Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 239 Do Stop Him
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 239 Do Stop Him

But the phone was turned off again. Xia Yu had to call Shen Yan, and she got the same result.

There would be so many important activities tomorrow. There was no doubt that they were busy today. Xia Yu had to go out and waved for a lift. She wanted to catch up with Jiang Yayan.

But catching up with her was nearly impossible. When she came to the kindergarten, the teacher told her that Jiangjiang was picked up by Jiang Yayan.

Xia Yu sighed and called Shen Qiang. His phone was also turned off. She could do nothing but called Second Madame.

At this time, the call got through. But Second Madame was drinking tea with Yang Ke'er. She just went to the bathroom and the phone was placed on the table.

When the phone was ringing, Yang Ke'er looked at it and found that it was called by Xia Yu. She didn't look well immediately, and then she picked it up. "You are a brazen-faced woman, why are you calling back? Do you want money? No way."

"Second Madame...Are you Yang Ke'er? Please let Second Madame answer the phone." Xia Yu recognized Yang Ke'er's voice and told her.

"Do you think that my Second Aunt will pick up your phone? No way!" Yang Ke'er hung up directly.

"I have something important to tell her...Hello, hello!" Some beeps came from the phone. It was hung up. Xia Yu called again. But it was hung up again.

At this time, Second Madame just came out of the bathroom. She saw Yang Ke'er holding her phone and asked, "What are you doing?"

Yang Ke'er was frightened and she put down the phone quickly, "Xia Yu called again. She scolded me through the phone just now. I refuted her some words. And then she asked you to answer the phone. I feared that she would say something bad. So, I hung up."

Second Madame took it from her. It was really called by Xia Yu. Yang Ke'er really overdid it. Naturally, Xia Yu got angry with her. But Yang Ke'er had apologized to her. And Shen Yan also took her to the best hospital for treatment. Although Xia Yu got angry with her, she should cool down now. But it was Xia Yu's fault that she called back for cursing Yang Ke'er.

Second Madame wouldn't help Xia Yu in front of Yang Ke'er. So, she had better not answer the phone. But she was about to put the phone into her bag when Xia Yu called again.

Yang Ke'er looked at Second Madame nervously. She feared that if she answered the phone, her lie would be exposed.

Second Madame looked at the phone and shut it down directly. If she answered the phone, she wouldn't know how to solve it.

The phone was turned off again. Xia Yu felt helpless. She had to send a message to Liu Sijie and Shen Yan in order to ask them to find Jiang Yayan in any case. And then they needed to stop them.

After that, Xia Yu stood in the same place and breathed out several times. She did all the things she could do. And the rest of the things would be guided by destiny. She turned back and said to the bodyguard standing behind her, "Let's go."

Indeed, Shen Yan and Liu Sijie were preparing for the Press Conference for tomorrow. So they turned off the phone. After they finished the arrangement, the time came to midnight. When they turned on the phone, there were many missed calls. Most of them came from Xia Yu.

In addition, it also received a message. Liu Sijie clicked it. And this message was sent by Xia Yu. She told him that Jiang Yayan would make troubles at the Press Conference with Jiangjiang. And they must be careful.

Liu Sijie frowned. In the past, Jiang Yayan always made such farces at all large-scale events. He was not surprised at it.

Jiang Yayan's mother was sick again. But Shen Yan didn't give her any money. If she didn't grasp this chance to get a sum of money, she would be regretful.

However, Xia Yu found them so urgently which showed that she cared for Shen Yan. Liu Sijie sent her a message that everything was under control and didn't worry. Then he went to find Shen Yan.

"What's up?" Shen Yan was so tired. When he just wanted to sleep, Liu Sijie came in.

"Xia Yu asks us to take precaution of Jiang Yayan. It seems that she still cares for you, right?" Liu Sijie said with a smile.

Shen Yan also smiled. "Do you come here especially for telling me this?"

"Of course, don't forget to reply to her. It is a chance. If you miss it again, you won't be so agonizing as to threaten to die." Liu Sijie turned away with a smile.

"What are you talking about? I have never been in such a condition, ok?" Liu Sijie made Shen Yan very angry. He was the well-known Young Master Yan. Such a shameful thing, and what did it have to do with him?

Shen Yan wanted to give Xia Yu a call. But the time was too late, and he didn't want to disturb her sleep. So, he sent her a message. The mainly meaning was the same as Liu Sijie. But he added one sentence that he would go to see her after the Press Conference.

After seeing their similar message, Xia Yu felt relieved. Then she put down the phone and stayed asleep until morning. After grooming, she looked at the time. And it was time for the Press Conference.

Although Shen Yan and Liu Sijie had confidence in this activity, Xia Yu still felt worried about it. So she decided to take a look.

But she didn't appear at the scene. She just went to a coffee bar across the Press Conference site and found a seat with a good view. Then she sat down.

The project of development area was the biggest project in the ten-year history of Shen Group.

All the members of Shen Family were all there, including all shareholders, socialites, partners. Even the mayor was present here in person.

The importance of this Press Conference was self-evident. He spoke on behalf of Shen Group that showed his high-ranking in Shen Family. In addition, his speaking improved his ranking, too.

So, he paid unprecedented attention to this Press Conference. Shen Qiang also asked for a leave and supported his brother in person. He looked around and muttered, "It shouldn't be such case!"

“Xiao Qiang, what are you talking about?" Liu Sijie found that he was looking for someone. So he asked him.

"I have asked the bodyguard. They will come here today. But my sister hasn't come here yet, why?"

"She is not the staff of Shen Group. She also hasn't the invitation. How do you let her come here?" Liu Sijie said with a smile.

"So, I am waiting for her here." Shen Qiang said.

"Stop looking for her. She won't come here. If she has something important, she will contact us." Liu Sijie knew that Xia Yu came here because of Jiang Yayan. She felt worried about her. She also brought seven or eight bodyguards. His pressure was reduced with her help.

It could be said that the security work of Liu Sijie was absolutely safe. Thus, when Jiang Yayan appeared at the gate, she was stopped by Liu Sijie's security guard. "Mrs. Jiang, here is not the right place for you."

Jiang Yayan sneered, "Why can't I come here? You are scared!"

When she came here, Jiang Yayan got ready to risk everything. She didn't take a look at Liu Sijie at all.

“There is no way to retreat for you, right?" Liu Sijie frowned. And he made eye contact with the staff near him in order to take Jiang Yayan away.

"Are you threatening me?' Jiang Yayan laughed suddenly. And she attracted much attention of people who were going to come in. But she didn't care, "If there is only one way to go, I won't come here. Do you see my scars on my body? All scars come from the daughter of Yang Family. Yang Ke'er has asked people to hurt me."

Something bad was likely to happen. Xia Yu saw a journalist coming to Jiang Yayan. So, she ran quickly towards her direction.

But the journalist was asking her some questions already, "Miss, do you have evidence to prove that?"

“Of course. I have a video." Jiang Yayan got ready to take out her phone.

At this moment, Xia Yu came to her side and grasped her wrist quickly, "Madame Shen, calm down."

Jiang Yayan already ignored anything. She turned her hand and grasped Xia Yu's hand. And then, she told the journalist, "Some people may know this lady. In the past, she was the secretary of Young Master Yan and she did her work well. But Yang Ke'er didn't like her and forced her to quit office. Then, something happened in my family. So, I asked her to take care of children. But Miss Yang was unhappy. First, she bought over my neighbors and asked them to make trouble. Then she brought people in person to take Miss Xia away and left her in the mountain. Without the help of a kind person, Miss Xia must be dead in the mountain."

"Miss, do you have evidence to prove that?"

"Yes. My neighbors' testimony made in the police station can prove it. In addition, my home is installed with a camera. All process has recorded from her breaking in to take away Miss Xia." Jiang Yayan said powerfully.

The camera was installed by Xia Yu in order to deal with the couple upstairs. And the camera just recorded Yang Ke'er's action. It meant that in the unseen world, everything was destiny.

Xia Yu said, "Madame Shen, although Miss Yang did something wrong, we should go to the right place for talking. If you want to tell us the truth, we will find a place to speak slowly."

The meaning of Xia Yu's words was that this was the Press Conference of Shen Group. Although Shen Family was related to Yang Family, Shen Family had no responsibility for Yang Ke'er's behavior.

"Miss Xia, don't interrupt me. Why did she bother me? And, why did we know each other? I think that all journalists on this spot are interested in these questions." Jiang Yayan released Xia Yu's hand with a smile. She looked around and said.

Jiang Yayan was different from the past this time. It seemed like a risk of mutual destruction. At this moment, Liu Sijie didn't calm at all. Besides, his back was sweating.

"She is a psychotic patient. Don't believe her." Liu Sijie waved his hand. And some people came here and took Jiang Yayan away.

But Jiang Yayan didn't stop talking. She struggled and said, "I have no disease. They are afraid of me. I am Shen Yan's woman. He plays with my feelings and he doesn't care about me and my son..."

At this time, security guards took Jiang Yayan to the car already. But she didn't stop shouting.

There was no doubt that her words made a blockbuster.

She was Shen Yan's woman and they had a son. All the words came into the journalists' ears without question.

Then, Shen Family never mentioned this son, why? She broke the news at this time. And what benefits could she get?

It was breaking news. All journalists ran towards the car crazily.

The condition was out of control. Liu Sijie pulled his tie. The security guards standing aside were in a daze. Liu Sijie said to them, "Go, stop them."

"No!" Xia Yu grasped Liu Sijie's arm, "They are journalists. Calm down. We should find Jiangjiang firstly."

Liu Sijie also remembered at this time that Jiang Yayan was alone just now. That son must be in another place with other people. Perhaps, they had already entered the meeting room. Liu Sijie realized that something bad was likely to happen. So, he gave a call to Shen Qiang quickly.

"Xiao Qiang, in any way, don't let Jiangjiang see Shen Yan."

"Is Jiangjiang here?" Shen Qiang was shocked. It was impossible. Their security was very excellent. How did he come here under such a condition?

At this moment, Shen Mo was coming to the gate. First, he took a look at the crazy journalists. And then, he looked at Liu Sijie who was so busy and sneered. He didn't stay and walked on.

He had already implied them and asked them to quit by themselves. In this way, they could keep dignity at least. But they didn't accept it. So, don’t blame him.

Did you want to find Jiangjiang at this time? Maybe, it was too late.

They never knew how Jiangjiang came in.

"Young Master Mo, you are here." It seemed that something would be changed. A flattering shareholder walked on, "I have already said that this large activity is unfit for Young Master Yan. Am I right?"


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