Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 244 She Really Got into Trouble
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 244 She Really Got into Trouble

"Do you know where it is?" After a long time, Shen Yan brought Xia Yu back to the warm room because her clothes were soaked.

"I know!" Said Xia Yu softly.

"You know? Really?" This time, Shen Yan got shocked, “How do you know here?”

"Last time I was kidnapped by Li Tianci, and I was brought here at first." Said Xia Yu softly.

"It's here that you were brought?" No wonder that he couldn’t find her for a long time. At that time, he was going to be mad and barely let himself calm down to call the police first and then continue to search. Fortunately, she was found by him.

After thinking carefully, it was this way that Li Tianci had ever passed by. However, he ignored this detail by looking for her, or he was totally unaware of this.

"I see!"


"He is also involved."


"My elder brother." Shen Yan sighed heavily. "You may not know who the original owner of this place is."

"Who?" When coming in just now, Shen Yan's face was weird. Xia Yu felt that there was something wrong with him. Until he came to ask, she recalled his strange expression again.

"There was a girl called Ning Jing, the daughter of our housekeeper. She grew up with us, who was like the siblings of me. However, she died because of my elder brother. I thought it was an accident, but I was wrong." Shen Yan was extremely painful by these words.

"So, is it for her that you competed with Young Master Mo?" Xia Yu remembered the girl she met in a Japanese restaurant who was possibly the original owner of the room.

Shen Yan raised his head and looked at Xia Yu, showing no agreement or disagreement. "It can also be said that she is involved in the matter. I just wanted to make it clear her cause of death. During the investigation, I found a lot about my elder brother and found that he was not suitable to be a President, who would even bring the disaster to Shen Group, so I decided to compete with him."

Xia Yu didn't continue to ask because she knew it seemed to be a long story. He would find a chance to tell her in due time. "Now, he is not capable to stop you from competing with him."

Shen Yan raised his lips slightly. "But my elder brother is not easy to deal with and we still have a long way to go. Since you have already been involved, I hope that you can fight with me till the end."

"You are for your beloved girl, but what do I fight for?" It was difficult to deal with the troublesome matters in Shen Group. Xia Yu was troubled by the hesitation of Old Madame, the ruthlessness of Shen Mo, the doubt of Second Madame as well as the jealousy of Yang Ke'er and Zeng Mina.

She was really averse to the way of competition indeed.

"You are wrong. She is not my beloved girl but you. I have told you that she is just my sister, the daughter of Shen Family's benefactor." Shen Yan’s eyes looked at Xia Yu’s honestly. “Without Uncle Ning and Yang Weiye, there won't be today's Shen Group. However, the elder brother has broken his heart, so that he left after Ning Jing's death. Until now, the whereabouts of him is unknown. I won't be a man if I fail to seek justice for him."

"Then I have no reason to meddle in."

"No, you have. Since they can bring you to this place, you have been targeted by them. My elder brother lost Zhang Hanyu, a powerful helper of his. He won't let it go at that. So, you can only move forward." Liu Sijie had already confessed everything to him. Shen Yan was really admirable for her and didn't expect that she could investigate so many things.

"How about President Zhang?" Xia Yu asked nervously.

"I estimate that he will bear all the blames for my elder brother. Even if he can avoid being imprisoned with the assistance of my brother, I guess he may leave this place." Zhang Hanyu was such a talent, but he lost his great expectations. Even Shen Yan felt pity for him.

Returning from the suburbs, Xia Yu went directly to her cousin's residence. These days, Xia Yu didn't take a comfortable shower and carefully washed her whole body after coming back while thinking of Shen Yan's words. Shen Mo was such a revengeful person that he would not let it go for his failure although Xia Yu left the company. The only way out was to defeat him.

Xia Yu gently touched her arms with her fingers where there was a little water staining on.

There was no time to sleep because it was already 7 a.m. and the sky was totally bright. She re-selected her clothes from the cupboard and dressed them on. When she came out, Lv Wushuang was already making breakfast.

"Xia Yu, when did you come back?" Lv Wushuang even didn't know that there was another person in the room.

"It's not so long before I came back. Is Jiangjiang still asleep? Don't send him to kindergarten today. I will visit his grandmother first, and then take him to visit my mother.” This was promised by Xia Yu before.

"OK, well, this kid was talking about it last night." Lv Wushuang said, stirring the porridge in the pot. "You should eat some before you leave."

"Not necessary. There are still many things to deal with today. After visiting Jiangjiang's mother, I have to find a kindergarten for Jiangjiang. I will have no time after I officially go to work tomorrow." Xia Yu finished her words and drove to the hospital where Xie Gendi was staying.

After Xie Gendi responded to the knocking of the door inside, Xia Yu entered the cold and dark room.

"Welcome, Xia Yu." Xie Gendi seemed to be excited. Jiang Yayan had never appeared since she left so she was really worried that she had been abandoned.

Now, Xie Gendi was somewhat comforted with the arrival of her friend.

Xia Yu nodded and put the soybean milk and other breakfast which were just bought outside on the table. Xie Gendi wore a patient suit with her feet exposed outside the quilt. Besides, she was wearing a pair of red nylon socks and there was a big hole on the toe.

Xia Yu looked away intendedly while Xie Gendi pulled the quilt over her feet embarrassedly.

"Why don't you turn on the air conditioner?" Xia Yu raised her head and looked around the room. Although it was not too cold in autumn, there was some coolness in the morning and evening. What was more, Xie Gendi had just experienced the operation.

Xie Gendi smiled, "I'm not capable of dealing with the urban equipment."

"Even the light?"

Xie Gendi did not reply. Xia Yu came to open both the air-conditioner and the light in the room, and all of a sudden, the whole room was illuminated. Meanwhile, the pale face of Xie Gendi was clearly seen.

Xia Yu turned back and looked at the bed cabinet. There was a half cup of water on it, next to which was a box of painkillers that had been opened. Xie Gendi saw that she was staring at the box and said, holding her own legs, "The wound hurt last night, and I took a pill which worked quite well and stopped the pain quickly."

Xia Yu didn't say anything, and soon the house was warmed up by the air-conditioner. She put the breakfast on the cabinet by Xie Gendi’s bed. "Eat breakfast first!"

The breakfast lasted for almost half an hour. The soy milk was drunk up, but the breakfast was left more. Xia Yu looked at the phone and turned on the TV.

"I will order a takeaway for lunch. Watch TV if you're bored and call the nurse if necessary." Xia Yu finished and stood up.

Xie Gendi knew that she was leaving, and asked after hesitating for a long time, "Is she not willing to spend money for me on the hospital from her bottom of her heart?"

There was no doubt that Xie Gendi was referring to Jiang Yayan.

Frankly speaking, it was normal for Xie Gendi to doubt because she disappeared from the world after saying that she had something to do.

Xia Yu stopped and said after a few seconds, "Don't worry about it. Your daughter-in-law can't visit you at the moment because she has something to deal with."

"Daughter-in-law? Did she tell you everything?" Jiang Yayan told her that she could only say that she was the mother of Jiang Yayan. Since Xia Yu said so, it meant that it was Jiang Yayan who told Xia Yu about this.


"Xia Yu, I have no reason to conceal since you are a friend of hers and have already known everything. How heartless and cruel Jiang Yayan is! It was she who put my son into prison and took away my grandson. Now, when I fell ill, she never appeared to visit me." Xie Gendi was so bored and grieved these days. This was the best chance for her to find a vent to complain.

Xia Yu frowned slightly and said, "Jiang Yayan doesn't visit you because she really gets into trouble."

"Really? What happened?" Xie Gendi stared at Xia Yu and found that she was not pretending. Until now, she got panic. She was indeed dissatisfied with her daughter-in-law and even hated her.

But now, she could only rely on Jiang Yayan. If she was really trapped in trouble, who would look after her grandson? When thinking of Jiangjiang, Xie Gendi eagerly asked, "How about my grandson? Is he okay?"

"He is fine, and now he is staying at my house. I will take him to see you later.”

"That's good. If the black-hearted woman dares to hurt my grandson, I will put up a desperate fight with her."

"Aunt Xie, I don't know the moral quality of Jiang Yayan. But for you, she is an obedient daughter-in-law; for your son, she is a thoughtful wife; for Jiangjiang, she is a responsible mother." After Xia Yu finished, she turned and left.

When she came back, Jiangjiang, dressed neatly, was sitting in the living room and watching TV. Seeing that Xia Yu come to pick him up, he was really excited. He immediately rushed over. "I know that you won't lie to me. You are the best aunt in this world."

Xia Yu laughed and held him up, "Really?"

"Yes!" Jiangjiang nodded with a serious face, and then asked Xia Yu, "Are we going to see my mother now?"

"Yes, now. After visiting your mother, we will go to the new kindergarten." Holding Jiangjiang in her arms, Xia Yu waved to Wu Shiyu and Lv Wushuang, and went out.

"Xia Yu, thank you for taking him to me. Maybe I should have followed your advice at that time." Jiang Yayan held the small hand of Jiangjiang when her tears gushed out of her eyes. "I'm an orphan while his father is a child growing up in the mountain. We have lost ourselves in the face of the prosperity and temptation of the city. Our only goal is to earn enough money to buy a house and a car in this city as soon as possible. In order to achieve this goal quickly, his father embezzled public funds to invest in stocks and business. Maybe it was due to our bad luck or the poor ability of us. We lost everything in the end. His father gave me the money left to escape abroad and he bore all the charges himself."

"Although it's not long to marry him, the days with him are really happy. Moreover, he has to support his mother. I thought about the methods, again and again, to help him get out of prison quickly, so I decided to work in a foreign country and paid all the debts for him. However, it’s not easy in a country that I'm totally unfamiliar with. Then, President Zhang came to me and let me seduce Shen Yan. I could do nothing but agree."

Jiang Yayan cried sadly. Although she knew that she had mental preparation and knew the punishment she may receive when getting to know Shen Yan's identity, she was still scared on this day, especially worried about Jiangjiang.

Jiangjiang would be sent to the orphanage. Jiang Yayan was now shuddering because she was brought up in this place and knew the bitterness of it.

"Since things have already happened, I won't say anything else. As for Jiangjiang, he stays with me for the time being. Today I want to discuss with you about the transfer of Jiangjiang to the Mengmeng kindergarten if you agree." Everyone who came here had more or less untold reasons. However, it was a fact that she was wrong.

Both Jiang Yayan and Xia Yu understood that she had done her best for Jiang Yayan.


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