Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 234 Collective Apologies
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 234 Collective Apologies

"Well, I will pick her up right away." Shen Yan stood up and walked out. He glared at Yang Ke'er when approaching the door. "I'll be back. It’s not finished yet."

It was not until Shen Yan left that Yang Ke'er dared to cry out. He was really terrible just now, and Yang Ke'er could feel that he was almost going to kill her.

Thanks to Yang Ling’s timely phone call, otherwise, she had been already dead.

Seeing Shen Yan coming down from the helicopter, Xia Yu was stunned.

This was too exaggerated!

First Uncle Xie was stupefied by the side, wondering the identity of this little girl he saved who was picked up in such a big way.

"Xia Yu..." Shen Yan held Xia Yu tightly, as if to integrate her body with him. His whole body, and even the voice, were trembling.

After a short pause, she tried to push him away. However, the more strength she used, the tighter the arms on her waist were.

Xia Yu could do nothing but spare a hand to pat on his back.

"Shen Yan!"

"Shen Yan, let me go!"

Shen Yan buried his head in her hair and breathed heavily.

"I finally find you." Shen Yan would feel relieved only by holding her into his arms.

Xia Yu didn't push him anymore and was held by him for a while. Then, a hoarse voice came to her ears, "Xia Yu, I miss you so much."

Xia Yu's whole body shivered suddenly after she heard the short sentence. “Shen Yan, don’t be like this.”

"What does 'this' mean? I'm just telling the truth!” He moved the hand from Xia Yu and found that the woman in front of him was still cold and numb.

Xia Yu took a breath, "Let's go back."

He looked pale and seemed much thinner than before.


Suddenly, Shen Yan directly carried her into the helicopter. First Uncle Xie, whom Liu Sijie was talking with, was the savior of Xia Yu and should be rewarded with many thanks.

His warm chest gave Xia Yu a sense of safety. After the tight nerves were completely relaxed, a burst of sleepiness came to her.

"I’m so tired, and I want to sleep for a while." When talking, Xia Yu had already closed her eyes and still held him tightly with both of her hands.

"Well, you can sleep now, and I'll be with you." He said gently with his hand stroking the face of Xia Yu and didn't rush to ask too much.

Xia Yu quickly fell asleep in his arms. When she woke up, she was confused. If there were no infusion bottle or medical instrument, she would mistake the hospital as a high-end department, because it was not what a ward was like.

"Awake? Are you thirsty?” As soon as Xia Yu woke up, Shen Yan asked immediately and concernedly by her side.

Xia Yu nodded and said, "And I’m hungry. I want to eat something."

After two day's coma in First Uncle Xie's home, she only drank some porridge after waking up and rushed to the county town to get in touch with Yang Ling. Even a healthy man couldn't stand such tiredness, not to say a patient.

"Well, what do you want to eat?" Shen Yan took out the phone to call, with his eyes full of tenderness and sympathy when watching Xia Yu.

"Whatever." Now, she could eat anything, even if it was the one that she hated.

Shen Yan ordered a few dishes she loved, with a special requirement of being fresh and light. And then, he added a soup.

After the meal, he called the doctor in again to let him check the condition of her body.

Shen Yan couldn't rest assured because Xia Yu was injured all over her body and her face was quite pale.

"I have fallen over and got my waist hurt. It is painful now."

Xia Yu moved her waist a little bit, but it hurt a lot. As soon as she finished talking, she started to cough violently. Shen Yan immediately came over to pat her back gently and handed her a glass of warm water.

The doctor first gave a massage for a while, then a hot compress and at last, applied a plaster on her waist. After all medical procedures, he left after giving some precautions.

"Does it still hurt?" Shen Yan massaged for her gently by imitating what the doctor just did.

"It’s better to lie down." Xia Yu smiled at him. At this moment, there came a knock on the door and the take-out arrived. A gleam suddenly flashed through Xia Yu's eyes.

The dishes were of different varieties, which must be the work of master-chef. Shen Yan lifted the bed a little bit for the convenience of Xia Yu to have the meal. He fed Xia Yu by himself.

This was the first time she had been fed a meal by others. The man in front of her should have done this for the first time. Xia Yu refused at first, but he insisted. Then, Xia Yu had nothing to say.

"Shen Yan, thank you!" After the meal, she felt more energetic. Xia Yu was really touched by what Yang Ling said that Shen Yan had been looking for her these days.

"Actually, I should say sorry to you. I really didn't expect that Yang Ke'er would do that." Until now, Shen Yan felt scared when thinking of that. If Xia Yu didn't meet First Uncle Xie, how serious the consequences would be!

He stopped talking when he said these words. Then, he pressed the bell to let the nurse change the infusion bottle for Xia Yu, who just realized that the liquid medicine in the bag had already been empty.

After the nurse changed the infusion bottle and left, he continued, "As soon as I received the call from Yang Ling, I immediately asked Yang Ke'er where you were taken. She lied to me at first and then began to tell the truth after I got angry. She said that you had been left in the forest."

When he said this, his chest beat violently, and his eyes were filled with anger. Xia Yu could imagine how angry he was when Yang Keren told him about the matter.

"I got almost crazy at that time. I immediately found some of her friends who were involved and drove to the highway, but they didn't even remember where you were. Then, I asked the helicopter to search for you."

"Sorry for the sufferings you have experienced." Holding Xia Yu's hands more tightly, he was full of guilt and self-accusation and then said, "I will let her get what she should deserve." He narrowed his eyes, cold and serious, which seemed to accumulate a black and heavy storm.

Xia Yu tightened her lips with no words. Then the door was opened and there came Second Madame together with Yang Ke'er.

There was guilt on the face of Second Madame and nervousness on the face of Yang Ke'er. Looking dreadfully pale and scared, their bodies trembled once obviously by seeing Shen Yan. Following after Second Madame, Yang Ke'er's eyes dodged when looking at Xia Yu.

Shen Yan glared at Yang Ke’er ferociously with a gloomy and horrible face. She was so scared that she hid her body behind Second Madame.

After a while, she finally walked to the bed of Xia Yu, lowered her head and said, "Sorry, my friends and I had gone to extremes that day and I hope that you can forgive us. We didn't intend to hurt you. It was just a joke..."

"Yang Ke'er, are you a three-year-old child? Do you feel that it was fun to throw a person in the forest at mid-night? Do you know that it is possible to kill a person?” There was a kind of violent anger exposed by Shen Yan's serious and cold face. His eyes were too horrific that Xia Yu dared not to take a look once more.

"She is fine now, isn't she? She didn't break her arms and legs. I have already apologized for that. What else can I do? Will you punish me by throwing me in the forest at mid-night?"

Yang Ke'er was encouraged by the presence of Second Madame.

She was really unreasonable and blameful because she didn't regret for the serious mistake.

Second Madame got sympathetic for the poor and pale girl on the bed, who should be energetic at usual times.

"Xia Yu, I’m really sorry to let you suffer such a great grievance."

"Second Madame, don't say like this. You’re not the one to blame." Although Yang Ke'er could get her own way by the connivance of Second Madame, she didn't guide her or even join her. So, Xia Yu wouldn’t blame her.

"Second Aunt, why are you apologizing to her? If she is not always entangled with Brother Yan, will I do this?" Yang Ke'er was unhappy to see Second Madame apologizing and pouted at the side.

"Shut up, how dare you to speak those words?" Second Madame snorted to stop Yang Ke'er.

Standing aside, Shen Yan said, "Yang Ke'er, listen to me carefully and clearly. I am the wooer, not Xia Yu, which has nothing to do with you. It is all about me and her. If you still dare to mess things up, don't blame me for being impolite to you!"

"Brother Yan, you are too heartless!" After hearing the words of him, Yang Ke'er ran out of the ward, crying. Before she left, she glared at Xia Yu with her eyes filled with hatred.

She had never experienced such an embarrassing situation like this in her life.

"Ke'er, Ke'er..."

Seeing her running out, Second Madame followed after her because she was worried about her.

At this time, a nurse came in to take Xia Yu's temperature.

Shen Yan took the thermometer from the nurse, adjusted the temperature, and then put it in Xia Yu's armpit. Then the nurse left.

Yang Ke'er and Second Madame did not return after they left. Xia Yu wished them not to return for fear that she would be uncomfortable by seeing them again.

At this time, the doorbell rang, and Shen Yan let the guests in.

There came three girls from the door, who had left Xia Yu in the forest after making her drunk, accompanied by their parents with health products in their hands.

When they came in, Shen Yan didn't say anything, gazing the three with cold eyes.

The three girls, looking scared and upset, didn't dare to look at him. Several parents greeted Shen Yan and he responded in a calm way.

"This girl has been spoiled by us to make such a shameful mistake. I have given her a lesson at home." The yellow-haired girl’s father was full of guilt, and then patted her daughter’s shoulder and snapped, "Say sorry to Miss Xia immediately."

"Sorry." The girl finished so quickly that everyone could hear the unwillingness from her words. Her parents glared at her with their face turning green immediately.

"If you apologize by that attitude, please come back!"

Shen Yan narrowed his eyes where a cold light seemed to burst out and directly gave an order for guests to leave.

"Well. Then we leave." The yellow-haired girl turned to leave with a livid face. Her father seized her and slapped her, and then roared and gnashed, "Make a sincere apology right now. What a self-indulgent child you are!"

This slap was so strong that a red mark appeared on her face immediately. Her mother felt so sympathetic for her daughter and wanted to say something, but she controlled herself when seeing the anger of her husband.

"I'll definitely never apologize for that. What credentials does she have to compete with Ke'er?"


"Do you intend to make me die with anger? Go home, you bastard! You really have lost all my face.”

She didn't finish her words when her father slapped her once more. Her father was trembling with anger while pulling her outside.

The sound of her crying could be heard from far away.

The ward became quiet now, and the other two girls' face got dreadfully paler. The short-haired girl looked at her dad and Shen Yan and then went to Xia Yu. She bent down and said regrettably, "Sorry, it’s my fault to treat you like that."

Maybe, the girl was scared by the slap of her friend's father or she really knew she was wrong. She apologized to Xia Yu sincerely.

The last tall girl also came to apologize with the same sincere attitude.

"This is the end! I want to have a rest now." Xia Yu didn't want to see them anymore. So did they, perhaps. It couldn't be better for both sides of them.


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