Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 231: I“m afraid I can“t do this.
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 231: I“m afraid I can“t do this.

"Actually... oh!" Fang Feifei wanted to say something but finally she just sighed, not speaking out anything.

Fang Feifei had a lot to say at first, but a colleague called her, and she had to go back to the office. There were many people looking for Shen Yan that day. Most of them wanted him to sign the files and others came to report their work.

The Second Madame came over with Yang Ke'er before noon as Fang Feifei had said before. The hearts of the clerks in the secretariat all twitched, and they all lowered their heads for fear of being abused.

Yang Ke'er glanced at the office where Xia Yu worked before. Although she had already left, Yang Ke'er stared at it as if Xia Yu were still there and she really wanted to put her to death.

"Little Yan, you should do such a thing with that woman! You want to piss me off, don't you?" The blue veins in forehead of the Second Madame came out because of rage. She threw her handbag onto Shen Yan's office table and berated him with anger. Yang Ke'er shuddered with fear, and her eyes showed her uneasiness and trepidation.

She had never seen the Second Madame get so angry.

Shen Yan was calm. He just glanced at Yang Ke'er, frowning. Then he came out from behind the desk. "Mom, people getting angry are easier to get old than others. There are two more wrinkles around your corners of the eye. It was my fault that I didn't answer your phone. Your son apologizes to you now."

Shen Yan put his arms around his mother's shoulders, said softly with sincerity.

"Break up with that woman if you really love your mother. I have chosen a new secretary for you." The Second Madame took a look at Yang Ke'er.

She looked a little better after Shen Yan's comforting.

Shen Yan kneaded his eyebrows. "Mom, let's talk about it after we go back tonight, ok? I am busy at work now."

The Second Madame's face cooled off again after hearing his words and she said: "I want you to make a decision now. Little Yan, there are so many young rich ladies and aristocrats you can choose. Why do you just want such a woman? Are you out of your wits?"

"Mom, I don't want to talk about this in the company. You go back first, and I'll go home after work. Then we can have a talk."

Shen Yan's tone got a bit heavier, and the light smile on his face before disappeared at this moment.

"She... well, I will wait for you to go home and talk, but Yang Ke'er has to stay here. She can get a feel for her new working environment first."

After all, they were in the company, so the Second Madame had to make a concession first. She had to solve the problems one by one.

Shen Yan's eyes got a bit darker. "Mom, I've told you so many times that this is impossible."

"That woman is so good?" The Second Madame said in a rage with a terrible face.

"Second auntie, we should leave now." After all, it was the company. Yang Ke'er asked the Second Madame to show up to force Shen Yan because she wanted to enter the company, but she didn't want to leave a bad impression for the staff before her work.

"Okay, very good, Shen Yan. You just treat your mom and Yang Ke'er like this. OK, we leave!" The Second Madame knew he was unshakable in his determination, so she had no choice but to come out with Yang Ke'er.

What a coincidence! Jiangjiang wanted to eat popcorn, so Xia Yu and Yang Ling took him to buy it. And then the Second Madame just saw them.

It irritated her again and then she said to Yang Ke'er reluctantly: "You go back first, and I have a word with that woman."

"I will be with you. You don't know the woman has the gut to do everything when she is crazy." Yang Ke'er was not for the Second Madame's sake of course. She also knew that Xia Yu did not dare to do anything to the Second Madame.

She just wanted to watch the Second Madame reproach Xia Yu, which could vent her spleen.

"You go back first!" Said the Second Madame, and then she said to the driver and the assistant: "You just wait by the side!"

Seeing that the Second Madame was angry, Yang Ke'er had to leave first.

The Second Madame took out the phone and called Xia Yu. "I am waiting for you in the coffee shop opposite Tengfei. I have something very important to tell you. Don’t miss it!"

After that, she just hung up the phone without Xia Yu's answer.

Xia Yu put the phone away and looked back, seeing that the Second Madame was walking towards the coffee shop.

She squatted down and said to Jiangjiang: "Jiangjiang, you and Auntie Yang Ling go to buy popcorn first, and then wait for me in the restaurant. I have some things to handle now and I'll go to find you later."

"Sister Xia Yu, what happened?" Yang Ling saw that her color changed after a call.

"Nothing. An acquaintance asked me to talk about something with her, just nearby." Xia Yu smiled and said.

So that's it. Yang Ling was relieved then. She took Jiangjiang's hand and said:"Jiangjiang, let's go to buy popcorn.”

Xia Yu took a breath and entered the coffee shop.

"I ordered you coffee, and I wonder if it's to your taste." The Second Madame pushed a cup of coffee in front of her.

"Thank you. So why you call me here?" Xia Yu took the coffee and smiled at the Second Madame.

"Xia Yu, I know that you hate me as you and Shen Yan break up because of me, but I really don't despise you. It's just the situation in our family which is too special, and I have no other choices." After all, Xia Yu helped her son a lot, so she couldn't get angry in the face of her no matter how angry she was.

"Second Madame, I think you misunderstand something. I have nothing to do with Young Master Yan. Yesterday I interpreted for Li Yan and then happened to meet him. We just talked a few words in the hall. I didn't know who shot it." Since the Second Madame didn't fall out with her, Xia Yu naturally explained it to her.

What could happen if just chatting in the lobby? It must be that the reporters were looking for news and talking nonsense. The quick-witted Second Madame soon figured it out, but she just saw Xia Yu demonstrated before the gate of Tengfei with Jiangjiang. How could this be explained?

"Xia Yu, you are a good girl, and I naturally believe you. But Jiang Yayan is really not a good one, you can't believe her words."

"Mrs. Jiang's mother came here for surgery and she had to take care of her in the hospital. You know that she has few friends here, and she is always in trouble. She doesn't trust the servant with her son and I'm free these days. So, I promise to take care of Jiangjiang for several days. Today, I come to the Moon Watching Restaurant as it's a friend's treat, and I bring Jiangjiang with me." Was the Second Madame thinking that she came here with Jiangjiang to put pressure on them? Xia Yu smiled bitterly.

Taking care of the child for Jiang Yayan? The Second Madame blushed. The troublemaker in Xia Yu's words was related to Shen Family. Jiangjiang was her grandson no matter how many wrong things Jiang Yayan did before.

"I don't know her mother is ill. Is it serious?" The Second Madame said with some guilt.

However, Xia Yu did not unmask her. After all, Jiang Yayan was not open and aboveboard. "It is very serious, terminal cancer. Listening to the doctor's tone, Mrs. Jiang can just show her filial piety now. As for whether or not she can get over, it depends on the situation of recovery."

The Second Madame nodded and said after a long time: "Xia Yu, you must be confused about something and think I'm impersonal. Little Yan has just a few intimate friends, and you are one of them. Today I will tell you the truth. I don't want to ask you to leave cruelly, but Little Yan has almost no chance to win in the war with Shen Mo."

Speaking of this, the Second Madame sighed and held the cup of coffee, and then said: "The Old Madame promised to let Little Yan compete with Shen Mo though, she was just saying that. Shen Mo is still the optimum candidate for the President in her heart. I don't mean to say that she is partial, but you also see that Jiangjiang is Little Yan's biggest weakness. The old Madame can't accept a president who might be manipulated at any time."

"Why then the Old Madame promised to give him a chance?" Jiangjiang was indeed a soft spot for him, but why she gave him hope after she knew it.

"Because of Little Yan's contribution to Shen Group of course, Shen Group's European market was opened by him on his own. The Old Madame had said before that whoever opened the European market could be rewarded. The one could make a request with her. Little Yan made this request with her, and she couldn't refuse." The Second Madame was very uncomfortable in her heart. If this credit had belonged to Shen Mo, the Old Madame would have appointed him the president.

Her son only asked for fair competition, but the Old Madame declined with all kinds of excuses and at this time even hinted that he should voluntarily opt out. The Second Madame did not want him to quit, but the Old Madame had already spoken herself. So what else could she do?

"Since she didn't say anything clearly, why not let Young Master Yan continue to try?"

"However, this will inevitably offend Shen Mo more heavily. After he takes over the post, will there be any space for Little Yan to survive? He has no hope to be the President now. Fortunately, Yang Ke'er likes him, and the Yang family plays an important role in Shen Group. As long as they get married, Shen Mo must consider the consequences if he wants to make actions to Little Yan."

It was the reason why the Second Madame demanded that her son marry Yang Ke'er. Then the worst result was keeping her son in the second position of Shen Group.

Xia Yu understood. But would Shen Yan agree?

"Second Madame, your heart for him is impeccable. But I'm afraid that he will not agree."

"You know him so much. But he would be driven out of Shen Group if he didn't agree." This was what she worried most. "Xia Yu, can you help me persuade him?"

"No, and he won't listen to me." It was not that Xia Yu didn't save her face, but, "Because I wouldn't compromise if I were he."

The Second Madame smiled bitterly. This was indeed the style of Xia Yu. "So, can you promise not to meet Little Yan?"

This was the purpose of her coming to find her. Xia Yu smiled and stood up. "I am afraid this is hard for me. After all, I have to work. However, you can rest assured that I will not damage his relationships."

The Second Madame blushed again, and she stood up embarrassedly.

Xia Yu and the Second Madame meeting in the coffee shop had already been reported to Shen Yan.

He still remembered the expression of his mother when she left. For fear that they might have a quarrel, Shen ignored everything and rushed out of the office.

When he came to the door of the cafe, his mother had got into the car, and Xia Yu was about to go to the Moon Watching Restaurant.

"You look pale. Are you feeling uncomfortable?" Shen Yan blocked the way of Xia Yu and asked with concern.

The corner of Xia Yu’s mouth twitched. Couldn't he see that she looked pale just because of his appearance? But this reason could not be spoken. In the end, she could only shake her head and said: " I’m fine."

"Young Master Yan, Director Qi is waiting in the reception room." Liu Sijie walked over and said.

"Okay!" He glanced at Xia Yu and turned back to walk to the company.

Xia Yu smiled at Liu Sijie and was ready to leave. Jiangjiang and Yang Ling were waiting for her.

"Xia Yu, can we talk?" Shen Yan had become a gunpowder barrel after her leaving. All people in the company were steering clear of him at this time. The company could close the door then if it continued.

Many people asked Liu Sijie to bring Xia Yu back, but she just turned away these days every time she saw Shen Yan. It was too difficult for him to bring her back. He didn't have the ability.

But he also knew that even if he didn’t have the ability to bring Xia Yu back, he couldn't let their relationship continue to deteriorate.

Liu Sijie just bit the bullet and came over.

She should have saved his face, but it was already lunch time. Yang Ling was an adult, but Jiangjiang was still a child. He might cry if waiting for so long. Xia Yu smiled and said, "I really have an appointment. How about next time?"


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