's too much burden on her.

"I'm fine!" Xia Yu gave a sigh. She couldn't withhold him from asking. It was his right.

"How about having a rest right here." Shen Yan looked at her with concern.

"I don't want to disturb you here. By the way, I need to carry on my work out." She didn't intend to evade him but she had to avoid arousing suspicion. Staying together for too long in his office would perhaps make people gossip.

What's more, some people had already gossiped about them. It's already troublesome enough, so there's no need to make it worse.

This time Shen Yan didn't insist on but he looked melancholy.

Coming out of his office, Xia Yu returned to hers and read through the documents again.

After she finished the documents, two hours were already gone. Xia Yu rubbed her dry eyes, stood up and set out with the documents toward his office, intending to report and discuss with him about some parts of the document. She stood in front of his door and was about to knock.

Suddenly Liu Sijie came and drew her to the side. "Xia Yu, wait for a moment."

Xia Yu looked at him in confusion. He added, "Yang Ke'er is in his office."

"Ah." Xia Yu understood and left. Since Yang Ke'er was inside, it was better to leave them alone for Yang Ke'er was somehow unkind to her. It was clever to turn around.

Xia Yu took the elevator downstairs to find Shen Qiang. They went together to a milk-tea shop nearby for a chat.

"I just heard some gossip. Are you interested?"

Shen Qiang knew Xia Yu was unhappy these days so he wanted to find some topics.

"Not really." Sipping the cup of coffee just served, Xia Yu answered casually.

The man opposite looked at Xia Yu jokingly with eyes convulsed. He said: "My dear sister, you're a young person. How could you have no interest in gossip? I must share some with you. I have too much in my mind."

"Still remember Qingqing, the girl who was always after my second brother? I heard she had signed with the largest film company in our country. PS: My father didn't help her! What's more important, the company gave her lots of resources. She's now shooting for an ad. And she has quite a few scripts to choose from. Alas, with a solid backup, one can achieve success more easily."

After making some sentimental comments, Shen Qiang continued. "After all, Qingqing and her mother are quite capable."

So they were. So capable that make your families apart for so many years!

Nobody knew this time who they were aimed at. But journalists were more interested than Xia Yu. She was sure that there would be gossip about them before long. Let's wait and see.

"Then you must go and congratulate her. She's counted as a half-sister of you in a sense."

"Congratulate her, of course! I can't wait to buy some firecrackers and set them off at their door, only to make them leave earlier." Shen Qiang didn't hide his true feelings toward them and poured them out.

"You don't care to make your father sad?" Xia Yu smiled and took another sip of her coffee.

"Yeah, if I don't act in that way, my father must be surprised." Shen Qiang laughed. For so many years, his father was well aware of his resentment against Qinging and her mother.

However, his father's attitude changed in these days and he's even happy with Shen Qiang's jealousy of them. He even once said to Shen Qiang, "Son, I now realize you're jealous because you love your father."

Shen Qiang was half shocked and half-amused when he heard his father's words. Father was too dumb to realize it earlier.

"Xiao Qiang, are you kidding me?" Xia Yu was hardly choked with coffee for she didn't know that Director Qi was so funny.

Shen Qiang hurried to pat Xia Yu at her back to help her breathe, "You also find that my dad's EQ is low, right? I just can't understand why my mom married him."

"Maybe it is your father's special fun nature that attracts your mother." It took Xia Yu a few minutes to recover but she still felt like laughing.

Shen Qiang laughed, too. "Perhaps, that's the way of their generation. But my second brother is quite different from them. He really cares about you."

"Why did you mention him?" There were loads of trouble for her now. Xia Yu looked around sensitively. Under such circumstances, she could not be too cautious to avoid any accident.

"OK. Fine. I won't mention you and him anymore. But you're too sensitive, sister. As long as I mention my second brother, you'll be annoyed. Alright, let's drop it."

Xia Yu's heart trembled slightly for a second: Shen Yan and I were nothing but a boss and his secretary and am I too sensitive?


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