Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 246 I am not a man of taste
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 246 I am not a man of taste

"Great Aunt!" Yang Ke'er shook the Old Madame's arm to act girly.

The old lady looked at Shen Mo and then at Shen Yan. "Let's have a good time!"

"Well, I'll change it for a big private room." Shen Mo nodded and waved to the waiter nearby.

The waiter came over, "Young Master Mo, what can I do for you?"

Before Shen Mo could speak, Yang Ke'er scrambled to say, "Please conceal the private room reserved by brother Shen Mo. We are together. The private room I ordered is larger."

The room facing south on the second floor was the largest one in the Ruyi Restaurant. Round solid wood tables and chairs were set up near the window of the private room, along with unsophisticated cabinets and screens. Another space was separated under two or three stone steps, where several mahogany chairs were set up for guests to rest and chat.

As soon as Yang Ke'er entered, she took off her coat and hung it on the shelf in the corner. She took Xia Yu and sat down. The two women were next to each other. Shen Yan and Shen Mo were sitting on the left and right side of the Old Madame respectively. Zeng Mina was sitting next to Xia Yu.

"The sour and spicy radish soup here is very good. Grandma ordered this particularly, and their big boss cooked it himself." Zeng Mina said.

"Great Aunt, what else do you want to eat? I'll order you some more." Yang Ke'er asked.

"No, I just want to sit with you. Then I am happy." Old Madame glanced at Xia Yu. "I haven't seen you for a few days. How are you?"

"She went back to work as a secretary for Brother Yan, and you will often see her later." Yang Ke’er smiled and said, "Today we invite Xia Yu with Brother Yan."

"Oh, good!" Old Madame did not continue this topic, but said to them, "You also order some dishes you like, Xia Yu. You also order some dishes."

"Thank you, Old Madame!" Xia Yu took the menu and looked at it, symbolically ordering one.

The foreman looked at their order and seemed to have something to say, but he did not say anything. After saying "wait a moment", he turned around and went out.

"I'll go out for a while!" Xia Yu also stood up.

"Yang Ke'er, you are very generous." After Xia Yu left, Zeng Mina became restless and began to attack Yang Ke'er.

"Mina!" Grandma was a little angry. Shen Mo stared at Zeng Mina, stood up and went out.

Shen Mo met Xia Yu at a quiet corner, "I didn't expect you to dare to slander your old boss for Shen Yan's sake."

"Young Master Mo, I just said the truth." Xia Yu didn't want to stay with Shen Mo alone. She only said one sentence and was ready to leave.

"But in fact, he could go to jail because of you." Shen Mo stretched out his hand and stopped Xia Yu.

"Young Master Mo, you’re wrong. He has the risk of being imprisoned because he does something illegal." Xia Yu stopped and said calmly.

"So, what have you got?" Shen Mo sneered, "You firmly leave and then go back. Dare you say Shen Yan did not threaten you? After helping him so much, this is what you get."

"Because I am faced with a bigger threat, I compare the two disasters and choose the lesser one. What do you think, Young Master Mo?" Xia Yu looked at Shen Mo with no change on her look.

Shen Mo nodded, "If the threat you said does not exist, have you considered leaving?"

"Of course!" Xia Yu smiled, "The camp is fixed while soldiers are always changing. No one will work in one place for all his life."

Shen Mo nodded and turned to leave.

Xia Yu stood for a while and turned to walk in another direction.

After Shen Mo left, Zeng Mina felt that she was like an outsider in the room. After sitting awkwardly for a while, she came out to find Shen Mo.

Upon seeing that Shen Mo was talking to Wu Shiyu, she quickly flashed aside. Her fist clenched uncontrollably. What luck today she had! She was trying to coax Old Madame with Shen Mo. However, she first met Yang Ke'er and Xia Yu, this pair of tormentors, and now Wu Shiyu appeared again at this time.

Due to the distance, she didn't hear what Shen Mo was saying to Wu Shiyu. She thought Shen Mo still had contacts with Wu Shiyu and was angry furtively.

Wu Shiyu didn't expect to meet Shen Mo here, either. She wanted to ignore her directly, but she was held back by Shen Mo. "Shiyu, I talked to Xia Yu just now. Please persuade her again to leave Tengfei. You should not take part in their audition, either. Please leave together."

On what grounds? Wu Shiyu remembered that he supported Zeng Mina that day, and today he came to let her give up her audition in Tengfei. He also asked his sister to give up her job.

Who did this man think he was? Wu Shiyu sneered, "Don't worry about us, Young Master Mo. After all, we don't know each other."

Don't know each other? How could this woman talk to him like this!

"Wu Shiyu, if you don't listen to me, you will regret it."

This was a threat. Shen Family's Young Master was imposing. Wu Shiyu ignored him and left directly.

Very well, Shen Mo stared at Wu Shiyu's back for a while, and then turned around and walked to the private room.

When Shen Mo returned to the private room, the food and wine were all ready. Old Madame did not drink. Yang Ke'er poured her some drinks.

For Chinese food, two men chose white wine and the ladies drank red wine. Yang Ke'er poured a full cup for Xia Yu first, and insisted on holding the cup to toast Xia Yu. Due to hospitality, Xia Yu could only drink. Just when she drank it, Yang Ke'er filled another cup for her. Shen Yan aside didn't put up with Yang Ke’er’s behavior.

"Don't drink with an empty stomach. Eat something!" This was said to Yang Ke'er. While speaking, he filled a bowl of hot soup and handed it to her.

Xia Yu felt dry and stuffy in her heart and bowed her head to drink water.

"This soup is really delicious. Try it, Xia Yu." Yang Ke'er filled the soup in a bowl for Xia Yu as she said, and then drank again.

Shen Yan clamped dishes for her and stopped her from drinking. "This wine gets strong after a while. Even if you want to drink it, you should control it!"

"It's okay. I know fairly well. My mother is very strict at home, and I can't drink. I have you here. Anyway, I live in your house at night, and if I drink too much, you take care of me!" Yang Ke’er said it very naturally. She also didn't forget to lean on Shen Yan's arm with a little coquetry.

"It is better to drink less!" Although he didn't agree with it, he didn't mean to prevent it.

Yang Ke'er deflated her mouth discontentedly: "I know. Every time I drink, you are like a chatterbox!" When she finished, she did not forget to look up and asked Xia Yu, "Is he doing the same in the company? Is he very strict with his subordinates? Does he have many requirements for his subordinates?"

Xia Yu was lowering her head to drink tea and trying to reduce her sense of being, but Yang Ke'er suddenly asked her, making her somewhat at a loss.

She hated the feeling of being caught in the middle of a couple as a light bulb. She was really out of her mind when she agreed to have this meal!

"Young Master Yan has always been strict with his subordinates in the company, but only at work!"

"Well, he is really a workaholic, but in fact his temper is not good at home. Although he seems to take care of me‒his girlfriend, these are all appearances!"

"..." What? When did they become lovers? He didn't know it. Glancing at Shen Yan, she saw that he was calm.

Looking at Xia Yu again, it seemed that she hadn't eaten anything in her life. She just ate her food and turned a blind eye to other things.

Zeng Mina wanted to refute her very much. As Old Madame and Shen Mo were still there, she swallowed what she wanted to say.

Yang Ke'er continued to say, "I tell you. Privately, he is a very possessive and uncompromising person. Today I drink wine, and when I go back at night, he will definitely nag at me the whole night."

Xia Yu coughed and was completely unaware of why she wanted to tell her these private things. She simply didn't understand her behavior. She bowed her head and took the cup, not caring about whether it was wine or tea, and she drank two swallows casually.

Shen Yan looked up and noticed the expression of Xia Yu. She spoke very little and sat straight. Her face was completely bloodless under the overhead light.

Shen Yan quietly pulled out the arm that Yang Ke'er was clinging to. His muscles were stiff, and he moved slightly under the table.

"All right, you drink less. You're almost drunk!"

"It's not so easy to get drunk!" Yang Ke'er poured herself another glass of wine. She went to pour wine for Xia Yu, only to find the bottle empty.

"Another bottle!"

"It's almost enough."

Other people did not speak and heard the voices of the two of them. Xia Yu also couldn’t sit still so she touched the cup on the table, lifting it up only to find that there was no water. She stretched out her hand to reach the kettle. Her finger was covered by Shen Yan's palm as soon as it touched the handle of the kettle. She drew back her hand reflectively and she heard a slight "sniff" from the opposite side.

Zeng Mina seemed to laugh at her.

Xia Yu ignored the sound and looked up. She saw Shen Yan's pale face. He held the kettle to add water for her. Under the light, he wore a light blue shirt with two buttons unbuttoned at the collar. She could see a light brown neck inside.

"I think you didn't eat anything just now. Don't drink anymore. Your stomach is not good!" The water in the spout was poured down, and the rising heat almost blocked the man's face in front of her. But his voice was clear, and he took a hint of softness from the warm air in the room. This was the first thing he said to her till now.

What a deuce! Why should she think that he was most gentle when he was in light blue?

Xia Yu smiled and picked up the cup filled with hot water and said, "Thank you."

"Shen Yan, I don't know you became so caring about people." Zeng Mina held the glass on her mouth and did not drink it. She just put it there and said with a smile, "You are doing things with ease!"

"Miss Zeng, this joke cannot be played. I am just a subordinate of Mr. Shen Yan." Xia Yu seriously corrected Zeng Mina's words.

Yang Ke'er glanced at Zeng Mina. Did you hear that? She was just a subordinate!

"Now it is a joke, but later it is not necessary. Nowadays, many couples work together first, and the love between them grows day by day.” Zeng Mina said with a smile.

"Miss Zeng, you heard what Miss Yang said just now. I have no habit of being a home-wrecker in other's relationship."

"They are just in love and they are not married. What's wrong with fair competition?"

"I don't know what other people think. As for me, even if it's a love relationship, I can't do it."

"Don't be so sure. If you really like it, I don't believe you will give up." Zeng Mina said, glancing at Shen Yan, who also seemed to want to know how Xia Yu would answer.

"I am not the person of the taste. Many people say that I am not cute, which I recognize. But I can tell you responsibly that I am not interested in man who already has a girlfriend." Speaking of this, Xia Yu glanced at Shen Yan aside.

He still looked cool and calm, but his hand under the table could not help but become a fist.

Yang Ke'er smiled more happily. Xia Yu was telling her that even if Yang Ke'er and Shen Yan were not engaged, Xia Yu acknowledged their relationship.

Zeng Mina, you wanted to stir up Xia Yu to compete with me. It was out of the question.

Yang Ke'er was still regretting meeting Old Madame and them. She didn't have a chance to say what she wanted to say, but Zeng Mina helped her so much by mistake.

Now she was sure that Xia Yu would not be caught between her and Shen Yan. What else was she worried about? With a chuckle, Yang Ke'er said, "OK, Great Aunt is still there. Can we talk about something else?"

"Now is the world of your young people. Grandma is getting old. Am I a nuisance?" Old Madame smiled aside, which was the first time she smiled in recent days.


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