Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 219 Just Take Me away Directly
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 219 Just Take Me away Directly

When Shen Yan came back, he entered his Grandma's room directly. Secretary Yang knew that he was unhappy for the vote tonight through his impetuous behavior and stopped him by his hand. "Young Master Yan, Old Madame is just ready to sleep!"

Shen Yan stopped and handed two resignation letters in his hand to Secretary Yang. "Well, give these to Old Madame tomorrow."

"What are these?" Secretary Yang asked in a puzzle.

"The resignation letters of me and Xia Yu!" Then, Shen Yan turned and left.

Resignation letter? Secretary Yang was shocked and hurriedly stopped Shen Yan. "Young Master Yan, please don't joke. Recently, Old Madame has been in poor health. Could you please bring less concerns to her?"

"Don't worry. I won't let her worry about me again in the future." Shen Yan said.

"Young Master Yan!"

"Shen Yan, how can you speak like that?"

When Second Madame sent Yang Ke'er back, she just caught sight of the conflict between Shen Yan and Secretary Yang. Why such a person at this age was not as mature as his peers and still needed to be worried about?

"Am I wrong? I'm just a puppet in the name of the person in charge of the company. You can control me at your will. Is that interesting to me to continue?" Shen Yan was going downstairs as his mother went upstairs. Then, they met each other face to face.

Shen Yan threw these frank words to Second Madame ruthlessly which made her dizzy for a while.

"You, do you still have any conscience? Whom are your grandma and I doing for?" Second Madame was trembling with anger, holding the handrails of the stairs and gasping heavily.

"You are playing me in the palm of your hand. I'm like a robot controlled by you. Have you ever seen a robot with the conscience?" Shen Yan sneered with such reckless words. He was going crazy for Xia Yu's hit.

"Shen Yan, how could you say such rude words to your mother?" Actually, Old Madame didn't fall asleep but just was unwilling to talk with him. Was that interesting to regret after he agreed to let the staff in Tengfei to vote?

Old Madame had decided to ask Secretary Yang to stop him for a peaceful moment, and she did not think that he should speak like that.

Did his mother live an easy life without any twists and turns? Old Madame couldn't bear him anymore.

"Old Madame said what I have said is rude. It's really my fault and I apologize for that." Shen Yan said insistently.

"How can you be a puppet? Xia Yu is a staff in the planning department, so it is reasonable for her to go back. And I also agree with you to let the staff in Tengfei to vote. Shen Yan, do you have any excuse to defend for yourself?" Old Madame looked at him seriously.

Shen Yan also responded without any concession. "How about Yang Ke'er? I am the person in charge of the company. Do I have the right, as the president of the company, to make the final decision in personnel adjustment?"

"Is Ke'er inferior to her in any aspect?" Anyway, Shen Yan finally managed to find the heel of Achilles. However, in terms of education or other aspects, Yang Ke'er was superior to Xia Yu. Old Madame did not believe that she was not qualified with the position as a secretary with such an excellent background.

"It seems that it's not your business. Whether she is qualified or not, it's me, the president, who can judge her in this aspect." Shen Yan said unhurriedly, "You directly arrange her as the secretary without my permission. What should I be except a puppet?"

"Shen Yan, how can you be so stubborn? Ke'er is your fiancée. Do you think it's better to arrange a person of our family by your side than to employ an outsider?" Second Madame wished to turn the iron into steel while her son was not so obedient and intelligent as she expected.

Compared with Shen Yan, Shen Mo was more sensible and did better in making the choice. In this regard, Shen Yan really needed to learn from him.

"When did Yang Ke'er become my fiancée? Why don't I know anything about this?" Shen Yan said ironically with the corner of lips raised. It was no wonder that Xia Yu always cast a dislike look when she saw him.

He had been not convinced that Xia Yu had a prejudice against him, and now it seemed that he had nothing worthy of her like.

"I have already discussed with your grandma to arrange an engagement for you next month." Second Madame said unquestionably.

This was like adding fuel to the flames which made Shen Yan angrier. "Is that true? Now, you even don't necessarily discuss it with me."

Old Madame also realized that words of Second Madame went to extremes and quickly added, "You have been in love with Ke'er for so many years, and now, you have reached the age of marriage. We are sharing the burden of you because you are always troubled by the matters in the company recently."

"So do I have to appreciate your concerns? But Old Madame, when did I fall in love with Yang Ke'er? Don't you know that I hate her all the time?"

"You hate her? Last time you got along well with her, don't you?"

Shen Yan was angry but couldn't help laughing, "It was in this room that you asked me when to marry Xia Yu. Can you remember that? Now, do you plan to pretend to suffer from memory loss?"

"Shut up, Shen Yan! How can you talk to your grandmother like that?" The heart of Second Madame jumped violently after hearing the name of Xia Yu. She always felt that something was wrong only to find that this boy had fallen in love with her. "It will be your wishful thinking to marry that wild girl!"

"Second Madame Shen, please pay attention to your choice of words. Who is the wild girl? Xia Yu has her parents." Shen Yan shouted in a rage. "I feel so sad for you. What else should Shen Family be proud of except for the money? By the way, I have to remind you that the money you owned is left by our ancestors. On top of this, do you think you have any superiority to be proud of yourself?"

"I, I..." Second Madame flushed at once. Just now, due to the mention of Xia Yu, she had said those words negligently. "Yes, she is good in everything, but I will never agree with you to marry her anyway."

"I am an adult now. I don't have to beg your permission to marry others." Shen Yan argued with his mother fiercely.

"Ah, it is your mother who gave birth to you and raised you up, but you just honor her like that. This is really an eye-opener to an old lady in this age." Old Madame shook her head all the time. It was not that she looked down on Shen Yan, but he really couldn't match with Shen Mo in this aspect.

"As a child, showing filial piety to elders is their unshakable responsibility, but it is not a blind obedience. I would feel sorry if my wife showed dislike or disrespect to elders. But as an elder, you curry favor with the rich while despising the poor include your daughter-in-law. You should not complain to me or blame me for not reminding you if she showed any dislikes to you in the future."

Shen Yan would not be muddled by the blames imposed by them. "Today I will tell you clearly to avoid any concerns from you. I will never fall in love with Yang Ke'er. Xia Yu is the only one whom I have made up my mind to marry whether you permit or not. I have handed the resignation letter to you. And I would leave Shen Family from now on if I could not decide it by myself."

"Shen Yan, how impolite you are. Who said that he wants to have a fair competition with his brother? Is the company a place that you can come and go freely?" Old Madame was really angry with his irresponsibility.

"You also emphasized it is a fair competition. But look at what you have done. After I signed the contract, in order to let him manage the project process, you have messed things up by holding the board meeting and adopting under-table plans. And now, when a capable person is available for me, you rack your brains to kick her off. Why do you handle this in such troublesome ways? Can you settle all the troubles directly by kicking me off here?" Shen Yan said with sarcasm.

"You, you are doubting your mother?" Old Madame slammed the crutches on the ground and got furious.

His mother had made painstaking efforts to raise and cultivate him for the whole life. How could he reward her with this?

Shen Yan gave a glimpse to his mother. He was sympathetic about her because she was going to collapse. However, he knew that it was not the time to compromise. "Old Madame, she has done well as a mother, but not very well in other aspects. Otherwise, why don't you let her share the hardships with you for so many years?"

This was what Old Madame really cared in her mind. As a matter of fact, Second Madame wasn't capable of controlling the overall situation.

However, Shen Yan had made up his mind in marrying Xia Yu just now. She had to admit the truth.

These two people were not easy to deal with because once there was something wrong, they might respond as soon as possible.

Just let them go. Old Madame nodded, "Would you like to strictly follow the contract spirit? OK, I agree with you. I won't intervene in your personal affairs and your choice of your wife, but you shouldn't regret whether you win or lose the vote of the board held one year later."

"You can rest assured about this!" Shen Yan could afford the loss.

"In this case, take your resignation letters back." Old Madame finished and turned into the bedroom.

It seemed that Shen Mo was really encountering a strong rival. Forget it. Just let them go.

"Mom!" Shen Yan walked to his mother and reached the hands out to support her. "I'll send you back to the room."

"Have I your mom been manipulated by others?" After all, Second Madame was not an ordinary person. At this time, she also came to realize it with her face turning extremely pale.

"No, it's nothing!" Shen Yan sighed with emotion. He didn't know that his grandma tried to match him with Yang Ke'er by those means. Then, she would help Shen Mo to kick Xia Yu off.

Next time, she would turn the target to Liu Sijie. Actually, for his grandma, Shen Mo was always better than him.

"Is Xia Yu that child angry with me?" Second Madame felt that she had gotten older suddenly.

"She is not angry. I just feel that she really decides to leave here because she doesn't want to get involved in the troubles of Shen Family." Shen Yan sighed with a breath. It seemed that he needed to put more efforts to keep her here.

"I thought that I have witnessed the growth of Yang Ke'er and I know better about her. Moreover, she has been devoted to you all the time. I really do not mind the background of Xia Yu." Although Yang Ke'er was a little bit picky, Second Madame hoped Shen Yan would marry Yang Ke'er from the bottom of her heart because Yang Ke'er was really an excellent girl in her mind.

"Do not worry. I can employ her for the first time and I also have the way to hire her next time." Shen Yan knew that his mother got worried. He comforted her for a while and waited for her to calm down before driving away.

It was already early in the morning. He drove the car to the door of the villa, and the eastern horizon had already turned white.

He thought that it was not the time to sleep and indeed he did not want to sleep anymore. In front of his mother, he said that it was just a piece of cake to keep Xia Yu in the company, but it was easier said than done.

Suddenly, he got so upset that he took a sip of the cigarette, but then he didn't want to continue.

He stared at the direction of home in a daze.

The telephone ring broke the silence. He picked it up, "Hello?"

"Young Master Yan, come to the company now. Miss Yang is pry-opening the door of Xia Yu's office! She said it was the order of Second Madame that she would take over Xia Yu's job from now on and she's here to know her business." It was a call from Liu Sijie who stayed out last night working in his office while leaving some space to Shen Yan and Xia Yu for a good talk.

Though Shen Yan lost the vote and Xia Yu had to be transferred to the headquarters, that wasn't what Shen Yan always did to make things stop here like that. He thought he got a way, but Yang Ke'er came suddenly.

"Tell her that I don't agree to make her work for Tengfei. Ask her back. You can call the security to drive her away if she doesn't go." An annoying girl made Shen Yan more annoyed. He pressed between the eyebrows with his finger.


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