Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 236 Because I hate you
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 236 Because I hate you

She would definitely go and ask Shen Mo. She was impetuous and impatient, and Wu Shiyu firmly believed that Shen Mo never said the word “love” to her.

Now Shen Mo needed help from the Zeng family. If she didn't get the answer she wanted, she would definitely pester Shen Mo. However, Shen Mo was not a very patient person. So, Wu Shiyu just needed to wait and see.

Wu Shiyu grinned brightly at herself in the mirror.

Zeng Mina was the Eldest Miss of the Zeng family, and she was supported by Shen Mo, so most of the cast spoiled her and even the director took special care of her.

Therefore, she became willful. She didn't even read the script. She didn't remember her lines during the audition and said casually, "It's a beautiful day today."

Wu Shiyu was acting with her. She was very angry. How could she continue to play? Fortunately, the director said “Cut” in time, otherwise, she would swear angrily.

"Director, I have many awkward-sounding lines and I can't recite them. Anyway, there is professional dubbing in the later period. The audience cannot tell." The "director" she called sounded peevish and everyone's goose bumps came out. How could she dare to say those words rightfully?

How could she say that? The people surrounding her looked embarrassed. The director's face was so embarrassed that he was almost choked to cause internal injuries.

"Memorizing lines is the most basic professional ethics of an actor. If you can't even do it, Miss Zeng, I think you'd better not be an actor. Isn't it better to be a vase?"

Wu Shiyu could not bear it any longer. Her words were also very poignant, and she did not show any respect. After hearing these words, the people around all felt happy.

Zeng Mina stared at her. A delicate little face was almost distorted. She became angry out of embarrassment and said, "I can do whatever I want. It’s none of your business, ok?"

"As long as you act with me, I will have a say in it. You have seriously affected me and prevented me from getting into character and completing the performance."

"You can’t blame me for your not being able to act." Zeng Mina looked scornful. "Everyone knows that you are not trained well and have poor performance skills? Who can you blame?"

"Miss Zeng has a professional background. Well, I'll wait to see your performance." Li Yan came over and pulled Wu Shiyu aside. "Now we are playing."

"Well, here we go!" Zeng Mina curled her lip and continued her audition. "I'm hungry!"

"There is no food at home, go out to eat!" Li Yan followed Zeng Mina's words, but what he performed was to teach the students with books.

It was completely different. Zeng Mina was completely stunned and did not know how to continue. She just stood there.

The director had to stop again, "Zeng Mina, what's the matter with you? Continue!"

What he said and what he did were two concepts. How could she follow him? She saw that the people beside her were all holding back their laughter. After holding back for a long time, she finally burst out, "You, you bully me ..."

Zeng Mina pointed to Li Yan, her eyes were red, and she began to cry.

She began to pretend being wronged when she was wrong, which made everyone speechless.

As soon as she cried, her assistant and agent came forward to comfort her. They both said openly and implicitly that Wu Shiyu was jealous of Zeng Mina and deliberately incited Li Yan to retaliate.

Xia Yu also didn't want to continue to quarrel with them, turned around and left the studio, heading for her lounge. Anyway, the scene couldn't be filmed anymore.

"If an actress doesn't even want to memorize her lines, she is not an actor at all."

Although others did not dare to say it openly, they had no favorable impression on her privately.

Zeng Mina was even more uncomfortable when she heard everyone's comments.

"Shiyu, Shen Mo..." Lv Wushuang saw all this and she showed a worried look. Her brow wrinkled into a Chinese character "Chuan".

Wu Shiyu chuckled and didn't say anything. Her heart was not disturbed at all.

No matter how much Shen Mo spoiled Zeng Mina, he could still distinguish between right and wrong. Of course, Zeng Mina would exaggerate how Wu Shiyu bullied her and might not say anything about her own fault. Things had already been like this, so she preferred to wait for him to single out the culprits. Anyway, she was neither wrong nor afraid of him.

After arriving at the rest room, Wu Shiyu said to Li Yan, "Anyway, it's fine now. Let's play together. Where's your script? Bring it here."

"Well, I'll get it now. I just asked my agent to hold it for me." Originally, he worried that Wu Shiyu would be affected, but now it seemed that his worries were unnecessary. Li Yan smiled brightly and ran out happily like a child.

With such a cheerful person around, the mood would be better. Looking at his smile, Wu Shiyu couldn't help laughing slightly.

After a while, the door was opened by force. Wu Shiyu thought it was Li Yan, but Zeng Mina and her two assistants and agents came in aggressively. Lv Wushuan who was sitting beside her stood up immediately.

"Wu Shiyu, why do you always make things difficult for me?" Zeng Mina asked angrily.

The thief shouted to catch a thief. She was clear that someone was making things difficult for her. Wu Shiyu lifted her eyebrows and said bluntly, "Because I hate you."

It was the first time Zeng Mina saw Wu Shiyu so straightforward. Her little face turned red and she was speechless by what Wu Shiyu answered.

The agent next to her stood up and sneered at Wu Shiyu. "I think you are just jealous. Are you jealous of Sister Mina for having Young Master Mo as her backup?"

If so, Wu Shiyu didn't have to be polite to them and she hissed, "Shen Mo is a god in your eyes, but he is nothing in my eyes."

Several people in front of her were embarrassed. Wu Shiyu was so crazy that she didn't care about anything. They really didn’t know how to answer her.

Zeng Mina became angry out of embarrassment. Suddenly she raised her hand and was about to hit Wu Shiyu in the face. Fortunately, Wu Shiyu was precautious all the time, so she escaped her slap.

Zeng Mina's move shocked her two assistants and agents, who obviously didn't expect her to slap Wu Shiyu.

It was impossible for Wu Shiyu to wait to be beaten. After hiding her slap, she also raised her hand but did not take any action. She calmed down and did not slap her.

"Sister Mina, calm down. If you act like this and it is spread out, it will do no good." Her two assistants standing on both sides of her, persuaded Zeng Mina, who was going to hit again.

"Don't stop me, I really can't stand it. She is too arrogant. Woo..." After she yelled a few words, she began to cry, as if she had been treated unfairly.

She pitied herself indeed. Being laughed at by Yang Ke'er and teased by Li Yan here, she had no courage to find Li Yan for revenge so she turned to Wu Shiyu to vent her anger.

But this time she really pissed Wu Shiyu off. Wu Shiyu didn't give her any face. Wu Shiyu looked at her coldly like she was looking at a buffoon.

At that time, Li Yan returned with the script. He saw the chaotic scene and Zeng Mina who looked like she was inviting a fight. He felt unhappy. He walked up to Wu Shiyu and asked in a low voice, "What did she do to you?"

"She? Because I escaped her slap, she wanted to do it again." Wu Shiyu said lightly.

"Miss Zeng, don't go too far!" Li Yan finally couldn't help it. After hearing Wu Shiyu's words, his face changed. He immediately stood in front of her and put her behind him, making Wu Shiyu feel very warm in her heart.

Obviously, Zeng Mina was wrong, and she was finally pulled out by her two assistants and agent. Lv Wushuang immediately went over and slammed the door.

"What the hell? Young Master Mo is blind. How can he like her?" Lv Wushuang said angrily.

"Just ignore her. They have already left. I don't think there will be any auditions today. We'd better go to see Xiao Yu." Yang Ke'er could throw Xia Yu into the mountains. What else could she not do? Wu Shiyu was not at ease. She wanted to stay by her side.

"Well, let's go." Li Yan took Wu Shiyu's hand and walked out.

This bitch really got together with Yan Li. She didn't know what Shen Mo would think when he saw them.

Upon thinking of that, though she had been engaged to Shen Mo for so long, he still cared about Wu Shiyu in his heart. Zeng Mina felt sad. Even when she was laughed at by Yang Ke'er and she asked him to come and find the director to change roles, he refused to help her.

But for First Madame had lost her temper and said that he wouldn't be allowed to call her mother if he didn't promise, he might not come yet.

He was very fond of old feelings and kept this bitch in mind, but did she have any intention of thinking about him? Zeng Mina took photos of Wu Shiyu and Li Yan who were intimate with each other. She believed that Shen Mo would give up Wu Shiyu however reluctant he was.

Wu Shiyu did not know these little tricks of hers. Several people went to the hospital together. When they reached the entrance of the ward, they were stunned and looked at it carefully and found there was no mistake.

There were four bodyguards standing on both sides of the gate, which was not something Xia Yu’s status could enjoy. Perhaps it was because some big man came and arranged Xia Yu in another room. Wu Shiyu looked at Wu Shiyu.

"I'll ask at the reception desk." Lv Wushuang turned around and left. After a while, she came back again, "It's right here."

Why did these bodyguards come here? Did Shen Yan send them here? This was the only possible answer.

A few people sipping mouth walked to the ward. They first introduced themselves to the bodyguards. After receiving the permit, they went in and looked at the Xia Yu sullenly. After a while, they couldn't help laughing.

Xia Yu also smiled, "All because Dong Qingyuan overreacted. She insisted Jiang An to send his family's bodyguards. She also called Shen Yan and scolded him. Shen Qiang was there. He forced his father to send several bodyguards. I'm afraid this treatment is only for leaders at the national level."

When Dong Qingyuan heard that Xia Yu was injured, she hurried back. Dong Qingyuan happened to meet Yang Ke’er, who was very angry after the quarrel with Zeng Mina and came to find Xia Yu's trouble. Therefore, Dong Qingyuan quarreled with her on the spot.

Yang Ke'er was very angry. She called several bodyguards to frighten her. She couldn't frighten Dong Qingyuan. Dong Qingyuan soon asked Jiang An to send several bodyguards to confront her.

Later Shen Yan knew about the incident. Yang Ke'er took her people away. However, Dong Qingyuan left her people there. However, Shen Qiang thought the matter was not big enough and sent several people to the hospital. When he left, he also said that whoever dared to touch a hair of Xia Yu would be taken down immediately.

Wu Shiyu sat down beside the bed of Xia Yu. "Now my sister is in charge, and I will enjoy the cool under the big tree."

Xia Yu solemnly nodded, "This is a must. As the saying goes, a man gains his way, a dog and a chicken ascend to heaven. Tell me. Who do you want to bully? I'll help you do it right away."

"Are you a leader or a gangster?" Wu Shiyu felt uncomfortable when she heard what Xia Yu said.

"Regardless of whether I am a leader or a gangster, as long as I do it with enough prestige and enough relief." Xia Yu disapprovingly said.

"Xia Yu makes sense. Sometimes officials may not have the power of a black boss. Boss Xia, your sister was bullied by Zeng Mina today. She also robbed her role. Should she get it back?" Lv Wushuang aside half-jokingly said.

"Is it true?" Xia Yu looked at her cousin.

Wu Shiyu helplessly took a glance at Lv Wushuang. She just said it out. How could she tell Xia Yu about it? According to her temper, she would definitely go to Zeng Mina when she knew about it, and things would get worse.

"Sister?" Seeing Wu Shiyu keeping silent, Xia Yu asked again.

"The role is changed..." Since Lv Wushuang had said, Wu Shiyu had no choice but to tell the general situation to Xia Yu.


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