Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 229 It Was Easy to Cause Misunderstanding
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 229 It Was Easy to Cause Misunderstanding

Jiangjiang was indeed a good boy. It was a pity that he had to live like this. Xia Yu looked after him for two days. You could tell from what he said to Xia Yu that this situation happened a lot before. "He really behaves himself comparing to other kids at the same age."

"It's true, sister Xia Yu. I only tell you this considering you and his mother are friends. He and his mother have been bullied a lot here." Yang Ling thought Xia Yu and Jiang Yayan were friends. She said a lot about them being bullied by neighbors and especially by that couple. "You don't know how terrible they are. It feels like that they and Jiangjiang's mother are enemies."

Jiang Yayan was a single mother which was quite a gossip topic for people. Moreover, people often came looking for her and scolded her. They called her third wheel or home-wrecking slut which put them in a more difficult situation.

After a few more chatting Xia Yu let her go home and have a rest.

Right when she was about to take her clothes and go for a shower, there was a knocking on the door. Xia Yu asked who that was. And a male voice came through. It sounded like the man from upstairs.

Xia Yu frowned and walked to the door. She looked outside through the peep hole. It was indeed that man.

"Miss Xia, I want to have a word with you. Can you open the door?"

"You want to say something. Just say it outside the door!" Xia Yu said with a cold tone. She had no intention to open the door and let him in.

"Okay. I will say it out here. Miss Xia, can you drop the case? I apologize to you on behalf of my wife. She will never do such thing again. I promise."

After hearing the man's words Xia Yu felt angry and funny. How could this man have the audacity to ask her to drop the case?

"I won't drop the case. I don't need your apology and promise. That's it. I have something to do." Xia Yu's tone was firm. It was not negotiable. If you forgave what they had done easily. They wouldn't learn a lesson at all. They might do more terrible things instead.

"Miss Xia, Madame Shen and I are neighbors. And you and she are so close. There is no need to make us all unhappy. We will see each other a lot in the future." The man outside the door was worried.

Xia Yu laughed at him a little. Who would see a scumbag like you a lot? After these two days Xia Yu would never come back here again. What kind of people lived here? She didn't answer him and took her pajamas into the bathroom.

After she went into the bathroom, she could still hear the man from outside saying, "Miss Xia, don't flatter yourself. To be honest we have connections. My wife will be out of jail without begging you."

Xia Yu turned on the shower. The sound of the water covered up the man's annoying voice immediately.

After Xia Yu's shower there was no sound of that man outside the door. He must have left. Xia Yu approached the door and looked through the peep hole. He had actually gone.

The woman upstairs was set free the second day after dusk. Xia Yu and Yang Ling went shopping at the supermarket in the residential area that day. Who would think at the time they came back they happened to see the woman and her husband coming out of a taxi at the gate of the residential area? The color of the woman's face was bad. It was yellow and gaunt. Her hair was messy too.

They saw Xia Yu too. The woman biting her teeth scolded with anger, "Bitch!"

"Who are you scolding at?" Yang Ling shouted. It looked like that the woman hadn't learned her lesson yet.

Xia Yu shook her head and took out her phone. She found out clicked recording and approached her. She squinted her eyes and said in a fierce voice, "If you dare then scold again, believe it or not I can send you to jail again."

"Go, aren't you embarrassed enough?" The man pulled the woman into the residential area.

"Ha-ha, Sister Xia Yu, you are awesome! These two people will avoid you every time they see you." Yang Ling holding her belly laughed at side. And then she showed her thumb to Xia Yu and looked at her with respect.

"Treating this kind of people, it should be tooth for tooth." Xia Yu wouldn't indulge them. This kind of people clearly bullied the weak and feared the strong. If you didn't teach them a lesson, you didn't know what they might do in the future.

Xia Yu stayed one more day at Jiang Yayan's home. That two people were quiet. They didn't come to pick a fight. Li Yan was going to attend an anniversary of a fashion magazine. Wu Shiyu wanted Xia Yu to be his translator. Xia Yu said yes. She sent Jiangjing to the kindergarten. Yang Ling volunteered that if Xia Yu couldn't make it then she could pick up Jiangjiang.

This girl might be the only one who didn't reject Jiang Yayan in this residential area. Xia Yu was grateful. She thought that Jiangjiang was familiar with her. So, she said yes.

After they arrived at the scene, Xia Yu saw Shen Yan and Liu Sijie. Shen Yan saw Xia Yu with Li Yan. The color of his face went bad. Xia Yu saw it and sighed in her heart.

That day was the 80 years' anniversary of Aisha fashion magazine. It began at nine in the morning and ended at half past eleven at noon. And then all the people had lunch with the host.

Xia Yu got a phone call right when she arrived at the hotel. She hesitated for a moment and picked up.

"Hello, Young Master Yan."

"Working with Li Yan makes you not say hello to former colleague?" Although the voice was soft, you could still sense the hidden bitterness in his tone.

Xia Yu went silent. Wasn't she afraid him leaving? After a while there was a sigh coming through the phone, "Xia Yu, even if you want me to quit, there is no need for you to avoid me like this. Even if you don't have feelings for me as boyfriend and girlfriend, don't you have feelings for me as a friend?"

His words made Xia Yu’s heart hurt. She nearly cried, "Young Master Yan, I didn’t mean to avoid you. As you can see, I was busy."

"Fine, I know." He hung up after this sentence.

He must be angry. Xia Yu’s heart was filled with helplessness. She was very sad.

She went to the private room. Due to the bad mood she didn’t volunteer to talk to other people around her.

"Mr. Li, thank you very much for attending the activity of our magazine. I make this toast to you." The director of Aisha Magazine sat beside whose family name was Gu. He drunk up the wine while saying.

Li Yan said something polite. Seeing him drinking up his wine, Li Yan had to drink up too.

Xia Yu had already drunk four glasses of wine with people while the dishes were still incoming. She started to feel the strength of the wine. Her face began to burn. She thought this wouldn’t do and found an excuse of making phone call. She was ready to go outside for a while.

Li Yan’s Chinese was pretty good. People here were basically Chinese and Korean. He should be fine communicating with people. Xia Yu was at ease.

The door opened from outside when she arrived at the door. Xia Yu’s eyes widened seeing the people coming in. She could either move forwards or move backwards. She gawked at them and trembled "Young Master Yan, Miss Yang!"

"Call us Young Master Yan and Miss Yang like an outsider. Just call us by our names. Like you used to, don’t you?" Yang Ke’er smiled, "Xia Yu, I didn’t believe when people said you have the ability. But now I do. You find a new job so quickly. And more than one company wants you. Respect, respect."

"We are friends. I'm just helping friends." How could Xia Yu not sense the jealousy and instigation in Yang Ke’er’s words?

"So, you know Li Yan well?" Yang Ke’er remembered the first time she met Xia Yu was at a friend’s parents’ wedding anniversary. Li Yan was Xia Yu’s dancing partner that day.

Yang Ke’er danced with him back then. However, she thought the reason Li Yan was Xia Yu’s dancing partner was because she was Shen Yan’s secretary. But from what she saw today it wasn’t.

It looked like Xia Yu had certain connections. Yang Ke’er was angry that she couldn’t compare with Xia Yu on this aspect. She was nothing but the Eldest Miss of Yang Family.

"We met a few times and got along well. Although Li Yan is a big star, he is easy-going. There are many foreigners today. Most of them are his fans. I’m his translator today. Sorry, I can’t be gone for long." Xia Yu didn’t want to be with them for long. She turned around and left.

But she didn’t go far. She got dragged hardly by Shen Yan. He pinched her chin to make Xia Yu face him.

"Xia Yu, is it that hard for you to see me?" She avoided him the last two times. She barely said anything today and was about to leave.

Xia Yu bit her lip. Weren’t you the one who didn’t want to see me? Let you have it your way and you still had something to say. She was frustrated, "Young Master Yan, I think I made myself quite clear just now."

Shen Yan let go of Xia Yu’s chin. Xia Yu thought he would storm out. But he pulled her hand and moved forwards rapidly. He took her to an empty private room.

He slammed the door. Yang Ke’er got left behind. She was so angry that her face went green.

She wanted to kick the door open. But she thought and thought, she didn’t do it after all.

"Young Master Yan, you know I’m working. Let me go, OK?" Xia Yu tried to talk to Shen Yan calmly.

"So, can’t you at least talk to me?" He was so aggressive which meant he had no intention to let Xia Yu go.

Xia Yu’s heart was fallen, "Young Master Yan, what are you doing?"

"Did my mom meet with you? Threaten you?" Shen Yan asked with a guessing tone.

"No. You know I won’t be threatened." Xia Yu didn’t want him to guess. She stood up, "I really need to go!"

"Xia Yu, do you hate me so much?" He said with a fierce voice and his breath became heavy. Although Xia Yu was back to him, she could know he was angry from his voice.

Xia Yu hesitated. But she didn’t stop. Since she had already decided to leave, there was no need to say anything more.

She pushed the door and went out. The first thing she saw was the murdering look on Yang Ke’er’s face. Xia Yu ignored her and kept moving.

People saw Xia Yu got dragging away by Shen Yan and the look on Yang Ke’er’s face was bad. There were meaningful looks on their faces.

Young Master Yan and Miss Yang were famous. Anyone here with a bit knowledge knew them.

Chief editor of the magazine approached in a hurry while seeing Shen Yan coming out of the private room. "Young Master Yan, may I have the honor to have a drink with you?"

Shen Yan did attend the meeting just now. But he left in a short while. Editor was depressed that he couldn’t keep this big shot here. Now that he returned, which made editor very happy.

Shen Yan looked at Xia Yu and said, "Okay!

Shen Yan didn’t say no. Editor led him in a hurry. He sat beside Xia Yu earlier. He gave up the seat immediately when Shen Yan arrived.

During lunch, Shen Yan picked food for Xia Yu quite often. The shrimps in her bowl were peeled and with sauce. He was careful and tender. But in this kind of occasion, it was easy to cause misunderstanding.

"Did Young Master Yan know Miss Xia before?" The journalist who sat opposite asked. It looked like she wanted to dig something.

"In S city, who doesn’t know she is my secretary. Isn’t it a little pretentious asking this?" Shen Yan said impolitely.

"Former secretary." Xia Yu explained carefully, "I resigned not a long ago."

"Did I agree?" The contract was decoration? Shen Yan turned his head and looked at Xia Yu. Although it was a question, the tone was affirmative.

"..." Xia Yu didn’t know what to say. She looked Shen Yan in his eye. How could he mess around in this kind of occasion?


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