Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 243 Don“t Refuse Me.
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 243 Don“t Refuse Me.

Xia Yu stared at the phone. She wanted to call to follow up on the status but finally, she held it back. No one contacted her, which meant things were going well and she didn’t need to worry.

After getting over this hurdle, no one could stop him in the future. Xia Yu looked at the chandelier on the ceiling, smiling gently.

The phone rang at this time, and it was from Liu Sijie. Xia Yu picked it up. "Hey?"

"Xia Yu, Young Master Yan quarreled with Young Master Mo, and the Old Madame lost her temper and went away with Secretary Yang. The Shen Family is looking for her, and Young Master Yan has hidden himself. I am afraid something might happen to him. Could you please help us look for him?" Liu Sijie's anxious voice came from the phone.

She knew that it couldn't be peaceful in Shen Family this night, and something really happened there.

Xia Yu took a breath and said: "OK."

When Xia Yu changed her clothes and got downstairs, Liu Sijie was waiting for her in the parking lot. "Xia Yu, I guess Young Master Yan went to the address which I sent you last time. You drive my car to find him and persuade him. Other people will follow me to find the Old Madame. After all, she is old. I am afraid she would have an accident."

His words were reasonable, so Xia Yu had no other opinions. She took the key, got on and started the car.

Liu Sijie got on the car of the bodyguards and soon the car drove away.

Xia Yu had been to that place, so she roughly knew it. There was almost no car at night, and it was in the suburbs, so she drove fast. But it began to rain on the way.

Xia Yu slowed down as the road was narrow. When approaching the village, she stopped the car and called Shen Yan. She didn't go in last time, so she didn't know the precise location.

Maybe Shen Yan was still angry, so he did not answer the phone.

Xia Yu took a breath heavily and raised her head. Rain and fog still stretched in front of her eyes, but she could see a bundle of light impending not far away.

Someone was coming over, and maybe the person would know it. She immediately opened the door and got off the car. The rain like beans poured down on her body. She saw that it seemed like an electric tricycle. Xia Yu waved her hands several times but the person on the tricycle did not seem to stop. She just bit the bullet and walked to the center of the road, opening the arms, only to hear the creak of the brake. The car finally stopped.

"You must want to die by standing there at night!" The vehicle owner was a middle-aged man wearing a raincoat.

Xia Yu immediately ran forward and took out her mobile phone.

"Excuse me, sir. Do you know how to get here?"

The phone screen was beaming faintly in the rain. She had no umbrella and could only cover it with her hands. The man on the tricycle wiped the water on his face and squinted over the address.

"You want to go to this place?"

"Yes, do you know where it is?"

"Yes, it's in the bamboo forest behind our village. But that house has been empty for several years. Why do you go there?"

"Looking for someone. It's urgent. Could you please tell me exactly how to get there?"

Xia Yu stood in the rain for five minutes and finally figured out the route. She restarted the car and turned it around. According to the middle-aged man, the house was hidden in a bamboo forest behind the village. She couldn't arrive there from this gravel road, and she had to go there from behind.

Following the route given by the middle-aged man, Xia Yu turned onto the main road about five or six minutes. The wide and level asphalt road seemed to be out of place in the middle of the country as if it had been built by someone else deliberately.

Driving along the asphalt road for about two or three kilometers, Xia Yu finally saw a bamboo forest. She then remembered that she had been here before. She was taken away by Li Dachang's men a few months ago. They seemed to have brought her here before she was rescued from the abandoned textile workshop by Shen Yan, who called the police.

It was a Japanese courtyard with bamboo forest, rockery and a small pool of goldfish.

Xia Yu drove the car along the road in the bamboo forest for a while, and finally saw a small wooden sign at the intersection. The headlights shone and the word "tranquility" was written on the wooden sign.

Yes, right here!

Xia Yu speeded up and saw the small building after about two or three hundred meters. The two-layer building should be with white walls and black tiles in her memory, but at this time she could only see the dark roof out of the heavy rain and the murky night.

After stopping the car, she went to knock on the door. She had thought it might cost her much time and strength, but when she touched the door, it was pushed away directly. The corner of the courtyard was exposed. Xia Yu saw a small stone bench and a pool.

There was no light inside, but the door was open, indicating that someone was inside.

She pushed the door and went in, and there was a courtyard. The bamboo forest was rustling in the wind, while the fish in the pool seemed to have gone to sleep and floated quietly on the water without any movement.

"Is anyone there?"

"Shen Yan!"

Standing in the yard and calling his name a few times, there was no response in the whole building in addition to the goldfish's swimming a few times in the pool. It was still raining, and the rain trickled down along the crevices of the tiles of the roof. Xia Yu had already got wet all over her body, but she had no choice but to go inside.

After entering, she saw a light on the corner of the wall. A coat was thrown on the tatami against the wall. Xia Yu recognized that it was Shen Yan's, and then she immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

"Shen Yan, Shen Yan!"

She called his names twice again, and there was still no answer at all.

She found out that he was not here as the room was small, which she could see through after making a round. The stairs were beside.

Wiping the rain on her face casually, Xia Yu ascended the stairs. The wooden stairs under her feet creaked. The bedroom was on the right of the stairs. The door was ajar with no light inside.

Xia Yu twisted her fingers outside. At that moment, in addition to the sound of rain and the rustle of the bamboo leaves, the whole world was quiet. She even wondered why she should have come to the lonely house, which was surrounded by bamboo. But she opened the door in front of her eyes finally without hesitation, like with a sense of mission.

A burst of heat assaulted her, and the sudden temperature made her chill in spite of herself. Her whole body was wet, and she was very cold now.

The bedroom was spacious, with lime sand walls, vintage floors, and a wide Japanese carved low bed with a white curtain hanging around it. But all of them were shrouded in the dark light and suffused with the smell of smoke and alcohol.

Xia Yu finally saw the person sitting on the yellow rattan chair beside the window. His face was not clear, but the cigarette on his fingertip was burning red. A little red light was ablaze in the dull.

It seemed that Xia Yu's body was fixed. What was he doing here alone? His cell phone was turned off and the room was permeated with the smell of wine and smoke.


"You come?" The man on the chair opened his mouth first, however. The two short words made Xia Yu puzzled.

"Are you waiting for me?"

"I have been waiting for you all the time!"

The red-burning cigarette butt was moved in the dark, and it was annihilated by him. The man in the chair waved at Xia Yu then.

"Come here."

It was Liu Sijie's so-called urgency. Why did Xia Yu feel that she had been cheated?

"Close to me!"

Xia Yu walked over, twisting her fingers. After about four or five meters, she finally walked to the front of the chair. The two were close then. She gradually saw the person in the chair. He wore a shirt, which seemed to be blue with two buttons on the top unclasped. One of his legs was bent on the chair which was very wide and long, and it should be one set with the tatami, while the other leg naturally fell to the ground, with no shoes or socks.

His lazy and decadent posture was redolent of a comedown to some extent. Xia Yu felt that he was not like what he used to be.

She glanced again at the little table on the tatami next to her, which was scattered with an ashtray and a couple of red wine bottles, which had been emptied and only a little left at the bottom. No wonder the room reeked of smoke and liquor.

Xia Yu could not help but frown and asked: "Don't you want your stomach?"

"You are caring about me?"


"Aren't you?"

Xia Yu turned her head, and she didn't want to continue to argue on this topic.

"How much have you drunk?"

"A lot."


"I don't know, but at least I can still recognize you."

"..." Xia Yu drew a breath again. She was not interested in talking nonsense with him here.

"The Old Madame has left, and everyone is looking for her all over the world. You..."

"That's enough!" Shen Yan suddenly lifted a hand and shook it. "Stop talking. Just come over!"

Xia Yu looked at him and walked two steps towards his direction.

"Be closer to me!"

She walked another two steps.


Xia Yu could only move forward for half a step, but Shen Yan suddenly raised his hand and held her to his knees, clasped her shoulders, bent over and kissed her...

Xia Yu resisted, and every inch of her body from the head to the feet was clamoring to push this man away, but Shen Yan was too mighty, and he had drunk alcohol. He held her in his arms tightly.

His chest was hot, but Xia Yu's body was cold. She closed her lips to prevent his intruding, but he insisted. He lifted a hand to hold her chin, opened her lips little by little, and then opened her teeth.

What a stubborn woman! Shen Yan swallowed her breath with his tongue. The man's breathing echoed her ears, and there was the strong smell of smoke and wine in his mouth. Clutching his shirt tightly, Xia Yu’s heart was full of resistance, but she couldn't make a sound.

This time he did not give her any chance to resist, even the time to breath. His whole body was burning like a fire which was still accumulating. He let go of Xia Yu's mouth to keep her earlobe in mouth, that cool and soft flesh.

Xia Yu could take a breath then at long last.

"Let me go.”

"Shen Yan!"

She put her hands against his chest with a vengeance.

Shen Yan used a hand to unbutton her coat, and soon the coat was forcibly taken off by him with his impatience which couldn't be stopped by any strength. Xia Yu took the opportunity to stand up from his leg. The sound of rain reigned outside.

Maybe she shouldn't have come here.

Xia Yu ran to the door with a faint light, and the floor was creaking with her steps. But the man behind her quickly chased her up and pulled her back to the door.

"Enough!" He suddenly screamed, holding his arm to fix Xia Yu between himself and the door.

Chase and struggle seemed to stop in one second. Xia Yu saw a pair of wolf-like eyes in the murk, and his fierce breathing echoed her ears.

"You want to leave?"

Xia Yu almost dared not look at him, and the whole body began to tremble.

Shen Yan pinched her waist with more strength suddenly, almost pinching into her flesh.

"Shen Yan, can we stop making trouble?" Measuring the strength, Xia Yu chose to admit being defeated.

"Promise me two things and then we can go back." Shen Yan whispered, putting his ear close to hers.

"You say!"

"Go back to Tengfei to work tomorrow and be my girlfriend!"

This man! Was there such a way to ask people to go back to work?

What’s more, Xia Yu looked at him and wanted to cry and laugh. "The way you chase girl is really special."

"I did not promise you to resign. I haven't docked your wages even if you have been absent from work for so many days." His lips started to hang up, enchantingly: "As for the way to chase girls, you can't blame me either. I have expressed my love for such a long time, but you don't give me any reply, huh? "

No reply meant that they were not suitable. He couldn't understand it? Xia Yu was speechless.

Smiling resignedly, Xia Yu said: "It was delayed as something happened. Don't you think we are not..."

"Don't refuse me!" Shen Yan kissed her lips, swallowing down the word "Unsuitable".


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