Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 204 The Child is Innocen
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 204 The Child is Innocen

Shen Yan came back shortly after Xia Yu fell asleep. Hearing the noise, Shen Qiang opened the door. "Elder brother, why do you come back so late?"

"You know how annoying she is. She let me go because grandma lost her temper." Shen Yan sighed and looked in the direction of Xia Yu's room. The door was closed and it looked like she was asleep.

"Does Second Aunt say anything?" Shen Qiang thought it was ok for grandma, but he didn't believe that Second Aunt would agree to his return.

"It is an old saying. She asked me to consider it carefully. It looks like she will continue to persuade me." Shen Yan didn't understand why his mother like Yang Ke'er so much even though she was pampered and domineering as Zeng Mina.

"Hey hey, I don't think you need to consider it." The second brother would rather marry Zen Mina directly than consider dating with Yang Ke'er. Shen Qiang glanced at Xia Yu's room. "Elder brother, my sister is a little jealous today. Come on!"

"Really?" Shen Yan felt wronged and thought that Xia Yu wanted to take the taxi home, as what on earth she regarded me?

"She is a little jealous, and I will continue to help you." Shen Qiang smiled with a sly look: Xia Yu cared so much about me. Was it not good evidence? Perhaps she was still hesitating, but it was certain that she had brother in her heart.

After talking for a while, two brothers went back to sleep respectively. When Xia Yu got up in the morning, Shen Qiang was still sleeping. After washing quickly, she went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

When breakfast was ready, Shen Qiang woke up and went to the living room. His hair was a mess and he looked miserable. He had a hangover last night, and now he must be suffering.

"Elder sister, good morning!" Shen Qiang looked at her blankly.

"It's getting late. Let's have breakfast." Has been sitting at the table, Xia Yu picked up a bowl and filled porridge for him.

"I'll wash my face first."

"Well, go brush your teeth and wash your face."

She urged him. Knowing that he must have no appetite after a hangover, Xia Yu cooked lean pork and century eggs porridge for him.

After breakfast, Xia Yu received a call from Jiang Yayan, asking Xia Yu to come to her home.

“She is really troublesome.” Shen Qiang said discontentedly.

"I'd better go there. You can take me to the intersection and I'll take a taxi myself." Xia Yu also thought that Jiang Yayan was troublesome, but she still had to go.

Jiang Yayan was already in a hurry when Xia Yu arrived. Seeing Xia Yu, Jiang Yayan immediately said, "I'll leave my house to you. I have to go out and meet someone."

Then she handed the key to Xia Yu directly and left without looking back.

"Aunt Xia, a very fierce woman once called my mother. This woman scolded my mom and my mom cried because of her." Jiangjiang looked at Xia Yu and his eyes were full of worry.

The child was really scared. She didn't know who once called Jiang Yayan.

He did not feel better until Xia Yu squatted down to coax him for a while. He hugged her and asked her with a child's voice: "Mom said there were a lot of bad people outside. Will bad people be bad to my mom?"

"I don't think so. Your mother can call the police. The police uncle is very strong." Xia Yu said with a pretended lightness.

"Police uncles have guns. Bad people are afraid of them!" Jiangjiang immediately called his mother, "Mom, when there are bad people bullying you, please remember to call the police. The police uncle will protect you."

Listening to the child's concern, Jiang Yayan's heart was soft and said. "Well, mom knows it. Jiangjiang, don't be naughty. Listen to aunt Xia, Ok?"

"Yes, I will. Mom, you should go early and return early." Jiangjiang told Jiang Yayan like a little adult. Hearing this, Xia Yu’s eyes were drawn in tears.

Xia Yu fondled Jiangjiang's head gently. At this moment, his nanny, Sister Zhang, walked toward them quickly and anxiously.

"Sister Zhang, what's wrong with you?" Xia Yu asked her because she didn't look good.

"Miss Xia, my husband has acute appendicitis. I have to go back." Nanny's eyes were filled with anxiety.

Hearing this, Xia Yu immediately said: "Does Mrs. Jiang know this thing?"

"I told her. Otherwise, she wouldn't have asked you to come here." Jiang Yayan has no trustworthy friends here. Although she is very familiar with Zhang Peng, it is impossible to ask him to take care of the child.

After carefully considering and asking Jiangjiang for his opinion, she finally decided to call Xia Yu to come here.

"Well, you should go home now!" After all, Sister Zhang's husband was ill, and Jiang Yayan also agreed to the Sister Zhang 's request for leaving. Xia Yu naturally could not force Sister Zhang to stay. After saying a few words of concern, Xia Yu went over to look after Jiangjiang.

Knowing that Xia Yu readily agreed to her request, Sister Zhang then hurried back to the room to take the bag and left.

Xia Yu didn't know where Jiang Yayan went. One morning had passed and she didn't come back. At noon, Xia Yu made lunch for Jiangjiang. Jiangjiang was very happy and said that he had never eaten such delicious food before. He asked Xia Yu to come over frequently to cook for him.

Looking at Jiangjiang's expectant eyes, Xia Yu agreed. Hearing what Xia Yu has said, Jiangjiang happily ran around the room.

In the afternoon, he couldn't stay at home and wanted to go out to play. Xia Yu wanted to take him to the mall. There was a children's park where Jiangjiang liked to play very much.

There were many children in the park. Jiangjiang liked to play with elder brothers and sisters. He always followed them. He was very sweet and always called them "brothers" or "sisters".

After playing for more than ten minutes, Xia Yu took him aside and touched his back. He already sweated and she immediately put a towel on his back. She took out the thermos cup from his bag and poured him water to drink.

After drinking the water, he ran to play with his little short legs.

After playing for nearly two hours, Jiangjiang finally agreed to leave the children's park with her.

"Aunt Xia, I'm going to celebrate my birthday soon. Do you have any gift for me?" Just now, a child showed off and said that there were many gifts for his birthday.

Jiangjiang also received a gift, but it was given to him by his mother, and no one else had given him a gift except his mother.

Looking at Jiangjiang's expectant eyes, Xia Yu burst into grief. What a good child, but it is because of adults that he has to suffer unfair treatment.

"Of course, I have gifts for you. Let's pick out gifts for you together!"

Xia Yu took him to buy more clothes. Next to the clothing store was a children's toy store with cars and dolls in the window. They came out of the cloth store and passed the toy store where he saw the car in the window and stopped immediately. He was addicted to toy cars. His eyes were fixed on the toy car and his feet can't move. He watched the car eagerly while he didn't ask Xia Yu to buy it for him.

"I can only buy one for you." Seeing the wistful and expectant little eyes, Xia Yu couldn't bear not to buy toys for him.

"Aunt, thank you." The little fellow immediately ran happily into the store. When he came out, he took a black toy car in his arms and even discarded the packing box.

They were going to take the elevator upstairs to eat. At this moment, Yang Ke'er jumped out unexpectedly and grabbed her by the arm and said, "Xia Yu, you have humiliated yourself too much to babysit the bastards."

What was wrong with her shouting in public? Xia Yu frowned and said, "Yang Ke'er please pay attention to your words. The child is innocent."

"This kid is innocent? If it weren't for him, would Shen Yan be so passive?" Yang Kerr pointed at Jiangjiang with one finger and grabbed Xia Yu with the other hand. "My Second Aunt regards you as one of her own, but you betray her!"

Yang Ke'er was furious. If it weren't for being in a public place, she really wanted to beat her.

"Yang Ke'er , what are you talking about? How do I betray her?" Yang Ke'er's words completely irritated the Xia Yu, and the first good impression of her turned into nothing at this moment.

Xia Yu was an honest and righteous person. She was an employee of Tengfei while she was not someone's lackey, and she didn't need anyone to treat herself as one of their own.

"Then why are you so kind to this little bastard?" Yang Ke'er shouted at Xia Yu loudly without thinking.

"I do things with a conscience. How to treat Jiangjiang is my freedom. It is none of your business!" Xia Yu shook off Yang Ke'er's hand and looked at Jiangjiang. He was freaking out and she pulled him to her side.

Just at this time, the elevator opened. Xia Yu hurriedly pulled Jiangjiang into the elevator.

Yang Ke'er was very angry and stood outside the elevator without following in. When the elevator door was closed, Xia Yu was relieved. Fortunately, she did not follow in.

"Aunt Xia, it is that fierce aunt that took someone home to beat my mom and kicked me here." Jiangjiang uncovered his clothes and Xia Yu saw a bruise on his chest.

Jiangjiang told Xia Yu very seriously how he had been beaten. Hearing that, Xia Yu was overwhelmed.

Even if Yang Ke'er hated Jiang Yayan a lot, the child was innocent. How could she kick a small child?

"Does it hurt?" She gently pressed his chest with her hand. Jiangjiang frowned and he tried to bear the pain. He shook his head.

"Jiangjiang is really a brave child!" Xia Yu put down his clothes and took his little hand.

After getting out of the elevator, Xia Yu took Jiangjiang to the side, squatted down and said to him: "Jiangjiang, don't bear the pain. Say it out."

Jiangjiang cocked his head and looked at Xia Yu in a confused way. He thought for a moment and said: "I get it, but when I saw my mother crying, I was afraid that she would be sad and that she would give me away because she thought I was troublesome."

"No, she will not abandon you." Xia Yu recalled Jiang Yayan's attitude towards Jiangjiang and she felt very sad. The child also had a bad time living with her.

"But my mother did say these words before!" Jiangjiang lowered his head and he recalled that his mother pushed him out of the door and asked him to go away for several times, but he was afraid and dared not go anywhere so he stayed at the door until his mother relented.

"At that moment, your mother may be in a bad mood. Jiangjiang, you must remember that your mother loves you. She may sometimes say some words out of anger, but she will definitely not abandon you." Xia Yu held Jiangjiang's little face and comforted him.

But she was very sad. It was definitely the fault of adults, but it was the children who suffered a lot.

Jiangjiang nodded sensibly, "Well, I believe what you said, and I won't make my mother angry and I will become a good child in the future, in this way, my mother won't abandon me."

"That's right. Let's go. Tell aunt what you want to eat." Xia Yu fondled his head with her hand and stood up.

Hearing that they were going to eat delicious food, Jiangjiang took Xia Yu's hand and grinned sweetly. "aunt, I want to eat French fries and a sweet cone."

She pinched his little face and agreed to him. They went to McDonald's. As they approached, there was a voice behind them.

"I want to eat a cone, Brother Yan. Go and buy me a cone!"

Even if she didn't look back, she recognized the sweet and greasy voice of Yang Ke'er. What was more, Yang Ke'er even called out the name of Shen Yan.

She suddenly held Jiangjiang's hand tightly, and her whole body broke out with gooseflesh. This was too coincidental!

"Auntie, you hurt me." Jiangjiang frowned and looked at her.


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