Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 206 You Shall Not Be Ungrateful
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 206 You Shall Not Be Ungrateful

"I don't want to bother you anymore. Let's order out." Jiang Yayan had bothered Xia Yu to hang out with Jiangjiang for an entire day, and she already felt pretty uneasy about it. How could she trouble Xia Yu to do the cooking?

Besides, Xia Yu was a senior white-collar worker-as usual, white-collar workers didn't know how to cook.

"Mom, let auntie cook, please. She can do a much better job than a takeaway." Jiangjiang heard that Xia Yu was going to leave. Hearing that they had to part ways, Jiangjiang lay his head on the door frame to peek out from the window.

"Really? The lunch Jiangjiang ate was done by Auntie?" Jiang Yayan was surprised that she made lunch for Jiangjiang.

Jiangjiang found that his mother did not lose her temper, so he walked in, holding his head high, "Yes! Auntie cooked the lunch. She even hung out with me in the afternoon and bought me lots of gifts."

"Xia Yu, thank you!" Looking at the car model that her son was holding in his arms, Jiang Yayan expressed her gratitude to Xia Yu.

"No worries! You two can just take your time. I'll cook quickly." Xia Yu headed towards the kitchen while putting on her apron.

"Mom, Auntie bought me a lot of clothes and she said they are my birthday presents." Jiangjiang displayed all the gifts in a row. He had everything-the only thing that he lacked was a gift.

"Honey, your birthday is going to take place several days later, isn't it?" Jiang Yayan looked at Jiangjiang bearing a speechless visage.

"What if Auntie doesn't come to my birthday party on that day? Everyone has gifts except for me. I really want someone to give me a gift." Jiangjiang was afraid that his mother would return the gifts to Xia Yu, so he took all the gifts back to his room.

Xia Yu had wanted to leave after preparing dinner, but Jiangjiang asked her to stay for dinner with great enthusiasm. In order not to upset the children, Xia Yu finally decided to stay. After dinner, Xia Yu played with Jiangjiang for a while before leaving.

When she came out from the Jiang family, the street lights were already lit, and the stars were all over the sky. Xia Yu stood on the side of the road and waited for taxis.

"Xia Yu, you do have a special relationship with them. You put great efforts to take care of them, because you want to get their approval and reach an agreement with them, right? Then, they will allow you to be with my Brother Yan, and at the same time you will protect their interests?" Yang Ke'er drove the car next to Xia Yu and said ironically.

Xia Yu didn't want to deal with her. Today, it was so dangerous to deceive Shen Yan to get close to Jiangjiang. Did she even think of the consequence if Jiangjiang would rush on after he saw Shen Yan?

"Yang Ke'er, can you be even sillier?" At this time a taxi came over, Xia Yu beckoned and got in it, and then left directly.

This woman said that she was silly? No one had ever said this to her.

Yang Ke'er's anger almost pushed her to vomit. She inhaled a few deep breaths. No wonder Zeng Mina was no match for Xia Yu. This woman didn't talk too much, but what she said was always to the point.

After sulking for a little while, Yang Ke'er drove home. Her second uncle was already home. She walked straight over and sat down. "Uncle, I want to work at Tengfei's now, immediately."

She did believe that she would do better than Xia Yu did!

"I advise you not to go. If you really want to go to work at Shen Group, it is better to go to the Headquarters." Yang Weiye persuaded Yang Ke'er on the side. "This is also what your dad wants."

"My dad is stubborn, uncle! Don't listen to him!" Every time she mentioned this, her uncle used his father to suppress her. Yang Ke'er felt pretty upset about that.

"Your father is not stubborn. It is all for your sake!" Yang Weiye patted on his niece's head with a loving face. "After all, Tengfei is just a branch. You are my niece after all, and how can you go to work there?"

"Brother Yan is the young master! But he is still working at Tengfei?" This excuse was so bad that Yang Ke'er could not be convinced.

"How can you take the two cases as the same? He is the president of the branch. If you really want to work in a branch office, at the very least, you should also be a president. Only that can be worthy of your identity as the Eldest Miss of Yang Family." Yang Weiye took no effort at all to block Yang Ke'er's road to Tengfei.

Yang Ke'er knew that her father and uncle didn't want her to work at Tengfei but Yang Ke'er couldn't find a suitable reason to refute. Feeling pretty upset, she ran upstairs.

"This child..." Yang Ke'er's father, Yang Weiming, pointed at his daughter's back and sighed.

"Children, you have to teach them slowly." Yang Weiye still had the good-tempered look.

"She's not too young. She's already 27 years old." Yang Weiming handed a cigarette to his brother. The two brothers talked while smoking. "I want to say that Yan is really someone. Xiao Mo crushed him so hard and he could still recover. It is amazing!"

"I have already told you he's a talent. Xiao Mo is not as adequate." Yang Weiye took a sip of smoke and spit it out. "He's like his grandfather."

"But Mo has the help of Zeng family. Can he deal with it?" The current Zeng family was not like ten years ago, and Shen Yan didn't have too many resources to fight with him. The Zeng family would help when necessary, so no one knew how it'd end for Shen Yan.

"I think he can deal with it!" Yang Weiye thought about it and said, "This is why I advise you not to get involved. We are different from the Zeng Family. We relied on the Shen Family's support to have all of it today. Their aunt is still alive, so it's pretty easy for us to be called "ungrateful"."

Yang Weiming nodded on the side. "Of course. Perhaps we are not exactly 'grateful', but we definitely can't become 'ungrateful'."

The two brothers had an amazingly unanimous opinion on the attitude towards the Shen Family.

When Xia Yu returned to the villa, Shen Qiang was waiting for her in the living room. He pulled her to the sofa and sat down, "They did not embarrass you, did they?"

"Jiang Yayan had something to do and the babysitter asked for leave. I was only asked to help babysit Jiangjiang. How can it be embarrassing?" Xia Yu leaned back on the sofa with a little smile. Actually, babysitting a child was not an easy task. After an entire day, the child was still full of energy and wanted to play again with Xia Yu the next day, but Xia Yu was already so tired.

"Just asked you to babysit the child?" Shen Qiang looked at Xia Yu with confusion. "Couldn't she find someone else?"

"I think she is afraid of letting others babysit Jiangjiang." Xia Yu paused a bit and said, "You know what? When she came home, she had been beaten with bruises all over her face. I asked her what happened and she wouldn't say."

"Beaten? Who did she meet?" Although Shen Qiang didn't like Jiang Yayan at all, he felt empathy for her because she was a woman after all. To raise a child alone was tough enough for a single mom, and now this... "Did she call the police?"

Xia Yu shook his head. "Sounded like it was someone she knew, so she didn't call the police. After all, it was her private matter, and I didn't want to say much."

Shen Qiang nodded. "I see, Sister, it sounds like she's a dangerous person. You have to keep your distance from her. I am afraid that whoever hurt her would hurt you too."

"It's not that bad. Besides, let me say that I am not familiar with her. I only see her every now and then." Xia Yu's visit with her was just a business matter. Besides, she was giving her money.

Jiang Yayan was a clever person, and how could she meet people who would pose threats on the day she collected the money?

"It's okay. You're tired. Go rest early today." Shen Qiang said considerately.

"I'm really tired." Xia Yu massaged her shoulders a bit and stood up, "by the way, your brother and Liu Sijie did not return yet?"

"My brother is in the study, and Sijie has not returned yet." Shen Qiang shut down the TV, and it seemed that he was going to have a rest too.

Xia Yu did not ask again. She went directly into her bedroom and closed the door.

Shen Qiang went to Shen Yan's office where Shen Yan and his Second Madame stood.

"What did she say?" The Second Madame had a stern expression. She couldn't believe Xia Yu had the sympathy to spare on that bad woman.

"She went to babysit Jiang Yayan's child. Nothing else." Shen Qiang sat down on the side. "Aunts, you believe my sister right?"

"It's not that. The child is so kind, and I am afraid she would be fooled." This was indeed what the Second Madame thought. During this time, she had been completely convinced that Xia Yu had a good heart. But Xia Yu also had her fatal weakness-her words were not forgiving, but her heart was soft.

Jiang Yayan was a woman good at manipulating others' sympathy, so one had to guard against it.

"Xia Yu has her own bottom line. Today, Yang Ke'er deliberately took me to Xia Yu and Jiangjiang. After Xia Yu found out, she took Jiangjiang away." Shen Yan really did not want to mention Yang Ke'er. She did whatever convenient for her without any consideration.

"She did it deliberately?" The Second Madame took a lopsided smear. That was not what she said on the phone.

"It has to be intentional? Firstly she followed Xia Yu and Jiangjiang, and then she called me over." To put it bluntly, she just wanted to show off in front of Zeng Mina without any evil intention.

But she ignored the consequences of doing so.

"This child... I will say something to her." The Second Madame didn't want to say anything else and changed the topic. "Yang Ke'er really wants to go to work. Leave me and your grandmother for later, and you have to consider her father and her uncle."

The Second Madame mentioned Yang Weiye, hoping that Shen Yan would consider the big picture.

"Mom, she really doesn't fit in being at Tengfei." Shen Yan refused.

"What if Yang Weiye told you personally?" The Second Madame was certainly unwilling to give up. Without the support of the Yang family, how could they fight with Shen Mo?

"Wait until he speaks up." Shen Yan put on a small frown and did not say anything that was absolute. After all, Shen Yan would need much help from Yang Weiye.

In the next few days, Jiang Yayan also asked Xia Yu to babysit Jiangjiang. After Yang Ke'er made a scene the last time, Xia Yu was afraid to take Jiangjiang to play outside. She was afraid that she would meet Shen Yan again. Instead, Xia Yu took Jiangjiang to the community playground with a slide. He played with a few friends there and was very happy.

Miss Zhang came over on the fourth day after returning home, and Xia Yu was also informed that the company had an important event and she had to participate.

In the afternoon on the same day, Xia Yu returned to the company. Everyone thought that Xia Yu hadn't come because of Chen Wenxuan's business. There was less news these days, and everyone thought she settled the matter. Once she appeared in the company, everyone cheered for her.

"Xia Yu, Congratulations! Miss Wu was also promoted." Now everyone already knew her relationship with Wu Shiyu, and Wu Shiyu had a great personality - she was very down to earth, and everyone liked her.

Xia Yu said with a smile, "I will treat you with dinner tomorrow!"

"Great, we have to go to Ruyi Villa now." Everyone was happy and clapping their hands.

"Yes, now everyone, let's go prepare for the evening activities." Xia Yu went to her office after delegating the works.

But before she sat down, Yang Ke'er came over and said, "I want to participate in this evening's activities, and I will be the host."

"Shen Qiang was designated to be the host a long time ago, and he has been preparing it for a long time." Xia Yu raised her head and looked at Yang Ke'er.

"I am not asking for your opinion. I'm here to tell you. This is what my aunt wants." After saying that, Yang Ke'er left and did not look back.

What the old lady, who was more arrogant than Zeng Mina, wanted will definitely happen.

Xia Yu picked up the phone and called Shen Yan, "The host tonight will be replaced. Yang Ke'er said that it is what the old lady wants."

"The old lady is the person in charge of Tengfei? She can do whatever she wants?" Shen Yan did not spare any kindness, "Also, what qualifies Yang Ke'er to host our company's activities?"

"Why are you angry with me? It was not my doing." Xia Yu glanced at the receiver, "If you decide not to change, I will keep the original plan."

"Xia Yu, what happened to you recently? Why do I feel you have become a different person? You are timid nowadays. You were not like this before. You don't have to go to the event tonight, and I'll let Liu Sijie go. I think I need to have a talk with you." After finishing the sentence, Shen Yan hung up the phone.

Xia Yu held the earpiece in her hand and sat on the chair for a while. Finally, she threw the earpiece back with a loud bang.

What to talk about? Was it necessary? She rarely had such emotional responses. She realized that she became easily irritated since she got to know Shen Yan-and that was a bad thing!


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