Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 232: Being Thrown into the Mountain
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 232: Being Thrown into the Mountain

When Xia Yu and her companions came back and walked out of the elevator, they found that the apartment door was open, and there was a pile of things outside, including clothes, toothpaste and towels, being thrown on the ground like garbage.

Did a thief come just now? Xia Yu quickly ran over and picked up the clothes. At this time, Xia Yu was completely muddled. She held the clothes and entered the house. She just came over to take care of Jiangjiang for a few days. How could everything catch up her?

The quarrel with the strange neighbors just ended, and then this kind of thing happened.

"Sister Xia Yu?" Yang Ling followed her and then heard the words at the door.

"Get out."

Suddenly a furious yell came from the sofa, and then a person quickly walked to Xia Yu.

How did Yang Ke'er come over? Xia Yu gestured for Yang Ling to bring Jiangjiang to her home.

Yang Ling had ever met Yang Ke'er before. She quickly turned around and brought Jiangjiang back.

At this time, Yang Ke'er had already rushed to Xia Yu. She pushed her hard and wanted to push her out of the door. Xia Yu was pushed back by her, and almost fell to the ground.

"Brother Yan's taste is really getting lower and lower. Even a woman like you can attract him now. He even wrangled with Second Aunt for you. I think he is crazy. You are not a good thing either, just like Jiang Yayan. This house was bought by my Brother Yan. Just tell Jiang Yayan that she should get out of the house!"

Yang Ke'er looked at Xia Yu with rage, full of aversion in her eyes. She continued to push Xia Yu out with tremendous strength. Accidentally, Xia Yu hit her elbow joint on the door frame. She cried out with pain immediately and the clothes in her arms fell to the ground. Her hands trembled violently, not only because of the pain but also the numbness, which was so uncomfortable.

Xia Yu got irritated at once. Her eyes cooled down then and she said to Yang Ke'er: "Miss Yang, you also said that this apartment was bought by Young Master Yan. So, you are not qualified to let anyone get out. And the owner of this house is Miss Jiang. As she asks me to look after her son here, I think the person who should get out is you."

She dared to let her get out! Yang Ke'er's eyes widened a bit, and the anger inside was burning more vigorously. "You, the shameless woman! Aren't you just greedy for my Brother Yan's money?" She ran to the sofa and took out the cash from the wallet and then threw it on Xia Yu. She sneered while throwing money: "Take it! Don't you just want money?"

Xia Yu ignored her totally. She picked up the clothes on the ground, and then walked toward the room. But her arms were held by Yang Ke'er then just after she walked a few steps.

"I said. You, get out of the house! Don't you understand human speech?"

"I think it's Miss Yang who can't understand human speech. Just now I said that you were not qualified to let me get out." Xia Yu shrugged her arms away with force, and her patience for this savage lady reached its limit.

Xia Yu continued to walk to the room after shrugging her away. She put the clothes back into the wardrobe, turned back and prepared to pick up the things that were thrown outside.

At this time, Yang Ke'er was on the phone and Xia Yu did not know if she was looking for someone to help her.

Troops for the enemy, earth for floods. There would always be a correct way to deal with an opponent or a problem. Xia Yu was not afraid of people like her and continued to pick up her own things.

After Yang Ke'er finished the phone call, she stopped at the door, preventing Xia Yu from picking up things and kicking them away with her feet, which was very puerile.

Xia Yu pushed her away and wanted to continue her action. Yang Ke'er staggered backward a few steps maybe because Xia Yu pushed her too hard, and soon there was a scream. She lay on the ground and looked painful.

Xia Yu was a little confused. She didn't use much strength at all. How did she just lie down? This lady was too fragile.

Xia Yu had to put down the things to help her up. But Yang Ke'er shrugged her away before her hands touched her. She screamed at Xia Yu: "No one dares to hit me! I will make you regret it."

"I just wanted to pick the things up and I didn't mean to push you. Where does it hurt? If it's serious, I will send you to the hospital." Then, Xia Yu reached out and tried to help her up.

"Don't touch me. You dare to beat me relying on Brother Yan's support. I want to tell you that you can't domineer for a long time, and when he is weary of you, you will be abandoned." Yang Ke'er glanced around the room with a cold face. "Jiang Yayan is a good example. She gave birth to a son so she could get a house or something, but you, never think about it."

Xia Yu wanted to laugh. She ignored the words which Yang Ke'er just said. Actually, she had nothing to do with Shen Yan. And even if there was something between them, it was not Yang Ke'er’s turn to judge.

Did you like to sit on the ground? Then, just stayed there! Xia Yu no longer cared about her, continued to pick up the things on the ground, and then took them back to the room.

When she returned again, Yang Ke'er's face had become ghastly pale, who still sat on the floor. Her delicate little face was distorted. Maybe Xia Yu's calmness provoked her.

She stood up from the ground, running to the sofa, and picked up her bag. She took out a card and threw it on the ground in front of Xia Yu. She growled: "This is a gold card with 300,000 RMB. Take it and get out of here."

Looking at Yang Ke'er in front of her, Xia Yu turned her eyes onto her ankle. Her ankle was not injured at all. She ran faster than a rabbit just now.

Seeing that Xia Yu was looking at her feet, Yang Ke'er immediately understood it. Her face turned white and her eyes looked flustered and annoyed. She bit her lip, stooped on tiptoe and said loudly: "My feet are really hurt. And it's because of you."

Her voice was loud but short of presumption then. Seeing her expression, Xia Yu wanted to laugh. She ignored her, bowed her head and continued to pick things up.

Yang Ke'er had been glaring at Xia Yu. The delicate little face flushed with clenched fists. "You are not satisfied with this amount? How much do you want? Listen. Don't be too greedy. You may get nothing after being dumped by my Brother Yan."

How imaginative she was! Xia Yu didn't want to talk with her anymore.

Seeing Xia Yu was silent, she blocked in the way and continued to say: "Brother Yan is just trifling with your affections. Do you really think that you will get his heart? Don't dream about it."

"If so, why are you so anxious? Isn't it better to come over and laugh at me when I'm dumped?" Xia Yu answered in a chilly voice and didn't even look at her.

"Xia Yu, don't be so triumphant." Retorted by Xia Yu, Yang Ke'er did not know what to say.

Xia Yu was in a sweat after the packing work. Yang Ke'er still had no intention to leave, so Xia Yu couldn't fetch Jiangjiang back. Then she went to take a shower.

Getting ready to wear clothes after the bath, Xia Yu heard the voices coming from the living room. There were several people, and someone was yelling that where the bitch was. Yang Ke'er said she was in the bathroom, and then the bathroom door was kicked a few times. "Come out. Come out!"

Xia Yu frowned, put on the clothes and opened the door. She was dragged into the living room before she walked out. Xia Yu glanced around and found that Yang Ke'er called three girls here, just in their twenties.

A girl with short hair looked at Xia Yu and turned stunned. "This, this woman is actually Young Master Yan's girlfriend? No! How could his taste become so terrible?”

"That's right. This kind of ordinary-looking women are almost everywhere in the street. I don't think you have to worry about it too much."

"Yes! I think too." The other two women also echoed.

Xia Yu kneaded her eyebrows and didn't want to listen to them anymore. Looking at Yang Ke'er, she said: "Now I am going to sleep, so please leave with your friends."

Xia Yu's tone had also become very tough. Didn't blame her for being unkind as they were so shameless.

"This woman is too arrogant. She dares to drive Sister Ke'er away."

"Sister Ke'er, you are too kind to her. Teach her a lesson."

The girls surrounded Xia Yu and it seemed that they were going to hit her with their menacing countenances. Xia Yu could predict the ending of the one-to-four fight. She didn't think about too much and took out the phone, ready to call the police.

But her phone was taken away and thrown on the ground before the call.

"Throw her out!" It was obvious at this time that Yang Ke'er preponderated and she seized her arms.

When she moved, other people followed and began to pull Xia Yu out.

Xia Yu was anxious then. She shouted at them to let her go and tried her best to free herself. But they were four people who Xia Yu couldn't get rid of at all, so she was dragged out quickly.

"Let me go, or I will call the police!"

"Her yawp is too annoying. Why not get her drunk and throw her out?”

The girl with yellow hair frowned and said.

Xia Yu's eyes widened and glared at her. This girl was not very old, but how could she be so malicious.

Yang Ke'er hesitated at first, and maybe she was afraid that Shen Yan would blame her when he knew the truth. However, the other girls kept persuading her, so she agreed finally, and they pulled Xia Yu back into the house then.

Yang Ke'er took out a bottle of wine from the wine rack. Xia Yu began to be panic and struggled even harder as she knew that they were serious.

But how could she get free? Finally, Xia Yu was plied with a whole bottle of red wine. Although some of them spilled out in the process, almost a half was poured into her stomach.

Xia Yu had no head for wine, and she would be dizzy after two glasses. So, her eyes blurred out of the wine at this time. Her head started to be groggy. They needn't to hold her as she had little strength to struggle.

"Let me go, or I will call the police!" She tossed her head and tried to be awake, but her head was getting heavier.

"Even if you call the police, we won't be afraid. Sisters, let's go for a ride." Yang Ke'er patted her face with an arrogant voice.

Xia Yu had only a vague impression about what happened next. She was brought into the car by them, and the car seemed to have been ridden for a long time.

Then she was completely drunk and unconscious, and she didn't remember anything. In short, it was dawn when she woke up, and she was frozen awake.

Opening her eyes, Xia Yu thought that she was still dreaming. She pinched her arm hard and it hurt. It was the real word.

They should have thrown her in the mountain! Looking at the surrounding trees, Xia Yu was on the edge of tears with panic and helplessness. There was nothing with her. The wallet and the phone were both in the apartment, and she just worn pajamas. The slippers she wore before were nowhere to be found either.

Standing up, she looked at the surrounding with horror and confusion. She didn't know where to go. At this time, her head was going to explode, and it was totally blank.

This mountain was bitter cold. Xia Yu only worn pajamas and endured the coldness overnight yesterday. She felt her whole body was soft then. Her forehead was hot, and she must have had a fever. So, she must go out as soon as possible, or she might fall in a faint when it got more serious.

Xia Yu took a deep breath and calmed herself down. She encouraged herself constantly. "Don't panic. Don't panic..."

After she calmed down, Xia Yu began to recall. She had a vague impression last night. The car was driving at an expressway and there were many forests on the both sides of it. So, it was likely that she was thrown at a forest next to the expressway. In order to verify her conjecture, Xia Yu decided to climb the tree to see if there was a highway, which could definitely be espied from above.

She found a tree with many branches, but she was not very good at climbing trees. She held the trunk and didn't know how to go up.

She tried it a few times, but she just fell down when she got up less than one meter. Her feet were stabbed by the dry branches when falling down which caused a bleeding when her feet got down on the ground.


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