Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 221 There Are Many Poachers
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 221 There Are Many Poachers

Xia Yu, of course, knew her cousin's little thoughts. Letting Xia Yu work with her boyfriend was just to help her parents watch her. Xia Yu would not be fooled. She said, "Can I play for two days before I decide?"

"Don't forget that you still owe Shen Yan money. I don't care, but do you think you can play for another two days?" Wu Shiyu knew what Xia Yu was thinking. Xia Yu just wanted to procrastinate and find a job then leave directly.

Therefore, Wu Shiyu had just told her directly about the severe relationship and let her not have such thoughts.

"Xia Yu, this job is really suitable for you. Think about it." Lv Wushuang also persuaded Xia Yu aside. Li Yan was a super star. He was generous and the salary of working for him would not be lower than present salary.

At this moment, Xia Yu's phone rang. She took it out and saw that it was Shen Yan. Xia Yu was not going to answer it, but the phone kept ringing and she had to pick it up. "Hello?"

"Xia Yu, where on earth have you been? Go back to work quickly." After Shen Yan solved Yang Ke’er’s case, he drove back and planned to invite Xia Yu to work in person.

After all, it was the mother who made the mistake first. And it was right that Xia Yu was angry. He was also prepared to apologize to Xia Yu. But when he got home, he saw Xia Yu put the key directly in her room and cleaned up all her luggage, but she had already disappeared.

This girl just couldn't wait to leave him? Shen Yan was so angry at that time that he called her directly.

Was Shen Yan eating people? Xia Yu's ear was almost deafened by him, so she had to take her mobile phone away. "Young Master Yan, do you have amnesia? I gave you my resignation letter last night."

"Who agreed to your resignation?"


After answering the question, she hung up the phone directly.

Shen Yan was very angry and almost smashed his cell phone. It seemed that he really indulged her so much that she did not respect him.

After hearing this, the two people around Xia Yu thought it was Xia Yu who fired the boss. Xia Yu, you are awesome!

Wu Shiyu and Lv Wushuang looked at her straight.

"What's the matter? Is there a dirt on my face? " Xia Yu touched her face with her hand. She did not wash her face when she came. It was not too late to wash now. Xia Yu stood up.

"Speak clearly before you leave!" Wu Shiyu and Lv Wushuang held her down. "Is that what you said about getting fired?"

"Don't look at me like that. It's scary." Xia Yu could not escape, so she had to smile and say, "Didn't you just want me to be an interpreter for Yan Li? I'm going to fresh up, change my clothes, leave a good impression on him, and strive for a successful interview."

"You haven't played enough, have you?" Wu Shiyu asked.

"I thought for a moment, I still think what you said is reasonable. Where do I get my income if I don't work? Besides, Li Yan is a big star. How proud is it to work with him?" Shen Yan was so angry just now. He was not a good man. He would definitely retaliate her.

Xia Yu was not afraid of anything. Her only weakness was that she owed somebody else money. So she must hurry to work. She had already thought about that Li Yan was an international superstar. His signature must be very valuable. She could ask him for several signatures every day and she could sell them to the younger sisters. It was estimated that she would be able to repay the money soon.

"Do you really think so?" Wu Shiyu gritted her teeth. "Say, what's going on?"

"His fiancee wants to work in the company. She has already made it clear to me. Do you think it is useful for me to stay in the company?" Xia Yu was forced by cousin to say a little more about her resignation.

If so, Xia Yu really couldn't stay in Tengfei. Wu Shiyu hesitated for a moment, considering whether to call Yan Li now and let Xia Yu work with him.

Xia Yu's phone rang again She saw it was Shen Yan, so she hung up directly.

Soon Shen Yan called again. She hung up and Shen Yan called again and again.

Xia Yu simply unplugged the cell phone's battery and phone card. He couldn't get through to the phone.

The girl looked like she was in a fit of pique. Wu Shiyu felt something was wrong and stepped aside to call Shen Yan. Xia Yu thought she was calling Yan Li to tell him about work, so she didn't care.

But Wu Shiyu called Shen Yan. After the phone was connected, she said, "Young Master Yan, Xia Yu is here with me. She told me the basic situation. We all know your kindness, and we are very grateful for your kindness to retain her. After all, Miss Yang is your fiancee. we can't let you two get into trouble for the sake of a job, can we?"

"Miss Wu, Yang Ke’er is really not my fiancee. I have explained it to Xia Yu and made it clear to my mother that the person I like is Xia Yu. My mother also supports my choice. Let Xia Yu stop fooling around, okay?" Shen Yan simply told Wu Shiyu that Xia Yu was jealous and ran away from home.

"Ah? When did you..." Xia Yu did not tell her that they were dating. Glancing at Xia Yu, she swallowed saliva. She wanted to ask Shen Yan when they were dating, but she was embarrassed to ask again.

"It's been a while. Hasn't she told you?" Shen Yan was also angry with Xia Yu. Wasn't she not listening to the phone? Couldn't she hide herself?

Was she not afraid that he would force her out?

"You sure?" She had long known that there was something wrong with them. Now Shen Yan himself admits. This girl would have to admit it.

The more she listened, the more wrong she felt. She rushed up and grabbed her cell phone. "Shen Yan, what are you talking about?"

"Xia Yu, you know I like you. Don't be angry, ok?" Hearing the sound of Xia Yu, Shen Yan quickly apologized.

"Shen Yan!" Xia Yu increased the tone!

"I know Ke'er is wrong, but she is my cousin after all. Please forgive her." Shen Yan continued to beg Xia Yu, "As long as you are not angry, I apologize for her."

Bastard, Xia Yu couldn't help scolding, gritting her teeth and saying, "Where are you now?"

"I am at home."

"Well, you'll see!"

Xia Yu threw the phone into cousin's arms, opened the door and went out angrily.

Damn, how dare he play with her like that. If she caught him, he was dead!

Xia Yu stopped a taxi at the door, reported the address and started to install the phone card. Now she was not afraid of Shen Yan's harassing phone calls.

As soon as it was installed, Xia Yu's cell phone rang. It was called by Zhang Peng. He picked it up and said, "Brother Peng, what's the matter?"

"Sister Xia, I heard that you resigned the work? Are you interested in working here? You can set your salary at will." Zhang Peng had been waiting for this day for a long time. He heard this morning that Xia Yu and Shen Yan had fallen apart, which made him laugh like a flower.

"Brother Peng, I want to go to work with you. As you know, I still owe Young Master Yan a lot of money. In case he lets me pay off the arrears once and then leave, I have no ability to do so!" Shen Yan didn't want to talk nonsense but also wanted to force her to see him. Naturally, he had no good intentions.

Xia Yu could think of that Shen Yan would take this to blackmail her when they met. Therefore, she could only decline Zhang Peng's kindness.

"Does sister Xia despise me? Since I sincerely invite you, I also bring my sincerity, isn't it just a little debt? I help you to repay it." Zhang Peng had a plenty of money. Things that could be solved with money were nothing to him.

"Well, let me think about it." Xia Yu also didn't completely refuse him. If she was forced by Shen Yan later, she really didn't mind using Zhang Peng as a shield.

"That's good. Where's my sister? Let's have a meal together." Zhang Peng really wanted Xia Yu to work with him. Just because she could shock Bai Hong. He would save a lot of trouble if she worked there.

He wanted to strike while the iron was hot and finalized the matter.

"I'm afraid I won't be free. I still have to talk to Shen Yan about breaking contract." Now she couldn't eat with Zhang Peng. If she ate with him, she was really embarrassed to say no to him.

"I'll wait for you when you finish talking with him!" Zhang Peng wished that Xia Yu would break with Shen Yan now, so he did not hesitate to wait.

"I don't know when it will end. We will talk later." He was really a nasty temper, Xia Yu smiled and hung up the phone.

But as soon as she hung up, Dong Qingyuan called her, "Xia Yu, how did you break up with Yan?"

She was well informed. Xia Yu smiled, "It's a long story, and it's not convenient to say on the phone. I'll tell you when I'm free."

"Xia Yu, I'm not criticizing you. You're going to change your temper." Dong Qingyuan was three months older than Xia Yu. She really looked like a sister when it comes to teaching Xia Yu.

Another one, Xia Yu gave a wry smile. "This is really not something I can solve with a good temper. I am busy now. I'll tell you more in detail when I have time."

Xia Yu wouldn't be stupid enough to listen to people's lessons and didn't know how to hide. She hung up after she said two words.

"Wait, I have something to tell you." Dong Qingyuan still had some business to do. She didn't call just to teach Xia Yu, "Now that you have left Tengfei. Why don't you come to Jiang Group and be a secretary of Jiang An with favorable treatment?"

Actually Dong Qingyuan had long wanted Xia Yu to be a secretary to Jiang An. It was better to let her sister to be Jiang An's secretary. It was just that Xia Yu had a good relationship with Shen Yan that she was not bashful in poaching.

Now Shen Family did not want Xia Yu. For the sake of work of Xia Yu or the work of Jiang An, she couldn't stand by.

"But Shen Yan and I are still involved in some economic disputes. Will you wait until I settle the matter?" Xia Yu didn't want to get involved in the two of them, so she politely refused.

"Xia Yu,is the money of repairing the car? I'll help you settle this matter. " Jiang An was beside Dong Qingyuan. Jiang Group was going to choose a new president these days. His parents had already paved the way for him. But his cousin Jiang Tao also came to compete with him and was even close to him.

Although Dong Qingyuan was esteemed Mr. Dong's grandson, Jiang An felt that esteemed Mr. Dong preferred Xia Yu than Dong Qingyuan. Moreover, Xia Yu's ability in other fields was also remarkable. He had long wanted her to come to work with him.

He had been keeping an eye on Shen Group. Recently, Shen Mo wanted to drive Xia Yu out of Shen Group very much. Shen Yan had been protecting her.

Until Yang Ke’er appeared, things turned around. He felt the opportunity was coming. So, when Xia Yu collapsed with Shen Yan, he immediately notified Dong Qingyuan and asked her to help persuade Xia Yu.

It seemed that he had spent a lot of thoughts. Xia Yu also knew this. Xia Yu smiled and said, "Yes, but I have a contract with him. I have to see the results of the talks with him before making up my mind."

Dong Qingyuan was working with him. Xia Yu had to consider her feelings, so she didn't completely refuse him.

"Xia Yu, as you know, Jiang An's company is choosing a new president. You must help him. This is related to my happiness for life." Dong Qingyuan spoke directly to Xia Yu.

She also heard about it. She also had a private discussion with Liu Sijie before. He felt that Jiang An really met his opponent this time. Although Jiangan's father was in power now, Jiangan's cousin Jiang Tao had a really better chance of winning.

Dong Qingyuan's parents thought Jiang An was unlikely to become president. If he did not become the president this time, he would have a more difficult time in the Dong Family. Dong Qingyuan also seldom asked Xia Yu for help. It was really hard to refuse, "I will try my best."


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