Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 228 Hand Over to the Police
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 228 Hand Over to the Police

In the late afternoon, Xia Yu took Jiangjiang home, leaving him building blocks alone in the room while she was cooking in the kitchen. Suddenly, someone was knocking at the door and calling her name. It sounded like Yang Ling's voice. Xia Yu turned off the gas stove, went to the door and opened it.

Before Xia Yu asked Yang Ling what she came for, she grabbed Xia Yu's arm and dragged her out to let her see the words on the door, "Look, who the hell wrote that?"

"Foxy home-wrecker" These three words were painted big in red on the door.

A surge of rage raised in Xia Yu's heart. How mean they were!

"It must be the crazy couple upstairs." Yang Ling said in an affirmative sentence and continued indignantly, with her eyes glaring at upstairs, "Sadly we have no evidence now. We can’t do anything to punish them."

Xia Yu came here just two days ago. She knew few people around. If she might annoy somebody, it could only be the couple she met yesterday. The three words, "foxy home-wrecker", must be painted by the woman. It didn’t take her any efforts to guess. Xia Yu was fully aware of that, but she had no evidence. She could do nothing to her.

“How shameless! Shall we just let it go?" Yang Ling looked angrier than Xia Yu. Yang Ling lived here for quite long and she must have had enough of the two people.

"We can only live it through. If we go and argue with them, we will probably be accused by them reversely." Xia Yu said helplessly and then she changed the topic. She asked, "Have you had dinner? I'm cooking now. If not, we can eat together."

"I am going to eat some instant noodles."

"Then leave it. Come in and join us."

Xia Yu invited her to come in, returned to the kitchen and continued to cook dinner. She had planned to prepare meals for two, the child and herself. Now that Yang Ling joined them, so she cooked another dish, tomatoes fried with eggs.

"Sister Xia Yu, how can we deal with the words on the door?" She still remembered the stuff.

"I will ask someone to do with it tomorrow. Let's have dinner first." Xia Yu passed her the chopsticks, which she had just washed.

"Their temper was spoiled by your friend. If she dared to paint words on my door, I would fight with her." Yang Ling took a glance at Jiangjiang and said angrily.

Jiangjiang nodded and said, "They always bully my mother."

Xia Yu caressed Jiangjiang's head and passed him some food with chopsticks. Perhaps she had met more appalling things than this in the past and her heart had grown stronger and harder. So, when she met such a little mischief, she was just annoyed for a second. And now she had calmed down.

Yang Ling's attention was distracted very soon and now she focused on eating. She said yummy quite a few times.

"Sister Xia Yu, I didn't expect that you cooked so well! Could you find some time to teach me? I want to learn to cook and then..." She paused, blushed with shyness and said in a low voice, "Then to 'grab a man's stomach'."

Xia Yu heard her words and smiled. She thought of her cousin, who said the same words before and was teased by her. Because Xia Yu believed that the saying was false. If the man didn't like you, though you tried your best to 'grab his stomach', he just wouldn't love you anymore.

Now the same words were repeated by someone.

"Sister Xia Yu?"

"If you really want to learn cooking, you can come here when you're free and I'll teach you. But I will stay here for no longer than a week." Xie Gendi recovered a little so Xia Yu would go back soon.

"A few days also count." Yang Ling thanked her in delight.

After dinner, Yang Ling played with Jiangjiang for a while because Xia Yu was doing the housework. Then Yang Ling left after she finished.

The next day, Xia Yu asked someone to clean up the paint on the door. However, in the late afternoon, when Xia Yu went out to do some shopping with the child and came back, she found the door had been painted again, with more insulting words on it— “Bitch home-wrecker”. There were several bold exclamation marks after these words.

Xia Yu tightened her lips. She was just a guest and didn't cause any trouble for Jiang Yayan. She thought the woman would stop after she painted those words, but she didn't expect the woman was so shameless and awkward.

It's true that if a person is too kind, he will easily be bullied. Xia Yu sneered. She took the key and opened the door, letting Jiangjiang go inside first. Then she took out her phone and shot some photos of the words on the door. She called for someone to clean up again and bought a security camera on the Internet.

"Aunt, I'm scared." Jiangjiang looked at Xia Yu with fear.

"Don't worry. Aunty is here. You'll be OK." Xia Yu took Jiangjiang's hands in hers and dressed him in home-wear clothes in the room.

The items from JD City Shopping were delivered the next day and Xia Yu asked someone to help assemble it so that the scene outside the door could be watched from the cell-phone automatically. Xia Yu now could see clearly what happened outside.

In the late afternoon, considering the woman would be on her way home, Xia Yu deliberately took Jiangjiang for a walk downstairs and brought up the video from her phone. After ten minutes or so, a figure of a woman, short and stout, appeared at the door. That was the woman. The security camera caught her face clearly. Xia Yu tightened her fists gradually.

The woman's hands were full. She had a black plastic bag in one hand and a paint bucket on the other hand. Firstly, she painted "stinky bitch" at the door. Then she paused and painted "foxy home-wrecker seduced married men".

Looking at those words, Xia Yu was provoked but she wanted to laugh. The woman was insane. Xia Yu even didn't chat with her husband. How could she seduce him?

However, what was more disgusting was that the woman opened the black plastic bag after she painted and poured the stuff out at the door. It was rubbish. Its smell seemed to travel through the screen. Xia Yu moved her eyes away from the screen. Suddenly, there was shouting passing through the phone, "What are you doing?"

Xia Yu looked at the screen again and found another person appearing in it. It was Yang Ling. She came across the woman and they were quarreling fiercely.

Xia Yu hurried to take the elevator upstairs with Jiangjiang. When she arrived, Yang Ling was dragging the woman's clothes desperately to prevent her from fleeing away. Yang Ling saw Xia Yu and said, "I catch her. It was she who painted those dirty words on the door. And she poured rubbish at your door."

"You dirty bitch. Stop making unfounded attacks upon me! It's not me. It's you. You did. And you blame it on me. Husband, husband, someone's beating me! Come down and help me."

Though the woman was caught, she was fearless. She was even more aggressive than Yang Ling and accused her reversely, claiming that Yang Ling was the culprit, which showed that her shamelessness reached a new record.

Xia Yu came and stood beside Yang Ling, casting a cold look at the shameless woman, who lifted her chin and stared fearlessly at Xia Yu.

When her husband came to them from upstairs, her expression was more arrogant, "Husband, those two bitches beat me. Help me and give them a lesson."

Yang Ling's shoulders were trembling because of anger and she shouted angrily, "You're the bitch, and all of your family are."

"You dare to scold me? I will rip your mouth."

Having her husband with her, the woman was reckless and raised her arm, attempting to slap Yang Ling's mouth. Immediately Xia Yu grabbed her hand to stop her. Seeing Xia Yu come to help Yang Ling, the woman was anxious and turned her head to her husband, shouting "You, the useless. Seeing your wife bullied by them, why don't you come and help me? Are you seduced by these two foxy home-wrecker?"

The man, standing beside her, looked harsh and came to the woman, directly dragging her upstairs. The woman was struggling, flailing and shouting. The man raised his arm and slapped her. The sound was so scaring that Xia Yu and Yang Ling shivered with fear.

The woman had been dragged upstairs but the scolding continued and there was the sound of things falling on the ground.

Xia Yu rubbed the place between her eyebrows. She hugged Jiangjiang, who was scared and crying, patted his back slightly and comforted him with her soft voice.

"Let me sweep the rubbish in front of your door."

Yang Ling took out her key and opened the door. But Xia Yu stopped her from fetching the broom and said, "Don't sweep it. It's the evidence. I will call the police."

"Yeah, call the police. But you've witnessed how shameless the woman was. She won't admit it. Even if I've caught her, she denied and accused me reversely." Yang Ling frowned and said, gnashing her teeth in anger.

Xia Yu smiled and pointed the security camera to her. Yang Ling widened her eyes and said excitedly, "When did you get this? Wonderful! She has no way to deny this time."

"Yeah, she can't deny this time." Xia Yu instantly called 120. Then two policemen arrived soon. Xia Yu explained to them what had happened in detail and showed them the video shot by the security camera.

"What she did was shameless and had a bad influence on my life. Mr. Officer, you've seen how reckless she was, and she even accused reversely and tried to beat us after she was caught."

"This woman lives upstairs, right?" One of the policemen asked. Yang Ling said yes in no time.

The two policemen went upstairs. The sound of quarrelling faded away when the policemen knocked at the door. The man went to open it. Several red marks which were caused by the fight, appeared on his face. Upon seeing two policemen standing outside his door, he looked anxious.

"Mr. Officer, what happened?" The smile on the corner of his mouth was rigid.

The two policemen came into their house. The woman was watching TV in the sitting room, with one of her cheek swollen. When she saw the policemen come in, her body was stiff and her looking was anxious and guilty.

Because of the video, the woman could not deny it at all. When the policemen tried to bring her to the police station, she sat on the floor, crying and swearing fiercely, "Mr. Officer, the woman seduces my husband first. She is the person that you should arrest. This shameless foxy home-wrecker!"

The two policemen frowned, and they looked at the man standing beside her, then looked at Xia Yu. Their expression showed that they didn't believe it. One of the policemen said solemnly, "You have no evidence. If you don't have any, it's a crime of defamation.

The woman looked pale as a sheet and lowered her head in silence. Finally, she was taken away by the police. As the victim, Xia Yu went together with them to the police station for registration.

Xia Yu went out of the police station at almost 10 p.m. and arrived at the flat at 10.30 p.m. The rubbish in front of the door was cleaned up. It must be Yang Ling. Yang Ling heard the sound and stood from the sofa the moment Xia Yu opened the door.

"You come back at last. How is the woman?" Yang Ling asked.

"She is supposed to be detained."

"Great. What a relief! She deserves." Yang Ling said excitedly with a big smile.

"Yang Ling, I'm very grateful to you today. Is Jiangjiang sleeping now?" Xia Yu looked in the direction of Jiangjiang's room. It was quiet. She guessed that he had a sound sleep.

"Jiangjiang was very considerate. He didn't cry or make a fuss. I gave him some milk and he went to sleep after he drank it." Yang Ling's eyes revealed her affection for Jiangjiang when she was talking of him.


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