Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 237 You“re So Pathetic
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 237 You“re So Pathetic

"Zeng Mina got balls. All right, I've kept it in mind. I'll make her pay you back in the way you were robbed of the role by her." Xia Yu raised her eyebrows with a faint smile.

"Xiao Yu, forget it. In fact, she hit the spot with one thing. After all, I was not an actress before. It's good for me to practice more." Wu Shiyu didn't want to bother Xia Yu with her affairs. Xia Yu's own affairs were still in shambles.

"Drop it. Forget about the unpleasantness. Xia Yu, what do you want to eat? I can call out for it!" Li Yan also realized Wu Shiyu didn't want to cause trouble. Now that they had already signed the contract for the play, they would just keep going.

As for the future, Wu Shiyu could follow him to South Korea for her career development at the worst. In this case, Li Yan didn't mean to haggle with Zeng Mina over it.

“Can I order whatever I want?" Xia Yu's mouth watered these days.

"Of course!" Li Yan said generously.

They had dinner in Xia Yu's ward, and didn't leave until Shen Yan came.

Shen Yan originally meant to have dinner with Xia Yu. Seeing that they were already finished, he accompanied her in her ward for a while. Shen Yan had to leave the ward until Liu Sijie came to report to him, saying that Headquarters had decided to host a press conference for the project in the development zone, and as the one in charge of the project, Shen Yan was asked to host it.

Xia Yu didn't pick up the phone and called Zeng Mina until everyone left. "Congratulations, Miss Zeng! You've robbed of another leading role."

Zeng Mina just showed the intimate photos of Wu Shiyu and Li Yan to Shen Mo. Seeing his angry face, she took the opportunity to stir up him until Shen Mo lost his temper. Then she felt satisfied and came back.

Currently she was lying in bed playing cellphone games in satisfaction and got the call from Xia Yu. She was accused of robbing the role upon Xia Yu began talking. If it were asked by someone else, Zeng Mina was sure to repeat her words, “I was able to rob you of it, you could seize it from me again if you were able to do so.”

However, the one asking her was Xia Yu, she was thus a bit speechless. "Xia Yu, that's Shen Mo's idea. I can't help it!"

"Really? Young Master Mo is really idle, and he even can be your manager." Xia Yu said ironically.

"Xia Yu, what do you mean?" Xia Yu had caught something of Zeng Mina. In this case, Xia Yu's ambiguous words scared her. "I know your cousin is unhappy with it, and I can give the role back to her."

Her competition with Wu Shiyu was due to Yang Ke'er's instigation, and also was to show up in Wu Shiyu's face. However, all the staff in the crew disdained her, and Li Yan always went against her. She was afraid she would have a hard time in the future.

Now Xia Yu called her again. Although she didn't explicitly ask her to do anything, the threat was quite obvious. It was better for her to give up voluntarily.

"Miss Zeng, don't try to pin it on us. We aren't so cheeky like you. Even if unhappy, we can only hold back." Xia Yu wouldn't let Zeng Mina have anything on her.

"Yes, I don't want to perform, OK?" Zeng Mina was raging inside because of Xia Yu, but what could she do? In Xia Yu's words, she had to hold back.

The next morning, Wu Shiyu came across Shen Mo at the hotel entrance. He looked at Wu Shiyu coldly. "Let's have a talk."

The more you were afraid, the greater its chances of happening. Lv Wushuang watched her in worry by her side, wanting to say something, but then was stopped by Wu Shiyu's look.

"Okay! Where are you going to talk?" Wu Shiyu readily agreed.

After looking around the hall, Shen Mo said, "Go to your room."

"Wushuang, wait for me here for a while. I'll go downstairs after talking with Young Master Mo." After telling Lv Wushuang, Wu Shiyu went to the elevator with Shen Mo, went upstairs and entered the room.

"Bang!" The door was slammed in anger like thunder.

Wu Shiyu raised her eyebrows and looked at the man in front of her calmly with her arms crossed on chest.

"I've known about what happened when you were filming yesterday. It was truly Zeng Mina's fault, but did you necessarily need to hit her just because of this matter?" Shen Mo's voice was extremely angry without any attempts to conceal it. His sharp eyes were like swords, staring at Wu Shiyu in disappointment.

"Ho, a good idea to deceive through hurting herself. Her ladyship in Zeng Family is really scheming enough."

Wu Shiyu said with a smile and speculated secretly. Certainly, Zeng Mina didn't just tell Shen Mo she was hit orally.

Shen Mo wasn't a fool, so she should have got some bruises on herself before she cried in front of Shen Mo.

"If I say I didn't hit her, will you believe it? If I say it was she who wanted to hit me, will you believe it?" Wu Shiyu looked at the man in the face and asked.

Shen Mo frowned and looked over Wu Shiyu's body. "Have you also got bruises?"

"No. She didn't hit me, and I didn't hit her either. Believe it or not, that's my explanation anyway." Wu Shiyu watched the man in front of her straightforward.

Shen Mo stared at Wu Shiyu for a while, and narrowed his eyes, then said in a cold voice, "I'll find out the truth." He then turned around, walked to the door and opened it.

When he was stepping out of the door, Wu Shiyu whispered, "Shen Mo, you're so pathetic."

Shen Mo suddenly turned his head, and his facial expression was changing constantly, "What?"

"Aren't you clear about it in your heart? Why do I need to tell you?" Wu Shiyu walked to him and patted him in the position of his heart.

Pain flashed in his eyes, and he was still absent-minded, standing in the doorway until Wu Shiyu left, as if he had been isolated from the whole world, appearing lonely and somewhat heartbroken.

When Wu Shiyu arrived at where the crew stayed, she didn't expect Shen Mo also followed her and went directly into her dressing room. He looked at Lv Wushuang and said, "Get out!"

Seeing Shen Mo's frightening face, Lv Wushuang was a bit hesitant, but Wu Shiyu nodded at her, and she went out step by step while constantly turning her head.

"Wu Shiyu, have you investigated me?" He went to Wu Shiyu and asked in a stern voice. The furious tone made him seem like a fierce beast.

"No." Wu Shiyu answered quickly. His imposing manner made her feel under much pressure. Wu Shiyu clenched her fists secretly, suppressing her innate fear and forcing herself to look him in the eye.

"Wu Shiyu, don't try to cheat me."

"I just said it unintentionally. Why do you care about it so much, Young Master Mo? Could it be that my words were really close to home for you?" She sighed secretly, feeling she was somewhat so silly to have said something like Shen Mo was pathetic at the hotel.

Although it frustrated Shen Mo and delighted her in her heart, it now got her into trouble.

"I don't believe those were just your unintentional words."

It wasn't easy at all to deceive him!

"I can't help it if you don't believe it."

As soon as she finished the words, there was a rapid knock on the door. "Shiyu, are you in?" It was Li Yan's voice.

Wu Shiyu was overjoyed. He came here right in time. She thus intended to open the door right away. Yet her arm was caught by Shen Mo. "I haven't finished." His tone was quite pushy.

Wu Shiyu tried a few times but failed with Shen Mo holding her tight. She growled, "Shen Mo, let go of me."

"Bang!" The door was kicked down from outside. Li Yan ran into the room in worry. Seeing Shen Mo catching her, he shouted angrily, "Hitting a woman, are you still a man?"

Shen Mo's face was completely as dark as thunder when he was misunderstood. He asked sternly, "Did you see me hit her with your eye?"

Certainly, he didn't see it. Li Yan was speechless and not so aggressive as he had been just now. When Shen Mo let go of Wu Shiyu, he pulled her at once to protect her behind him. "Shiyu, don’t worry."

His tone obviously meant that Shen Mo was bullying Wu Shiyu. Shen Mo also knew he couldn't get any answer in this situation, so he left, feeling extremely upset.

When Shen Mo's figure disappeared at the door, Li Yan obviously breathed a sigh of relief at her side.

"You just offended him. Aren't you afraid of his revenge on you?" Nobody else knew better than Wu Shiyu what kind of person Shen Mo was.

"I didn't think about it too much. I just thought I couldn't let him hurt you in my heart." Li Yan was telling the truth. He did exactly as what he had thought just now.

She felt as if her heart had been shaking slightly with joy. Every word he said deeply moved Wu Shiyu and warmed her heart. She suddenly had the impulse to hug him. His body must also be warm.

Both of them came out and came across a staff asking for Wu Shiyu. "Miss Wu, the director is asking for you."

Why was he asking for her again? Could it be that she just gave Shen Mo a good talking to and he thus deleted the part of the female supporting role in anger? If so, it didn't matter. Wu Shiyu didn't want to cooperate with Zeng Mina in the play at all.

"I got it." Wu Shiyu smiled at the staff, and walked to the director's office.

"I'll go with you." Li Yan had made up his mind. If the director was pressed by Shen Mo to delete Wu Shiyu's part again, he must go on strike even if he would be out of pocket.

Wu Shiyu gave Li Yan a look to calm his worried mind, and said, "I'll be fine. The director is asking for me. It'll do no good if you go there."

Li Yan was convinced and thought so. It wasn't truly so reasonable if he went there. However, if the director was really asking Wu Shiyu to leave, Li Yan wouldn't stand by.

However, Wu Shiyu didn't realize she was wrong until she went to the director's office. Seeing Wu Shiyu coming in, the director smiled and said, "Wu Shiyu, this is the case. Zeng Mina said she wasn't in a good mood recently and wanted to take a good rest for a time. Then the original crew will remain unchanged for that play. I've already called Zhang Man to inform her. She's still playing the supporting female role, and you're the leading actress."

"Director, I don't quite understand." Shen Mo was calling her to account just now, and he was generous enough if she wasn't kicked out directly, let alone making her the leading actress. There should be something wrong with either her ears or the director's mind.

Wu Shiyu didn't understand the reason. So was the director. Zeng Mina appeared as if she must play this role yesterday, but suddenly changed her mind in just one night.

When he just arranged all the staff properly, she repented.

He couldn't help it but endure her because of her powerful backup. Wasn't the director annoyed? Didn't he want to throw the script directly in Shen Mo's face?

Didn't he have to stand it for the whole crew? He said with a wry smile, "You needn't understand it. This role was specially tailored to you. Now that you've got the chance to act, then just go ahead."

Although the director didn't tell her explicitly, Wu Shiyu almost got the point. Zeng Mina came to throw a spanner in the works just to humiliate her. Now that she had achieved her goal, certainly it was time for her to leave.

"OK, if there isn't anything else, I'm going to prepare now, director." Just like the director's words, this was a chance for Wu Shiyu. What was the point of giving up such a great chance due to the conflict with others?

It took Zeng Mina great efforts to get the chance but now it came to naught. How severely she hated Xia Yu. However, she didn't dare to mention Xia Yu when First Madame asked about her frustration. The proof of her infidelity was in Xia Yu's hands. If Xia Yu was pissed off by her and submitted the proof directly to Shen Mo or to the reporter, it was impossible for her to be with Shen Mo for the rest of her life.

She didn't dare to talk about Xia Yu, but for Wu Shiyu, she could still do so. This bitch wasn't inferior to Xia Yu at all. Without Shen Mo, Li Yan still stood for her. How come she could be such honored?

"Aunt, you know about Wu Shiyu's personality. If I have an edge on her, and she spreads some rumors, then it'll hurt Young Master Mo's reputation." Zeng Mina pretended as if she had been enduring humiliation.

"No way, Mina, tell me, did she threaten you?" First Madame truly bent out of shape and stood up right after beating the table. Going against Shen Family, how did she get balls?


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