Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 241: Speaking with Facts.
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 241: Speaking with Facts.

"Young Master Yan, is this child yours?"

“Young Master Yan, may I ask if you are married in secret?”

"Young Master Yan, may I ask if that Miss Jiang outside is the mother of the child? Is this your child with her?"

One after another, the reporters’ questions made Jiangjiang immediately scared to cry because he was still just a kid.

Liu Sijie rushed there, and Shen Qiang also let the security guards maintain order. The crowd soon became quiet, but the reporters still waited aside with their microphones.

"Don't worry, everybody. We will give the answers you want one by one." Liu Sijie stood calmly beside Shen Yan. "The first thing I want to point out is that this child is not Young Master Yan's. The woman outside is indeed his mother..."

"You are lying. Young Master Yan is Jiangjiang's father." Yang Ling called out loudly under the stage. "I am a neighbor of this child, so I know something about him. To be exact, he is Young Master Yan's child. However, Young Master Yan has never been willing to accept him."

The crowd was awkward for this news. Old Madame closed her eyes and thought," Now are you satisfied?"

"Miss, can you say something more specific?"

"Miss, do you have evidence to prove that this child is Young Master Yan's?"

The reporter quickly surrounded Yang Ling.

Yang Ling said calmly, "I am the neighbor of this child. I often see Young Master Yan’s girlfriend, Miss Yang, coming to his house to make trouble, and the former secretary of Young Master Yan, Miss Xia, has also been to his house. But she did not come to make trouble, but to mediate.”

"Excuse me, when did Miss Xia go there? And what did she say to Miss Yang?”

"It was just a few days ago when Miss Yang took several people to beat Jiangjiang’s mother. Many people saw it. Jiangjiang then called Miss Xia for help. And after Miss Xia arrived, she persuaded Miss Yang to leave. However, Miss Xia resigned after two days. Later she was taken away by Miss Yang and was thrown in the mountains. They all knew that including Young Master Yan.”

"Is that real, Young Master Yan?"

"Miss Yang and Miss Xia do have some misunderstandings, but this is after all their business. We’d better not talk about it here. As for what the lady said, it is totally untrue. We reserve the right to ascertain her legal responsibility.” When Liu Sijie saw the reporter come again, he said, "I have evidence to show that there is no relationship between Young Master Yan and the child and Madame Shen outside."

"You are lying. Madame Shen had sex with Young Master Yan in the United States and then gave birth to Jiangjiang. After that, Young Master Yan didn't want to take responsibility until Madame Shen tried to announce it to the public with evidence. He compromised and provided them with a living fee in these years. Madame Shen didn't dare to provoke him, so she had to eat humble pie. As the child grew up, he missed his father so much. Madame Shen only hoped that Young Master Yan could meet her kid for a glance, but he did not agree at all. So, she had to bring her child to find him but she was still rejected. I was so sympathized with their experience that I decided to help them bring in the evidence. You see, here is the proof of the money that Young Master Yan gave them. It is his secretary who sent the money to Madame Shen.” Yang Ling took out a stack of photos. These were unbearable photos of Shen Yan and Jiang Yayan who were drunken at the hotel that night, as well as photos of his secretary’s sending money to them.

"Miss, are you sure these are true? Are you willing to take legal responsibility? The punishment for libel is severe!” Liu Sijie looked at Yang Ling with a frown.

Yang Ling was not stupid at all. She got paid to do this and didn't want to be sent to prison. So, she pointed to the door and said, "Madame Shen is outside but she is controlled by you. Everything will be clear when she comes in. Do you dare?"

She was threatening them!

Shen Yan bent down and wanted to put Jiangjiang down, but the child just held his neck. "Dad, don't leave me alone. I will behave well!"

His voice sounded like a cream in the milk, with a bit of pleading which made people feel sad.

Shen Yan had to hold him up again. He glanced at people offstage and said, "If so, please let Madame Shen come in."

Crazy, so crazy! Second Madame staggered and almost fell to the ground. Yang Ke'er held her quickly.

Jiang Yanyan was brought to the scene soon. When Jiangjiang saw her, he firstly called his mother and then reached his hand to her. Shen Yan put him down, and he ran to Jiang Yayan.

"Mom, I saw Dad. What should I do if he doesn't want me?" Jiangjiang threw himself into Jiang Yayan's arms.

Jiang Yayan held him up tearfully. "I'm sorry, my baby. I promise I will bring fair back to you today."

"Madame Shen, may I ask if this child belongs to you and Young Master Yan?" The reporter asked.

"Yes!" Jiang Yayan looked at Shen Yan and said decidedly.

"So, did he give you money these years?" The reporter asked again.

"Yes, he wanted me to keep the secret!" Jiang Yayan answered very clearly.

This woman was really crazy. Shen Yan closed his eyes and breathed deeply. Then he looked directly at Jiang Yayan and asked, "What do you want to do? Let's make everything clear in front of the reporters!"

"I want you to recognize my child. I could tolerate if you are only irresponsible to me, but Jiangjiang is your child. You must recognize him!" Jiang Yayan said slowly, word by word.

"That's impossible!" Shen Yan said firmly.

But hardly had his voice faded when the scene was full of boos and hisses.

He even refused to recognize his own son. That's too cruel.

Liu Sijie raised his hand to let everyone calm down. "Let's go back to the previous question. If Jiangjiang is Young Master Yan's child, he will recognize him anyway. The problem is that Jiangjiang isn't his child. How can he recognize?"

"Liu Sijie, why is Jiangjiang not Shen Yan's child? If Jiangjiang isn't, why did he give me money for so many years?” Jiang Yayan said sharply.

Yeah. Young Master Yan himself was as sly as a fox, and he was good at intrigues and plots. How could he do anything wrong?

There was a buzz among the scene, and some people even began to criticize him.

"This is your question Madame Shen, or Madame Xie." Liu Sijie looked at Jiang Yayan and said slowly, “There was an accident happened in your family recently. Your child was still too young, and the husband was yet in prison. Young Master Yan planned to forgive you at first, but it seemed that you didn't cherish this opportunity at all."

Madame Xie? When Liu Sijie said this, even Young Master Yan was shocked.

Jiang Yayan's face soon became pale, with an involuntarily step backward and her head was aching as if it had been hit by a bang. How did they get to know this? No, that was impossible. It must be a fraud. Yes, it must be like this. If he had gotten enough evidence, he would have broken up with me. She glanced at the direction of Shen Mo, but she only saw a straight face without any change.

Jiang Yanyan gritted her teeth and insisted, "Nonsense. I didn’t expect that Young Master Yan was so filthy that he did not admit it after he did something bad.”

Jiang Yayan’s expressions all fell into Liu Sijie’s eyes. He calmly said, “Madame Xie, it’s normal for men and women to have sex. If Young Master Yan really does it, he will be responsible for it. But the fact is he does not do so. Then nobody can wrong him."

Then Liu Sijie took out a video and handed it over to the staff aside. "I have the video of that day when Young Master Yan stayed in that hotel. After watching it, I believe you will understand everything."

"Liu Sijie, I've had enough of you!" Old Madame couldn’t stand it anymore. The Shen Family has never been so ashamed. Did they want to lose everything today?

"Come down, Liu Sijie. We all know that Young Master Yan wants to grasp rights, but if you want us to follow him, that's impossible for his character."

"Yes, Young Master Mo is more steady!"

"We all believe in Young Master Mo. Please let Young Master Yan come down and not lose face of the whole family."

All the audience was seething, and several old shareholders who had been working with Shen Family for decades rolled up their sleeves in order to pull Shen Yan down the stage but were stopped by Shen Qiang.

"Everything needs to be reasonable, everybody. Can you make comments on how Young Master Yan disgraces us after watching the video, ok? You have been waiting for so long, let alone for a few minutes more?” After Liu Sijie winked at the staff aside, he quickly opened the video.

In this video, Young Master Yan was so drunk that he was held by Jiang Yayan and stumbled toward his room. Jiang Yayan took out the room card to open the door, and then threw Shen Yan on the bed.

She pushed Shen Yan on the bed, but he did not move. Jiang Yayan went around the room and pushed him again, however, he received no reaction.

At this time, two men entered the room. The first one was Zhang Hanyu, and the man behind him was holding a video camera. As soon as he came in, Zhang Hanyu said to Jiang Yayan, "What are you doing? Why don't take off your clothes?"

Jiang Yanyan blushed at first, and then lowered her head.

"We have already paid the deposit to you. Are you going to go back on your words? OK, you go.” Zhang Hanyu was a little bit annoyed. He waved his hand to the man with a camera and let him go with himself.

"Please don't go. I am not going to repent. You see he drank too much and was unconscious now. I can’t do it alone.” Jiang Yayan reached out her hands and grabbed Zhang Hanyu's arm.

Indeed, this kind of thing required two people to cooperate. Zhang Hanyu stared at Shen Yan who looked like a dead pig and pointed his forehead with his hand. He thought it was really difficult.

"President Zhang, Young Master Yan has always been cautious. It is hard to find him drink a lot. If we give up this time, we don't know when it's the next time. Maybe there is no such opportunity like this anymore." The man with a camera said aside when he found Zhang Hanyu’s intention to give up.

"So, can you give me an idea?" Zhang Hanyu also knew that very well, but just like what Jiang Yayan had said that they need Shen Yan to cooperate.

"Since we can't take a real video, what about a fake one? As taking a video was impossible, let's take some photos.” After he said so, the man put the camera aside and began to take off Shen Yan's clothes.

When he was undressing Shen Yan, Zhang Hanyu shook his head and went out. The man continued to undress Shen Yan's clothes and quickly finished. Of course, the video at this time was mosaic.

Seeing Jiang Yayan stood like a wooden chicken, the man yelled, "Take your clothes off quickly. Or do you want me to do it?"

Jiang Yayan’s face became red again, but she did so.

Then the man took the camera and asked Jiang Yayan to hold Shen Yan and make some ambiguous gestures. He shot it aside...

The video was placed until now when the audience booed.

Shen Mo could no longer calm down. His face was as white as a piece of paper and his body was constantly shaking. He looked at Old Madame one side and found that she was also watching him. "Grandma, I don't know that, I really don't know..."

He had never been so scared like he was now. It was not difficult to see from the video that Shen Yan and Jiang Yayan did not do anything at all. The child was not Shen Yan's, either.

Zhang Hanyu did not tell him about such a big event. What else did he hide from him? He always thought that he was controlling everything, but the truth was that there were many things he didn't know which made him feel afraid.

"Really?" Old Madame stood up with a cold face. All the people here knew the relationship between Zhang Hanyu and him very well. Even if she believed in Shen Mo, what about other people? Would they believe it?

Old Madame was very clear about the embarrassment she would face. So, she left decisively.


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