Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 212 You Should Know Yourself Well
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 212 You Should Know Yourself Well

Li Tianci was full of himself just now. But now he humiliated himself like this and it still couldn't please Shen Yan. How foolish was I to beg him?

The color of Li Tianci's face changed a couple of times. He slapped his mouth and said, "How can I say it like that? Young Master Yan, you are so honorable. How can I say all that nonsense? Please forgive me. It was a simple mistake."

Li Tianci apologized to Shen Yan looking like a beating dog, Chen Wenxuan held his breath after seeing this. It was the right thing to do after saw Shen Yan standing outside the window. But Shen Yan's attitude toward Li Tianci was really bad. What did Shen Yan want?

"Pour some wine for Young Master Yan!" Li Tianci pushed Chen Wenxuan to the front, so he could cover for him.

Chen Wenxuan's face turned red and then white when he held the bottle. How could he pour the wine while the glass was full? F**k! Young Master who has money was really a piece of work. You could only see the difference between two people when they stood together. Chen Wenxuan could feel his heart hurting like needles pinching. Shen Yan didn't lay a finger on him. But it felt like he had been slapped a couple of times.

Li Tianci despised Shen Yan so much in private. But now when they were together you finally knew who was the boss. Chen Wenxuan was in deep despair and sorrow. He wished all this was a dream. When he opened his eyes, everything would be back to normal. He would never meet Shen Yan the guy who couldn't be messed with.

Chen Wenxuan had to hold the bottle standing where he was until Shen Yan said something. He took a peek at Li Tianci who was looking down like his soul was out of his body.

Chen Wenxuan was a man after all. He made up his mind and said with a smile "Young Master Yan please!"

Shen Yan interrupted with a cold expression in his eyes, "Do you think you are better than him?"

Chen Wenxuan looked into Shen Yan's cold eyes. He was so scared that he nearly dropped the bottle. He heard that Shen Yan was dangerous. There was a saying that you would rather mess with death than him.

Now Shen Yan was unhappy. The room temperature seemed to drop 10 degrees. Everyone worried for themselves.

Now it seemed that Chen Wenxuan was useless. Li Tianci had to say something because he invited Shen Yan. He smiled and said, "Young Master Yan, ignore him. He is nothing but a kept man."

Li Tianci looked aside a little and said in a lower voice, "What are you still doing here? F**k off!"

Chen Wenxuan had no reaction and stood still.

Seeing this made Li Tianci really angry. He pushed Chen Wenxuan very hard and shouted, "Do you not hear me?"

The sudden push made Chen Wenxuan stagger. He shook some wine out of the bottle.

Li Tianci frowned with a disgusting look on his face. He scolded, "You can only be a kept man. No wonder Miss Xia doesn't want you."

Hearing this Shen Yan looked to Chen Wenxuan's direction without anyone noticing.

It was about 3 seconds that Chen Wenxuan stood back to Li Tianci. Suddenly he turned around.

"Why are you staring at me? I think you have a death wish that you want to blackmail Miss Xia." Li Tianci grabbed the bottle from Chen Wenxuan and smashed on Chen Wenxuan's head.

"Ah" Chen Wenxuan shouted and covered his left brow ridge with his hand.

Li Tianci stood in front of him with a despised look.

After 5 seconds Chen Wenxuan removed his hand and looked at it. There was blood on his hand. He was so angry and scolded, "F**k!"

His mind went blank. Did he pay for people to abuse himself?

What an ignorant bastard Li Tianci thought. He was ready to make a move after seeing Chen Wenxuan's reaction. Something shining flew across the sky and hit Li Tianci right on his face.

Li Tianci couldn't talk feeling the burning needle pinching pain. He inhaled the cold air. After he regained his senses he looked down. There was a burning cigarette butt lying beside his foot.

Shen Yan was the only one smoking in the room. But throwing the cigarette butt on his face like this...

Li Tiacci looked across the table without thinking. Shen Yan was leisurely touching the edge of a crystal ashtray.

Li Tianci was furious. He nearly lost control. But he tried hard to control himself after looked Shen Yan in his cold eyes. He said with a funny face, "Young Master Yan, that was quite a threw."

Shen Yan answered slightly, "Any problem?"

Li Tianci's face went dark. He had his reputation in S city. Although he has been humiliated himself in front Shen Yan. Shen Yan still threw the cigarette butt on his face. Shen Yan didn't appreciate his doing at all. If someone else knew this there would be no place for him in this line of business.

"What do you mean?" Smile faded from Li Tianci's face. The atmosphere became depressed.

Without looking at Li Tianci Shen Yan said, "Don't beat up your subordinate in front of me!"

"Young Master Yan, do I need your permission to beat up my subordinate?" Li Tianci was very angry and said without thinking.

Shen Yan moved his deep sight to Chen Wenxuan. And his eyes locked on Chen Wenxuan's pale face. He said, "How long have you been his subordinate?"

Chen Wenxuan was not stupid. He needed money to spend and to fulfill his plan. So, he chose to cooperate with Shen Mo. Now his mind was very clear. With Shen Yan on one side and Li Tianci on the other he disliked both. But he couldn't mess with either of them.

"I didn't join his gang. We are just having lunch today." Chen Wenxuan said with a small but clear voice. He knew that a weak man like him couldn't be a gangster.

Shen Yan smiled a little with satisfaction. Li Tianci's face went dark. He stared at Chen Wenxuan fiercely.

The color of Li Tianci's face changed a couple of times. He couldn't take this and finally said with a low voice, "Chen Wenxuan, didn't you just call me big brother?"

"Everyone calls you like that. I only call you that out of respect. Nothing more." Chen Wenxuan knew the principle especially in front of Shen Yan. If he admitted that he said he wanted to join Li Tianci's gang, he would be in prison for being a gangster.

So that was it. Shen Yan stood up and walked to the door. There was a sneer in his eyes when he walked pass Li Tianci.

Li Tianci was furious, "Young Master Yan, don't you think you have crossed the line too much?"

Shen Yan stopped while hearing it. He turned around facing Li Tianci and asked, "Crossed the line?"

Li Tianci didn't answer. He held up his head and looked Shen Yan right in the eyes.

There was no other way. He had no intention to fight Shen Yan. But Shen Yan disrespected him in front of Chen Wenxuan. If he didn't fight back, there would be no place for him in S city.

There was so much tension in the room. The war was on the verge of breaking out.

Chen Wenxuan stepped back to the safety area subconsciously. He saw Shen Yan slowly reached to the crystal ashtray on the edge of the table. Shen Yan smashed the ashtray on Li Tianci's head the next second. The ashtray broke into two halves instantly. One half fell down on the floor, and the other half was still in Shen Yan's hand.

Li Tianci was petrified. He did nothing but hummed a little. Shen Yan held half of the ashtray against his neck and cornered him to the wall.

The sharp cut of the ashtray made Li Tianci's neck bleed a bit. At the meantime there were a lot of blood coming out of the spot on his head where got smashed.

There was no expression on Shen Yan's handsome face. He looked at Li Tianci whose face went pale and pupil shrank. He asked softly "You said I have crossed the line?"

Ache was coming from the neck. Li Tianci couldn't breathe. Because every time he breathed the cut ached like it was on fire.

Ache made his mind clear. He regretted fighting against Shen Yan. His back was tightly against the clod wall. He was afraid to shake his head hard. He answered with fear "Yan, Young Master Yan, I made a mistake. I was drunk. Please forgive me."

You could hear the needle dropping in this huge room. Shen Yan said word by word "You should know yourself well. Got it?"

"Yes, I know. Yes, I know." Li Tianci answered repeatedly.

Hearing this Chen Wenxuan's face was paler than Li Tianci.

God! Luckily, he did nothing to Xia Yu. Otherwise, he couldn't imagine the way of his death.

Looked like he would better not to take the lawsuit to Xia Yu. He would better not to ask the driver to provide perjury. Besides, he has offended gangster Li Tianci today.

Chen Wenxuan looked at Li Tianci who was shaking. The scar on his face looked scarier. Chen Wenxuan's heart beat faster.

After a few seconds Shen Yan took back his hand and threw the half ashtray on the table. At the "Bang" sound he left the room. Left Chen Wenxuan and Li Tianci behind whose faces were pale like they had just escaped from hell.

Shen Yan came back like nothing happened with a cigarette in his mouth. They were still shooting pools.

Xia Yu has made her first shot. She looked at the table and was ready to make the second shot.

Zhang Peng knew how good Xia Yu was. If there's no accident, she would clean the table. But who knew…

Xia Yu made a mistake unexpectedly.

She made the shot. The white ball hit the opposite red ball. The red ball bounced back by the edge of the table. Normally it would go into the middle hole. But the angle was slightly wrong. The red ball reached the edge of the hole and hit the table. It got bounced out.

Zhang Peng saw Xia Yu's mistake. His eyes widened with a feeling which was either surprise or pleasant.

Xia Yu frowned with upset.

Zhang Peng looked at her and laughed "What happened? Are you OK?"

Shen Yan looked in their way after hearing that. Xia Yu knew he was looking and didn't look at him. She faked her composure and said to Zhang Peng "I let you win."

Zhang Peng made a humming noise from his nose. And then said, "Don't make excuse for your mistake. I think you are intimidated by my momentum."

Xia Yu perfunctorily said, "Yes Yes Yes. I am so afraid of you that my hands are shaking. Just come on and get your win."

Liu Sijie smiled slightly which made Zhang Peng upset. He really wanted to teach Xia Yu a lesson.

Xia Yu stepped aside. Although she looked at Zhang Peng. Her heart was at the other table.

It has been a long time and Lili was still shooting. Looked like she got every ball in.

Xia Yu was annoyed. She wanted to show Shen Yan what she got. But she missed the second ball when he entered. She was not good barely a beginner.

While Xia Yu regretted, Zheng Peng got seven balls in the hole like he got some secret help. Even Liu Sijie couldn't bear to say, "Are you that afraid to call Xia Yu older sister?"

Zhang Peng didn't look back and said, "No matter what I call her. It's about dignity. I need to let her know my hidden ability."

He made the last shot while talking. With the plop sound the yellow ball went straight to the hole.

Either Xia Yu was too arrogant to take Zhang Peng seriously or Zhang Peng was too lucky. Anyway, Zhang Peng managed to clean the table under Xia Yu's sneer and scorn for the first time.


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