Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 222 I Must Make You My Girlfriend.
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 222 I Must Make You My Girlfriend.

"Be sure to keep your word!" Dong Qingyuan noticed Xia Yu didn't refuse directly, so her face lit up soon. Grandpa always followed Xia Yu's advice. If Xia Yu could persuade grandpa into making an appearance to support Jiang An, certainly he wouldn't lose.

"Xia Yu, you know what? Jiang An tied with Jiang Tao in the last two rounds. I was deadly worried."

"How many voting rounds in total?"


"When will the final round be?"

"The night after tomorrow!"

"I got it. So much for it now. I will call you later." Almost reaching Shen Yan's villa, Xia Yu hung up the phone.

The car left as soon as Xia Yu was dropped off. It was until Xia Yu stood at the door that she found the door wasn't closed, so she directly pushed the door to enter the house.

"Why did you talk nonsense to my sister?"


"Hey, I'm talking to you!"

Yet Shen Yan stood by the window with a cup of tea, ignoring her anyway.

Liu Sijie smiled at Xia Yu, stood up and walked behind him.

Shen Yan suddenly turned around, "Will you come if I didn't say so?"

"Even if I've come here, can anything thus be changed?"

"Xia Yu, I've really underestimated you. You're so welcome." Shen Yan's beautiful fox-like eyes squinted slightly, and his lip curled with a sneer. "You've already found the next one to accept you, even more than one. No wonder you're in such a hurry to leave."

"I don't know what you are talking about." Although Xia Yu denied it, she still felt somewhat guilty, and deliberately turned away to avoid seeing him.

"It doesn't matter if you don't admit. How should that bastard Zhang Peng dare to play dirty tricks behind my back? Can't he help signing his death warrant? Liu Sijie, ask him if he's sure to go against me." Shen Yan ignored Xia Yu, turned around and spoke to Liu Sijie.

Liu Sijie gave Xia Yu a glance, and then said to Shen Yan, "Yes!"

Liu Sijie soon got through to Zhang Peng. He told Zhang Peng off in the presence of Xia Yu and Shen Yan.

Zhang Peng spared no effort to apologize to Liu Sijie. Liu Sijie didn't let him go until he swore that he would never go against Shen Yan.

"Robber!" Xia Yu gave Shen Yan a dirty look. He forced Zhang Peng to give up, so what? As he said, Zhang Peng wasn't the only one to have invited her Xia Yu.

"Hey, it isn't your first day to have known me. Why are you so excited?" Shen Yan didn't deny it. After all, this was a society governed by the law of the jungle. "As for Jiang An!"

"What's your current plan?" Hearing Jiang An's name, Xia Yu felt her canthi twitched.

Shen Yan turned around with one hand holding the teacup and the other in his pocket. He slowly walked to the front of the desk, picked up the telephone and made a call.

"This is Shen Yan. If anyone from Jiang Group contacts me these days, refuse him directly for me." Shen Yan hung up.

Liu Sijie went straight to him. "What on earth are you planning to do?"

"I want Jiang Tao to come to me personally."

"What do you want to do?" Xia Yu asked.

"I still have some shares of Jiang Group now. They're useless for me in my hands."

"So you..." Liu Sijie cleared his mind, "You want to sell them to Jiang Tao?"

"Or else?" Shen Yan curled his lip with a smile and sipped the tea leisurely. He turned around to watch the scenery outside the window. It was still overcast, and the bamboo grove was swaying in the wind.

"Do you think Jiang Tao will accept the shares in your hands?"

"Of course, he'll be the best buyer. I bought them at the lowest price then. He now will pay good money to get them back from me."

"So are you fishing in troubled waters?"

"Fishing in troubled waters?" Shen Yan's beautiful fox-like eyes squinted slightly and he snorted, "Don't use such words. It's an internal conflict of Jiang Group. I've just seized the opportunity to benefit a little from it."

"So what are you planning to do in the third round? Abstaining again?"

"It'll be a tie vote if you abstain again!"

"So which side will you vote for?"

His vote in the final round was very crucial. The one voted by him would ultimately win. Liu Sijie also wanted to know which side he would stand for in his heart.

However, Shen Yan turned around holding his teacup, "In fact, it will make no difference whichever side I vote."

"Why do you say that?"

"The result will always be the same whoever is elected."

Shen Yan deliberately said it to her. Xia Yu gritted her teeth secretly, "So?"

Shen Yan smiled and said, "Get out!"

Xia Yu lifted her head to look at him: "..."

Shen Yan added, "I mean you. Get out first!"

Liu Sijie pointed to his own nose. Alright, abandoning the one right away after finishing using. It was truly Young Master Yan's typical behavior. "Fine, you do this every time. I'll go out to make room for you, in case I get in your way here!"

Liu Sijie was really kind of angry this time. He worked overtime for the whole night yesterday and acted as the bad early in the morning for Shen Yan to drive Yang Ke'er away. Then he was called back before even being able to draw breath.

Having been used by Shen Yan now, he was asked to get out directly. Liu Sijie kept muttering all the way. When he passed Xia Yu, he stopped and deliberately glared at her.

What if he were a woman. If so, he was afraid the one getting out now would be Xia Yu. Now that he was born with the wrong gender, and who could he blame?

Xia Yu stared at him with a frown, thinking to herself. Why was this man so childish? How come she didn't realize it before?

After Liu Sijie left, they were the only ones in the house. Xia Yu still stood at the door. Shen Yan watched her for a while. Noticing she didn't move, he put the teacup on the desk.

"Don't you come here?"

Xia Yu didn't respond or move.

"Well, then you can just stand there talking with me!" She had come to his house, but still stood so far away. There were at least four or five meters between him and her.

Xia Yu took a breath, forcing herself to move closer to that man, and stopped about two meters away from the sofa.

Shen Yan felt funny and a bit annoyed when seeing her moving cautiously step by step. His fingers were rubbing the edge of the teacup.

"I asked you to be my girlfriend that day. Have you thought it over?"

"You know I didn't agree!" Xia Yu rolled her eyes at him several times.

"But I've thought it over and decided. You, I must make you my girlfriend." Shen Yan appeared as if he took it for granted: Your approval was your own business. In my eyes, you were my girlfriend.

Was there something wrong with this guy's mind? It was so awkward to talk about this problem with him. Xia Yu took a breath again, lifted her head and changed the topic. "Why do you want to do this?"

"What?" Shen Yan was puzzled for a while, and didn't ask her until several seconds later, "Do you mean the shares of Jiang Group?"


"Then do you think I'll answer you?"


"Xia Yu." Shen Yan suddenly called out her name. Somehow Xia Yu felt that man was gnashing his teeth when calling out her name. "Don't be too self-righteous sometimes."


"You care about Jiang An, because he is your good friend's fiance. You needn't know why I want to do this, but I can tell you something."


"Like who I'll vote for the day after tomorrow, and like Jiang An's end once he loses the election."

"And like..." Shen Yan already bypassed the sofa and walked up to Xia Yu while speaking.

Xia Yu took half step back unconsciously. "And like what?"

Shen Yan curled his lip with a smile, "You should care about who I'll vote for the day after tomorrow first."

Xia Yu inhaled, "Well, who will you vote for the day after tomorrow?"

Shen Yan also inhaled and said, "I haven't made up my mind yet."

Xia Yu was truly speechless. This man!

Shen Yan flashed a smile, "But you can do something to influence me." He lowered his head as he said so, and raised his hand gently kneading Xia Yu's exposed earlobe.

Xia Yu shrank back completely, trying to avoid him!

Shen Yan frowned and smiled. "What's wrong? Afraid of me?"

She suppressed her disgusted feeling and lifted her head. "Not at all. Please respect me, Young Master Yan."

Shen Yan burst out laughing, "OK!"

To show his respect, he put his hands back in the pockets of his suit trousers and took two steps back, allowing Xia Yu to stand at a safe distance from him.

"Tell you what. I'm completely capable of making Jiang An lose the reelection the day after tomorrow."

Xia Yu snorted directly, and she didn't believe he was able to do so at all. "As far as I know, there aren't many shares of Jiang Group in your hands. The current two rounds both ended up with a tie vote, making your vote seem very important in this way, but how can you be one hundred percent sure that the result in the third round is exactly the same, and your vote is still the crucial one?"

Logically Xia Yu asked the right question, but Shen Yan also snorted and sneered, "Don't you believe in me or Jiang Tao?"

"What do you mean?"

"The battlefield has been ready for Jiang Group reelection since half a year ago. The shareholders have decided the side they'll stand for quite early. Do you think this affair is like a children's role-playing game, voting for you today and voting for him tomorrow?"

Well, he was more reasonable.

"The situation in the last two rounds will undoubtedly reappear in the third round. I happened to abstain due to my own business in the first two rounds, and I'm sure to be present in the final round." In other words, Shen Yan must vote for one the day after tomorrow, and the one voted by him would win.

The situation suddenly changed this way, and as if he were the one deciding the reelection result.

Xia Yu didn't believe it. How could he make it so easily? "No way. I don't believe it!"

"You can choose not to believe it, but you can have a try!" Shen Yan turned around and was about to walk to the window.

Xia Yu's body wobbled, "Hold on!"

Shen Yan turned around again.

"Who will you vote for if you're present the day after tomorrow?" She finally asked this question while looking at him.

Shen Yan gave her a fake smile. "Who do you think I'll vote for?"

Xia Yu looked at him and didn't say a word.

"In the interest of benefit, I should vote for Jiang Tao. He is highly experienced and courageous. This kind of person can bring benefits to the company. Although I don't have many shares in my hands, I still hope to get more from the bonus shares at the end of the year anyway."

Xia Yu held her breath. "How about in the interest of yourself?"

"In the interest of myself? My personal attitude?"

"Exactly. Who will you vote for personally?"

Shen Yan rubbed his forehead with the hands and thought for a few seconds. "Personally it's all the more impossible for me to vote Jiang An!"


"Because of you!"


"Having cooperated for so long a time, he still wanted to steal you from me when he had already known you're the one I love. So I can't let Jiang An get this position solely because of this!" Shen Yan spoke his mind.

"..." Xia Yu was totally speechless. How could he be so unreasonable? "You can't do this!"

"Are you begging me or warning me?" Shen Yan raised his voice with his calm expression suddenly becoming aloof and cold.

Xia Yu took a breath. If what he said was true, then Jiang An's success truly depended on his final vote, but she always felt there was something wrong.

How did he know it so clearly? "Do you have a mole in Jiang Group?"

Shen Yan responded with a frown, "Smart!"

In other words, this man had two votes in his hands. One was from himself, and the other was from the mole in the shareholders.

This inference made Xia Yu feel scared in addition to surprised, and it was even kind of creepy. This calculating man... "What on earth are you planning to do?"

Xia Yu wasn't so naive to think Shen Yan's aim of such a great scheme was just to have pivotal votes in his hands. He must have an axe to grind, but what was his ultimate aim?

Yet Shen Yan seemed enjoying the changing expressions shown on her face. He turned around and came back to her, standing in front of her and watching her stunned expression. "Do you think it's hard to accept it?"

Xia Yu lifted her head in a daze, and the man in front of her still looked so familiar. His face and eyes were all the same as before, and no emotions were conveyed through his eyes. However, she knew he wore quite a few masks on his face.


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