Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 211 How Dare You?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 211 How Dare You?

Liu Sijie looked down at the floor. It was flat. Any problem? He looked at Xia Yu with a little bit confusion.

Xia Yu nodded a bit with an embarrassed smile.

Bunny girl had already got them a private room. That was why everyone slowed down. Shen Yan took one glance at Xia Yu and went in first. Zhang Peng had no idea what Xia Yu just saw. He thought she was just careless. He was so eager and said, "Hurry up. I feel good today. Let's play a few rounds."

Xia Yu perfunctorily answered, "Okay!"

The room was about 30 to 40 square meters. Besides one pool table at both sides, there were also the sofa and the end table.

Bunny girl ordered for them. Liu Sijie asked Xia Yu: "Xia Yu, what would you like to drink?"

Xia Yu's mind was not here. She could think nothing but that scene. She said, "I'm fine with whatever."

Actually, Liu Sijie had noticed this for a while and he said with patient: "Liquor or Beverage, which one?"

Xia Yu slowly caught up and said "Beverage."

While Liu Sijie was ordering, Zhang Peng was holding a club standing at the club holder. He said to Xia Yu: "Come on, Sister Xia."

Xia Yu tried to calm down. She didn't want to be mean. She had nothing to worry about unless the woman training partner said so.

However, the place let she feel uncomfortable from the moment they went in. It seemed like they had gone in a fox hole. If they just wanted to shoot some pool why did they come here with all the ladies and stuff?

If it were not for her, Shen Yan and they might also hire a woman training partner.

Thinking about earlier that disgusting action of the strange man, Xia Yu took a glare at Shen Yan who sat on the sofa secretly.


Xia Yu walked to the club holder and took a club randomly. There was a knocking on the door. Xia Yu looked at the door. The door opened. Two bunny girls and a woman training partner went in.

A strange look was in Xia Yu's big beautiful eyes for a moment. She had thought it would just be the four of them.

The woman training partner wore a white shirt and a tight black pant. She had long curly hair and a nice make up on. After coming in she smiled and greeted, "Young Master Yan, Young Master Zhang, Assistant Liu."

Xia Yu's first thought was: Do they know each other?

The woman training partner smiled at Xia Yu when she noticed that Xia Yu was looking at her. Xia Yu smiled back instantly and nodded.

Zhang Peng holding a club said, "I will not play with you today. I have the company. You can go to play with Young Master Yan."

The woman training partner smiled and said, "Your girlfriend?"

There was a big smile on Zhang Peng's face. He glanced at Shen Yan and said vaguely " I wish."

The woman training partner smiled and asked nothing more.

Liu Sijie was playing on his phone on the sofa. Shen Yan got up and went for another pool table. While Shen Yan went passing their table, Zhang Peng said, "You said that Lili was the best here. After Sister Xia and I finish, let them have a go."

Shen Yan didn't even look back while picking club at the club holder. He said flatly, "Xia Yu is no match for her."

The sentence was not a question but a statement.

Xia Yu was suddenly angry. She hated people provoking her. When she was little, the neighbor boy dared her to shave her head. She went bald the next day. She went to the barbershop by herself and told no one. And her mother almost beat her to death when she came back home.

Luckily it was in the winter holiday. She wore hat every time she went out. At the time school began, her mother asked her to wear a wig to avoid humiliating until her hair grew back.

Xia Yu did be such a person. She could admit failure herself, but she could not stand people judging her. How could he say that without seeing them playing?

Zhang Peng liked provoking people. He turned his head and said to Xia Yu, "See, he looked down on you."

Xia Yu answered with a fake smile. That was the best she can do.

Lili brought her own club. She walked to the other table and said with a smile, "It is my pleasure to be flattered by Young Master Yan. But I haven't been played with this lady. It's hard to say who will win."

Shen Yan moved forward with his club in hand and said with the same flat tone, "I'm not being polite just honest."

Lili smiled and said nothing.

Two bunny girls stood beside each table. They were in charge of the balls.

After the balls were set, Zhang Peng said to her, "Do you want me to go easy on you? Ladies first?"

Xia Yu said with a smile, "It looks like you want me to let you win. Just cut the crap."

"Wow, why are you so grumpy?" Zhang Peng looked at Xia Yu with an interested expression.

A regretting look flickered over her eyes. Xia Yu said immediately, "I'm not grumpy. Just because I know you can't win."

Liu Sijie smiled on the sofa. He looked at Zhang Peng with pity.

Zhang Peng was provoked. He said, "Don't be so arrogant, Sister. What if you lose."

Xia Yu said nothing. She just made a gesture to let the game begin.

The bunny girl removed the ball holder. Zhang Peng bent down and made the first shot. The colorful balls scattered. It looked messy, but the balls were exactly where they should be.

Zhang Peng tried really hard to beat Xia Yu. Xia Yu took a secretly glance at the other table.

She could see how it went at the other table within about two meters. Lili made the first shot and two balls went in the hole. Her gentle movement had an absolute confidence.

Xia Yu glanced at Shen Yan secretly. He stood aside with his club. He sometimes powdered his club and sometimes looked at the table with a casual look on his face.

"Oh my god!"

Zhang Peng made a noise which drew back Xia Yu's attention. She looked at the table. Zhang Peng made a mistake. The ball stopped at edge of the hole.

Xia Yu found that Zhang Peng only got three balls into the hole. She said, "Do you want to have an extra shot?"

Zhang Peng answered immediately, "I'd rather die than being humiliated."

He made a step back and let Xia Yu have the table.

She found the proper angle and shot the ball which Zhang Peng had not been able to shoot in the hole without much thinking.

This shot was without doubt so easy.

After two shots, Shen Yan got a phone call. He waved at Liu Sijie who was playing on the phone. When Liu Sijie approached and took over the club, Shen Yan went out.

The phone call lasted more than ten minutes. Considering they might not finish one round, Shen Yan didn't go back in but wondered elsewhere. He went in a little garden near the dining area.

The garden was small but quite exquisite. It was autumn and the weather was not hot. Most of the customers dining at the dining area opened the windows in order to see the garden's view.

Shen Yan was smoking and looked up randomly. The customer at table 8 looked at his direction in the same time. Their eyes met.

The look on Li Tianci's face changed. He looked at Chen Wenxuan who sat in front of him with embarrassment, and his eyes twitched several times.

Was it a coincidence or deliberate?

Li Tianci had his reason to think like this. Although Zeng Ziqiang and Shen Mo took care of it last time he kidnapped Xia Yu. Superficially, it looked like they had won and Shen Yan had lost.

But Li Tianci knew how his life had changed after that. There had been a lot of accidents in his security companies. He had to shut three of them down in the last few days.

And the last two companies were about to get shut down recently. His gangster business also had been taken over by a new uprising gangster. A lot of his gang members went with this new guy.

The legit business and gangster business were all bad. He had to swallow his pride and asked a middleman to help him make peace with the gang leader. He had hoped to share some business with him.

But the gang leader refused to meet with the middleman. He just asked the middleman to tell Li Tianci that he had respected him for being a senior in this line of business. But Li Tianci had been too arrogant and crossed with the wrong people. He was not able to take care of him. Li Tianci could only wish the best for himself.

Li Tianci was very carefully avoiding conflicts with others since he started to do legit business. The only person he had crossed was Shen Yan for he had kidnapped Xia Yu.

Luckily Xia Yu was only Shen Yan’s secretary. Shen Yan was attracted to her beauty for now. However, Yang Ke'er had come back and Shen Mo was against Xia Yu on everything. Li Tianci thought after Shen Mo got rid of her, Shen Yan would no longer come after him.

So he endured for all this time and kept a low profile in front of Shen Yan. Now they coincidentally met each other and he was with Chen Wenxuan. Would Shen Yan be mad?

Li Tianci was really worried. Now he had been seen. He had to go out and invite Shen Yan.

Chen Wenxuan saw the weird look on Li Tianci’s face who went out like a toady. Wondering what happened Chen Wenxuan also stood up. And he saw Shen Yan after he turned around.

He was really shocked. He was here today because he wanted Li Tianci to give a message to the driver who was in jail. He wanted him to blame Xia Yu.

Li Tianci was asking money to do it. At the very moment Shen Yan showed up. Chen Wenxuan had a really bad feeling. He wanted to bail right now but he couldn't. He said hello to Shen Yan reluctantly.

"Young Master Yan, what a coincidence!" Li Yianci said with a bow while Chen Wenxuan worried sick.

Shen Yan glanced at Li Tianci. He was smoking and said nothing.

Li Tianci smiled and said, "Do you want to come in Young Master Yan?"

Shen Yan looked at Chen Wenxuan who stood behind Li Tianci with an unclear look on his face.

Chen Wenxuan got more worried. He had to invite Shen Yan like Li Tianci did and said, "Young Master Yan, this way, please."

Since their invitation were so sincere, Shen Yan didn't say no. He went into their room.

Li Tianci poured some wine for Shen Yan and said, "I'm really honoured that Young Master Yan joined us. As your buddy I will drink up first."

After pouring the wine, Li Tianci gave the glass to Shen Yan with both hands. But Shen Yan didn't take it and didn't even look at him.

There had been a smile on Li Tianci's face, but Shen Yan's attitude made his smile go away. Li Tianci was afraid that Shen Yan would notice his emotion changes so he had to fake a smile.

He put the glass in front of Shen Yan and took his glass. He clicked their glass and drunk up. He showed the bottom of his glass to Shen Yan after drunk up all the wine.

Shen Yan kept on smoking. He looked at red faced Li Tianci and said, "How dare you to claim brotherhood with me. You are nothing but Zeng Ziqiang's dog. Even he needs to behave in front of me. Who do you think you are?"

Chen Wenxuan stood behind Li Tianci. After hearing the words his face went gray.


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