Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 328 No Way Back
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 328 No Way Back

A wild girl dared to threaten the future Young Mistress of Shen family. Where did Shen Mo go? Did he still remember who his fiancée was?

She made a phone call to Shen Mo, who was in a meeting and hung up the phone. The phone rang again.

It was his mom, so he had to pick up, "Mom, what's up? I'm in a meeting!"

"Shen Mo, were you confused or something? Mina is your fiancee! Don't you know that?" First Madame was so frustrated that she started to yell at the phone.

"Mom, what do you want to say?" Shen Mo frowned. He did everything she asked for. What did she want now?

"The little bitch dared to threaten Mina and forced her to quit the crew. Mina's such a good girl! She agreed to quit for your good name. You are the firstborn of Shen Family and one of the investors of this play, let's see what you're going to do!" After First Madame lashed out, she simply hung up.

Wu Shiyu threatened Zeng Mina? Shen Mo was bewildered for a little while before recalling what she said earlier. Her attitude towards him was bad enough - it could be even worse to Zeng Mina.

It seemed that he was too tolerant of Wu Shiyu. Shen Mo put his phone away and returned to his seat with a sullen face. He felt he was in her debt, so he chose to turn a blind eye on her participation in Tengfei's election. He even asked Zeng Mina to let her get what she wanted.

But this time, she was mingling with Li Yan. How could Shen Mo stand that! It was time to give her a lesson and make her understand what she could and could not do.

"Young Master Mo?" Xiang Hui thought he was thinking about something important as Shen Mo did not speak for a while. He waited for a long time, and Shen Mo still didn't speak – that was why he was calling his name.

"Oh, continue." Shen Mo came back to himself but was obviously absent-minded.

Everyone saw that Shen Mo's mind was somewhere else and cut their long story short. The meeting, which would have taken two hours to finish, ended in half an hour.

Everyone looked at each other as Shen Mo stood up and left without a word. They exited long after Shen Mo left without any knowledge of what was going on with him.

Xiang Hui followed Shen Mo to his office, "Young Master Mo, Young Master Yan will host a press conference tomorrow, what do you think?"

"You take care of it! Let Jiang Yayan come too!" Shen Mo threw his pen to the desk as he realized that he had been too tolerant of people lately. If he did not make an example of someone, everyone would dare to start a revolution against him.

"OK!" Xiang Hui was guessing that Shen Mo couldn't listen to anything now. He left without any objection.

Ever since Xia Yu was closely protected by Dong Qingyuan and Shen Qiang, Yang Ke'er never reappeared. But this arrangement also made it hard for her friends to visit.

Yang Ling made fewer visits, and Jiang Yayan stopped visiting because she was afraid to run into Shen Qiang. Shen Qiang's words could be poignant from time to time, and she was trying to avoid him as much as possible.

But Jiangjiang missed Xia Yu even more. He argued with his mom without any real progress and started to shift his attention to Yang Ling. He took advantage of his time with Yang Ling and asked her for help.

Yang Ling wanted to see Xia Yu, so she brought Jiangjiang with her.

Jiangjiang was very excited to see Xia Yu. He rushed over, "Auntie, I miss you!"

"You little thing must be lying! If you miss me, why didn't you come to see me?" Xia Yu was teasing him.

"I wanted to come! But mom says you are sick and need rests. She didn't want me to interrupt you." Jiangjiang puckered up his little mouth.

"So it was your mom? Then I will forgive Jiangjiang." Xia Yu took Jiangjiang and threw him on her lap.

Jiangjiang giggled and pressed his lips against Xia Yu’s neck. He saved a piece of Skittles for Xia Yu earlier. He took that piece and fed it to Xia Yu's mouth, "Auntie, do you like it?"

Xia Yu nodded, "I love the taste! Thank you Jiangjiang!"

"Xia Yu, Jiangjiang really likes you. Yesterday his mother asked him for a piece, and he didn't give it to her." Yang Ling said with a smile.

"Really, Jiangjiang?" Xia Yu pinched his little face.

"This piece was saved specifically for Auntie. I wouldn't give it to anyone else." Jiangjiang nodded with a serious face.

Xia Yu and Yang Ling both laughed, and Jiangjiang joined them.

Yang Ling took one of the many fruits lying nearby and went to the kitchen to wash it. When Xia Yu and Jiangjiang were alone, Jiangjiang came closer and whispered to Xia Yu's ear, "Auntie, I have a secret to tell you. Mom said she's taking me to see dad tomorrow."

"To see Dad?" Xia Yu repeated.

Jiangjiang hurriedly placed his little finger on Xia Yu’s lips and spoke with a hushed voice, “Keep your voice low! Mom said it was a secret, and I can tell no one!”

Xia Yu nodded, and Jiangjiang let go of her.

Jiang Yayan was taking Jiangjiang to see his dad, who? Xie Weihao? Obviously, in Jiangjiang's dictionary, he had nothing to do with his father. It must be Shen Yan then, what did Jiang Yayan want?

At this time, Yang Ling returned with the fruit. She saw Jiangjiang was still playing games sitting on her lap. She reached out and brought him down, "Let's go wash your hands and eat fruits!"

"But I still want to play with Auntie for a while." Jiangjiang looked back at Xia Yu.

"Your Auntie Xia is sick! She needs a break, you know?" Yang Ling pinched his little nose and took him to the restroom.

When Jiangjiang returned, Xia Yu had already cut an apple. She handed out a piece to Jiangjiang.

Jiangjiang started to bite the apple.

Xia Yu took another apple. Yang Ling snatched it from her, "Let me cut it!"

"Yang Ling, I talked to Li Yan regarding your proposed interview. He's available these days. This is his assistant's number. Go ahead and give him a call." Xia Yu handed a business card to Yang Ling.

"Really?" Yang Ling looked surprised. She was criticized by her editor yesterday. She would be sacked if she couldn't book an interview by this month-end.

Xia Yu's business card showed up at the time she really needed it! She even wanted to rush over and gave Xia Yu a kiss.

Yang Ling left with Jiangjiang after sitting for a little while.

Xia Yu quickly took out her mobile phone and called Jiang Yayan. "Madame Jiang, I'm Xia Yu."

"Miss Xia, are you better? I thought about visiting you, but my mother is here, so I couldn't go anywhere." Jiang Yayan said very politely.

"Madame Jiang, let's cut the small talks. I have something to ask you. Shen Yan will host a press conference on behalf of Shen Venture tomorrow, are you planning on bringing Jiangjiang over?" Xia Yu asked very directly.

Jiang Yayan was silent for a long time before heaving a sigh, "You know it? Since you already know, I have nothing to hide."

"Madame Jiang, have you thought about the consequence?" Xia Yu was very serious.

"Miss Xia, I'm forced to do this. Please, stop persuading me."

"Madame Jiang, I am not persuading you. If you really do this, you'll have no way back. Have you thought about your mother? And Jiangjiang?" Xia Yu’s spoke with a serious frown.

"I knew I had no way back a long time ago." After a long silence, Jiang Yayan continued, "I want Shen Yan to give up, and the embarrassment will stop. That's all that I want."

Jiang Yayan hung up the phone after saying that sentence. Xie Gendi stared at her, "Which man on the street were you talking to?"

"It was Xia Yu. She wants to know how you're doing." Jiang Yayan replied with the same level of sarcasm.

"Don't try to fool me. Was it really her? Why didn't she come to see me?" Although Xie Gendi didn't hear what they said, she could tell Jiang Yayan panicked.

If it was really Xia Yu, Jiang Yayan didn't have to hang up the phone with a panicked look.

"She was injured and is currently lying in the hospital."

"I don't believe it!"

"Believe it or not, it's up to you!"

Shen Mo asked her to bring Jiangjiang to the press conference. That was basically to start a war between her and Shen Yan. Perhaps Yang Ke'er and Second Madame would finish her long before Shen Yan was even touched.

If this matter was exposed, Shen Yan would finish her without a second thought. But if she didn't listen to Shen Mo, her outcome would be the same if decided to expose her alliance with Shen Mo.

The outcome was the same. Now she was gambling with her life. To be fair, Shen Mo's power was greater than that of Shen Yan in the Shen Family. If Shen Yan was brought down this time, he'd have no chance to start over. In addition, Shen Mo agreed to pay a large sum to Jiang Yayan. As long as she was free from Shen Yan's grips, she would be fine.

But now Xia Yu knew. She was no longer Shen Yan's secretary, but one could guess their relationship was more than intimate based on Shen Yan and Shen Qiang's attention to her. Also, Xia Yu's personality would drive her to stop this.

No, this could not be allowed to happen. Jiang Yayan thought about this and looked at Xie Gendi, "I have important things to do these days and won't have time to visit you. I'll let the nurses take care of you. We'll check out once I return."

"How many days do I have left? You are still making troubles! Please, just kill me!" Xie Gendi became very upset when she realized Jiang Yayan gave her a long face just because of a small tease.

Jiang Yayan didn't mind her. She just left.

Xia Yu called Jiang Yayan again, but her phone was off.

Xia Yu couldn't let her do this! She threw her blanket open and got off the bed.

"Miss Xia, you can't leave! You haven't recovered." The security guard saw she was running out of the hospital in patient attire and tried to stop her.

Xia Yu realized that she really couldn't just leave like this. She returned to change before rushing out.

"Miss Xia, where are you going?" The bodyguards followed.

"I have an emergency to take care of in another hospital. Please, I just need one of you to follow me, not all of you!" Xia Yu didn't know whether to cry or laugh when she saw a number of suits following her.

"To visit another patient?" Asked one of the body guards.

"Yes!" Xia Yu could not answer otherwise.

If that was the case, it was not necessary for all of them to follow. They discussed a bit before sending one bodyguard to follow Xia Yu.

When Xia Yu showed up at Xie Gendi's room with a slight limp, Xie was practicing Tai Chi. When she saw Xia Yu, tears came down her cheeks, "Xia Yu, Jiang Yayan didn't want to take care of me anymore! She left me at the hospital!"

Ever since Xie Gendi moved into this hospital, her hospital bill had reached an astronomical number. Xie Gendi made some inquiries. Apparently, it cost a fortune to cover her chemotherapy bill after the surgery.

Jiang Yayan's well-being was deteriorating. She just took off after a few teases earlier.

Xie Gendi didn't exactly get along with Jiang Yayan and often provoked her with bitter words. However, she could do nothing but wait to die if Jiang Yayan actually left. She was not afraid of death, but she had to wait for her son for a family reunion.

"Auntie, calm down! Tell me, where did she go? I'll go to get her back!" Xia Yu was also anxious. If Jiang Yayan decided to hide at the moment, this matter could get out of hand.

"I don't know! She just said she wouldn't be back these days." Xie Gendi had hoped that Xia Yu would tell her Jiang Yayan's whereabout. Apparently, Xia Yu didn't know, and more tears came down Xie Gendi's cheeks.

It was some comfort to know that Jiang Yayan had just left. She probably went to kindergarten to pick up Jiangjiang. Xia Yu thought about it and called Liu Sijie. Liu Sijie had many underlings. If they waited in front of the kindergarten, they'd see Jiang Yayan for sure.


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