Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 209 You Don“t Care!
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 209 You Don“t Care!

"Young Master Yan, this is your problem. How can you only let employees work, and don't give them a break?" Zhang Peng turned back and looked to Shen Yan.

When Shen Yan was ready to say something, Xia Yu's phone was ringing. She took it out and saw three words on it, Chen Wenxuan!

Xia Yu suddenly frowned. After a while, she said, “I'll go out and answer the phone.”

"There are no outsiders here, why are you going out!" Zhang Peng shouted behind Xia Yu. Unfortunately, Xia Yu didn't listen to him. She closed the door directly. He just told to Shen Yan, "We haven't met for a long time, so how about calling Liu Sijie to join us?"

A long time? They got together the day before yesterday. Shen Yan gave him a glance and said, “You call him!”

Xia Yu took the phone back to her office and asked coldly, "What happened?"

"Xia Yu, anyhow, we have been in love for a long time. Although you hook up with Shen Yan, you also know me." Chen Wenxuan was not used to her tone, and immediately frowned.

"If you have something to say, please. If not, sorry, I am busy!" Xia Yu was unwilling to chat with him.

"Xia Yu, anyhow, my father died because of you. Is this your attitude?" Chen Wenxuan was also a little angry. He called her today in order to talk to her about reconciliation. But in such an attitude, how did they talk?

"Didn't you prosecute me? I have received the summons of the court. If it is my responsibility, I will bear it. If not, don't want to wrong me.” Xia Yu's tone was still cold.

"Yes, I prosecuted you. But you know, I am tenderhearted. After all, we had been in love for a long time. Although we broke up, we still had feelings. I do not want to see you in prison, you know? Another way, give me one million, I withdraw the lawsuit.” Originally, Chen Wenxuan wanted to make a big profit from Shen Mo. And Shen Mo was indeed generous.

But Shen Mo suddenly changed his mind. At the very start, Chen Wenxuan thought that it was Zhang Hanyu’s reason. He took the initiative to find Xiang Hui and told about Zhang Hanyu beating him for Xia Yu. He just wanted to give a message to Shen Mo by Xiang Hui’s help.

But Xiang Xiang was not surprised at it. He told him directly that Shen Mo had already known, and Zhang Hanyu was absolutely loyal to Shen Mo.

This was equivalent to telling Chen Wenxuan that Shen Mo suddenly changed his mind for other reasons. Someone could force Shen Mo to change his mind. This showed that this person was not an ordinary man. First, Chen Wenxuan thought of Shen Yan.

Recently, although Yang Ke'er wooed him frequently, he did not ignore Xia Yu according to his actions. Working with Shen Mo was for getting wealth. But he couldn't afford to offend Shen Yan.

The money was so attractive which placed in front of him and he wanted to earn it. He thought a lot. Finally, he wanted to scare Xia Yu and took another wealth from her. Anyway, she had got together with Shen Yan for a long time. She must earn a lot, just for helping poor people.

He was desperately poor and he even said such words to Xia Yu. Xia Yu said mercilessly in three words, "Go to hell!"

Then she hung up the phone with a bang.

It was not a general arrogance. Chen Wenxuan's face instantly became ferocious. Xia Yu, since you were ready to die, didn't blame me for being rude. Now he was doing something for Shen Mo. It was not difficult to let the poor driver make perjury. As long as he told him the name of Shen Mo, wasn't he obedient?

If the driver proved that Xia Yu pushed his father, she would go to jail.

After Xia Yu hung up the phone, she took a few deep breaths and then calmed down.

At this moment, Cai Yanyan came over to find her again, "Xia Yu, Young Master Yan let you see him."

"Ok!" Xia Yu went out with Cai Yanyan. Cai Yanyan returned to her office area. But Xia Yu went to the door of the Shen Yan's office. She knocked twice, and then pushed the door and went in.

Shen Yan looked up and saw Xia Yu. He raised his eyebrows and asked: "Are you free today?"

Xia Yu didn't answer and asked: "What's the matter?"

"Just say it frankly!"

"I have time!"

Zhang Peng clapped his hands and said: "It's rare that you have time. Let's play together."

Recently, Xia Yu was riddled with lawsuits. She didn't have interests. So she was a little bit hesitant.

Shen Yan looked at her. His thin lips opened and simply said: "All beer and skittles and give you overtime pay. Where can you find such a good job?"

Xia Yu looked at Shen Yan. She only found a similar unhappy look in his eyes. She was not over. But he had stopped the eye contact.

Recently, Xia Yu deliberately shunned him. And he must have been upset. But it was hard to refuse that Shen Yan said such words.

Xia Yu sat down on the cushion next to Shen Yan, and said: "I don't have anything special. I can play with you later. But I can't play all day. What activities do you have at night?"

Is this a promise? Zhang Peng was happy from his heart, replied naturally, "If you want, there will be many activities. Just tell us, what do you want to play?"

He was a famous player. If you mentioned something about playing, he would be so happy. Xia Yu was dumbfounding, and said: "Everything is ok. It's up to you."

The truth was that she played with them instead of playing with her.

Shen Yan thought that there was another meaning in Xia Yu's words. He suddenly said, at the thought of that she had just gone out for a long-time call: "Go ahead, and let's make a decision after playing billiards."

Zhang Peng and Liu Sijie also got up. After the pitiful Xia Yu came back, she just sat for a while. But this time she had to stand up and go out quickly.

The four people were divided into two rows and went out along the corridor. Shen Yan and Liu Sijie were in front of Xia Yu, and Zhang Peng was by her side.

Zhang Peng never made people feel awkward or embarrassed. When he walked by her side, he would take the initiative to chat with her.

What's more, he still had something to turn to her, "Is it hard work?"

When Xia Yu heard the words, she turned back and looked at him with a smile, and answered: "It's okay. At the beginning, it's getting tired. But I'm used to it now."

Zhang Peng smiled and said: "Based on my sister's working ability, it is just a piece of cake for you to deal with troubles about Tengfei."

Zhang Peng had a glib tongue. Xia Yu smiled and said: “I heard that Mr. Zhang wanted to develop the catering business. Is it smooth recently?”

"It is managed by dedicated staff, and I will look around occasionally, not tired." Zhang Peng said with a smile.

Xia Yu said: "The next time I will go to your place to have dinner with my colleagues."

Zhang Peng smiled. "Well, at that time, you tell the manager my name and the meal will be free."

Xia Yu quickly waved her hand. "No, you are a businessman. We can have dinner anywhere. But I must give you a chance to earn money."

Zhang Peng was still smiling and replied: "The seat may not be ordered easily in peacetime. If you want to go, you should tell the manager in advance and let him help you leave a seat."

"Ok, thank you."

Zhang Peng had a bigger smile on his face, and said: "We are so familiar with each other. Don't be so polite, Isn't this supposed to be done? By the way, have you visited Jiangjiang recently? Last time I met Miss Jiang and Jiangjiang. The child bothered me to bring him to play with you.”

Jiangjiang was really cute. When she thought about him, Xia Yu's lips couldn't help rising up. “In fact, I haven't seen him for a few days. I want to see him, but I have many things to solve recently.”

"It's because of Chen Wenxuan's lawsuit. If you need help, tell me." Zhang Peng had never felt that he was a good person. But compared with Chen Wenxuan, he was not only a good person, but a saint.

That man even hurt his girlfriend who had been with him for many years. He should be destroyed by humanity.

"Thank you, Mr. Zhang, a clean hand wants no washing. I believe the law will give me justice." Xia Yu did not do anything. So she was not afraid at all.

Just like everyone said, when you met such a person, you were upset.

"Don't always call me Mr. Zhang, just as an outsider. I call you sister. You should also call me brother. From now on, call me brother!" Zhang Peng saw that Xia Yu was very polite to him, and he was very upset.

"This is not good." Xia Yu's lips twitched.

"What's wrong with that, it's deal." Zhang Peng directly made a decision for Xia Yu.

Liu Sijie walked in front of Xia Yu. His ears were astute like a dog. He turned head quickly and said with grinning cheekily: "Then you should also call me brother Jie later."

Xia Yu instinctively glanced at Liu Sijie. Her heart whispered: What was wrong with Liu Sijie recently? Seeing Zhang Peng looking at her, she smiled at him.

Liu Sijie raised his eyebrows, and said: "Why are you so good for Zhang Peng? We are still colleagues, I also worked overtime for you yesterday.”

Although Liu Sijie was serious, he also cracked a joke sometimes. Xia Yu smiled and said: "I didn't let you call me sister like Shen Qiang. Why are you letting me call you brother?"

Liu Sijie smiled: "I am older than you. You don't call me brother. What should you call?"

Xia Yu said: "Many people are older than me. Are they all my brothers?"

Liu Sijie can refute Xia Yu, but he didn't do it. He just said deliberately to Shen Yan: "Young Master Yan, you don't care? She is rebellious.”

Shen Yan did not look back, only left the back of head to Xia Yu. She heard him saying: "You are willing to provoke her."

Was it my fault? Liu Sijie said: "We are older than her. Are you willing to listen to her call you Young Master Yan, or President Shen? Don't you feel awkward?”

This girl hadn't called him Young Master Yan for a long time. But she called his name directly. Was this a step closer to their relationship? These thoughts made him very happy, and he said: "I don't think so."

Not interesting. Liu Sijie did not get help from him. He curled his lips and said: "You are willing to do it. It's your business. But I am unwilling to do it." After that, he turned his head and provoked Xia Yu. "We are going to play billiards today. I challenge you. If you lose, you have to call me brother."

Last time, Xia Yu and Zhang Peng played billiards. Someone even lost his pants. Shen Yan made fun of him for a week. Zhang Peng was too shy and he did not dare to meet Shen Yan in one week.

Liu Sijie had wanted to compete with Xia Yu for a long time. Today, he just took a look at her skills.

Xia Yu immediately refuted back. "What if I win?" Will you call me sister later?”

Liu Sijie's eyes picked up. We couldn't tell whether he was unexpected or interested.

Zhang Peng, who was next to him, was interested. He knew Xia Yu's skills. It was really not boasted. Since Liu Sijie was looking for suffering, he was also happy to see jokes. So he smiled and said: "I think this bet is good, a fair competition."

Liu Sijie thought that his skills were good. Someone provoked, and someone took up her refrain. He followed the words immediately. "Ok, I will gamble with you, and I do not believe you can win..."

Hearing the words, Shen Yan only glanced at him with dislike, whispering: "stupid."

They came to the hall while speaking. Zhang Peng proposed, "Is it too early to go? Why not go to drink something first?"

Zhang Peng also thought that after playing, maybe there would be no place for amusement. So he proposed it.

"Go to play first. Someone is looking for suffering, and why not start it now?" Shen Yan was moving forward directly.

That was the case. Zhang Peng followed and went out.

At the parking outside the door, Xia Yu saw the silvery McLaren of Shen Yan at a glance. And there was a more eye-catching car next to his car, a cherry red Spyker c8.

For these rich second-generation drivers, changing cars was more frequent than changing girlfriends, and Xia Yu was used to it now.

Seeing Zhang Peng showing off the car keys, the cherry-red sports car made two beeps. Xia Yu couldn't help but sigh for the sons of rich families who waste the money. One car was worth five or six million. If she had the same life style as them, she would have been done.


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