Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 205 They are not good men
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 205 They are not good men

Jiangjiang's voice made Xia Yu clear-headed. It was definitely not the time to panic, though Shen Yan and Yang Ke'er were behind them. If Shen Yan saw them, he could pretend not to see them. As long as Jiangjiang didn't see Shen Yan, they did not need to panic.

"Yang Ke'er, what on earth are you doing?" Behind them came Shen Yan's voice of great dissatisfaction. He was at work. Yang Ke'er called him one after another and even threaten him with his mother.

She'd better have urgent things to do. Otherwise, she would not be spared today.

"There is certainly a reason for calling you here." Yang Ke'er walked to Shen Yan's side unhurriedly, pointing to Xia Yu holding Jiangjiang in front and asked, "Do you think the woman in front is familiar?"

"So what?" Shen Yan frowned. He didn't feel anything wrong, and he really didn't know what Yang ke'er wanted to do.

Xia Yu picked up Jiangjiang and hurried into a snack room beside her until the shelf blocked her body then she felt relieved. She let Jiangjiang down and caught a glimpse of his little red hand. She immediately felt distressed because she just lost control of her emotions and pinched him.

"Does it still hurt?"

"No, aunt, do you want to buy me snacks?" The little fellow looked at the snacks around him with aglow eyes and a cheerful look on his pinky face.

"What would you like to eat?" Xia Yu smiled indulgently.

"Rainbow candy!"

"Wow, pink marshmallow, I want to eat it."

Xia Yu heard two voices at the same time. The first one was Jiangjiang's child-like voice. The second one was the sweet and greasy whine of woman, which made Xia Yu's goosebumps appear all over her body and even her hair stood up. That was Yang ke'er's voice.

Goddamn it! Shouldn't they go and buy a sweet cone? Xia Yu was depressed to vomit blood. She listened to the voice and thought that they were not far away.

Just now, Xia Yu clearly heard Shen Yan's impatient voice. However, they entered the same store now. Xia Yu really didn't know what they wanted to do and she felt more nervous.

"Aunt, what's wrong with you?" Jiangjiang might feel that Xia Yu did not look right. He asked anxiously and said after thinking, "Aunt, are you unhappy? If so, then I don't eat snacks."

Jiangjiang was not very old, but he was observant. In addition, his mother left him directly to Xia Yu in the morning and ran away, and then his nanny also left away. Jiangjiang was still worried about whether Xia Yu would also leave him. Therefore, Jiangjiang became nervous when Xia Yu's didn't look right.

"No, aunt is not angry." Xia Yu lowered her voice and said to the little guy, "Today I skipped my work to accompany you here, and I was afraid of being seen by acquaintances who would tell others that I didn't go to work but came out to play."

At this time, Xia Yu was standing at one end of the shelf. Therefore, unless the two of them came over, they could not be seen. She leaned to the other side, stuck out her head carefully and looked back, seeing Shen Yan at a glance. With his tall and straight figure, handsome face, and strong temperament, he was like a luminous body.

He pursed his lips and lowered his head slightly, which made him even cooler. However, the girl next to him leaned half on him with a face of happiness and sweetness.

"Why do you eat this like a child?" There was a bit of helplessness in his low, slightly husky voice.

"I just like to eat it! Don't you think this pink marshmallow is cute? By the way, I also want to take a selfie." Yang ke'er smiled and said, then she took out her mobile, pouted, made lovely expressions and took a selfie.

Did damn Zeng Mina laugh at her? See? Shen Yan accompanied her personally. Yang Ke'er didn't know if Shen Mo would accompany her like this.

Xia Yu didn't know that Yang Ke'er was quarreling with Zeng Mina. Or that Yang Ke'er was angry with the fastidious Zeng Mina, so she asked Shen Yan out to show off. Xia Yu just thought that Yang Ke'er was too abnormal today because she blindly wanted to let Shen Yan and Jiangjiang meet each other, which was very dangerous.

She glanced at them again and she could clearly see Shen Yan's muscles at the outer canthus leaped, wondering how he felt at this time.

Shen Yan and Yang Ke'er bought marshmallow and were about to go to check out the bill when Jiangjiang held out his head like her. Xia Yu was very panic to cover Jiangjiang's eyes with her hand and then pulled him back.

"Auntie, why did you cover my eyes?" Jiangjiang was full of confusion. Was there anything he couldn't see?

She put her forefinger to her lips and hissed softly, suggesting him not to speak.

Jiangjiang seemed to understand something. "Auntie, have you been seen by people from your company?"

"Jiangjiang is really clever!" Xia Yu praised him.

"Then I won't speak." Jiangjiang cleverly covered his little mouth with hands. Now only Xia Yu could accompany him to play. If Xia Yu also left him, no one would accompany him.

"Jiangjiang is really lovely. Don't you want to eat rainbow candy? Now let's go and buy it." Xia Yu praised him and mentioned his interest. Xia Yu looked at Shen Yan and she wasn't relieved until they finished checking out the bill and walked out of the store.

After buying rainbow candy for Jiangjiang, she stopped going to the nearby McDonald's and went downstairs and walked out of the mall directly. She went home by car and bought French fries and a sweet cone at a nearby KFC.

The little fellow ate a sweet cone happily with white ice cream on his mouth. Today Jiangjiang was very close to his father, whom he missed day and night. At least, in Jiangjiang's heart, Shen Yan was his father, but he did not know it. Xia Yu felt guilty and thankful.


“Here you are.” He handed the sweet cone to Xia Yu.

Xia Yu rubbed his little head, smiled and took a bite of the sweet cone. It was very sweet. Looking at the little guy in front of her, Xia Yu had a lot of regrets in her heart.

After playing for a while, Xia Yu saw Jiang Yayan passing by in a hurry who didn't come over but made an evasive move toward home when seeing them.

Xia Yu took Jiangjiang's small hand and said, "Your mom is back, and let's go back."

Jiangjiang nodded, and today he had a good time and agreed with her sweetly.

Xia Yu remembered seeing the little boy for the first time when he was very naughty and looked like a young master. Xia Yu directly classified him as a spoiled child, but it didn't take long for her to get acquainted with the child.

After getting along for a long time, she found out that the child was actually quite sensible.

Opening the door and walking in, Jiang Yayan was applying medicine to herself. Hearing the sound, she instinctively hid herself. Later she did not hide and continued to apply medicine.

"Are you back?" She asked indifferently.

"Mom, have you been beaten again?" Jiangjiang timidly moved a few steps toward her with his eyes glistening with tears.

"It's none of your business. Go back to your room!" Jiang Yayan said rudely to Jiangjiang.

Jiangjiang looked up at Xia Yu and she nodded at him. Then he obediently walked to his room.

"Let me help you!" Xia Yu took Jiang Yayan's medicine, sat down beside her and carefully helped her to apply the medicine.

"Do you really despise me?" Jiang Yayan choked back the pain, and after a long time, she said, "But what can I do? With a child and a patient waiting for surgery in the hospital, even if I work, which institution can give me hundreds of thousands of salaries a month to support my family?"

She didn't want to lead such a life without dignity, but she had to give in to the pressure of life.

"It's not that I despise you. I just think you shouldn't suffer from this." Xia Yu's hand paused for a few seconds and then continued to help her to apply medicine. "I know that after the divorce with Director Zhang, Wanru became very happy. Therefore I decided to come and try to persuade you."

Wanru's illness was more serious than Jiang Yayan's. Their attending doctors were the same person, so they knew something about each other's illness. Jiang Yayan did not speak for a long time after hearing what Xia Yu has said.

Later she said, "Yes, she becomes happier. When I went to the clinic two days ago, she still smiled at me, which was unthinkable before."

"She has changed a lot indeed. We met at the restaurant that day, and she also gave me psychological counseling." Xia Yu smiled.

Jiang Yayan also learnt from Zhang Peng that Xia Yu's was kidnapped by Li Tianci. Shen Yan was going to investigate Zeng's family, but besides the proof of Xia Yu, he couldn't find any evidence so it ended up with nothing definite.

Because of this, Xia Yu was frightened and suffered from psychological disorders. She also went to Zhou Yan's clinic for psychological counseling, about which Jiang Yayan all knew.

"Xia Yu, I have seen a lot of secretaries, but you are really different from them. Believe me, they are not good guys." After holding back for a long time, Jiang Yayan suddenly said, "Do you see that I get a serious injury? I was beaten by them."

Who were they? Shen Yan or Yang Ke'er or the Second Madam?

"I know Shen Yan thinks I'm getting in the way of his future, but actually I don't want to do this." Jiang Yayan suddenly cried. Whenever there was a little choice, she would not choose to blackmail Shen Yan.

Jiang Yayan knew that he was terrible after getting along with him over the years, but she had to blackmail him. Otherwise, she would have a more miserable experience.

"Since you don't want to do this, why don't you have a good talk with him? Maybe both of you can have room for cooperation." Xia Yu decided to take the opportunity to persuade her.

"No, there is no possibility. He will kill me directly." Jiang Yayan was desperate, "There are some things you really don't understand."

"Maybe I can help you to persuade him." Xia Yu tentatively said.

"You help me? Why?" Xia Yu was different from others, but since she got this position, was she an innocent person? There must be a reason for taking the initiative to get into such big trouble.

"Just think of Jiangjiang. No matter whose child he is, he is innocent. What do you think?" Xia Yu finished helping her to apply medicine. She put down the medicine bottle and looked at her.

No matter whose child it is?! Jiang Yayan's face suddenly turned pale and she looked straight into Xia Yu's eyes. She did not speak for a while. How much did this woman know about these things?

"Don't be too nervous. You have plenty of time to think about it." Xia Yu knew that she was frightened. Xia Yu patted Jiang Yayan's arm. She collected all the medicines for her and put them in the medicine cabinet.

"I can see that you really like Jiangjiang." Jiang Yayan just came back to her feet and smiled barely, but this smile was more ugly than crying.

"It may be that I have some links with Jiangjiang." Xia Yu smiled and said, "You are injured and should not touch the water. I will cook for you before I leave."


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