Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 215 Glad He“s Gone
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 215 Glad He“s Gone

"How did he get into trouble with the gangdom? Chen Wenxuan seemed not to be so reckless." Xia Yu was in a relationship with him for several years but she thought he was a man fond of fantasy rather than risks.

In addition, Bao Na was also from a decent family. It was impossible for her to have a relation with the gangdom.

"There were rumors that you sent the gangsters to give Chen Wenxuan a lesson because you are annoyed that he brought a suit against you." Fang Feifei was close with Xia Yu so she just told her straight.

"It's only a lawsuit. And I have a chance to win. Why should I ask the gangsters for help? Xia Yu was amused by their whimsical ideas.

"But others won't believe. You must be prepared that there may be a blast of railing at you in the following days and you'll be drowned in this wave. I suggest you should hide at home." Fang Feifei was very thoughtful of her.

"I'll be OK. I can swim in the 'wave'." Xia Yu didn't take it seriously.

"Hah, you really have a big heart and are still kidding now!"

"Do I have any other choice? To die?"

"You win." Fang Feifei laughed.

"We'll have a meeting in an hour. Fang, please get prepared for it." Xia Yu closed the document and pressed her temples after Fang left.

An hour later, the meeting began on time. When Xia Yu came into the bright-lit room, all of them were present already.

Xia Yu was handing out the documents when, suddenly, the door was knocked open by someone with a loud "bang" sound.

Madame Bao showed up at the door, glaring at Xia Yu with her reddened eyes as if she wanted to swallow Xia Yu with one gulp. The receptionist, with an embarrassed looking, was standing behind Madame Bao.

"Secretary Xia, I'm sorry. I tried to stop her. I've sent for the security staff."

Xia Yu waved her hand to the receptionist with understanding to let her withdraw aside.

"Madame Bao, what are you going to do?"

"Where's Chen Wenxuan? Hand him back to me!" Madame Bao was burning with a frenzy of rage because her daughter was pregnant and Chen deserted her without a word.

"Madame Bao, you got me here. He is your son-in-law. If you have no ideas about his whereabouts, how can I know?" Considering her pitiful situation, Xia Yu tried her best not to provoke her.

"Hah!" Madame Bao laughed with scorn and didn't believe what Xia Yu said, "You've known him for a long time. How can you have no ideas about his whereabouts? Or, is it you who hide him somewhere?"

"Madame Bao, watch your tongue!" Fang Feifei interrupted to support Xia Yu. She thought Madame Bao was so bossy. Why should Xia Yu hide Chen Wenxuan since they were in litigation?

Madame Bao seemingly had nothing to fear and glared at Fang Feifei, "It's none of your business. I said so because I have evidence. She's afraid of losing the lawsuit."

"You..." Fang Feifei was speechless because of anger, "If you are so sure that Xia Yu kidnapped Chen Wenxuan, why not call the police? Plus, how do you explain that your belongings in your house are sold out?

Madame Bao couldn't figure it out or else she would dash in and slap Xia Yu directly.

Suddenly, someone grunted at the door, "You always stand by her. Why don't you think about your own position?

Fang Feifei looked back and found it was Zeng Mina. She was enraged and jumped from her chair, "I just tell the truth. It does nothing to my position. Now I am curious about what my 'position' is, Miss Zeng?"

"I'm so kind as to remind you, Fang Feifei. Her family is missing." Retorted by a humble staff, Zeng Mina was provoked.

"If she's family is missing, why not call the police? Here is the police station. Why should she come here?"

"I can't agree more. It's so kind of Xia Yu to help pay medical charges and visit the patient with gifts. But they are not grateful at all and even plan to litigate. Now that Chen Wenxuan is missing, they turn around to blame it on Xia Yu. How ridiculous!"

"That's true. They lost their conscience."

Even if Madame Bao was backed by Zeng Mina, staff members were still throwing their criticism at her regardlessly.

Madame Bao didn't expect that staff members of Tengfei all supported Xia Yu. She was so angry that her face turned red, "Bullshit! You're talking nonsense!"

"What nonsense? You're not used to that? We have already restrained our comments."

"You..." Madame Bao was not assured now. She came here today because she was only told by Zeng Mina that Chen Wenxuan was hidden by Xia Yu. After hearing what those staff said, she began stammering out of anger and could do nothing but banged the table, "Shut up! You..."

Xia Yu was calm all the way. Watching them quarreling for quite a while, she knocked on the table with her pen, "Quiet!"

Staff members of Tengfei stopped talking now. But Madame Bao wouldn't listen to her order and kept on crying and flailing.

Xia Yu didn't know what to do. She started pressing her temples again. What she hated most were meaningless quarrels and ungrounded rumors!


She slapped the pen on the table out of a sudden, with the pen cap fleeing away, hitting on the wall and bouncing back with a bang sound.

Madame Bao, who was nagging, was shocked and stopped making any sound. She didn't expect that Xia Yu was so appalling when she was in a rage.

The room was totally in silence.

Zeng Mina was shocked, too. She took a look at Xia Yu, whose eyes were still calm except her chest was breathing hard because she patted the table just now.

"Miss Zeng, are you sure that Chen Wenxuan is in my hand?"

"..." Zeng Mina didn't expect to be asked by Xia Yu so she was astounded.

"Miss Zeng, say something!" Madame Bao dragged the corner of her clothes.

Say what? If she really had evidence, she would ask Bao to call the police at once. Stammering for a while, Zeng Mina had no choice but to turn around and evade Madame Bao's eyes.

"Miss Zeng, you won't be content unless you set someone up in trouble, right?" Xia Yu stared at her with hard eyes they had never seen before. Only if she didn't give Zeng any chance, this insane second rich generation!

How dared Xia Yu to talk to Zeng Mina like that! People present were all worried about her because they knew she had probably provoked Zeng, who was likely to make a fuss.

However, everyone was wrong this time. Zeng Mina seemed shocked by Xia Yu so that she not only didn't make a fuss but also tried to explain, "Xia Yu, I consider that Bao Na is pregnant and her husband is missing so I accompanied Madame Bao to ask for some information. I didn't say that Chen Wenxuan must be here."

"Miss Zeng, it's not the same as what you said at my home." Madame Bao was panicked by Zeng Mina's words. She doubted that what Zeng Mina did, sending journalists and audience, was to get herself tricked to make trouble for Xia Yu.

Or in some sense, to make Shen Yan embarrassed!

Madame Bao, not like Bao Na who had no experience in worldly affairs, was shrewd enough to realize Zeng Mina's scheme very soon and felt a little faint by anger.

"What did I say at your home? Madame Bao, you can't set me up." Seeing that Madame Bao was inquiring herself, Zeng Mina hurried to shield responsibility, "If I knew earlier that your family was such a nasty kind, I would never pity you."

When she finished her words, Zeng Mina fled out of the meeting room on her high-heel shoes, as if someone was chasing after her.

"Madame Bao, as regards Chen Wenxuan, I was informed of that just before you came here. I'm terribly sorry that I don't know his whereabouts." After Zeng Mina left, Xia Yu explained with empathy for Madame Bao looked in pain.

Anyway, Bao Na deserved her empathy in such a situation.

"Miss Xia, I lost control just now. If you have any news about him, please let me know. Excuse me." Madame Bao had never felt so ashamed before. She turned around and dashed while staggering out of the room.

After she returned home, Bao Na grabbed her mother's arm and asked, "Did Xia Yu hand over Chen Wenxuan?"

How could I have a daughter as such! Madame Bao looked at Bao Na and felt like crying.

"Mother, tell me!" Bao Na shook her mother's body ferociously. What if Chen Wenxuan eloped with Xia Yu? How could Bao Na and her child live without him?

"What do you want your mother to say?" Father Bao came in from outside, sat on the sofa and looked at his daughter, angry but helpless, "I don't expect you to do anything big but could you just behave normally?

"Father, your son-in-law has been robbed away. How could blame me now?" Bao Na cried, feeling that she had been wronged. She was pregnant for months and she refused to see her baby lose its father.

"My dear daughter, why should Xia Yu fight for Chen Wenxuan with you? He didn't deserve." Father Bao pointed at Bao Na for quite long before he said helplessly, "Only my silly daughter would cherish him so much?"

"We have no time to discuss whether his human nature is good or evil. What is urgent now is to find him back." Bao Na didn't care anything else at this very moment.

"Why should I look for him? To let him back and continue to cheat on you?" Father Bao sighed again and again, "I'm glad he's gone!"

"Father Bao!" Madame Bao couldn't keep silent any more. Though she didn't like Chen Wenxuan, either, she had to care about her daughter's feelings.

Father Bao gave his wife a sign to stop saying and continued, "Do you know who beat Chen Wenxuan? It's Li Tianci, head of security team of Zeng Family. Chen asked Li to threat the person, the driver who hit his father to give false testimony, aiming to send Xia Yu to prison. They were about to make a deal when they met Shen Yan. Li intended to pander to Shen but somehow provoked him while drinking together. Shen made Li embarrassed in front of Chen Wenxuan. Li thought Chen might look down upon him and gossip so he asked some people to beat Chen. That's why this coward escaped."

"Wait, isn't it the fact that Xia Yu pushed Chen's father so that he was hit by the car? Why should he ask someone to give false testimony?" Madame Bao was confused.

"Then you should ask your dear daughter. Shen Mo was not happy that Xia Yu helped Shen Yan leave his company. So Shen Mo gave Chen a large amount of money to defame Xia Yu." Father Bao said with angry and glared at Bao Na.

Bao Na lowered her head with guilt.

"Really?" Madame Bao said. No wonder those staff members of Tengfei were boiling, "Nana, how do you say?"

"We just want to make some money to start our business." Shen Mo was generous at giving money and Xia Yu happened to the thorn in Bao Na's flesh. Even if Shen Mo didn't give them money, Bao Na was determined to set some obstacles to Xia.

Bullying someone she hated with pay. Why should Bao Na refuse this offer?

"You, how could you do that? Xia Yu was your classmate, anyway. How could?" Madame Bao was shocked. How could her daughter choose such a man?

Xia Yu and Chen Wenxuan were in a relationship for five years. But now Chen attempted to put her in prison for money. How cruel he was!

"Because she dared to vie for my man." Bao Na muttered. How dared Xia Yu to be with Chen Wenxuan for five years!

"Chen Wenxuan was rotten. If Xia Yu really wanted him, just let her take him away. You didn't deserve such a miserable life." Madame Bao couldn't help crying out.

Seeing mother crying, Bao Na stroked her belly and then thought of her dim future. She started sobbing with her mother.


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