Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 230 I Have No Problem
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 230 I Have No Problem

Xia Yu pulled Shen Yan out of the private room, "Are you done messing around?"

"Xia Yu, we have a contract. Don't you forget." Shen Yan looked at Xia Yu. He was just obeying the contract. How did it become messing around?

Contract, Xia Yu didn't want to quarrel with him here, "You have a contract, right? OK, just sue me!"

Xia Yu didn't buy this. He wanted to blackmail her using the contract. No way! Xia Yu simply just left. If she stayed, it might disturb this banquet.

The editor looked at Li Yan with embarrassment. He was the VIP guest of the company. But Shen Yan also was. If these two fought over Xia Yu, what should they do?

Li Yan laughed and approached Shen Yan, "Young Master Yan, Xia Yu is straightforward. Her temper comes and goes quickly. I think you know it better than I do."

Shen Yan poked his head with his finger. He smiled and said, "I'm sorry that I made your translator angry and she left. In this case, I will be your translator."

"I won't dare!" Li Yan waved his hand constantly. He wouldn't dare to let Young Master Yan be his translator.

"Don't you be polite with me. I am here anyway. Just let it be." Shen Yan drove Xia Yu away. He should take the responsibility, shouldn’t he?

Listening to this the editor's heart which was about to jump out of his chest was swallowed back. It was lucky that the thing didn't go the way he thought it would. Otherwise his boss would blame him. He would be fired.

After seeing how well they were getting along, the boss smiled and approached, "Young Master Yan, Mr. Li this way please!"

They went into the private room quickly.

Yang Ke'er on the side saw how arrogant Xia Yu was in front of Shen Yan. She was so angry that her stomach ached. She had no mood to go after Shen Yan. She got into her car angrily.

Didn't her informer tell her that she was babysitting kid for that bitch Jiang Yayan these days? She didn't think Xia Yu would really count that bitch Jiang Yayan as friend.

Bitch and bitch always had something in common. Xia Yu, since you were a bitch, don't blame me Yang Ke'er to go hard on you. She made a phone call to the woman who lived at the upstairs of Jiang Yayan. "Fat aunt, make sure the guest of that downstairs bitch suffers."

That couple took a lot of money from Yang Ke’er. They kept bullying Jiang Yayan for her. When Xia Yu came, they thought her as Jiang Yayan's friend. They messed with her without Yang Ke'er asking.

They thought Xia Yu would be as silent as Jiang Yayan. Who would think they mess with a hard ass? She sent them to jail straightly for two days.

They helped Yang Ke'er for money. They didn't think they would put themselves in trouble. How could they dare mess with Xia Yu, "Miss Yang, you don't know that woman. She's crazy. That little bastard Jiangjiang cried so hard that we couldn't sleep. We just went down there to ask her to quiet the boy down. She called the police."

Xia Yu, how vicious you were. OK. Let's go and see.

The next day morning Xia Yu was sleeping. There was a knock on the door. Xia Yu got up in a daze. She opened the door. Yang Ke'er was outside with a dark green face.

"Congratulations Miss Xia, you are on the front page of entertainment magazine."

She went in without Xia Yu's invitation. She gave Xia Yu the magazine in her hand. There was dissatisfaction in her voice.

Xia Yu took the magazine and saw the content on it. The title stood out, "Young Master Yan's new relationship exposure. Chief secretary became girlfriend." There were a few photos down below. The photo of Shen Yan and Xia Yu showed that they went in the restaurant together. Because of the shooting angle their behaviors looked very intimate. Shen Yan just leaned his head to talk to Xia Yu and they were a little close. But it looked like they were kissing from the photo.

"Weren't you there?" Xia Yu threw the magazine on the sofa. Wasn't the photo she and Shen Yan talking yesterday? She stared all the way with her two eyes. Why coming here hold her account for this?

"Don't you see? These people are jealous of Brother Yan. They set the fire on secretly. They release the news and want to damage his reputation. Besides it isn't good for you either. They say your personal life is messy. You sleep your way up to the chief secretary." The more Yang Ke'er said the angrier she got. She said, "Brother Yan pulled you out yesterday. I was worried that the paparazzi might take photos of you. That did happen after all."

"Are you blaming me? You were there. Why don't you pull him away? Why do you let him mess around?" Xia Yu was angry, but she could hold it together.

Yang Ke'er felt wronged. Only if he would listen to her, didn't she want to take him away? She wanted to say something. The phone on the night table rung. Xia You went over and picked up. It was from Zeng Mina.

"Are you dating with Shen Yan? When did you begin?" Zeng Mina's fierce voice came through once the call connected.

"Miss Zeng, it seems we don't know each other well. I refuse to answer this question."

"Xia Yu, I'm looking out for you. You have messed with the wrong people. Yang Ke'er won't let you go." There was some gloating in Zeng Mina's tone.

She was upset due to the paparazzi accident. Zeng Mina's teasing made it worse. She hung up right away.

"What did Zeng Mina want?" Yang Ke'er heard Xia Yu saying Miss Zeng. She thought it would be Zeng Mina.

"Go crazy!" Xia Yu said with a bad temper.

"Xia Yu, even Zeng Mina laughs at me now. I don't care. You need to give me an answer." Yang Ke'er said peremptorily. She could think what Zeng Mina would say when they met again.

She would laugh at Yang Ke'er for losing to a little secretary.

She was the Eldest Miss of Yang Family. How could she lose the competition?

“What does it have to do with me that she laughs at you? You need to go talk to her if you want answer.” Xia Yu leaned against the door frame and looked at Yang Ke'er, “Jiangjiang will go to kindergarten soon. Excuse me, Miss Yang this way please.”

Send her straight away? The color of Yang Ke'er's face became worse. She pushed Xia Yu hardly and stormed out in her high heels.

Yang Ling came out from opposite once she left, “Sister Xia Yu, ignore her. She came a lot when Jiangjiang's mother was at home. I heard she was a rich young lady. She looks more like a shrew.”

No matter Yang Ke'er or Zeng Mina, they were so arrogant because of their money. Actually, this kind of people was miserable. Xia Yu wouldn't acknowledge her, “Their kinds of people have nothing to do but this hobby. If I take them seriously then I will be so busy.”

“That's right.” Yang ling saw Xia Yu going into the room and followed. She closed the door, “Sister Xia Yu, back to that topic. Are you really Young Master Yan's secretary? Are your relationship with him real?”

“It is real that I have been his secretary for a while. But the thing the magazine reported isn't real.” Xia Yu glanced at the magazine on the sofa, “I translated for Li Yan yesterday. Young Master Yan happened to be there. We just chatted a few. I don't know who took the photos and made up these gossips.”

“The shooting angle is really tricky. You can tell it is a professional photographer's work. Some of the journalists have no professional ethics.” Yang Ling had seen the cover of the magazine and studied it. It looked like kissing when you suddenly looked at it.

However, she had known Xia Yu for a couple of days. She didn't think Xia Yu was that kind of person who would do this kind of thing in front of the public.

“Judging from your tone, you are a journalist too, right?” Xia Yu smiled and asked.

“Yes. I'm a fashion magazine journalist.” Yang Ling smiled with embarrassment, “I have just joined. I can't be counted as a formal journalist.”

“Journalist is a good profession. Try your best!” Xia Yu smiled and said.

Yang Ling wanted to build a career. But she was new. It was hard to make it. She looked at Xia Yu and hesitated to talk.

“What's wrong?” Xia Yu asked.

“Sister Xia Yu, you know Li Yan. Could you introduce me to him? I want to do an exclusive interview with him.” Yang Ling hadn't done one interview since she joined. She had to bear with the editor.

She dreamed of doing an interview. But she had to know those big shots.

After said this, Yang Ling found herself overstepped. How many days have I known Xia Yu? She was Young Master Yan's former secretary and big star Li Yan's translator. How could she take a nobody like me seriously?

“I just spoke without thinking. Sister Xia Yu, don't mind that.” Yang Ling explained immediately. Her face was red.

This girl was cute. Xia Yu smiled and asked, “Did you really speak without thinking or did you really want to do an exclusive interview with Li Yan?”

Yang Ling was muddled for a moment. Soon she nodded with excitement, “Of course I want. I even dreamed about it.”

“I will ask. He is really busy recently. I will call you when he is free.” Xia Yu really liked this girl Yang Ling. She was young and had the sense of justice. So, she wanted to give her the chance.

“Really? That's so wonderful.” Yang Ling jumped with happiness like a child.

Jiangjiang came out of the room at the time. He saw Yang Ling jumping and asked curiously, “Aunt Yang Ling, did you win a lottery?”

Yang Ling rushed to hold Jiangjiang up and swirled a circle. She smiled and said, “Yes, I won a big one.”

“Aunt, you are so lucky!” Jiangjiang believed. He rolled his eyes and said, “Then you need to take me to dinner. I will say yes to the meal reluctantly. Not too fancy, Moon Watching Restaurant will do.”

Jiangjiang's words made Xia Yu and Yang Ling laugh.

Moon Watching Restaurant wasn't fancy. Yang Ling couldn't believe it. A normal office clerk like her only had so little salary every month. She counted the money to live the day. This kid said Moon Watching Restaurant wasn't fancy. She needed to ask where was fancy.

“To Jiangjiang's opinion where is fancy?”

“Ruyi Restaurant. Their boss's skill comes down from generations. My mom said it was passed down for many generations. It's very delicious.” Jiangjiang nodded and said like an adult, “I have no problem if Aunt Yang Ling wants to go.”

“Then Moon Watching Restaurant it is.” Yang Ling said in a hurry. She wanted to go too. But after this meal, she would eat cup noodles for the rest of the days.

“Jiangjiang, don't forget you need to go to kindergarten.” Yang Ling was not rich. Xia Yu wouldn't let her treat.

“Then we will go after Jiangjiang's class is over.” Yang Ling was sincere. Xia Yu helped her a lot. She must thank her.

Moon Watching Restaurant was near Tengfei. Xia Yu met Fang Feifei on the way there. She pulled Xia Yu aside and said with a low voice, “Xia Yu, Young Master Yan's mom came every day after you were gone. Her face was somber every time and it was very scary. She scolded me many times. She will definitely come today. You should be prepared. Don't let her see you.”

Fang Feifei thought Xia Yu was really with Shen Yan. She was forced to leave by Second Madame. She looked at her worriedly and there was pity in her eyes.

Xia Yu smiled with bitterness and shook her head. She could image how difficult Shen Yan's days were these days.

Especially being reported by the gossip magazine which would make the color of Second Madame's face worse.

“Fang Feifei, thanks for telling me. I'm OK. I don't need to prove myself because I'm innocent.” Xia Yu didn't care whether Second Madame would see her or not. She didn't come to see Shen Yan. Even if she did, She and Shen Yan were clean.


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