Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 226 What the Hell?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 226 What the Hell?

Although Xia Yu said she would rest at home, she was actually rather bored, for she had nothing to do. It was so fortunate of her to have a nice and filial cousin who, knowing that she was bored, got her lots of DVDs and snacks.

She just sank in the couch and watched DVDs while eating for almost a whole day. Jiang An called Dong Qingyuan to thank her for doing a big favor, "Xia Yu, I'm gonna treat you to lunch at Ruyi Restaurant tomorrow. Please do come."

"Why would I not come since I am the one who's gonna be treated?" Xia Yu knew what Dong Qingyuan was like. Dong Qingyuan would find every way to get her there even if she refused to go.

"Then it's a deal. See you tomorrow." Dong Qingyuan winked at Jiang An and hung up the phone. She nailed it and the rest was on him.

Jiang An made an OK gesture and called Liu Sijie right away, "We've already made an appointment with Xia Yu, tomorrow noon at Ruyi Restaurant."

Liu Sijie was at Shen Yan's office at that time and immediately asked Shen Yan while covering the phone, "Jiang An wanted to invite you to lunch tomorrow at Ruyi Restaurant if you are available."

"I'm not available!" Shen Yan rejected bluntly. What was that jerk thinking about? Scouted his person---although he supported him like a fool--- and now even called him just to mount the high horse!

The more Shen Yan thought over, the more he felt Jiang An was bastard.

"And he also invited Xia Yu. That day he was pressed so hard by Jiang Tao that he asked Xia Yu to his office for help, trying to take advantage of the connection between Xia Yu's father and the Esteemed Mr. Dong. He didn't really want to scout her. What's more, she even acted as a peacemaker to mediate the conflict between you and Xia Yu," Liu Sijie explained with great care, finding Shen Yan kind of growing backward and getting more and more childish.

"Whatever. It was she who was at odds with me," he surely toned down a lot when he was speaking.

"Yes, it was her. That's why Dong Qingyuan asked her to apologize to you," Liu Sijie was having goosebumps when he spoke with such an affected tone.

Shen Yan just humphed and didn't say a word.

Although he despised Shen Yan's behavior these days, Liu Sijie still had to keep asking him, "Then I'll call Jiang back and tell him that you are available tomorrow. Alright?"

Shen Yan rolled his eyes. Go ahead. Why blabber so much nonsense.

Liu Sijie despised him in his heart so much that he almost forgot to call Jiang An back, "Mr. Jiang, Young Master Yan was available tomorrow. See you then."

"OK. See you tomorrow." Jiang An hung up the phone. He heard that because the boss of Ruyi Restaurant came to the restaurant in person to cook the specialty himself, the restaurant was filled with customers every day. He had to hurry to make a reservation before it was too late.

Xia Yu was still watching her DVDs when the phone rang. He noticed that the number was Jiang Yayan's. She hesitated for a moment but still picked it up. "I'm sorry, Miss Jiang but I've already quit my job. So if you have questions please contact Liu Sijie or Shen Yan directly."

There was a fit of silence on the other side of the phone. Jiang Yayan said, "Miss Xia, I know it is presumptuous of me to call you, but I have no other choices. You know I don't have many acquaintances here and my mom needs to be taken good care of after the operation. Since Yang Ke'er and Bai Hong came and made a scene, the servant no longer wanted to stay. I'm really worried about leaving Jiangjiang alone at home. So could you be so kind as to take care of him a few days?"

It wasn't she that was deliberately venting her grievances. Indeed she couldn't find a servant. Yang Ke'er sent people following her day by day. Whoever talked to her would be told by Yang's men that she was a nasty home-wrecker on and on until the guy went away.

She really was left no choice but to beg Xia Yu.

A kid like Jiangjiang was not safe to be left alone in the hospital, let alone at home. Anyway, Xia Yu had nothing to do these days, so for the sake of the child, she agreed, "Alright then. I'm available anyway."

"Thank you so much, Miss Xia." Her consent was a release to Jiang Yayan.

Since she was gonna take care of Jiangjiang tomorrow, she probably couldn't make it to the lunch with Dong Qingyuan. Xia Yu called Dong Qingyuan at once, "Qingyuan, you don't need to treat me tomorrow or the entire week. I have to take care of the kid of one of my friends' because her mother just went through an operation."

"Xia Yu, you did this on purpose, didn't you? Why didn't you tell me when I called you just now?" They already made an appointment with Shen Yan and she suddenly broke her promise. How could she explain to Shen Yan?

“She called me just a moment ago. You could treat me another time, maybe a few days later." Xia Yu didn't know Dong Qingyuan also invited Shen Yan. She hung up the phone after these light-hearted words.

Very soon Jiang An called back, "Xia Yu, why not take the kid with you to the lunch tomorrow?"

It was indeed possible. Xia Yu thought for a while and said, "You didn't invite other people, right?"

If there were only two of them, it was alright for Jiangjiang to join them. But if there were others, it wouldn't be appropriate. So Xia Yu had to make sure.

However, Jiang An misunderstood her and was afraid that she wouldn't come if she knew Shen Yan was there. He said right away, "No, it was only us."

"Alright. I'll go to Ruyi Restaurant directly tomorrow noon." After sealing the deal, Xia Yu hung up the phone.

Xia Yu came to Jiang Yayan's home early in the morning. Jiangjiang was excited to know that Xia Yu would come, so he got up early to wait for her.

"Aunt Xia, I miss you so much!" Jiangjiang rushed to Xia Yu.

Jiangjiang held Jiangjiagn in her arms and turned around in the room, "I miss you, too."

"Miss Xia, then I leave him to you. Thank you." Jiang Yayan said.

“Don't worry. I'll take good care of him," Xia Yu noticed that Jiang Yayan had already packed up and walked her to the door with Jiangjiang.

Then Xia Yu took Jiangjiang to the mall. Jiangjiang behaved himself quite well when he had something to play with. Soon it was 11 o'clock. Xia Yu said to Jiangjiang, "Let's go and have lunch."

Jiangjiang had done with playing and followed her meekly with his hands holding hers.

Xia Yu took a taxi and asked the driver to take them to Ruyi Restaurant.

Jiang An and Dong Qingyuan had been waiting for a long time. They smiled and walked to them when they saw Xia Yu's car. Xia Yu waved to greet them.

Then Xia Yu got out of the car. When she was about to carry Jiangjiang out with her, she saw Jiang An and Dong Qingyuan walking aside and saying, "Young Master Yan and Assistant Liu, please come in."

Xia Yu was shocked. Didn't they say it was only them? How come they even invited Shen Yan and Liu Sijie? She looked at Jiangjiang subconsciously. The two must not meet.

She went back to the car immediately and closed the door.

"What's wrong, Miss?" The driver wondered why she came back since she already arrived and paid him the money.

"Please take me to where I came. It suddenly came to me that I still have something to do." Xia Yu lied to the driver.

The driver didn't ask more questions but drove back.

Shen Yan, after greeting Jiang An and Dong Qingyuan, saw that Xia Yu went back to the car when she was just about to get off. His face turned bad.

Dong Qingyuan also noticed that Shen Yan was pissed off and shouted "No" to herself. She walked to the side and called Xia Yu at once, "Xia Yu, what's wrong with you?"

"I should ask you the same question. Why didn't you tell me that you invited Shen Yan?" Xia Yu was upset with Dong Qingyuan's accusation.

"What's wrong with my inviting him? You guys are not strangers." Dong Qingyuan never thought Xia Yu could be so affected. What was wrong with having lunch with Shen Yan?

If Jiangjiang weren't there, there wouldn't be any problem. How could she let them meet each other? Xia Yu couldn't explain to her, "After all, it was your problem that you concealed it.

She hung up the phone directly.

"Xia Yu, you bad girl..." There came the beeping sound of the telephone.

Xia Yu, you just so detested to see me, right? Shen Yan didn't see Jiangjiang in the car and was so upset with her that she thought Xia Yu was deliberately hiding from him.

He had already compromised. Why did she still not let him off?

Shen Yan turned away and left at once.

"Young Master Young Master Yan!" Jiang An shouted at his back. But how could he call Shen Young Master Yan back when he was so angry?

"It's all you to blame. It wouldn't be so embarrassing if you told Xia Yu clearly." Dong Qingyuan blamed Jiang An.

“How do I know she can be so stubborn? Young Master Yan came here in person and she just left!." Jiang An wouldn't allow this to happen if he knew it.

"So you mean Xia Yu is wrong then. If Shen Yan wants to be with Xia Yu, he'd better be sincere. See what the hell he did?" Dong Qingyuan certainly sided with Xia Yu.

"You cannot blame the Second Madame for everything. After all, she had to take consideration of Young Master Yan's future." Jiang An could understand her difficulties.

"Are you still regretting that you didn't marry the widow? You still have the chance to find her." Dong Qingyuan was so furious that she vented it out while thinking of what his parents did.

"Qingyuan, what are you talking about?" Jiang An saw Dong Qingyuan was leaving and got confused about whom to chase.

See, it wasn't easy to be a nosy-parker.

Jiangjiang kept asking Xia Yu in the car, "Aunt Xia, aren't we gonna have lunch?"

"I suddenly realize that you cannot eat spicy food. I'll take you to have western food and play in the amusement park, OK?" Xia Yu caressed Jiangjiang's small head. It was so ashamed of her to lie to a kid.

"Great!" The little boy looked left and right, with his eyes rolling around and two arms waving in excitement. Thinking about going to the amusement park, He couldn't stop giggling, which made Xia Yu feel so sorry for lying to him.

But she still forced a smile and said, "Jiangjiang, let's first have lunch and then go to the amusement park, OK?"

Jiangjiang nodded obediently, "OK!"

Jiangjiang saw that in front of them was a western food restaurant and then took Jiangjiang inside.

"Hello. Can I help you? This is the menu." The waiter put the menu before Xia Yu.

She turned several pages and ordered spaghetti for herself and a pizza for Jiangjiang.

The went directly to the amusement park after lunch. Because it was Sunday, there were crowds of people waiting in a long line. Xia Yu waited for a long time to get the tickets.

Jiangjiang stood by her side in great excitement. Her mom once promised to take him there but it never was realized, unlike Aunt Xia, who took him there right away.

Xia Yu bought the tickets and a marshmallow for him as well as a Monkey King Mask so that he could stride into the amusement park full of contentment.

They played for a whole afternoon. It was not until the amusement park closed did Jiangjiang walked out with Xia Yu reluctantly. Moreover, he kept begging Xia Yu to take him back here before long.


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