Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 217: Every Accusation Needs Evidence!
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 217: Every Accusation Needs Evidence!

It really caused a headache to Xia Yu when Shen Qiang niggled like this. She breathed a sigh of relief and said: "Whatever you think. Will you ask for me?"

"Hey-hey-hey, just wait for me. I'll try to find someone to ask now!" Shen Qiang hung up the phone cheekily.

Xia Yu calmed down and ruminated the words of Shen Yan again when she waited for the answer. At this time, the mobile phone on the tea table rang again. It was Jiang Yayan.

"Miss Jiang?" Xia Yu picked up the phone.

"Auntie, please come to save my mother! Two fierce aunts are beating my mom!" Jiangjiang cried on the phone, begging her for help. Xia Yu could hear the scream through the phone.

"Jiangjiang, don't cry. Auntie will come over immediately. You find a place to hide yourself first." Xia Yu feared that they were driven by craziness and hurt Jiangjiang, so she told him to hide in his room.

Xia Yu took her handbag and went to Jiang Yayan's home then without any hesitation. Getting off the elevator, she saw a lot of people surrounding her door.

"The woman gets beaten almost everyday by people seeking here."

"Yeah, she has been engaging in love affairs and she has such a big child! She should take care of her son's feelings even if she is shameless herself."

"Her son is really a poor boy!"

People unscrupulously talked about it, completely forgetting the poor boy standing in the corner. Xia Yu didn't know whether they were really sympathetic, or just interested in gossip.

In short, what Xia Yu saw was a group of people gossiping with spirit, and Jiangjiang standing in a corner, sobbing miserably.

"Jiangjiang!" Xia Yu separated the throng and came to him.

"Auntie!" Until seeing Xia Yu, Jiangjiang seemed to have the backbone then and suddenly ran into her arms. Xia Yu scooped him up. Jiangjiang grabbed her tightly around her neck, as if she would disappear if he let go of his hands.

"Don't be afraid, Jiangjiang. Auntie is there." Xia Yu was on the edge of tears with bitterness in her heart.

"They beat my mother at home!" Jiangjiang had run out and knocked on the door of the neighbors'. He wanted to ask them to save his mother, but they just called a lot of people to come here and stood at the door. They had talked for a long time, but nobody helped him.

"Do you have the key?" Xia Yu asked.

"Yeah, I have it." Jiangjiang handed the key to her.

Xia Yu put him down on the floor and said: "You stand here and don'tmove. Auntie will go in."

She didn't dare to bring him into it as she didn't know the situation inside. She was afraid Jiangjiang would be hurt if the fighting was too drastic.

Jiangjiang hesitated for a while and finally nodded obediently. "I will stand here, Auntie. You can rest assured."

Xia Yu tapped his small head and opened the door with a key. Then she closed the door to prevent those inquisitive eyes.

The situation in the room was much worse than she thought. Jiang Yayan's clothes were torn asunder and hung on her body. Yang Ke'er and Bai Hong looked no better than her. Basically, nobody could wear their dresses out.

When they heard the sound of door opening, they looked at the door in unison. "Why you come here?"

They opened the mouth almost at the same time. It was really a rare tacit understanding.

"I come here to watch your show! don't stop! Just continue!" Xia Yu kicked the glass fragments on the floor and found a place to stand down. She looked at them and said slowly: "A mother of a child and two young aristocratic ladies drive out a little kid and fight here. Shame on you."

Hearing it, they stopped the fight then, whether due to confession or fatigue.

But they started a wrangle then. "This shameless woman seduces my man. Shouldn't I beat her?"

Bai Hong's face was covered with scratches and her eyes were badly bruised. Her corners of the mouth were bleeding and twitching, whether because of speaking too hard or something else.

"Nonsense! Who seduces your man?" Jiang Yayan naturally repudiated it as nobody witnessed the adultery. So why should she recognize it? Besides, they were at her home, and there were scores of neighbors standing outside. If she really admitted it, how could she live here in the future?

"If you didn't seduce my man, why should he give you money for your mother's treatment?" Bai Hong wouldn't come here impetuously without any evidence.

"That is right. You such a shameless woman. Receive Brother Yan's money, and seduce other men at the same time." Yang Ke'er echoed Bai Hong's points and raised her arms, as if she was ready to restart the fight.

"I must clarify it that Miss Jiang paid her mother's medical expenses by herself, not by anyone else." Xia Yu said on the side when seeing their agitation.

Although Yang Ke'er and Bai Hong were not very convinced about it, they stopped their actions then after Xia Yu spoke out the words. "Do you think we will believe it?"

"Believe it or not, it's your business. But it's the truth. Do you want to find a policeman to investigate it?" Xia Yu said and took out her mobile phone. "You needn't rest in the middle of the night, but your neighbors need. If anyone couldn't brook it and called 110, wouldn't you be ashamed to go out in the future?"

"I am not afraid! Who let her seduce my fiance?" Bai Hong stretched out her neck and was not willing to compromise.

"Yes! She is the first to be shameless!" Yang Ke'er glared at Xia Yu as it seemed that she was helping Jiang Yayan! Which side was she on!

"You are talking nonsense! Who seduces your fiance? Every accusation need evidence! You'd better give me a reasonable explanation, or I'm not done with you." Jiang Yayan was not a pushover. She had been a veteran out of the circulation with those so-called ladies or madams these years.

"I am not a judge and I don't want to be a judge for you. Anyway, a large number of people are outside. I don't know if anybody called the police or the paparazzi. And I don't know whether someone would shoot it and put it online if you went out like this." Xia Yu looked at them calmly. "It's very simple to figure this out. It just depends on whether you want to figure it out."

They didn't speak anymore after hearing the words.

They couldn't expose it no matter how angry they were.

"This woman paid the charges herself, really?" Bai Hong softened her tone first. She could end here if Zhang Peng didn't have an affair with this woman.

"You can call him and ask him yourself." Xia Yu said to Bai Hong crossly. She was really sympathetic about her misfortune and peevish about her spinelessness and jealousy as Zhang never paid any attention to her.

She had a rich family, pleasing look and high academic qualifications. She could find an eminent boy, but she kept chasing dead.

Bai Hong turned silent when hearing Xia Yu's words. He would force a wild scene if she asked him.

"Even if it is not Zhang Peng's money, it must be my Brother Shen Yan's. How could she pay it herself?" Yang Ke'er said on the side. She had been raised by Shen Yan these years, hadn't she?

It was true, and Xia Yu admitted. "Then you can go back and talk to him and let him not give money to her anymore. Then everything is done."

"Xia Yu, who are you talking for? Don't forget that you are the secretary of Brother Shen Yan." Yang Ke'er's fury suddenly rushed to a high level as she had never seen such an ignorant secretary. "You needn't go back to work anymore. You are not suitable as a secretary for Brother Shen Yan. You are fired!"

Yang Ke'er fired Xia Yu directly. She was not Zeng Mina, indulging her impertinence and arrogance. This time she would let her understand that what was called hierarchy.

"You don't have the say to decide if I'm suitable, and you have no right to fire me either." Xia Yu said as calmly as usual. "Miss Yang, don't blame me for not reminding you. Miss Jiang has the right to sue you."

Xia Yu didn't know why she could act so bossily. Yes, the money was given by Shen Yan, but Yang Ke'er knew the reason actually. It was easy to make scenes, but Xia Yu didn't know if Yang Ke'er had the ability to undertake the consequences.

"You, Xia Yu. Just wait and see if I have the right to fire you." Yang Ke'er shivered with anger as Xia Yu let her lose face in this moment.

She had pointed at Xia Yu for a while, but finally did not dare to slap her face. She stood there motionless and then said ferociously: "Xia Yu, I will give you a few more good days. You will know whether I can make you away."

After that, Yang Ke'er walked to the door with rage.

"Stop! Are you ready to go out like this?" Xia Yu opened her mouth behind her, without any temperature.

"Why? You want to continue?" Yang Ke'er turned back domineeringly.

For so many years, her mother's tuition was paid for such an idiot. Xia Yu shook her head. "Go to the bathroom and change your clothes.”

What?! Yang Ke'er noticed her body then. The upper body was almost half naked. If she went out directly, everybody must scream.

She blushed, and took out a sentence after a long time. "But I have no clothes to change."

She glanced at Jiang Yayan subconsciously. She did not know if there were any germs in this woman's clothes, so she did not dare to wear it.

In her dreams! Jiang Yayan did not intend to lend clothes to her and turned her head to the other side directly, pretending not to hearing it.

"I have already ordered clothes for you. It'll be there in about ten minutes." Xia Yu said.

It was no wonder that Xia Yu could handle Shen Yan, such a difficult man. She was truly different from other general secretaries. Bai Hong said thank you to her and went to the bathroom with Yang Ke'er.

"You should just let them run their courses, such kind of people." Jiang Yayan glared at the two who walked into the bathroom and said with Xia Yu.

Xia Yu smiled. "Why make yourself unhappy. The earlier they go, the sooner you can live a peaceful life with your son."

That was the truth, but Jiang Yayan just couldn't swallow the breath.

Xia Yu exhaled heavily and felt that the room was too depressing. She walked to the window and opened it. Some fresh air flowed in, and she felt a lot better then.

She turned around silently and found the broom to clean the door. It was not a delectable scene when the people in the mall came.

Jiang Yayan was embarrassed to see her action. She snatched the broom and said: "I'll do it."

"Alright, let's do it together. It can be faster then!" Xia Yu smiled and continued to help her.

After some cleaning, the room finally looked much better. However, the destructive power of those two women couldn't be ignored. The only renovation could restore the room to what it was before.

However, it’s acceptable anyhow.

Xia Yu was fairly satisfied with it after sizing it up. At this time, the doorbell rang. She gestured for Jiang Yayan to come into the bedroom because her face was not suitable to meet people. After she entered, Xia Yu went to open the door.

It really was the clerks of the mall. "Is it Miss Xia? This is your clothes. Please check and accept it."

"Thank you!" She took over the clothes and hailed to Jiangjiang. He rushed in at once and she closed the door then.

After changing clothes, Yang Ke'er looked back fiercely at Jiangjiang at the moment she left the room, as if she was ready to gulp him down.

Jiangjiang's color changed out of fear. He suddenly plunged into Xia Yu's arms and buried his head in it, no longer daring to raise it up.


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