Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 224. No Comprises.
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 224. No Comprises.

"Jiang An naturally did not agree, but his parents are very persistent. Jiang An has been so upset that he has been drinking for the last few days. Xia Yu, did you know? That woman has a teenage child. Jiang An is very disgusted by that."

This was what Xia Yu did not expect at all. "What is the difference between doing this and selling Jiang An to the highest bidder?"

"That's exactly what's happening. She is the head of a large group. If Jiang An marries her, he's actually marrying to her entire fortune. That's their only way out. If they failed tomorrow, they would still live a decent life."

"But if Jiang An did not agree, or the woman was not willing to let Jiang An to be the chief?"

"The woman has had a crush on Jiang An for a long time. She was the one who took the initiative to talk to Jiang An's parents. If Jiang An was with her, he would have the right to handle all properties under her name."

Xia Yu felt her heart was petrified.

"Are you still listening? Xia Yu!"

Have they considered Jiang An's feelings? Are the power and the status really so important?

"What did Jiang An say?"

"Yes, there was a struggle, but he has been silent for a while. He used to fight with her over things his family made him do. But this time, it's weird. He said nothing." The only concern in that splendid house was interest – there was no sign of love at all.

This was probably the reason why Dong Qingyuan's parents and grandfather opposed Dong Qingyuan's marriage to the Jiang Family. Xia Yu heaved a sigh of relief. "Maybe things are not as desperate as you think."

"That's why I asked you to come over, Xia Yu. My grandfather always listens to you! Help me ask for grandfather's help!" Dong Qingyuan shook Xia Yu's arm. Now only grandfather's words might produce a glim of hope.

"It's not like you don't know Mr. Dong's temper. Besides, even if I asked him or even my father to say something, how much hope do you think there would be? After all, the old man has retired." People were always realistic - Jiang An's parents forced him to break up with Dong Qingyuan and marry a widow. Wasn't that a living example?

Dong Qingyuan's face turned white. She had thought about this issue before, but after all, that was her only hope!

"The final result of the reelection will come out tomorrow night. Miss Xia, if something happens to you, Qingyuan will stop everything at hand and invite you to join our company at the cost of letting me have what I want. Please! Think about it in the name of her friendship!" Jiang An was normally quite arrogant and almost never asked others for help. At the moment, he couldn't be humbler.

In addition, as Xia Yu was now sandwiched between the two brothers of Shen Family, it was tough for her too. To help Jiang An was to help herself.

Was Jiang An there too? It appeared that he really didn't want to marry that woman. It was quite something to keep a true heart in a pot of mess such as the Jiang Family.

It seemed that Dong Qingyuan picked the right person. At this moment, it was more or less a comfort for Xia Yu who thought someone like Dong was worth being helped. She now thought of another person - how would Shen Yan choose?

"Let's talk about this later. Let's talk about the re-election of your company for now. I think that it wouldn't make a difference even if Grandpa Dong made an appearance. After all, the deal is basically done and his influence is limited. However, there may be someone who can help you. "

"Who? Zeng Ziqiang? I heard that he has a small number of Jiang Group's shares. Last time I supported Shen Yan, so let's say I'm not greatly liked over there now. I heard that he has sold his shares to Jiang Tao." A slice of regret slid through Jiang An's heart. How would it be now if he had chosen what Liu Hai did?"

"You supported Shen Yan last time. Why didn't you go to him this time?"

"He fired you! Why would I even be looking for him?"

"Those are two different things. How will you know if you don't try?"

"Will it work?" Dong Qingyuan asked with a worrisome tone.

"I can't marry the woman, so I must win tomorrow!"

Only winning can earn a future. Only winning can earn Dong Qingyuan. That was what Jiang An thought at the time, but he did not say it.

"You'll win tomorrow!"

Xia Yu's taillights disappeared into the rain. The two people in the house did not close the door and the wind went straight into the house. The mobile phone on the table had been ringing for a while, and Jiang An was only going to pick up now.

"Hey, have you been in contact with Shen Yan? I tried to call him for an entire day but he didn't pick up. I called his secretary, but she said he didn't go to work today. What happened? Is this guy..."

The voice of Jiang An's mother sounded anxious. The rain and wind outside were heavy. The weather was almost to correspond with the mood of Jiang An's mother.

Jiang An directly cut off the phone.

After Xia Yu left the villa, she called Shen Yan, but his phone was off.

How could it be off?

Under normal circumstances, his mobile phone would not be turned off.

Xia Yu could only drive to the company. She ran all the way from the parking lot to his office, but the door was closed, and there was no light inside.

He was not there, and Jiang Group was going to hold the last round of voting tomorrow. Xia Yu held her mobile phone and stood at the office door for a while. She then turned around and ran downstairs.

Xia Yu drove to his villa again. She knocked on the door for a long time but no one answered.

She was very irritated now. Where was he?! Where did he go? She leaned against the door and had never wanted to see Shen Yan like this time.

After thinking for a while, she finally decided to call Liu Sijie.

Liu picked up the phone after a while, "Xia Yu?"

Xia Yu put on a tiny frown, "Where is Young master Yan?"

"..." Liu Sijie reacted for a while before he laughed, "Why are you looking for Young Master Yan?"

"Tell me where he is now."

"Please come early tomorrow. Don't think about it today!"


"He is ... not seeing anyone today."

"No way!"


"I have to see him tonight!"

Perhaps Xia Yu took great care of them. Liu Sijie softened a little. "Forget it. I will give you an address. Go ahead and look for him, but he probably wouldn't want to see you even if you were there!"

Liu Sijie quickly sent an address to Xia Yu's mobile phone. The address was located somewhere in the suburbs. The address itself wasn't much help. At the end of the text, Liu Sijie said: "We are good friends, so may I remind you - don't go look for him tonight!"

After he sent the text, Liu Sijie bitterly looked at Shen Yan who was next to him. "I did everything according to your request. Now I'm done right?"

It was raining cats and dogs outside. The trip to the suburbs would be a torture. Anyone would be distressed to hear a lady would have to make such a trip.

Shen Yan ignored him. He stood up and went outside. He had to go and have a look.

Xia Yu stared at Liu Sijie's last sentence and thought about it for a while before walking downstairs with the phone.

The location was off the main road. Xia Yu didn't know the area well, so she turned on the navigation in her car.

The rain was getting heavier. The roads were not as busy in the suburbs. The streets were no longer lit by streetlights – it was a very remote area. It seemed that she had entered a village, and the navigation no longer worked. Xia Yu could not locate herself, so she parked on a gravel road attempting to reorient. At the moment, she could only see rice fields and villages on both sides with no signs of pedestrians on the road.

Xia Yu really didn't understand why Shen Yan would come to this place at this hour. Was Liu Sijie messing with her?

She dialed Liu Sijie again but he didn't pick up. Without any obvious solution, she could only continue to drive.

On the next exit, Xia Yu stopped her car. Was it really appropriate for her to come to see Shen Yan now?

After saying and doing so much, he just wanted her back to Tengfei. But she did not want to go back. She couldn't just compromise every time he "blackmailed". She wouldn't have any freedom that way.

Xia Yu wanted to take a risk! She wanted to believe that Shen Yan would be so tempestuous!

However, what if he really did this? Did she just hurt Jiang An and Dong Qingyuan?

Her mind went blank for a little while. She picked up the phone and called her father. It took a long time before she heard that familiar voice, "Hello?"

"Dad, it's me!" It was difficult for Xia Yu to speak out. She had not spoken to her father for five years.

There was another silence on the other side of the phone, "It's late. What are you calling for?"

The dialogue between the father and the daughter seemed to be somewhat stiff. Perhaps it was because they have not talked for so long, or it was due to her father's lingering anger.

It was really difficult for Xia Yu to speak. She remembered that when she left home, she told her father that she would not go home until she had made it! And since she chose to leave, she would be responsible for everything and would never ask her family for help.

Now five years passed, she was heavy in debt and had even lost her job - let alone "made it".

Xia Yu felt really bad to speak with her father, but she had to ask, "Dad, I need your help."

Xia Yu's dad was also caught by surprise. He had never seen this version of her daughter before as she had always been tough. Since when had she been so submissive? She must have endured much hardship out there. Her father felt a rush of sour in his heart.

Her father resisted the excitement and tried to speak in a normal tone, "Let's talk about it."

"Qingyuan got into some troubles, Dad. Only you can help her now..." At this time, she didn't care about her face.

"I know, you can rest assured. If there's nothing else, I will hang up." Xia Yu's Dad said faintly.

"Wait!" Xia Yu said eagerly on the phone fearing that he would hang up immediately, "Dad, there is one more thing. I have broken up with Chen Wenxuan. Sorry, Dad!"

After saying that, Xia Yu hung up the phone and burst into tears on her steering wheel.

Shen Yan waited for Xia Yu at the designated place for an entire evening and didn't see a thing. His anger almost pushed him to dismantle the house.

Shen Yan's appearance in front of Liu Sijie in the morning truly shocked Liu. He thought he ran into a ghost. Was this still the vigorous and high spirited Young Master Yan?

And behind him there was no sign of Xia Yu. Was the conversation a total meltdown?

This was Liu Sijie's first reaction. As he said, if Xia Yu's personality were not as tough, she would not rebut the Old Madame continuously and would have saved young Master Yan some troubles.

It was a pity that all those auspicious words he prepared for an entire evening was a waste now. He even did some researches online and tried to remember all of those classic pieces. It was too bad that none of them was going to be used now.

"Young, Young Master Yan, are you going to the meeting now?" Liu Sijie asked cautiously.

"Of course!" Shen Yan stared at him and walked directly to his office.

Liu Sijie had to follow. When he arrived at the door, Shen Yan simply shut him out, almost slamming his nose.

"Young Master Yan looks disgruntled!"

"Nonsense. Since Xia Yu left, when was he ever not disgruntled?"

"That's right! Everyone, be careful! He even shut the door at Liu Sijie's face."

Everyone gave Liu Sijie a sympathetic look and buried their heads to do their own work, fearing that they would have the same outcome.

Liu Sijie stood sullenly at the door of Shen Yan's office. He now understood the importance of Xia Yu at this company. At least when she was here, the president was much happier and merrier. He laughed more and scolded employees less.

Xia Yu, my little master, I, Liu Sijie, beg of you! Please come back and save everyone!

Now Liu Sijie really regretted. If he had known better, he would have told Xia Yu that Shen Yan was right next to him and asked her to come. If they really started to fight, he could do the reconciliation work on the side.

What the hell was it now?


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