Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 210 Call Me Husband
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 210 Call Me Husband

Liu Sijie looked at Shen Yan and Xia Yu, and consciously got on Zhang Peng's car. Xia Yu also got into Shen Yan's car.

Zhang Peng lowered the carport on his head and turned to Shen Yan. He said with smiles: "From here to Best Taste Restaurant, the one who comes later should invite us to dinner."

Shen Yan wore his brown sunglasses. After hearing the words, he said nothing but started the car quietly.

They drove two cars out of the parking space at the same time. Xia Yu looked around and thought that they were ready for the game.

Everyone knew that the center of S City often was so blocked that four-wheelers were not as fast as two-wheelers. The viaduct was very complicated. It looked like a pile of rotten noodles falling on the ground. So, speed was limited everywhere.

Xia Yu did not understand why they were driving supercars in this traffic jam.

Zhang Peng turned his head and said to Xia Yu with smiles: "Sister, do you want to get on my car now?"

Xia Yu replied subconsciously: "No, you don't look like the winner."

It was not surprising that Xia Yu had no confidence in Zhang Peng. In fact, he was too fickle. Although he was older than Xia Yu, Xia Yu always felt that his mental age was even not as mature as Shen Qiang, and he was too naive.

A noisy bird always died quickly. There was no doubt that Xia Yu believed in Shen Yan, a cunning man, not Zhang Peng who was a loud-mouthed man.

Zhang Peng really disagreed with her choice. He glared at her, and said: "Give you a chance to re-select!"

Xia Yu lifted her eyebrows, replied: "Sorry, I believe in Shen Yan. He will win!"

Shen Yan was always moody recently. Xia Yu did not want to offend him at this time.

Zhang Peng sat on the driver's seat of the c8 and said to leave Xia Yu sitting on McLaren's co-driver: "Well, never regret. If he loses, what will you do?"

Xia Yu never thought that Shen Yan would lose. So, she returned quickly: "If he loses, I will call you brother."

"Keep your words."

His handsome face showed a confident smile, and then he didn’t look at them and just focused on the front.

No one talked in cars. Xia Yu peeked at them out of the corner of her eyes. Suddenly, at a certain moment, she just felt that her body was backward for the inertia. Next, almost simultaneously, this sportscar and the cherry red sportscar, on its right, arrowed toward the front.

She later realized that the indicator light at the opposite intersection was red. So the two guys didn't move for a long time. At this time, the red light turned green. The two sports cars were like two wild horses. Xia Yu wore a seat belt, but she involuntarily grasped the armrest.

The car was too fast, especially, many vehicles were in front. She used to see overtaking and paralleling on the TV. She only thought it was taken by the filming. Now Shen Yan really shuttled back and forth on the main road in the city center. Xia Yu stared at it without blinking her eyes and couldn't even breathe. She completely stunned.

The car overtook many private cars and taxis. Out of the corner of her eye, she could only see the cherry-red sports car chasing on the right. Xia Yu used more than a minute to gradually adapt.

She clung to the armrest and gathered her composure, said: "You are driving so fast. Will it be safe?"

Shen Yan didn't see her and answered directly: "We are in the same boat. You would better bless that we don’t have troubles."

Hearing his word, she was going to cry suddenly. Buddha blessed. Buddha blessed. She was only twenty-five years old, at an age as a flower. She did not want to sacrifice with this dude for drag racing.

"Oh..." Shen Yan made a sharp turn, overtaking a vehicle in a rush, and then surpassed a distance.

Xia Yu's body flashed to the right with an inch of hitting the head. She got no pain but scared.

"Shen Yan, don’t carry on. I will pay for dinner. I am..."

The supercar's body was very low. Xia Yu felt that the vehicles galloping around her were much higher. This drop made her feel insecure. Coupled with driving so fast, Xia Yu was really afraid of having an accident.

Shen Yan kept a handsome face without moving body and only his eyes looked around, "Do I lack the money for a meal?"

Xia Yu frowned, replied, "Of course, you have enough money for a meal. But you must have the life to spend the money."

Shen Yan said with a lower voice: "Do you curse me? Or can’t wait to call him brother? "

Xia Yu's face had already become white with fear. He just stared at the road and the cars in front of her, " Just a call. What's the matter?

"Just a call? In the case, try to call me husband?" It was just a call. Additionally, she had no loss. Shen Yan looked at her with great provocation.

This word made Xia Yu speechless for a long time with fixed eyes in front. After a long time, she said: "Slow down, I really can't stand... I have heart disease..."

After that, she really began to pant, opened her lips and hurriedly breathed.

Shen Yan felt flurried and subconsciously slowed down. He looked at her. She didn’t look well.

Xia Yu did not answer. But her body leaned on one side and nodded frequently.

Shen Yan whispered something lightly. Xia Yu did not hear clearly. But the speed suddenly slowed down from top speed to a normal speed.

Her heart hanging for a long time finally fell back to its place. This fear made her close eyes and calm down quickly. The feeling was like coming back to life.

The silver sports car suddenly slowed down, and the cherry red sports car swiftly passed by it. After a while, Shen Yan's mobile phone was ringing, and he wore headphones to connect. It's Zhang Peng and he asked: "What happened?"

Shen Yan looked at Xia Yu next to him, "She is sick and she can't stand the top speed."

Zhang Peng heard the words and showed concern quickly, and asked: "She is ok?"

Shen Yan glanced at her again. And he only saw her closed hands on her legs as if she had not come to herself. His eyes slightly picked, and said: "Are you ok?"

Xia Yu swallowed saliva to help her get over a shock, and then gently shook her head.

"It's better now." Shen Yan replied.

"Take care of her." Zhang Peng told him.

After hanging up the phone, Shen Yan turned his head and looked at Xia Yu: "Why don't you say that you are sick early?"

Xia Yu replied with a pale face: "Who knows that you drive so fast?"

"Last time in the Dong family, Miss Dong's car was like that. But you didn't have so much response?” Could it be said that after the last kidnapping, Xia Yu had the phobia? Shen Yan was so distressed.

"She is a bad driver. Compared with you, her speed is not in the same class." Xia Yu found that Shen Yan had doubts. She hurried to find an excuse to cheat him. "Moreover, last time was in the suburbs. No one was on the road. She wouldn't have any accidents with her car. Now it was in the city. In the case of hitting someone, what should I do?"

Really? Shen Yan stared at her eyes. He found her with a feeling of evasion, and then looked away. It seemed that he had to talk to Zhou Yan.

"Sit properly," Shen Yan said.

At this time, the car was completely at a normal speed. The car was stable and quiet, and the quietness made people feel trembling.

Xia Yu rolled her eyes and wanted to find a topic. “I don't know how about Xiaoqiang in school?”

Shen Yan held the steering wheel. His eyelids were not lifted and said: "He should be ok. He is a senior without much homework."

"He is not in the company. I am a bit unaccustomed to it." Xia Yu thought that if Shen Qiang were here, the atmosphere would be better than now definitely.

Shen Yan smiled and saw her face much better than before. "How do you feel now?"

Xia Yu turned her head and looked at him. And he happened to turn his head and looked at her. Their eyes met, and his black pupil was full of conjecture.

Xia Yu didn't know why she was guilty and couldn't wait to dodge.

"Well... nothing." Xia Yu looked away and answered in a way of avoiding the important and dwelling on the trivial.

She silently diverted attention and looked out of the window.

Shen Yan peeked at her from the corner of his eyes. Her face was getting rosier. Then he completely assured.

The car stopped on the open space outside the Best Taste Restaurant. Zhang Peng and Liu Sijie came over and asked about Xia Yu's current situation. They knew that she had recovered. Then they felt at ease.

During speaking, they came into a billiards room in Best Taste Restaurant. They looked around and found thirty or forty pool tables according to rough estimation. At this time, the attendance rate had already reached 80%. In addition to the guests, there were waiters wearing black and white bunny uniforms, carrying the push plate to shuttle between them; Almost every table was arranged a professional billiards player. They wore white shirts and black trousers. Most of them were women with good looks.

In general, a place with many beauties was also accompanied by a large number of men. Xia Yu only felt there were so many people at first glance. On the second glance, oh, the male guests were more than the beauties in the store originally.

Xia Yu had also seen much of the world. She knew that this place had all kinds of people. And good and evil people were mixed up.

They entered and went forward. Xia Yu only looked around on two sides. A feminine voice came into her ears. "Do you want to play in downstairs or upstairs room?"

Following the sound, they saw a tall beauty dressed as a bunny girl, standing next to them.

Shen Yan said: "Upstairs."

The bunny girl's big eyes with golden eye shadows kept looking around them freely, especially Shen Yan. They all admired them.

From three to eighty years old, every woman showed the same reaction after looking Shen Yan's handsome face. Xia Yu was used to this reaction.

Maybe the bunny girl thought how I could get his attention at this moment and win his heart.

Miss, didn't make trouble for me. Jiang Yayan and Yang Ke'er had made me worry for a long time. If you joined us, I would run away now.

Xia Yu was groaning in her heart. She followed them and went on.

Under the guidance of the bunny, they went to the second floor along the black stair. Upstairs was made of single private rooms, obviously much quieter than the downstairs.

Walking in the long carpeted corridor, one door on the left room was opened, and a bunny girl walked out with an empty pallet. Xia Yu also took a look incidentally. But she looked shocked. She suddenly stared, and her heart jolted with whole body heat.

The door was opened by half. Xia Yu just saw the pool table and a woman in uniform leaned over and took the club to play. And a man was behind her so closely and he put arms around her waist. And then his hands went into the woman's shirt.

Her head was banging. Her face was blushed, and her mind went blank. Although she only had one or two seconds to go through this process, she had already filled it with lots of pictures from beginning to end.

At this time, Xia Yu had already been in the state of distractions. She did not realize that Shen Yan slowed down in front of her. She still followed him unconsciously, almost stepping on his heel, and her head was directly hitting his back.

Xia Yu got the shivers. Then she found that she was distracted and quickly took a step back.

Several men were surprised to see her. They saw her wandering eyes and her red face.

"I am sorry!" Xia Yu quickly apologized.

Why was she so distracted? Shen Yan looked at the expression on her face. And he could not help frowning, "What are you thinking about?"

"Ah? No, I didn't think about anything!” Can I tell you that? Xia Yu quickly shook her head and waved her hand. People who did not know her might think that she had a guilty conscience.

Zhang Peng was intimate and took the initiative to help Xia Yu out. "It is easy to stumble on this carpet. Be careful."


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