Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 240 Diamond Cuts Diamond
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 240 Diamond Cuts Diamond

It was chaos outside. Early in the day, a report reached the Old Madame. Noticing that Shen Mo had arrived, she raised her head and glanced at Shen Yan, who was pretending to be calm by her side, "Do you have any confidence or not?"

Shen Yan didn't respond but only clutched his phone a little bit more tightly.

Couldn't take it. Couldn't take it. But...

"Brother Yan!" Jiang Yayan was shouting madly. She heard everything clearly.

Yang Ke'er regretted. Why didn't she tolerate it a little bit? Her eyes brimmed with tears.

The Second Madame let out a sigh, "It is fate, my son!"

The First Madame was watching every movement of theirs with Zeng Mina by her side. Becoming a leader required guts and wisdom, not just a petty trick. Shen Yan surely was not qualified.

"Grandma!" Shen Mo ignored Shen Yan. Yesterday he had already given Shen Yan a hint. After all, they were brothers. He didn't want to pass the point of no return. He would like to give him one more chance. This was his choice and he was not the one to blame.

"Xiao Mo, here you are. Come here," the Old Madame stood up with smiles all over her face. Perhaps she had to rely on Shen Mo to deal with the chaos outside.

There was no time to hesitate. Shen Yan picked up the phone and called Liu Sijie. Although he knew it might not help, he still held a glimmer of hope, "What happened outside?"

"Young Master Yan..." Liu Sijie was almost in tears. Like Shen Yan, he didn't want to accept it, either. However, he knew nothing could be done about it.

Shen Yan felt his blood was flowing away from his body. He knew he was done even without a word from Liu Sijie.

"What are you crying for? You are a man!" Xia Yu grabbed his phone. "Shen Yan, this is Xia Yu. Are you listening?"

"I am!"

"Then, do you trust me or not?"

"I do!"

"Good. Now you go and ask Young Master Mo. If he is willing to let it go, then we can take it as nothing happens. But if he still insists, he should be responsible for the consequences," Xia Yu said.

"Good!" Without any hesitation, Shen Yan hung up and stood before Shen Mo.

"Shen Yan, you seem to have something to say," Shen Mo looked at Shen Yan calmly.

"Yes, my brother. We are brothers and you are always my respectable brother. Now, as your younger brother, I hope that you can persuade the lady outside to go back home, OK?" Shen Yan looked at Shen Mo with a cold look.

"Shen Yan, I don't know what you are talking about," Shen Mo's mouth twitched slightly and said slowly. "That's your lady."

"Do you really refuse to help me?" Shen Yan asked.

"Shen Yan, don't be so harsh. I will help you to the best of my ability, except this one," Shen Mo squinted slightly. How could he give up at this point of time when it took so long to set everything up?

"Well then. It's getting late. I'm going to get prepared," Shen Yan turned away after finishing his words.

"Little Yan!" the Second Madame grabbed Shen Yan's arm and shook her head to hint that he should be calm.

Shen Yan shook off her hands, "Mom, could you please just trust me once?"

Shen Yan strode to the backstage resolutely.

What was all this about? The Old Madame looked back at Shen Mo, who stood up involuntarily with the confidence to win.

"Grandma, let me take you to your seat," Shen Mo held the Old Madame's hand and walked to their seats.

The others of Shen Family followed them.

"I'll go to beg that woman. As long as she lets Brother Yan go, I can do anything," Yang Ke'er turned around and walked outside. In the usual cases, Shen Yan would just walk away.

But to their surprise, he insisted to stay today. Although she didn't know why, she couldn't just sit idle when Shen Yan was humiliated in public.

"Ke'er, don't!" The Second Madame failed to pull her and rushed out.

Because she knew it wouldn't help even if Yang Ke'er apologized.

"Isn't it too late to remedy the early mistake?" the first Madame muttered.

“Mom!" Shen Mo stopped her. Yang Ke'er was one of Yang Family and the Old Madame was there.

"There's no need to care about them. Let's go!" the Old Madame went without looking back. Things were already like this and it didn't matter to be coupled with one more. Just let them make a scene as they wished.

After calling Shen Yan, Xia Yu gave the phone back to Liu Sijie.

Liu Sijie got the phone and sniffed, "You shouldn't have encouraged him to do so!"

Although Liu Sijie wanted to say so and even rushed to beat Shen Mo, yet it wouldn't make any difference. They still would have to pack up and leave.

Or even suffer more!

"How do you know I'm just encouraging him, not definitely helping him win?" Xia Yu hit Liu Sijie with a document bag, "Hold it! There is the evidence to save Shen Yan."

Liu Sijie grinned, wanting to smile, but it was closer to crying, "No evidence could save him. Now Jiangjiang was already taken to the scene, probably hiding somewhere. As long as he showed up, it was over."

“Not really. What if we can prove that Jiangjiang's father is someone else?" Xia Yu said lightly.

"What did you just say?" Liu Sijie thought he had misheard.

“There is no time. You see it by yourself. Jiangjiang's father is Xie Weihao. The woman now in the hospital is Jiangjiang's grandma, Jiang Yayan's mother-in-law. I was thrown in the mountains and saved by the villagers accidentally. It was Xie Weihao's hometown, which could be proven by the villagers. Jiangjiang belongs to Xie Family, as also evidenced by the paternity test result and the marriage certificate photocopy of Jiang Yayan and Xie Weihao. On the double! Find Jiangjiang as soon as possible and don't escalate the situation. After all, he is just a kid." Xia Yu briefly explained what she prepared for a long time. If not necessary, she wouldn't have shown it.

However, Jiang Yayan was so bigoted that she had no choice but to hand all these to Liu Sijie.

"Xia Yu, why didn't you take it out earlier?" This time Liu Sijie laughed for real, from the bottom of his heart. With this, how could Shen Mo threaten them?

Without hesitation, he turned and ran in.

Shen Yan was already seated on the president chair. Seeing Liu Sijie, he cast an inquiring look. Liu Sijie nodded and waved with the document bag in his hand.

Shen Yan let out a sigh secretly. His face finally relaxed with a relieved smile and nodded to the host next to him, "Let's begin."

Having been watching closely what Shen Yan was doing, the Old Madame had very complex feelings to see that Shen Yan really got to begin. Although she always emphasized sibling harmony, yet she had a tacit understanding of Shen Mo's threatening Shen Yan.

On one hand, she did find Shen Mo quite talented and thought highly of him. On the other hand, although Shen Mo threatened Shen Yan, yet Shen Yan did something ridiculous first. Shen Mo was just making use of it.

Normally if Shen Mo played the card of Jiang Yayan, Shen Yan would leave immediately. However, he insisted to stay today. Was he still expecting that Shen Mo would consider the brotherhood and let him off?

The Old Madame denied it in her heart, which meant Shen Yan was going to fight to the end.

Even if he did have a mistress and a child born out of wedlock, so what? That was his private life. It had nothing to do with his work ability.

But had he ever thought about how much impact would it bring to Shen Group? Their opponents would take the chance to attack them fiercely, which would directly influence their share price.

They couldn't be left running wild anymore. The Old Madame glanced at Secretary Yang and hesitated. What excuse did she have to stop him?

The Old Madame was still hesitating. It was time to stir it up a little bit. Shen Mo eyed to Xiang Hui, who left immediately.

And right at this time, Yang Ling held Jiangjiang out of the camera kit. The kid was so out of breath that he breathed heavily once the box was opened. Had it not for seeing his dad, he wouldn't have suffered it.

"Aunt Yang Ling, can I really see my dad?" Jiangjiang asked. He asked Aunt Xia Yu before, but she always said that his dad was too busy, and he had to wait until he had time. Was dad available today?

"Yes, my good boy. Wait for a second and I'll take you to your dad." Yang Ling said with a big smile. Xia Yu would never imagine that she sided with Shen Mo.

Approaching and speaking for Xia Yu were arranged by Shen Mo for the purpose of gaining her trust. Meanwhile, taking Jiangjiang to Xia Yu's ward and making Jiangjiang revealing the plan that he was gonna meet his dad were also his arrangement.

After all, Shen Yan was the Old Madame's grandson. She might not approve him to be the CEO, but definitely wouldn't see him in ill repute. For this reason, Shen Mo decided to give Shen Yan a chance to give up.

In the beginning, Yang Ling thought Xia Yu was hard to tackle. However, to her surprise, she was so easily fooled that she indeed invited Li Yan to do the exclusive interview. Yang Ling really wanted to laugh out loud and was curious about her look after knowing the truth.

With these people by his side, it was indeed hard for Shen Yan to win. Yang Ling patted Jiangjiang's little head and handed him a candy, allowing him to eat it there.

The door was pushed open. Xiang Hui entered and took a glance of Jiangjiang, who was eating candy, "Young Master Mo asked you to take Jiangjiang outside."

"OK!" Yang Ling nodded. After Xiang Hui left, she walked to Jiangjiang and snatched the candy, throwing it away. She held Jiangjiang's hand and said, "Jiangjiang, your dad is here. Let's go and find him."

"Great! Let's go and find dad." Jiangjiang's face was glittering with excitement.

And now Shen Yan was introducing the blueprint of Shen Group and something about the developmental area to the journalists and answering their questions.

He was kind of up to the mark when he was serious. However, it was a pity that he had no chance anymore. Shen Mo already saw the signal that Xiang Hui sent to him.

Before long, Yang Ling walked in while holding Jiangjiang's hand. Liu Sijie had already sent people watching them. As long as they saw Jiangjiang, they would catch them at once.

Yang Ling was sharp-eyed and pushed the people in front of them away, shouting to Jiangjiang, "Jiangjiang, the man speaking in the president seat is your dad. Go to find him."

On hearing it, Jiangjiang ran to the rostrum at once, while shouting out "dad" loudly.

Early in the day, Jiang Yayan had caused a sensation outside, which was seen by a lot of journalists. They wanted to interview her but were taken to the car by Liu Sijie's men.

They were waiting to ask Shen Yan in person in the Q&A when there ran a kid. They looked in this direction.

Jiangjiang was a kid after all. How could he overrun those strong security guards? Just as Jiangjiang was close to being caught, the journalists eyed to each other and block the guards together. Freed from threat, Jiangjiang climbed up to the rostrum successfully.

"Dad, I miss you so much!" Jiangjiang threw himself into Shen Yan.

The kid was so little and ran so fast that he almost slipped and fell when Shen Yan reached his hands and hugged him just in time.

Jiangjiang put his arms around Shen Yan's neck. Fearing that he might disappear all of a sudden, Jiangjiang cried, "Dad, finally I got to see you."

The Old Madame, sitting off the stage, closed her eyes and thought it was over.

The press conference was turning into a scandal conference and Shen Yan was still holding out. Was he even thinking about the reputation of Shen Family?

The journalists off the stage definitely wouldn't lose the chance of a lifetime, lifting their cameras and capturing the amazing moments of Shen Yan hugging the child.


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