Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 213: They Are Both Men.
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 213: They Are Both Men.

When the bunny girl was picking up the balls, Zhang Peng said to Xia Yu in an extremely sloppy tone: "Would you like me to let you get two more shots in the next set? I don't want to let others think that I'm bullying you."

Xia Yu also felt awkward, but she just could not show anything on her face. So she only shrugged her shoulders: "Every dog has his day, thus my mentality is very good."

Zhang Peng's performance in the second half of the game added great confidence to himself, so he said in a particularly arrogant voice at this time: "I rely on my own strength, not luck."

Xia Yu only returned him an expression of "It's OK".

On the other side, Shen Yan suddenly said: "Nice shot."

Xia Yu looked over at it very quickly, only to see Lili straight up, and there was nothing but a white ball left on the table. It was cleared.

Lili was holding a dedicated lady's club, standing on the other side and smiling. The uniform looked so good, the curls were very charming, and the beautiful face that looked pretty was really a sight to fall in love with.

It seemed that Lili was really not bragging, and she indeed was quite good at it. Liu Sijie then handed the club to Shen Yan, and sat down to play his mobile games again.

Since it was the first time that Shen Yan praised others actively, Xia Yu felt a bit strange and learned that this man did not lack this ability. When she thought that he did not hesitate to say that she couldn't beat Lili, Xia Yu felt suffocated and regretted that if she were not angry with him, she could have performed better.

The second game started at almost the same time on both sides.

The table on the left was a kick-off by Shen Yan, and the table on the right was by Xia Yu.

Xia Yu, who was eager to win, didn't care to take a look at how Shen Yan played. She felt suffocated and made up her mind to play well, or she would be looked down upon by him.

This serious shot, immediately came into effect. With the 'brushing' sound of the ball falling into the bag, Xia Yu scored seven goals.

On the other side, there weren't any mistakes at all, and Shen Yan's play could be rated as a professional level.

Although she didn't look at him, she also knew that he played quite well. She was seemingly playing against Zhang Peng, but to be honest, was competing with Shen Yan in the mind.

She wanted to finish this game in front of him. This time, it took her less than four minutes to clear the table.

However, Shen Yan was one ball faster than her. It seemed that the difference was not obvious. Since he began the game later than her, Xia Yu almost lagged behind for two balls.

Fortunately, she made a clearance, and this at least could save face for her.

Liu Sijie who was playing mobile games just now started to pay some attention to them, especially after seeing that clearance from Xia Yu, and was very supportive! He laughed: "Good job! Xia Yu, come on, I am on your side."

Xia Yu returned a big smile to him, just as the bunny girl handed over a glass of juice actively, she took it and proposed a toast with Liu Sijie.

Zhang Peng couldn't stand and said: "Hey, when did you two form a group?"

Xia Yu ignored him and drank the juice. It was cool, sweet and sour, and in red. After taking a sip, she tasted it again and then nodded.

"Sister Xia, you are good at playing billiard, but if you can guess out what the juice is made from, I will admire you." Zhang Peng smiled and came over.

"Strawberry and guava, at a ratio of two to one!"

"It's amazing you can find it out..." Zhang Peng opened his mouth in surprise and soon remembered something. "It must be Liu Sijie who told you just now, right?"

"Brother Jie did not tell me at all." Xia Yu showed arrogance on her face. Since a very young age, Grandpa had already taught her how to distinguish the taste of various ingredients. It was a piece of cake.

Liu Sijie smiled and said, "I didn't tell her. Even if I wanted, I didn't know the exact ratio of two to one!"

As for the ratio told by Xia Yu, he thought it must be a mystery. So he crooked his finger at the bunny girl next to him, when she came over, he asked, "Go and ask if it is the ratio of two to one exactly?"

The bunny girl smiled and said, "There is no need to ask. It is. Miss Xia is really amazing, she makes it out only in two sips."

"Xia Yu, you are a god!" Liu Sijie gave a thumb up to Xia Yu.

Xia Yu was very modest and held the fist in the other hand, "Fine! Fine!"

When they had a natural conversation with each other, Zhang Peng took a look around and raised his eyebrows and said: "When did you start to call him brother?"

Xia Yu calmly looked back: "He is older than me, so of course I have to call him brother."

Zhang Peng's face was blurred with an incredible and speechless expression. "You didn't say that half an hour ago."

Xia Yu deliberately angered him, "I even called you a brother, let alone Jie?"

Zhang Peng suddenly didn't know to laugh or cry. "I have made so much effort. But you turned your head and called him a brother, even so natural?"

Xia Yu shrugged her shoulders.

Liu Sijie smiled, "Sometimes you could not force something to happen."

Zhang Peng couldn't swallow this. He looked at Xia Yu, and looked at Liu Sijie again, curling his lip: "Are you two a bit too close?"

Xia Yu now found a way to deal with Zhang Peng, that was not to care about him, or even consider him.

After taking a sip of her drink, she placed the cup on the table and immediately said to Zhang Peng: "Come on, which one do you prefer, four wins in seven innings or six wins in ten innings? I will show you that you are a loser."

Liu Sijie said: "You will."

Xia Yu slightly lifted her chin so that they had an eye contact.

Shen Yan, who stood not far from here, looked at them without any expression, and then removed his sight, saying nothing.

For the following moment, Xia Yu beat Zhang Peng easily. It should be four wins in seven innings at the beginning, but Xia Yu only lost the first game, and then had four wins. Zhang Peng then changed the rule to six wins in ten innings, so Xia Yu won another two innings.

In the end, Zhang Peng simply threw the club aside, "I don't want to play anymore."

Xia Yu asked without laughing, "What happened?"

He said: "You are bullying me."

Xia Yu finally couldn't control herself and laughed: "It's uncontrollable. I can't stand people who are too furious and I am especially good at treating those who are unwilling to submit."

Zhang Peng, sitting on the edge of the table, felt some wronged: "You don't know to respect the old and love the young at all, leaving me little interest in billiards."

Xia Yu answered: "Is it a loss of interest in billiards, or confidence in yourself?"

Zhang Peng was extremely resentful and glared at her.

While leaning on the sofa watching the fun, Liu Sijie said: "I remember that there is a punishment if someone is defeated."

Xia Yu smiled and looked at Zhang Peng immediately.

Zhang Peng's eyes rolled in the eyelids before they stopped. He then resumed the appearance in the past, and did not take it seriously at all: "I am willing to admit the defeat for bet. It is just to call you sister."

After all, he said toward Xia Yu and called her clearly: "Sister."

Xia Yu immediately answered: "Oh!"

"Liu Sijie, go and see what's good to drink and buy some." Realizing that Xia Yu was happy now, Zhang Peng flattered her as much as he can.

Liu Sijie smiled and went out.

Xia Yu and Zhang Peng were sitting and chatting together when Zhang Peng said, "Sister Xia, there is something I want to ask you to do."

So serious? Xia Yu looked at him and smiled. "Go ahead?"

"In fact, it is not my business. I am also a nosy, but it seems that Sister Xia, you are better to talk about it." Zhang Peng glanced at Shen Yan who was playing billiards and continued. "Jiang Yayan sometimes is too aggressive, but she is really miserable now. Her mother is sick and she has to take care of her." Looking after her mother is also her duty, because she is the daughter. But her mother still does not understand her, this is already pitiful, and Miss Yang also makes troubles for her in a short time."

Xia Yu understood what Zhang Peng has said, "How do you want me to help her?"

"Say something to Young Master Yan, at least she is the mother of his child. Is that right?" Xia Yu's easy-going really made Zhang Peng happy, and he did not regret for today's flattering.

Xia Yu raised her eyebrows casually and said, "Are you sure that Shen Yan is the father of the child?" Is it possible that the child belongs to someone else?"

After hearing Xia Yu's words, Zhang Peng jumped up and was scared. "Sister Xia, there is no joking about this matter. I swear, Jiangjiang is definitely not my child. When I met his mother, he was already born."

"Brother Peng, why are you so excited? I didn't mean you were the father" Seeing Zhang Peng's reaction, Xia Yu didn't know whether she should smile or cry.

Zhang Peng sweated after hearing Xia Yu's sentence, he glanced at Shen Yan and wiped his forehead and sat down again. "It's not because I am sure, but the fact."

"Is that true?" Xia Yu also looked at Shen Yan and shook her head. "I feel that the child does not look like him?"

"Sister Xia, you can never say anything unreal like this. What kind of family is Shen family? If the child is not Yong Master Yan's, the Shen Family won't agree with his raising the child for so many years." Zhang Peng made a few more glances. He felt that Jiang Jiang resembled Shen Yan.

"Really?" Xia Yu looked carefully for a few glances. "I didn't find it!"

Zhang Peng also glared at Shen Yan and studied it earnestly. "Jiang Jiang looks like his mother more than Young Master Yan, but there are also resemblances."

"For example?"

"They are both men!"


"Just kidding!" Zhang Peng smiled and soon became serious. "Let's get back to the topic. For the sake that Jiangjiang likes you so much, will you help?"

"I want to help too, but I can't." Xia Yu glanced at him again, and said in a low voice, "You must have known Miss Yang's thought about Shen Yan. Also it is clear why she is against Jiang Yanyan. You want Shen Yan to persuade Yang Ke'er but isn't this bringing troubles to Jiang Yayan? Although Jiang Yayan hasn't got the recognition of Shen family formally, she has his son, which brings the mother a monthly living expenses of 500,000 yuan. Now she only needs a man who will support her. If Shen Yan goes to Yang Ke'er and warns her not to do anything unfavorable to Jiang Yayan, I won't forgive you. It will be ok if Yang Ke'er is an ordinary person, but she is the eldest daughter of Yang Family!"

What would happen in this way? Without Xia Yu's explanation, Zhang Peng could also think of the result. Yang Ke'er must have misunderstood that Shen Yan somewhat tempted to accept Jiang Yayan, and will do something even worse to persecute her.

"It couldn't be Young Master Yan to do this, so what's to be done?" Although Zhang Peng has already promised Jiang Yayan, he felt that Xia Yu was quite reasonable after hearing her words.

"It is not impossible to solve this problem. Jiang Yayan herself must make up her mind, otherwise no one can help her." It's better to be decisive rather than to muddle through it.

This incident had been dragged on for such a long time, and now when Shen Yan's business was booming, it was natural for the Second Madame to have a complete break up with Jiang Yayan. Or she would delay her son's future.

No matter standing on the side of Shen Yan or Jiang Yayan, Zhang Peng hoped that they could have an end. The problem was that they didn't know what Jiang Yayan thought about this.

"I can't make the decision for them." Zhang Peng was just sending the message for them. As it was such a big deal, it would be better for themselves to make the decision.

"Yeah, it is really important for themselves to figure it out. There is no use for us spectators to be anxious?" Xia Yu did not hurry to let Zhang Peng be a lobbyist. Some things depended on the timing. It would be solved easily at the right time.

"What are you two talking about so happily?" Liu Sijie came back after he finished ordering the drinks and smiled at them.


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