Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 207: Your Boyfriend Is Really Handsome
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 207: Your Boyfriend Is Really Handsome

Xia Yu calmed down on the chair and then continued her work. Two hours went by without incident after Shen Yan's call and the urgent tasks were basically finished during it. She looked up to relax her neck. The clock on the wall pointed at eight sharp. It was completely dark and it began to rain again.

Xia Yu packed up the handbag and was ready to get off work, but the landline on the table began to ring again.


"Where are you?" The voice on the phone seemed to be colder.

Xia Yu's heart trembled and then remembered the call two hours ago Shen Yan gave her.

"I am busy with my work. Speak just on the phone."

"You daren't see me?"

"No, I just don't think it necessary."


Shen Yan rang off the phone then, and Xia Yu inevitably frowned. She couldn't figure out why he lost temper again!

She ignored it and went downstairs with her bag and keys.

Xia Yu knew about Second Madame's thoughts clearly. Yang Ke'er wouldn't dare to trouble Jiang Yayan and order her blatantly without her permission.

This young lady was not Zeng Mina and she was very popular in Shen Family. Xia Yu wouldn't be stupid like that to be against her. So she refused Shen Yan without hesitation.

Xia Yu found the rain was not too heavy when she came out of the office building. She ran to the taxi in front of her putting the bag on her head as she had no umbrella. However, a car suddenly turned on the headlights after she walked forwards just a few steps.

The strong light stabbed her eyes. She couldn't open her eyes but blocked it with her hand. She wondered who parked the car on the road this late. Then the car just driven towards her and stopped besides her.

The window slowly descended, and behind the glass was a cold face.

"Hop in."

Shen Yan!

Xia Yu obviously felt her own tremble at that moment but she did not move. Shen Yan waited for a few seconds. Then the rain became heavier and heavier which blew on her face. Her bag was still on her head, but it was almost useless. Her body was already half wet and her face turned pale.

Shen Yan had no patience then and frowned.

"Can't you understand my words?"

Xia Yu still kept silent.

"Hop in now!"

Xia Yu didn't speak and still stood in the rain.

Shen Yan smiled very frivolously: "Well, if you don't mind being seen by other colleagues, I should be happy to get off and take you up."

The words were almost shameless, but he had the ability to speak them out so naturally and threateningly.

Xia Yu did not want to get into new troubles, so she went to the back of the car and prepared to open the door with resignation.

Shen Yan tapped the steering wheel twice.

"Sit next to me! Come closer."

Xia Yu gnashed her teeth and got off the car. Opening the door of the co-pilot compartment, she hopped in and slammed the door with a vengeance.

Shen Yan was not angry at all with her intense reaction. Instead, he smiled and fastened the seat belt for her. His face brushed against her lips when sitting back.

His body shook with the cool sensation. He turned aside and lifted her chin, biting her lips lightly.

"What are you doing?" Xia Yu subconsciously shrunk back and looked at him with vigilance.

"I am chasing you. Don't you know?" Shen Yan looked at her directly. He began to be unscrupulous after his aim was clear to her.

Xia Yu resisted no longer. Her lips were tightly closed as silent protest to prevent his tongue in. But Shen Yan was patient enough, and kissed her for a long while.

He sat back in time, breathing unsmoothly. After all, they were still in the company which was really not an opportune site.

Xia Yu sat bolt upright all the time, looking ahead with no expression. As if Shen Yan had just kissed a piece of wood.

"Wipe the rain!" Shen Yan took a few tissues to her as her face was all over with rain.

Xia Yu took them over, not giving a glance to him still. She raised her hand, starting to wipe her mouth so hard as if something particularly dirty was on it. In fact, the action was somewhat childish. Just a kiss!

Shen Yan didn't mind it at all and smiled: "From six to eight, two hours. I have never waited for someone like this. This kiss was a lesson I gave you!"


Xia Yu snorted: "I have said that I am very busy."

"It's OK. I have enough time today and I don't mind waiting for you!"

Xia Yu's brow furrowed and she admitted that she would never defeat him in speech as he was such a brazen and cheeky guy! She was even disinclined to ask him why he met her with despair and resignation. She sat in the car blankly and rumpled the tissues in her hand. Her lips were rubbed red by herself, but the rain on her face continued to trickle down her cheeks.

Shen Yan knew that she was obstinate and suddenly turned the topic.

"Have you had dinner?"


"That's alright. I haven't either. You can make a simple dinner when we come home."

He said the two words "come home" so naturally as if they were the old couple. Then the car took off, and finally stopped in front of a supermarket.

"Get off!"

Xia Yu looked at the brightly-lit supermarket.

"Why do we come here?"

"Buy some food. And you can make our dinner then."

It sounded no problem in logic, but still somewhat weird to Xia Yu. In the end she bit the bullet and got off the car. Shen Yan had already pushed the shopping trolley to the Fresh Zone. He threw some things into the cart quickly and looked back at Xia Yu, who followed him with a cold face all through.

"What else do we need?"

Xia Yu glanced at the trolley. A few boxes of vegetables, beef, rib cuts, and a few kinds of fruits, which were thrown into the cart without packing and weighing.

However, he chose the food very quickly. The cart was almost full after only a few minutes as if he had already decided everything and went straight to his subject. Never had he kept constantly choosing like others. So obviously he was a decisive, stubborn man, who would not be easily influenced by others.

Xia Yu didn't say anything. She walked towards the trolley and took out some vegetables and two boxes of beef and rib cuts and put them all on the side shelf.

"What are you doing?"

"It's too time-consuming to cook them!" Finally she reluctantly replied him and then pushed the trolley, walking ahead.

The supermarket at 8 in the evening was ready to close. There were nearly no fresh vegetables left after one-day's sell. Xia Yu pushed the trolley in the aisle, surrounded by a group of old ladies who lived nearby and went here to get a bargain. Xia Yu stood among them, selecting vegetables conscientiously.

At that time, at that teeming and bustling site, though, Xia Yu's body was shrouded in a layer of light in Shen Yan's eyes, gentle and peaceful with ineffable pulchritude.

Xia Yu turned around in the Fresh Zone and finally only picked a few tomatoes. It was obviously not enough. She turned back and took a bundle of celery from the shelf. However, it was taken out by Shen Yan immediately.

"What are you doing?"

"I don't like eating celery. Change something else!" Shen Yan tossed his hand which just touched the celery with abhorrence. He even couldn't brook the smell of it.

Xia Yu took some baby cabbage from aside resignedly and went to the Aquatic Products Area next to them, choosing a fish.

The aunt who killed the fish was very enthusiastic: "Young girl. Buy fish? It's really fresh."

Xia Yu smiled and replied: "Yeah, I'd like to cook at home suddenly."

Want to cook at home? Listening to it, Shen Yan slightly hooked his lips.

"That's right! How can you always eat outside! You young guys nowadays don't know how to cherish your body at all." The aunt scraped the scales skillfully and said amiably. It took a little time to clean it up. She then handed the bag to Xia Yu and glanced over Shen Yan's face: "Your boyfriend is really handsome!"


The aunt smiled and looked at Shen Yan again who was pushing the trolley behind with intense interest.

"Your boyfriend. Really handsome."

Xia Yu could only smile awkwardly and hurriedly took the fish and left.

Shen Yan pushed the cart one step forward. "Have you heard it? The aunt said that we are a perfect match."

"Oh, a perfect match? You can bring me to your home tomorrow. And if your mom said we were a perfect match, then I would date you." Xia Yu replied him peevishly. How can people take a strange aunt's words seriously.

"Are you serious?" Shen Yan stopped his steps.


"Go to my home to see my parents!"

"Let's go back to cook dinner. It's getting late." Xia Yu didn't want to talk to him again. Childish man. Even if she dared to go, he wouldn't dare to bring her back. And even if he dared, he would spend a lot of time to deal with the consequences.

It seemed that she didn't trust him.

Alright. Shen Yan swore to himself that he would marry her formally some day!

Shen Yan kept a sulky face from the market to the community. Xia Yu got off the car with the food first. The fish was packed in an extra bag and its tail was exposed still.

Shen Yan followed her to the door and suddenly he turned quite restive. After standing for a while, he said, "I suddenly remember that there is no wine at home. I have to buy some back."

"Alright." Xia Yu whispered in her heart: It's ok to have dinner without wine. What a finicky man.

Xia Yu took over the shopping in his hand. But her wrist was grasped when she was ready to get in. Shen Yan pulled her over and clasped her into his arms, lifting her chin and kissing her. Xia Yu was totally unprepared for this, so his tongue slid into her mouth very smoothly. He savored her sweet taste with his eyes closed. Then he released her, staring at her pale face with his ardent eyes.

"Be my girlfriend?"

He said with an overbearing tone.

He was really serious? Xia Yu looked at him with inquisitive eyes.

"You used to chase girls like this?" Xia Yu hadn't experienced a rich love history, but she had seen others fall in love before. She didn't like the ways people express their love in TV series very much as they were too exaggerated, but she believed nobody would woo a girl like him.

"I haven't chased girls." Shen Yan did not expect her question.

Oh, Xia Yu then remembered that he was the second master of Shen family, the distinguished Young Master Yan. Girls were queuing up to chase him, so it was never his turn to woo girls.

Oh, wait. Didn't he have a goddess? Xia Yu stared at him: "How did you chase Zeng Mina?"

"What? I chased her?" Shen Yan was speechless. But after thinking about it seriously, he found that it was no wonder that Xia Yu misunderstood it. Everybody in his family, including his grandma, thought so.

"There never exists anything like chasing between us. At that time, Yang Ke'er was pestering me every day, and the two of them were natural enemies. I aimed to get rid of Yang Ke'er and Zeng Mina wanted to show off in front of her, so we got close and then became quite familiar with each other. Later, Zeng Mina wanted to chase my brother, but my brother didn't show any interest in her, so she always came to see my brother on the pretext of seeing me. After some days, everyone misunderstood our relationship. I wanted to explain, but I was afraid of Yang Ke'er's pestering again, so I just accepted the mistake." That was almost all. Shen Yan thought about it again, and that was really all.


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