Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 225 This is a Matter of Hear
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 225 This is a Matter of Hear

As Liu Sijie was repenting, Shen Yan changed his clothes. He glanced at Liu Sijie and said in a cold voice, "Why are you still here?"

Well, I was here because I had to wait for you! If you didn't come out, who dared to go... Liu Sijie was thinking Shen Yan’s temper was hard to deal with while following him into the elevator.

Outside Jiang Group's conference room, Jiang An and Dong Qingyuan, who had been looking for Shen Yan for an entire day, greeted him. This was the last chance-they had to speak to Shen Yan!

However, Shen Yan seemed to have nothing to say to them. He walked directly into the conference room without even looking at Jiang An.

"This guy is really..." Jiang An was quite upset. Even if he was going to lose, he was still the majority shareholder of Jiang Group. For the time being, Jiang Tao couldn't do anything to him. But did Shen Yan really have to treat him in this fashion?

Just a short time ago, the Second Young Mater of Shen family was asking for my help!

Damn it! If I knew this bastard had this kind of personality, I wouldn’t have worked with him.

As Jiang Tao realized that Jiang An was upset, he was happy beyond words. If Shen Yan was not with Jiang An, he was with Jiang Tao.

Jiang An's father saw this scene and knew where the wind was blowing. However, he was still the president of Jiang Group after all and had to follow all necessary procedures. Even if he had to declare his own death sentence, he must do it himself.

After swallowing two antihypertensive pills, he stabilized his mood and pushed open the door of the office.

Jiang An wiped tears for Dong Qingyuan who was standing next to him. "Don't worry. It wouldn't be so bad if we lose. I will go become a lecturer like you."

Jiang An was trying to tell Dong Qingyuan that he would not give up their relationships regardless of the outcome.

Dong Qingyuan cried even more fiercely. Jiang An had no time to comfort her and hardened his heart before walking into the conference room.

"What can you do except for crying? You have the time now, call your grandfather!" Jiang An’s mother glared fiercely at Dong Qingyuan. Others said that his son had found an important official's daughter who would help him-apparently she could not do anything.

This time, Dong Qingyuan didn't have the time to be upset with Jiang mother’s attitude. She took out her mobile phone with a shaking hand and called Xia Yu. She cried, "The meeting is about to begin, Xia Yu, please ask for Young Master Yan's help again!"

At this time, Xia Yu was lying on the sofa in her cousin's house. She heard the crying of Dong Qingyuan and said, "Qing Yuan, don't worry. Everything will be fine."

"But we tried to find him for an entire day yesterday. We wanted to talk to him just now, but he didn't even bother to look to us." How could Dong Qingyuan not be worried?

The bastard didn't find a way to blackmail him, of course he wasn't happy. But Xia Yu could not tell that to Dong Qingyuan, "Without him, it's not certain that we'll lose. Wait for the results."

"Really?" Dong Qingyuan heard Xia Yu's words and even forgot to cry.

Jiang An's mother turned and took a final look at Dong Qingyuan before walking into the conference room.

The atmosphere was tense, but the matter at hand was rather simple. People would vote for one of the two candidates. They would simply raise their hands when their ideal candidate's name was being called.

Jiang Tao was certain victory belonged to him and said, "I am the big brother, do let Jiang An come first."

A certain victory? Jiang An almost punched him in the face.

There was no point in fighting a war of words now. Jiang An's father said directly, "Those who support Jiang An, please raise your hand!"

He raised his hand first-he would vote for his son no matter what.

The secretary began to count the number of hands. "One, two... Fourteen. Jiang An has a total of fourteen votes."

There were 21 shareholders. Jiang An received 14 votes-that's more than half of the votes.

How could it be? Also, Shen Yan was rather cold to Jiang An. He even disregarded Jiang An. How could he vote for Jiang An? Also, how could the other 3 people switch side and support Jiang An?

Jiang Tao was paralyzed. He really couldn't think of the reason why.

It was not just him, even Jiang An and his father were bewildered. They met with these shareholders who switched sides (excluding Shen Yan) for countless times offering carrots and sticks. However, they were indifferent. Now, they just suddenly switched sides? Did they raise hands for the wrong person?

Only Jiang An's mother knew something after reading into the phone call Dong Qingyuan made outside as well as the last expression on Dong’s face.

Presumably, her grandfather got involved in the end. He had been an official for many years and his network was extensive enough to overturn the board’s final decision. Jiang An's mother really admired his ability.

There was no suspense left. It was not necessary to ask the rest to raise their hands as Jiang An’s victory could be announced.

"I've already cast my vote. I have to go now." Shen Yan stood up and walked out.

In any case, Shen Yan kind of helped himself, Jiang An rushed over to see him off, "Thank you for your support."

Shen Yan ignored him and went straight out.

Jiang An was perplexed. What happened to Shen Yan?

Liu Sijie on the side felt bad and whispered, "He's been upset lately. Young Master Jiang, please understand! You are our partner, and we will definitely support you."

No wonder people couldn't find him. Jiang An now understood that Shen Yan was upset because of Yang Ke'er's forced marriage and had nothing to do with him.

"Don't worry about it! Assistant Liu, please spend more time to accompany Young Master Yan."

"There's no use. It's a matter of heart, so I need a solution for the heart. Have you met Xia Yu recently?" Liu Sijie whispered.

Aha! Because of Xia Yu! Jiang An understood even better now and could not help but glanced at Shen Yan. Meanwhile, he was deeply impressed by Xia Yu. Everyone knew Shen Yan was the one who dumped women, but now he was upset over a woman.

"Yes, I saw her with Qingyuan yesterday. She said that she'd like to have a meal together tomorrow. Is Young Master Yan available to join?” What’ Jiang An’s role in this “heart” business? He's trying to create an opportunity for Xia Yu and Shen Yan to see each other.

Shen Yan already did him a huge favor. How could he not help Shen Yan out?

"Aren't you leaving?" Shen Yan saw Liu Sijie and Jiang An were still talking and grew impatient.

"Coming!" Liu Sijie yelled and made a gesture to Jiang An of making a call before walking up to Shen Yan.

"Young Master Yan, Jiang An received two more votes than expected. It seems that Dong Family was involved." In the car, Liu Sijie said.

Shen Yan didn't reply, and Liu Sijie had to stop talking.

Xia Yu, who was lying on the sofa, continued to eat and watch TV. Wu Shiyu came over and shut down the TV. "Tell me, why are you so sure Jiang An would definitely win?"

"Can it be clearer? My dad made a couple of calls and got him a few votes?" Xia Yu spoke with a muffled sound as she was chewing a French fries in her mouth.

"You talked to your dad?" Wu Shiyu grabbed the fries over and ate them herself. "I can remember that someone said that her face was bigger than the sky."

Xia Yu grabbed the French fries back and laughed, "He is my dad. Which dad and daughter have overnight grudges?"

"So, you decided to go back?" Wu Shiyu asked.

"If I go back, who will translate for Li Yan? Remember, he's basically a celebrity. If there's no one reliable to watch him, he may be snatched by someone else. When that happens, you won’t even have the time to cry."

"So I have to thank you for this?" Wu Shiyu took the fries again.

"No need to thank me! We are sisters, right?" Xia Yu was almost "shameless".

Jiang Tao really did not think that Jiang An could overturn the result in that circumstance. After the meeting, he asked Zhang Hanyu out for a drink. Supposedly, Jiang An wanted to snatch Shen Yan, and Shen Yan wouldn't just have a head-on fall out with him.

But he actually came to the meeting to support, this shouldn't be!

Zhang Hanyu didn't figure it out for a long time.

"It seems that Xia Yu has a great influence on Shen Yan." Jiang Tao did his homework. After they entered the conference room, some employees reported that Dong Qingyuan cried and called Xia Yu for help.

"Impossible! Xia Yu has resigned after fighting with Shen Yan. How could Shen Yan still listen to her?" Zhang Hanyu knew they both were proud people.

"What if their relationship was not only professional but also romantic?"

It was not a secret that Shen Yan liked Xia Yu and it was not entirely impossible for Shen Yan to let Jiang An win for Xia Yu. If that’s the case, it seemed that the wishful thinking of Young Master Mo would stay wishful thinking after all.

He had hoped that after Yang Ke'er started to work at Teng Fei, he could cooperate with Zeng Family with proper justification. According to Xia Yu's temple, if Shen Yan decided to be with her, she could not tolerate Yang Ke'er's bluff and bluster. If Yang Ke'er couldn't make it to Tengfei, no one in the Zeng Family could touch Sheng Da.

Now it was different from before. Shen Yan has made several big deals while Teng Fei suffered a slowdown in growth. Shen Yan's headwind was strong now. If Shen Mo wanted a breakthrough, he had to find external help.

Shen Mo wanted to take advantage of Jiang Group's reelection to elevate Jiang Tao, who's closer to them, to the position of presidency in order to frustrate Shen Yan. However, Jiang An turned the reelection over at the last moment and won.

If Xia Yu and Shen Yan were just arguing, it would not be long before they reconcile. When that happened, Jiang Group’s cooperation with Shen Yan would only be closer.

"The situation you said is also valid. But the deal is now done, what are your plans now?" Zhang Hanyu asked. Apparently, a stable and healthy Jiang Group was not in Shen Mo's interest. Jiang Tao should do something.

Not for others, at least for his status in Jiang Group.

"For the time being, I have to accept this result. I'm not trying to bluff but if Jiang An is willing to attack us, he will not sit comfortably in the position of president." This kind of counterattack did not need to be provoked by Zhang Hanyu-Jiang Tao would do it himself.

They had enough of the taste of depending on others. They worked so hard these years and were only a step away from success. Unfortunately, they didn't make it in the end. If they gave up now, they could be completely marginalized.

Therefore, they had to continue.

"This time they got lucky. The esteemed Mr. Dong had some connections, but he retired after all. It will not be long before no one answers to him. You have time, so your new strategy is up to you." Zhang Hanyu analyzed for Jiang Tao calmly.

Jiang Tao nodded. He was caught off guard by Jiang An because he ignored the Esteemed Mr. Dong. This time he learned his lesson and would redeploy after he returned.

Jiang Tao was an accomplished man after all and quickly adjusted his mood. "Please convey my gratitude for Young Master Mo's strong support. Should Jiang Tao be successful one day, I shall not forget his help."

Zhang Hanyu smiled. "Mr. Jiang is always so polite. We have been working together for so long, and I won't say much. In the future, Young Master Mo will still help whenever he can."

"Thank you in advance!" That's what Jiang Tao wanted to hear. As long as Shen Mo has not given up supporting him, he still had enough confidence as they'd been operating for so many years.

"I have to go now!" Zhang Hanyu stood up.

When he arrived at the hall, he unexpectedly met two old acquaintances. His ex-wife Wan Ru and Zhou Yan.

Wan Ru said something to Zhou Yan as she saw Zhang Hanyu. Zhou Yan took a look at Zhang Hanyu and walked directly to a private room after nodding to him when passing by.

Zhang Hanyu also responded politely.

"President Zhang, what dirty business are you dealing here? We were once husband and wife after all, and I want to remind you-be careful!" Everything Wan Ru said to Zhang Hanyu sounded like a knife sticking into his heart.


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