Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 214: At Her Own Expense.
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 214: At Her Own Expense.

"Guess!" Seeing Liu Sijie returned, Zhang Peng quickly resumed the appearance of a ruffian he used to be like.

"You must be discussing with Xia Yu about what to address each other? Since you lost the game just now, you should call her elder sister, but she called your elder brother. Oh, the relationship between you two is really messy." Liu Sijie laughed and looked at Zhang Peng.

Zhang Peng smiled and said, "We have already discussed it. We will address each other in our own way in the future. I will call her elder sister and she will call me elder brother. No one is wrong."

Liu Sijie nodded and looked at them for a while and said: "So should I get my seniority in the family raised, too?"

Zhang Peng raised half of his eyebrow and answered: "That depends on you. Maybe it's my seniority to be higher."

Xia Yu went to the small table, picked up Zhang Peng's cup and sent it to him: "Come on, Brother Peng." Then she picked up another cup and handed it to Liu Sijie. "Come, Brother Jie. You are all elder brothers. Since I am the youngest, I will make a toast to you."

Zhang Peng was very happy: "Ok sister, I respect your words."

The three were enjoying their moment here. On the other side, it was unknown when Shen Yan put down the club and said: "If you finish the game there, come and play a few shots with Lili."

Xia Yu looked over after she heard this. She only saw Shen Yan standing beside the table, with a beauty called Lili not far from him. Xia Yu didn't know why that image which had been forgotten suddenly appeared again in her brain.

The man who clung to the woman, standing behind her, opened the hem of her shirt and put his hands inside.

If she were not here today, would the same thing have happened again between Shen Yan and Lili?

In the world of these heirs to the fortune, many things are unimaginable for ordinary people. For her, it might be disgusting. But what about Shen Yan? Was that a common way of making new friends and having fun?

Xia Yu thought a lot in her brain, and didn't know why she felt a little down. Maybe it's because of the bad luck in these days which made her become Sister Lin, who was very sentimental.

Thinking about this, she could not control her mouth and replied: "You have said that I could not beat her, so why should I play with her?"

After finishing the words, Xia Yu regretted it.

It seemed that she was stingy. What if she was misunderstood that she was jealous?

Ok, what you were afraid of would arrive. Not until Shen Yan spoke, Lili had already smiled and said: "I saw you playing just now. You played very well. I'm afraid I am not able to beat you."

Look, how generous she was.

Shen Yan looked at the direction where Xia Yu stood and said: "Are you afraid of losing?"

Who was afraid? I just didn't want to play. But Shen Yan's expression was really spanking, so Xia Yu suppressed her anger and faintly returned: "She is professional while I am amateur. We cannot compete together certainly."

When it came to this, people won't say anything more. But Shen Yan was not a normal person. He continued: "It seems that you only play with those who are weaker than you and become terrified when meeting a master?"

The "weaker person" next to Xia Yu understood later on. He then knew that Shen Yan degraded him too.

"Sister, play with her. Let's put their nose out of joint." Zhang Peng yelled for Xia Yu.

When they were talking, Zhang Peng's phone suddenly rang. He took it out and found that it was from the hospital. Looking up at Shen Yan, he answered it aside.

Liu Sijie saw his leave, then whispered to Xia Yu, "Do you know who is calling?"

Xia Yu really knew nothing about this, so she shook her head.

Standing beside the billiard table, Shen Yan caught sight of their whisper, and stopped the topic just now. Instead, he picked up a glass of red wine and took a soft sip.

"It might be something about Jiang Yayan." Liu Sijie looked at Xia Yu hesitantly.

Xia Yu said, "I know a little about Zhang Peng and Jiang Yayan and I don't think he will ruin Shen Yan's plan."

"But he is too simple, I am afraid he is vulnerable to exploitation." Indulging on lust was equivalent to have a knife upon your head. He was the kind of person who indulged in lust, so maybe he would do something bad.

"Some matters may not be the original intention of Jiang Yayan. I have tested her several times, and she also said that the child had grown up and wanted to leave an escape route for him. Maybe it will be clear in the future." Xia Yu was more optimistic than Liu Sijie.

But Liu Sijie stunned his eyebrows. "If Jiangjiang were not born, things would be much easier, but..."

"What if Jiangjiang is not Shen Yan's child? Will it be a lot easier?" Xia Yu glanced at Shen Yan secretly, just as he was looking in this direction. When their eyes met, Xia Yu quickly drew back her sight.

Liu Sijie smiled bitterly. "You already said the word "if". But if there are many ifs in the world, then it would be fine."

"Everything is possible, and it's not at the end. Who knows who will win and who will lose." Xia Yu was much more optimistic than Liu Sijie.

Zhang Peng finished the phone call and came back. Finding that they were all standing, he hesitated, "Don't you say that there will be a competition between Sister Xia and Lili? Why haven't you started yet? "

Lili said with a smile, "How can we start before Mr. Zhang come over?"

"So you are waiting for me? Then let's start it!" Zhang Peng smiled and came to Xia Yu, "Sister Xia, I support you."

"Is there any use to have you, a soft persimmon, to support her?" Shen Yan satirized him aside.

"Young Master Yan, we all know that Sister Xia is quite skilled in playing billiards. Why not have a game with her? I bet 200,000 yuan on Sister Xia." Zhang Peng made high stakes.

Shen Yan curled his lips and didn't take it seriously, "Good men don't fight with women!"

Hey, who were you talking about?

I just played a few games with Xia Yu... Wait, hasn't he played with Lili?

Zhang Peng walked to Lili and circled her for a few laps. Lili was confused, "Mr. Zhang, what are you doing?"

"Don't worry, Lili. I just want to make sure whether you are female." While saying this, Zhang Peng only glanced at Shen Yan.

All the people in the room laughed after hearing Zhang Peng's words. Who said that good men won't fight with women just now? He himself also played billiards with girls for a long time.

"I don't want to argue with you. If you don't play, I will leave." Shen Yan was laughed by them so he turned around and wanted to go.

"Sister Xia, haven't you seen it? He acted shamelessly." When Zhang Peng saw Shen Yan was beaten, he danced for joy. After that they went to KTV to sing, Zhang Peng was very lavish, even making Shen Yan frowned.

Xia Yu made a phone call to Jiang Yayan when others were playing to ask if she decided to have the surgery on Xie Gendi.

Jiang Yayan told her that.

She has called Professor Zhou to explain their willingness to have the operation. There were only some necessary routine examinations needed to be done before the operation. In addition, Zhou Yi was busy this week, so the operation time was about a week later.

After hanging up the phone, Xia Yu remembered one more thing and dialed Zhou Yi's mobile phone directly.

"Excuse me, professor Zhou, may I ask you about the fee of Mrs. Xie's surgery?"

Professor Zhou found that it was Xia Yu, so he smiled over there: "You need to ask Director Wu about this. I will only do the surgery for Mrs. Xie at that time."

Zhou Yi was an external doctor for consultation in the hospital and Xia Yu also understood it very much. She hung up the phone after showing thanks to professor Zhou, feeling that it's necessary to have a talk with Director Wu.

The next day she went straightly to the office of Director Wu. She just wanted to take a chance, after all it was Saturday. But she could hear the voices when she approached the door. So Xia Yu stood for a while before knocking.

"Come in!" In a loud voice.

Xia Yu pushed the door, and Director Wu was hanging up the phone.

"Hello, Director Wu."

"Oh, you are... Young Master Yan's secretary. You must come for Mrs. Xie, right? I am just talking about this." Director Wu thought about it until finding that Xia Yu was here.

Although Xie Gendi was an old woman in a rural area, the people who come to care about her were not ordinary people. So he could not be sloppy at all.

"What happened?"

Professor Zhou told me that Mrs. Xie finally chose to have the operation. He and I both found it better to do the operation. Oh, I just finished a phone call about this with Young Master Zhang.

"What did he say?" Xia Yu asked.

"Young Master Zhang wants us to respect the patient's choice. The operation will be arranged as soon as possible and no later than next week. Professor Zhou will handle it he himself. I will also give him the best anesthesiologist and assistant physician here. This is for the sake of god because Professor Zhou has rarely done any operations since he retired."

Xia Yu didn't know how to reply so she answered politely. "Thank you, Director Wu, what about the cost?"

"Don't worry about the cost. The hospital will send the bill directly to Young Master Zhang."

Zhang Peng would take charge of it? Xia Yu was really surprised, but it was also good. At least Yang Ke'er can't find any excuse to trouble Jiang Yayan, and things can be solved.

"I will pay for the expenses. Please give me the bill at that time." When Xia Yugang was about to leave, Jiang Yayan came in.

"About this..." Director Wu seemed to be in a dilemma. "I don't know what relationship you have with Young Master Zhang, but he made it clear that all expenses would be paid by him during your mother's stay.

"No, I can handle it myself." Jiang Yayan replied firmly.

Director Wu was shocked and soon calmed down.

"For the hospital, whoever pays the money is the same. But if you disagree with Young Master Zhang at this point, why not go back and discuss it with him?"

After leaving the office of Director Wu, Jiang Yayan sat down with Xia Yu on the bench of a square near the hospital, "I've thought about it, and it's really my duty to undertake the money."

Yang Ke'er was not easy to provoke, and Bai Hong was also not a good bird who wouldn't lose to anyone when she got mad. Jiang Yayan said that she dared not provoke anyone.

"I think your mom will be happy if you could think so." Xie Gendi hated to see Jiang Yayan contact any other men. This decision would be very helpful for Xie Gendi's illness.

On the way back from the hospital, Xia Yu accidentally received a phone call from Zhou Yan.

"Hey, Xia Yu, I've heard everything from my grandfather. Don't worry too much about the operation, for the cure rate of the stomach cancer is very high now, my grandfather will try his best."

Zhou Yan's voice went into her ears slowly through the mobile phone. Xia Yu looked up at the cloudy sky, "Thank you."

"You don't need to be so polite. You are also helping your friends."

On the next Monday, Xia Yu went to work as normal. She saw many people discussing around Cai Yanyan when she came to the office. But since Xia Yu entered, they all became quiet. The atmosphere was obviously weird.

"We will hold a meeting an hour later!" When Xia Yu entered the office, Fang Feifei came in and shut the office door casually. "Do you know that, Xia Yu?" "Chen Wenxuan disappeared, and Bao Na was so anxious that she almost wanted to jump off the building. "

"Missing? When did it happen?" Didn't he want to sue me? How could he suddenly disappear?

It seemed that Xia Yu still did not know anything. Fang Feifei sighed and said, "I also heard it from others. They said that Chen Wenxuan offended the gang boss. He was firstly beaten black and blue all over by the hooligans, then threatened that it would not over. He was scared and sold all the valuables at their home when Bao Na went to the hospital to do the inspection. Then he disappeared."

Chen Wenxuan used to ask Bao Na to add his name on the property ownership certificate of their new house, but the money was provided by Bao Na's parents. They didn't like Chen Wenxuan at all so, not only did they refuse to add his name, but also went to the Notary Office to certify that the house was only given to their daughter by them, and Bao Na did not have the right to sell or mortgage it without the consent of this old couple.

Their new house survived in this way. Otherwise, it had already been sold.


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