Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 220 I am the president and I have the final say
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 220 I am the president and I have the final say

After glancing at the villa, Shen Yan started the car. Yang Ke’er was not an ordinary person, so Shen Yan was afraid that Liu Sijie could not handle this thing.

With the full enthusiasm, Yang Ke’er came early to get familiar with the business first in order not to be looked down upon by people in Tengfei.

But Liu Sijie arrived earlier than her, or he didn't go back at all.

"Good morning, Assistant Liu!" Yang Ke’er also did not like Liu Sijie very much. Liu Sijie only followed Shen Yan's words and paid no attention to her--the Eldest Miss of Yang Family and the future wife of Shen Yan.

He respected her very much, but which was not what Yang Ke’er wanted. What she wanted was Liu Sijie’s treating her as one of his own, just like he did for Xia Yu, sometimes playing a joke or something.

However, it seemed impossible at present. Yang Ke’er felt very humbled.

"Good morning, Miss Yang. This is Xia Yu's office. What are you doing here?" Liu Sijie looked at Yang Ke’er doubtfully.

"Well, last night I got a call from my great aunt and second aunt. They said Xia Yu is going to work at headquarters and asked me to come and take her place. She still has the key to the office. I think Xia Yu has been tired these days, so I decide to let her have more rest, and I can only use this method to open the door." Yang Ke’er had thought about looking for Xia Yu to get the key, but her identity did not allow her to do so. Xia Yu clearly knew she would come and should have given her the key before, but Xia Yu didn't do it. She just wanted me to beg her. Yang Ke’er thought.

The more Xia Yu wanted Yang Ke’er to beg her, the less impossible Yang Ke’er would obey her wish. So Yang Ke’er simply brought the decorator with her. She wanted this office to change completely, just as she wanted Tengfei to be changed completely.

"Miss Yang, Young Master Yan is the President of Tengfei. He did not inform us of any personnel changes. Why don't you ask him for confirming?" Liu Sijie was still so gentle, but he had stepped forward to stop those who were going to pry the lock.

"Liu Sijie, you would not follow what Old Madame said, would you?" Yang Ke’er was not happy. Old Madame was the most powerful person of Shen Group. Did Liu Sijie know what he was talking about?

"Since Miss Yang is so familiar with Old Madame. You must also know the operation of Shen Group. Even Old Madame could not directly interfere in the work of the branch office. I think it is better for Miss Yang to confirm with Young Master Yan so as not to cause any unnecessary misunderstanding." Liu Sijie's words were very tactful, but his attitude was firm.

"I'll ask him." Although Yang Ke’er was very angry, she could not quarrel with Liu Sijie. After all, she came to work here and Liu Sijie was Shen Yan's assistant. There would be many opportunities for them to cooperate in the future. She didn't want to have a bad time with him as soon as they met.

Reluctantly repressing the anger, Yang Ke’er dialed the telephone of Shen Yan, "Brother Yan, please tell Liu Sijie that I am here to take over Xia Yu's job. He does not allow me to get into the office."

"You are here to replace Xia Yu? Why don't I know that?" Shen Yan said lightly.

"Brother Yan, didn't everyone vote yesterday? Everyone agreed that Xia Yu will work in the headquarters." Yang Ke’er thought Shen Yan was playing dumb, so she shouted on the spot.

"Yes, everyone agreed with the result of the vote, but did I agree? She is my secretary and I have the final say. " Shen Yan said slowly.

"Brother Yan!" Yang Ke’er was very wronged. Shen Yan was telling her that he didn't want her. Even if it was Old Madame's order, the result would be the same. "Where am I worse than Xia Yu?"

She refused to accept his explanation and thought that Shen Yan had to give her an explanation!

"It's not a question of which one is better. It's that I don't even want to change the secretary!"

"You... What is it good for you... to fight against your Great Aunt?" Yang Ke'er, after all, grew up in Yang Famil and she certainly understood Shen Yan's meaning. He was telling his Great Aunt that he should not be a puppet.

After all, it was Great Aunt who was in power. If he offended her, how could he still be the president?

"It's not good, but somethings are my bottom line. No one can touch them." Shen Yan certainly knew the consequences, but he could not give up his principles because of this.

"You will be regretful." This man was really crazy. He had had little chance to win the election. This time he completely offended the people who decided his fate. He could simply withdraw from the presidential candidate competition. Yang Ke’er cried on the spot, "I won't let you mess things up. I won't leave."

Yang Ke’er was also sincere for Shen Yan. He knew this. However, he even knew that as long as she stayed, it would definitely be a bad thing, so he must make up his mind, "You don't leave, do you? Then I can only ask the security guard to throw you out."

"How dare you!" Yang Ke’er hung up the phone directly and grabbed the tools from the workers who did not dare to pry the door. She would do it herself.

Eldest Miss of Yang Family was furious. She looked very fierce, and Liu Sijie also dared not to fight with her.

At that moment, Shen Yan called, "Liu Sijie, when I arrive at the company, if I still see Yang Ke’er is in the company, you shall disappear automatically!"

Since these words were said, it seemed that he was really angry. Liu Sijie had to bite the bullet and said, "Miss Yang, this is my duty. Please forgive me." As he spoke, he motioned to the security guard.

Soon, two security guards came up to hold Yang Ke’er.

"Liu Sijie, do you dare to do this to me? I'll tell uncle, you'll see!" Yang Ke'er had no choice but to give up after struggling for some time. She had to scold Liu Sijie aside.

Assistant Liu was in trouble this time. The security guards looked at him sympathetically.

Liu Sijie certainly knew he was in trouble, but if he didn't follow Shen Yan’s words, he would die immediately.

Now he can only consider the immediate interests. He motioned with his hand to the security guards to let them take Yang Ke’er away, because Shen Yan said that when he arrived, Yang Ke'er cannot be in the company.

Xia Yu also stayed up all night, packed up all her things, checked her luggage many times. Until She found nothing missed and she didn't bring many things, she was relieved. She looked at the time. It was already half past seven, and it was estimated that Yang Ke’er also got up. She looked at the key to her office and gave her a call.

"You call to see a joke, right? Don't think you win the competition. I tell you that you can't get what I can't get!" Yang Ke’er didn't wait for Xia Yu to speak and she shouted at the phone. She really didn't expect that this woman should see her joke at this time. She swore that they would definitely be at daggers drawn.

Yang Ke’er shouted out and turned off her cell phone without giving Xia Yu any chance to fight back.

Xia Yu was innocent. She sincerely wanted to hand over work with her and she really wanted to give Yang Ke’er keys. She looked at her cell phone and paused for a moment. Xia Yu had to leave the key in the room. Shen Yan saw it and naturally handed it to her in person.

Xia Yu dragged her luggage directly to her cousin's door. She resigned so suddenly that she had no place to live for a while and had to come and disturb her for the time being.

Wu Shiyu filmed the night scene last night and came back very late. At that time, she slept soundly and heard the sound of the doorbell. She was anxious to strangle the people at the door.

In a huff, she got up and went to open the door. It was best for the person standing at the door to have a good reason, otherwise the person would not blame her for being impolite. However, she opened the door and saw it was Xia Yu with two large suitcases.

"What's the matter with you? You were kicked out by Young Master Yan?" Wu Shiyu was only joking.

But Xia Yu nodded seriously, "Almost, I'm unemployed again, please help me!"

"What do you want me to say?" Wu Shiyu helped her to drag the luggage in and pressed her down on the sofa. "Please be clear, how did you offend Shen Yan?"

Wu Shiyu has always told her to temper a little, but she just wouldn't listen to her.

"Not only did I offend him, I also offended Old Madame and Second Madame. This time I offended all people of the Shen Family." Xia Yu heaved a sigh of relief, leaving no way out for herself.

"You have done a really good job. I really can't help you!" Wu Shiyu was completely speechless and wanted to be a peacemaker for them. Now it seemed unnecessary, "What are you going to do?"

"What else can I do? Find another job. If I really can't find a new job, I will go back and learn cooking from my father." She laid down on the sofa, thinking that there would always be a way.

"Well, going back to study cooking from your father is the most reliable method. Just go home. I support you!" The words of Xia Yu hit Wu Shiyu's heart. Now her uncle was getting older, and Xia Yu really couldn't continue to be away from hometown and couldn't continue to be impermanent.

"Elder sister, but I really don't want to go back!" Xia Yu felt wronged. She was just saying it casually, and she hoped her cousin would never take it to heart.

"Xia Yu, don’t you have a conscience!" Wu Shiyu said angrily.

"Yes, it is carefully collected." Xia Yu pretended to show it to her.

She was so angry that she wanted to beat people. However, she thought for a while and gave up. This girl had offended every one of Shen Family. It was hard for her to find a job. If she couldn't find a job, she would naturally go back.

With this idea in her mind, Wu Shiyu was relieved. She looked at Xia Yu and said, "Haven't you eaten yet? I'll cook you a bowl of noodles."

"Sister is the best person!" Xia Yu was grateful to give her a hug, but Wu Shiyu ignored her and went straight away.

Xia Yu lay down directly on the sofa, wondering where to find a job.

She still owed Shen Yan money. He must be very angry that she left so directly. Would he threaten her with this? No, she must find a job as soon as possible and give the money back.

But now it was really a little difficult to find a job with such a high salary as it was, and Xia Yu couldn't help being puzzled.

She was thinking when Lv Wushuang came in. She saw Xia Yu lying on the sofa and asked her, "Why do you have time to come here today?"

"I lost my job and came here to be a parasite." Xia Yu quickly sat up.

"Are you unemployed?" Were you kidding me? Shen Yan was so kind to her. How could he let her go?

"Yes, she lost job." Wu Shiyu gave her the noodles and said grumpily.

"Actually, you can be an assistant for Miss Wu." Lv Wushuang couldn't brazenly occupy the job. After all, Wu Shiyu was Xia Yu's cousin. Now Xia Yu had no job and it was natural that Wu Shiyu should leave the job to her own.

Realizing that Lv Wushuang misunderstood her purpose, Xia Yu smiled and said, "I just wanted to change the environment before I left Tengfei. It's just a job. As long as I want to do it, I will find a new job soon."

She actually felt that she could find a job soon. Who was just lying on the sofa sighing like a dead dog? Wu Shiyu was embarrassed to comment on her. "Wushuang. Just ignore her. I don't want her to be my assistant because of her smelly temper."

"Don't flatter yourself, being your assistant is a difficult thing. If the assistant does not do well, she will be scolded by your fans. Because of her good temper, she is willing to be your assistant. I am not going to be your assistant." Xia Yu listened to her words and felt that she was rejected. Naturally, she was not convinced.

"Yes, you are right, you have strong abilities. In that case, go and find a job." Wu Shiyu didn't mind hitting her either.

"I just quit my job. I want to rest for two days, okay?"

"Two days, okay, two days later, I'll see what kind of job you are looking for."

"I said two days, but it is not two days, okay?" Xia Yu was speechless and she thought her cousin was picky.

"You just don't have the ability. Li Yan often flies everywhere. Why don't you translate for him?" This girl was not willing to go back. She could work with Yan Li first, and then Wu Shiyu could slowly persuade her.

Xia Yu could speak seven foreign languages. This job was very suitable for her. Lv Wushuang also encouraged her, "It is a good idea!"


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