Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 242 Good And Evil Are Only Between One Though
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 242 Good And Evil Are Only Between One Though

The video stopped. Liu Sijie asked people to turn it off. He shook the file pocket in his hand and said, “I have a copy of the marriage certificate of Madame Xie and Mr. Xie and the testimony of Mr. Xie's neighbor. Of course, I also have the DNA comparing the result of Jiangjiang and Young Master Yan, Jiangjiang and Xie Family. The result shows that Jiangjiang doesn't relate to Young Master Yan. But he relates to Mrs. Xie and Xie Family. You heard what Mrs. Xie said just now. It was a slander against our Young Master Yan. So, we called the police. The police will take over this. If you journalists want to know the follow-up developments, please wait for the police’s investigating result.”

Jiang Yayan collapsed on the floor. How did Shen Yan get this evidence?

Shen Mo also wanted to know the answer to this question. Jiang Yayan had been proved useful in blackmailing Shen Yan. He didn't think Shen Yan would investigate the whole thing secretly and found out the truth.

Even he didn't know that Jiangjiang wasn't Shen Yan's son. Shen Yan was so scary. Shen Mo stood up difficultly.

“Young Master Mo, President Zhang is your old subordinate. What do you think about the things he did?” A journalist approached.

“Very shocked and unexpected.” Shen Mo barely held together and said, “Like what Assistant Liu said, the police had taken over it. We’d better wait for the police investigating result.”

Shen Mo reluctantly said a few words and left the scene under people's protection.

Even Shen Mo left. What should I do? Yang Ling started to feel afraid at this moment. When Xiang Hui paid her off, she only thought about earning some money to go to travel in Europe. She didn't think about anything else.

But now Liu Sijie had called the police. So many people on the scene could testify of what she just said. And it had been recorded. There was no escape for her of slandering Shen Yan.

“Everyone, please be quiet. Excuse me, the little incident interrupts the meeting. We will continue now.” Liu Sijie held Shen Yan's arm for a moment.

Shen Yan smiled. He was really surprised just now. He felt like riding a roller coaster. He had many questions for Liu Sijie. But he knew it was not the right time.

After stabilizing his mind, Shen Yan went to his chair calmly and sat down, “For further questions, the one in blue, yes, you, any questions?”

“Mr. Shen Yan, you proposed the idea of the development area. What made you think that at that time?”

The paths finally winded through high peaks. Yang Ke'er was crying holding Second Madame. Second Madame was filled with tears. For all these years, like a big mountain, this thing pressed on them and made them breathless.

Now the truth finally came out which gave her son his reputation back.

When the police took Jiang Yayan and Yang Ling away, Jiangjiang ran after them, “Mom, I want my mom!”

The kid's heartbreaking crying made people very sad.

Xia Yu went to Jiangjiang and held him up, “Jiangjiang good boy. Your mom has something to do. You will stay with me for this couple of days.”

“But, why do the policemen take away my mom? Don't they catch the bad guys? Is my mom bad?” Jiangjiang looked at Xia Yu with tears.

“Your mom is not bad. The policemen have something to ask your mom. After they get the answers, your mom will be back.” It was hard to explain it to a kid. She reached out and cleaned his tears.

“Xia Yu, I have to trouble you looking after Jiangjiang again.” Jiang Yanyan really didn't know how to face Xia Yu. She tried so hard to persuade her. But she didn't listen. Otherwise, the thing might not be this bad.

“Don't worry. I will explain it to Aunt Xie.” Xia Yu had deep sympathy against Jiang Yayan.

“Thanks!” Jiang Yayan turned around and went into the car.

When Yang Ling went past Xia Yu, she lowered her head because of guilt. Just now she was thinking about what the expression would be on Xia Yu's face when she saw her. Now she realized it was she who was ashamed of seeing her.

“Xia Yu, this woman did that terrible thing to my Brother Yan. Why do you still look after her kid?” Yang Ke'er would hit Jiang Yayan long ago if the policemen weren't here.

And this little brat who wanted his father all the time knew who his father was now. His father was that criminal!

“The kid is innocent. Don't you want to leave him all alone?” Xia Yu knew Yang Ke'er hated Jiang Yayan. Wasn't that woman pathetic?

Take one step wrong and keep going wrong. She lived with fear for all these years. Only she would know the difficulties.

“This little brat is innocent? Xia Yu, I think there is something wrong with your brain.” Yang Ke'er pointed at Jiangjiang. She was too angry to talk.

“Aunt, I'm scared!” Jiangjiang held Xia Yu's neck tightly.

“Don't be scared, Jiangjiang. Go home with aunt!” Xia Yu turned around and was about to leave.

“You are not allowed to go back. My brother Yan bought that house. He doesn't deserve to live there.” Yang Ke'er blocked Xia Yu's way.

Xia Yu had to stop and looked up at her, “I will take Jiangjiang to my house. Is it OK?”


Xia Yu went around Yang Ke'er and kept walking.

“Sister Xia, get in. I will take you home.” Zhang Peng stopped his car in front of Xia Yu.

Xia Yu opened the door and went in.

Jiangjiang saw Zhang Peng and said, “Uncle!”

“Jiangjiang good boy, you need to listen to Aunt Xia when you live in her house, understand?” Zhang Peng reached out and touched Jiangjiang's little head. He sighed thinking how this kid would do in the future. This little kid's parents were both in jail and his only relative grandma was lying in the hospital.

“I know. I will behave well. But, uncle, my mom is not a bad person. Will you talk to the police?” Jiangjiang's little eyes were filled with hope.

Although his mom lost her temper and hit him sometimes, he didn't want to lose his mom.

“Of course, your mom is not a bad person.” Zhang Peng exhaled and started the car.

After they arrived at the hospital, Zhang Peng got off the car, “Sister Xia, I want to ask you something for a long time. Was it you on the roof that day?”

Xia Yu smiled and said, “I really didn't mean to. I was chased by Director Qi. Sorry I bothered you.”

Zhang Peng pointed at Xia Yu and smiled, “OK. Go back and get some rest. Call me if anything happens. I will definitely make friends with you.”

Xia Yu saw that Zhang Peng's car left. She took Jiangjiang back to her ward, “Jiangjiang, aunt wants to transfer you to a new kindergarten, is it OK?”

Jiang Yayan's matter would definitely cause a sensation. After the exposure of the thing, Jiangjiang might be discriminated in his old kindergarten. He was miserable enough. Xia Yu couldn't let him grow up under others' discrimination.

“But I don't want to leave my friends.” Jiangjiang used to transfer from kindergarten to kindergarten. He needed to get acquainted with new kids every time he was transferred to a new place. He didn't have many friends.

“But aunt lives far from your kindergarten. Aunt is afraid that you may be late for school and can't get the big red flower as rewards.” Xia Yu held his little face and said.

“Only bad kids don't get the big red flower. OK. I agree to be transferred.” Jiangjiang hesitated a while and said yes.

Wu Shiyu and Lv Wushuang came by at night. They saw the news and knew a few about Jiang Yayan's matter. They saw Jiangjiang well behaved with Xia Yu at the hospital and felt sad.

They didn't talk about his mother because the kid was there. They feared he might be sad. However, it was hospital after all. A kid like Jiangjiang could stay here in the morning but not at night.

Wu Shiyu said, “Xiao Yu, in my opinion, I will take Jiangjiang back with me tonight.”

Lv Wushuang also said, “I think so too. And I'm there too. The two of us look after one child. You don't need to worry.”

“I definitely don't worry that you guys look after him.” Xia Yu waved at Jiangjiang. Jiangjiang approached, “Jiangjiang, this is Aunt Wu, this is Aunt Lv. They are my friends. You go back with them tonight. I will go back too tomorrow when I can leave the hospital, OK?”

“OK. My mom said that a kid couldn't stay at the hospital overnight.” Jiangjiang was easily persuaded than Xia Yu imagined.

“Jiangjiang good boy, aunt will buy you something delicious tomorrow.” Xia Yu smiled and touched his head.

“And take me to see my mom.” Jiangjiang said.

“OK!” Xia Yu promised.

The Press Conference went well except the drama of Jiang Yayan. Due to the big scandal, Shen Family all left early except the three people of Shen Yang's family and Shen Yan who stayed and entertained the guests.

It was weird. Normally, it should be Shen Yan who left early.

But anyway, they all left. Shen Yan stayed until he sent off the last guest.

“Kid, you OK?” Qi Guogang approached and patted on Shen Yan's shoulder. What happened today was really unexpected. Even he felt a little hard to bear. But this kid stuck to the end.

“Uncle, I'm OK. It's late. You, aunt and Xiao Qiang have been busy all day. Go back early and have some rest.” Shen Yan smiled with faked easiness.

He had many questions in heart, for example, why Xia Yu said that to him and when did Liu Sijie collect all the evidence. He had no idea.

“Do you want Xiao Qiang to stay with you?” These two brothers were always close. They could have a heart-to-heart talk. So, he wouldn't be too depressed.

“The one my brother wants the most now isn't me.” Shen Qiang patted Shen Yan's arm. He smiled and said, “Miss my sister, huh. Just go and find her!”

“Brat, this nonsense again.” Shen Yan patted his arm too, “Drive safe at night.”

“OK.” Shen Qiang waved at him and went in the car with his parents.

“Xiao Qiang, when did you find out that Jiangjiang wasn't Xiao Yan's kid?” Shen Yang held back his curiosity for a whole day. Now he couldn't hold it anymore.

Shen Qiang smiled and said, “It was not me who found out. It was my sister. When she sent money to Jiang Yayan, she found out Jiang Yayan didn't like coffee. And second brother is allergic to coffee. She thought those two's kid couldn't like coffee. And the more time she spent with Jiang Yayan and Jiangjiang the more suspicious she got. She did a paternity test for second brother and Jiangjiang. She found out Jiangjiang wasn't related to second brother at all.”

“In that case, Xia Yu knew that Jiangjiang wasn't your second brother's son for a long time. But why does she keep it a secret?”

“She didn't say because she thought there was something going on. She kept investigating quietly. Finally, she found out that Jiang Yayan was being used.”

“During her investigation, she found out Jiang Yayan was actually miserable. She was being used because she wanted to earn some money to pay his husband's debt. She wanted her family to be united as soon as possible. Besides her mother-in-law had cancer and her kid was little. If she goes to jail her family will be over. My sister wanted to reach a settlement between her and second brother. But in the end, Jiang Yayan didn't listen to my sister after all.”

Shen Qiang exhaled. Sometimes good and evil were only between one thought.

This was what the buddha said one thought in heaven one thought in hell.

Shen Yang sighed with sentiment, “Xia Yu that kid is really careful. She found out the problem from this tiny little detail. And she is kind. How lucky your second brother is to meet a good girl like her.”


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