Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 216: You Think I“m Just Impetuous?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 216: You Think I“m Just Impetuous?

Madame Bao went to the company and kicked up a fuss again, which didn't make a stir but caused some bad effects. Yang Ke'er took the opportunity to find the Second Madame. "Auntie, Xia Yu's negative news is almost everywhere recently. It will be bad for Brother Yan's competition with Brother Shen Mo if it continues."

In fact, the Second Madame was also worried about these things. Although she knew that Xia Yu was innocent, her son couldn't stand any toss anymore as Yang said.

Thus, she took the initiative to find the Old Madame and suggested transferring Xia to the Headquarters.

The Old Madame asked after a long time:" Have you ever discussed this with Little Yan?"

"No, I want to ask you first. If you don't object, I will talk to him again." The Second Madame knew her son so much that he would never promise it.

The child looked insouciant ostensibly, but he was very dependable in fact and always put feelings first. So at the crucial moment, she had to take the idea for him.

"Decide by yourself." The Old Madame just said such a sentence.

The Second Madame then got out of her room as she looked tired.

"Old Madame, you really agree?" Asked Secretary Yang.

"Agree to what? Stuff and nonsense!" The Old Madame sighed, it seemed that her daughter-in-law couldn't retain the composure again. Now she could do nothing but see whether Shen Yan could withstand the pressure of his mother. If he acted like his brother, she was afraid that Shen Group could only rely on her grandson Xiao Qiang then.

Xia Yu had been busy for several days. On this day, she had a casual lunch and handled some urgent work. Then at about two o'clock, she made time to drive to the hospital.

Since the diagnosis, Xie Gendi had been in terrible humor. She kept saying that she had cancer, which was incurable. Although she was arranged to have an operation, it was a risky one, so she was afraid she would kick the bucket when the operation was over.

The TV was on when Xia Yu went in and it was still on a drama channel, but this time it was playing a variety show. Some drama enthusiasts were performing in a competition with a row of judges sitting under the stage, which was very funny and bustling. However, Xie Gendi was sitting alone on the sofa in a daze with her blank eyes looking nowhere. She was in old clothes and a pallid complexion.

Xia Yu glanced around the ward, seeing a few plastic boxes placed on the table, inside which were unfinished porridge and soup.

Xie Gendi didn't have a good relationship with Jiang Yayan. As long as the two met, they would have a verbal battle with each other. In order to reduce disputes, Jiang Yayan booked meals for her at the hospital directly. The food was not bad actually but Xie Gendi ate less and less recently which maybe because her pain intensified. And she started vomiting and diarrhea.

Xia Yu called her auntie and stepped in. She turned off the TV directly then. Xie Gendi didn't realize somebody had entered the room until she heard the noise. She lifted her eyelids blankly.

"Oh, Xia Yu, aren't you supposed to work at this time?" Xie Gendi had inquired Xia Yu with Jiang Yayan and learned that she was a senior manager of a big company. So her attitude towards Xia Yu was different then.

It was not easy for a young girl to be such a big official. In her village, the girls who had read junior high school were already very splendid.

Xia Yu put the paper bag and a box on the table and said: "I'm free in the afternoon and I just pass by here. I have heard from Jiang Yayan that you'll have a check after a while. She has something to do, so let me accompany you."

"Oh! I can handle it myself. I don't want to delay your work." Xie Gendi looked very considerate in the face of Xia Yu.

Xia Yu raised her wrist and looked at the watch. "There are still about half an hour before your check. You should eat something now."

Then she put the paper bag she brought here on her knees.

The bag was still hot. Xie Gendi opened it and there was a small portion of goluptious roast chestnuts in it. At that moment, her tears burst out and she put a hand over her eyes.

Xia Yu glanced at her. "Are you feeling bad?"

"No." Xie Gendi wiped her tears with twitching hands and peeled a chestnut into her mouth. "I remembered that my son loved this when he was a child. One time, his father bought some back. He was greedy and then he ate half of them, while I was not at home that time..."

Xie Gendi suddenly stopped. For that half of the chestnuts, she had slapped his face. She looked at her own hands. "Xia Yu, my heart still hurts when remembering it!"

Her tears which had just been wiped out began to trickle down again. Xia Yu couldn't distinguish whether they were out of regret or shame.

Xia Yu didn't know what to say. The cries reverberated around her ears. Xia Yu suddenly regretted buying it as it reminded her of such torturous memories.

"Auntie, your son won't blame you." Xia Yu guessed that her son was still serving a sentence in prison from her conversation with Jiang Yayan. And at this time she had to face such a major operation. Her fear was inevitable actually.

Xia Yu tried her best to comfort her.

"He was docile and academic. But unfortunately, he met a bad woman, who ruined his life." Xie Gendi seemed to talk to herself, but also talked to Xia. After that, Xie Gendi kept quiet and stopped her tears, sitting on the sofa and peeling the chestnuts.

The room was shrouded in tranquility, with the sound of peeling chestnuts sometimes.

Half an hour passed quickly. Xia Yu accompanied Xie Gendi on the two checks, and then sent her back to the ward, and finally returned to the company.

Xia Yu worked overtime until 7:00 when the work piled up in the afternoon had been finished. Then she packed up and prepared to go downstairs. The light in Shen Yan's office was still on. After staring at it and standing in front of the office for a while, she knocked at the door.

"Come in!" The voice was as cold as usual.

Xia Yu came in while Shen Yan was calling someone. He looked at the direction of the door, finding out who she was.

"Ok, notify me after the results come out!"

Shen Yan hung up the phone and held his hands, looking at her. Both of them didn't talk and looked at each other for a few seconds, and finally, Shen Yan's fingers tapped the table.

"You are going to stand there all the time?"

Xia Yu stood at the doorway, about four or five meters away from him. Well, she admitted that she was a little afraid of him.

Sitting down on the sofa against him, Xia Yu said: "Xie Gendi will undergo surgery in these two days."

"You come here just to tell me this?" Shen Yan's face became sulky. It finally came.

"Zhang Peng said that he would undertake the medical expenses at first, but Jiang Yayan said that she was her mother, so she would pay for it herself." Xia Yu said softly.

"She will pay by herself?" It was unexpected to Shen Yan. He had thought that Jiang Yayan would blackmail him for a packet this time.

"She said so." Xia Yu looked at him. "Don't you think Jiang Yayan is not so mercenary and unreasonable as you think?"

Shen Yan snorted: "It's gonna cost her a fortune this time. Do you know how much it can cost to ask Zhou Yi for an operation?"

Xia Yu bowed her head and sighed lightly, answering very honestly. "I don't know, but I know it can be a large amount. However, I think it can make her feel at ease."

Shen Yan sneered and did not speak. He stood up from the chair and walked towards Xia Yu, smiling and bending over lightly. The light above his head was half-covered by his broad shoulders.

"But at the same time, it can be toilsome for her."

Xia Yu took a breath: "But she does not have to owe someone else in this way."

Shen Yan bent lower, almost touching the tip of her nose. "It seems that you have done a lot of work to make her come to her senses."

"She figured out herself. I daren't credit myself with it." Xia Yu said with a light tone. "People called me at the Headquarters. They asked me to consider working there."

Although it seemed they were asking her for advice, Xia Yu knew that she must go there without choice. "Have you chosen a new secretary. I will finish the handover with her."

"You can't wait to leave me?" Staring at Xia Yu, Shen Yan said word by word.

Xia Yu turned her face away and took a breath. She answered: "Since it has been notified, it will come sooner or later."

"If I don't agree?" It seemed that he wouldn't let her go. Shen Yan bent lower to her face.

Xia Yu didn't talk and moved away from him a little. But he pinched her chin suddenly and lifted her face, glaring at her. "Answer my question!"

"Why bother?"

"Say it again!"


The later words were swallowed up by Shen Yan. He kissed her lips with great strength, almost biting.

Xia Yu didn't expect it. She clutched his shirt to push him away, but Shen Yan held her tight and then his tongue went into her mouth.

Just wanted to get rid of him? This stubborn woman.

The phone rang on the desk when Xia Yu was going to be stifled by this kiss. But Shen Yan didn't pay any attention to it at all, and he continued his actions. The ringing stopped then, but it started to echo after half a minute.


Shen Yan had to let go of the person in his arms and walked over the phone on the desk. "Hey!"

"Young Master Yan. The Second Madame advised the planning department to vote to decide whether Xia Yu would stay in Tengfei or go to the Headquarters." The phone was sent by Liu Sijie. He was really speechless about the decision made by the Second Madame.

Shen Mo managed to get Xia Yu away from Shen Yan, and the Second Madame really helped him a lot.

Xia Yu could hear nothing as the voice was blocked in the phone. But she saw Shen Yan suddenly turn back to take a glance at her with a weird smile and chilly eyes.

"Tengfei will participate in the voting!" He hung up the phone after the seven words. Xia Yu heard it and her mind went blank for a few seconds. She looked at the clock on the wall which pointed at eight.

She suddenly realized something and looked at him. "Don't be impetuous!"

Shen Yan came over to her side and stood in front of her, still smiling. "You think I'm just impetuous?"

Xia Yu closed her eyes and adjusted her mood. "The second Madame did it for your sake. She is paving the way for you."

"Is this your understanding?"


Shen Yan smiled coldly and approached her ears: "Silly girl, how much do you know? How much do you understand?"

He suddenly stopped after these words.

Xia Yu asked: "What do you want to say on earth?"

However, Shen Yan just raised his hand, rubbed her slightly swollen lips out of his kiss and said: "No comment."

Xia Yu came out of Shen Yan's office after half an hour. The drizzle stopped, but the air was still chilly and dump. She was contemplating his words on her walk all the time. She felt that something was wrong. A myriad of thoughts crowded into her mind, but she couldn't figure out anything.

She called Shen Qiang directly when she arrived home. "Can you help me find out the results of the voting by the planning department of the Headquarters?"

Shen Qiang was somewhat guilty: "Sister, you are flattering me. I am at school now, and maybe the voting hasn't been finished. How can I help you?"

"Figure out it!"

"Just talk to my second brother if you don't want to go there!"

Xia Yu smiled helplessly: "Don't you think you are so boring?"

"I think you are boring! If you admit you are reluctant to leave my brother, I will ask it for you immediately!"


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