Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 247 Ruining His Marriage Again
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 247 Ruining His Marriage Again

How smug this woman was! Wasn't it just because she had succeeded in chasing after Shen Yan? Was it a big deal? When she really became a member of Shen Family, I would be her eldest sister-in-law.

Zeng Mina was desperately trying to find reasons to prove she was better than her, but no matter how hard she tried, she still felt it was unfair. Seeing Xia Yu's calm look by her side, she sulked again.

What was wrong with this woman? She was sharp-tongued when she went against me. Why did she lie down her arms when she was with Yang Ke'er?

Zeng Mina was increasingly angry. Now Old Madame's two grandsons were accompanying her left and right, and Yang Ke'er, her grandniece, was also having a chat with her. She and Xia Yu looked like outsiders.

She was available anyway so Zeng Mina took out her phone and sent a message to Xia Yu. The feeling of putting on a happy face when seeing the beloved man with other women must be awful.

Xia Yu was drinking cups of tea one after another. Her phone beeped. She took it out and found it was from Zeng Mina. She replied without thinking. Who did you mean?

Denying? Zeng Mina replied in seconds.

Was it necessary? Xia Yu quickly typed a few words.

It wasn't a problem of necessity, but a problem of upset. Zeng Mina soon talked back.

Would you believe it if I told you I didn't feel so? Xia Yu replied again.

Of course not. Zeng Mina didn't even think about it. Xia Yu had gone all out for Shen Yan. If she believed Xia Yu didn't love him in this situation, she must be an idiot.

Then I couldn't help it. Xia Yu took a look and replied.

"Xia Yu, what are you doing?" Yang Ke'er saw that Xia Yu keep looking down at her phone. She looked at Xia Yu and then showed Shen Yan with a sweet smile. "Brother Yan, you should give Xia Yu a raise in salary. You see. She doesn't stop even when having the meal."

"No, just private messages. They're nothing to do with work." Xia Yu said blandly.

"Private information. Are they from your boyfriend?" Yang Ke'er turned her eyes as if she had been reminded of something. "I know. It must be Li Yan, right? Frankly speaking, he's a good match with you."

"Miss Yang, I think you're wrong. Li Yan is my sister's boyfriend. I was asked by my sister to be his translator that day." Xia Yu didn't want Yang Ke'er to mismatch her, so she corrected it.

"Xia Yu, you've explained it so thoroughly. Are you afraid of someone's misunderstanding?" When Zeng Mina said this, she only squinted Shen Yan at her side, and saw him raise his eyebrows slightly without piping up.

"Miss Zeng got the point. This kind of matter really needs to be explained thoroughly. After all, he is a celebrity. It might be a scandal if it isn't dealt with properly. What do you think?" Xia Yu's tone had always been bland without a rise or fall, and she didn't look at anyone.

This girl had mastered really great communication skills, and her words were watertight. She was truly a good girl, but unfortunately, the affinity between her and Little Yan was still weak. Hearing their combat conversations, Old Madame narrowed her eyes slightly with attention constantly focused on the changes of Xia Yu's look. However, what disappointed her was that there was no change at all.

Hearing Xia Yu's words, Zeng Mina actually didn't know what to say. Literally, Li Yan was indeed a superstar. Potentially, a lot of versions could be interpreted. Nevertheless, she also expressed her attitude very clearly. She didn't need to or was interested in getting involved in anyone's affairs.

Cold enough, but it was her typical character.

However, it was a pity nobody would tread on the neck of Yang Ke'er now. Wouldn't she be incredibly cocky from now on?

Where was Xia Yu's ambition? Put your energy into it and never gave up, just like an eager, beaver when you were working!

The meal came to an end with Zeng Mina's envy and Yang Ke'er's happiness. Old Madame was basically satisfied with the meal, especially the soup. She drank two large bowls of it continuously.

Secretary Yang was already waiting for Old Madame at the door when they went out. Seeing the two young masters accompanying Old Madame left and right, he was first staggered, then smiled and said hello to them, "Young Master Mo, Young Master Yan, you're all here!"

"We met when we were here for the meal." Yang Ke'er was extremely happy that night and talked much more than usual. She piped up first before others spoke.

Secretary Yang said hello to her with a smile, and also smiled at Zeng Mina. Then he said to Xia Yu, "I met Liu Sijie just now. He said you returned to work in Tengfei, Secretary Xia."

"I started working today. Thank you for your concern, Secretary Yang." Xia Yu smiled.

Secretary Yang nodded to her and said to Old Madame, "I'll help you get in the car."

"Uh-huh, OK!" Old Madame stepped and looked at Xia Yu. "Xia Yu, you didn't drive here, right? How about giving you a ride?"

Xia Yu smiled and said, "Thank you, Old Madame. I can take a taxi. How can I disturb you, Old Madame?"

"How come it's a bother? We’re in the same direction." Old Madame said as she got in the car with the help of Secretary Yang.

Xia Yu saw her getting in the car, hesitated for a while, and also went in Old Madame's car.

"Now that Great Aunt can drive Xia Yu back, so let's go back." Yang Ke'er stepped forward and held Shen Yan's arm. Then Shen Mo waved at Zeng Mina.

"You see how cocky she is! Isn't it just because Shen Yan agreed to date her? He doesn't promise to marry her." Zeng Mina gave a hard look at Yang Ke'er's back.

"Did Shen Yan agree to date her? When? Why didn't I know it?" These guys had beaten around the bush for the whole night. Shen Mo also wondered why Shen Yan changed his attitude so quickly.

"You are busy with your business affairs in the company, so it's normal if you haven't heard of it. Your Second Aunt fasted to force Shen Yan to accompany Yang Ke'er for one day. The whole family has already known it." Zeng Mina told Shen Mo how Second Madame hit the ceiling when Shen Yan sat by after Old Madame ran away from home.

"She just said he needed to accompany her for one day, not to date her." Shen Mo said. How come Shen Yan's character was changed? It seemed Yang Ke'er's happiness would come to nothing.

"But Xia Yu didn't know it. Didn't you hear her tone tonight? It was so determined. Shen Yan has a dog's chance now." Moreover, Old Madame called her away just now. How desperately she hoped Yang Ke'er and Shen Yan could be a couple. She must have seized the opportunity to make Xia Yu guarantee.

"This only means they ruined Shen Yan's marriage again. It doesn't matter whether he will marry Yang Ke'er or not." It would be strange if Shen Yan obeyed them. However, if Old Madame talked with Xia Yu about this, possibly Xia Yu would leave directly. If only this were the case.

Shen Mo would be glad to see it.

Secretary Yang asked in the car, "Xia Yu, where do you live now?"

"I live in my cousin's house." Xia Yu told the address to him.

Old Madame asked, "Xia Yu, when we were having dinner just now, you said your cousin was dating Li Yan. Is it true?"

When Wu Shiyu was dating Shen Mo, Old Madame also asked someone to investigate her. She was a good girl, pretty and nice. Unfortunately, Shen Mo had his own responsibilities and couldn't marry her.

Although it was monogamy now, how could ordinary people hold a candle to children in this family? Especially they were deep in love, so Old Madame thought they would not break up.

"Yes, they're truly dating." Now that Old Madame asked, Xia Yu answered truthfully, "My cousin is the only child of my uncle and aunt, and she isn't so young now. They don't want her to find a rich man. They just hope the man can treat her well. It's OK as long as they respect and love each other."

It was quite obvious that Old Madame had put out feelers from her tone. Xia Yu simply put her cards on the table to let her realize that not everyone was into wealth.

"Oh!" Old Madame didn't keep asking. Xia Yu was indeed smart and could take hint hands down.

It would be really regrettable if this girl couldn't marry into Shen Family. Unfortunately, she didn't have any other grandchild suitable for Xia Yu.

They had been in silence all the way since then. It was rainy at night, so there weren't so many cars on the road as usual. Secretary Yang soon drove Xia Yu to the door of her home.

Xia Yu got out of the car and didn't turn around until she watched them drive away.

"What do you think of this child?" Old Madame asked Secretary Yang.

After keeping silent for a while, Secretary Yang said, "Old Madame, I hope you can forgive my kibitzing. I think it's impossible for Shen Yan to marry Miss Yang. If Young Master Yan really misses Xia Yu, I think he won't be happy in a lifetime.”

Originally Secretary Yang wanted to say Shen Yan would hate them for his whole life, but soon held her tongue. What kind of person Old Madame was!? Didn't she understand it?

"But, the two brothers have already ended up this way. Without the protection from Yang Family, how can he remain in Shen Family after I pass away one day?" Old Madame had her own worry and concern.

Shen Yan directly put Zhang Hanyu in jail this time, and Shen Mo was thus robbed of his right-hand man. How could Shen Mo tolerate such heartless behavior?

When he ascended the throne of President after a few months, Shen Yan would be the first one to bear the brunt of it. Didn't Old Madame know about her own grandson? He wouldn't be Shen Mo if he wasn't going to make Shen Yan homeless without having a penny to his name.

"Do you think Young Master Mo is sure to win?" Secretary Yang had been with Old Madame for so many years. Certainly, she knew who was the one that Old Madame hoped could take up the position, but the situation had changed now.

Shen Mo didn't have any ammunition to coerce Shen Yan, while in terms of personal abilities, it was obvious that Shen Yan was superior to Shen Mo.

"Although I let them compete, won't I have the final say on the appointment of President?" Old Madame didn't have any secrets in front of Secretary Yang. Shen Mo was nurtured by her personally, and he had been very prudent.

Even if there was no significant development after Shen Group was handed over to him, it was good enough to maintain the status quo.

Secretary Yang smiled without speaking.

"Do you also think I'm biased? Actually, I have no choice but to do so. Two sons have both passed away. They left their wives and children with me before they died. I have to make sure they're safe." Old Madame suddenly sighed.

The intention was good but could you stop Shen Yan now?

Secretary Yang looked at Old Madame through the rearview mirror and saw her seemingly lost in thought. He then held his tongue and would never speak out.

Shen Yan drove forward directly after getting into the car, without saying a word to Yang Ke'er. Yet Yang Ke'er was talkative and chattered, "Brother Yan, Xia Yu is too funny. She even said anyone with a girlfriend should keep his distance."

"Is it funny?" Yang Ke'er could regard it as a joke, but Shen Yan couldn't. He knew Xia Yu was meant to tell him so that he could stay away from her from then on and would never mention words like dating.

Mom, I was really hurt by you this time. Originally, I didn't make a good impression on Xia Yu. In this way wouldn't she look down upon me more severely?

If he told his mom this, she would be stunned. As the second son in Shen Family, how many people were trying to cozy up to him? Xia Yu dared to look down upon him. Did she lose her mind?

But no matter she believed it or not, this was the truth.

"Isn't it funny?" Yang Ke'er turned to look at Shen Yan. "Do you think she was deliberately insisting it to feel less embarrassed when she saw us dating and knew there was no chance for her?"

"I don't know if she is trying to feel less embarrassed, but I hope you can realize one thing, we aren't dating." Shen Yan gently pointed the steering wheel with his fingers and corrected Yang Ke'er's words.

"Shen Yan, what do you mean? You've obviously promised Second Aunt." Yang Ke'er glared at Shen Yan. Her heart sank and tears were swirling inside her eyes. Was there anything wrong with her? Why did he treat her this way?


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